Im yours

Eve Crusatto is a normal 17 year old. It's her first day at londerson high and she's both nervous and excited. But what happens when the school is nothing like she imagined? The school has a dark secret. And Eve doesn't like what it is. At. All.


6. the next day


 eves pov:​

  I must have fell asleep at some point, because I woke up to Zayn's back in front of me. I turned over to check the time on my phone. 7:30. I need to get up. I turn back over and poke Zayn in the back. "zayn. zayn you need to get up."

he turns over making a "mmhmm" sound and pulls me to his chest. I try to push away but he's too strong. great. "zayn we need to get up. now." he opens one eye and looks at me half asleep. I raise my eyebrow and his eyes shoot open wide and jumps back away from me. I sit up and cock my head to the side while he rubs the back of his neck. I get up and go over to the dresser on my side of the room. I pick out grey jeans with a hole in one knee and a black tank top. I grab my underwear and go to the bathroom to have a shower and try to forget how weird my life is right now.

*after shower*

I walk downstairs and see zayn at the table eating toast in nothing but his boxers. I roll my eyes and tell him to go get dressed. he looks at me and narrows his eyes. "this is my house. I'm your owner. you don't tell me what to do. got it?" I nod my head as he walks past me and heads upstairs. I pick up my school bag and slip my white converse on. I plop down on the sofa and wait for zayn to come running down the stairs in his black skinny jeans and a nirvana tee. we walk to his blacked out land rover and head to school in silence.

as we pull into the car park I see 3 of the other boys who were on the chairs last night. zayn parks and we walkover to them. they smile at me and introduce them selves. the blonde one is niall. the one with the quiff is liam. and the boy with the bed hair is louis. they start talking to zayn when a black land rover just like Zayn's pulls up. out steps the curly haired one who tried bidding for me last night, and a blonde girl in the skimpiest dress I've ever seen. she smiles the fakest smile ive ever seen and hangs off curly's arm like her life depends on it. he walks over and smirks at me. "harry. harry styles" he winks and I roll my eyes. what a jerk.


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