Im yours

Eve Crusatto is a normal 17 year old. It's her first day at londerson high and she's both nervous and excited. But what happens when the school is nothing like she imagined? The school has a dark secret. And Eve doesn't like what it is. At. All.


2. not what I expected

Eve's PoV:

As soon as I walk through the gates, an older looking girl comes running over to me with a clip board. "Hi! I'm Emma! I haven't seen you a round, so I'm guessing you're a freshman right?" I smile. She seems nice. "Uh,yeah." Emma smiles again and says "oh goody! Okay, first things first, WELCOME!!! We're glad to have you!" I smile again "glad to be here." She smiles at this, " okay, secondly, this school is a little different from other schools. It's not a traditional boarding school. But you'll find out why in the assembly. But I do need you to fill out this routine form that just tells us a little bit about yourself." She hands me clip board and I answer all the questions as truthfully as possible. As I get to the last one I look at Emma a bit confused. "Um, Emma? Why do they need to know if I'm a virgin?" "Huh? Oh! That's just for the nurses records. It's for if you get sick, and you're still a Virgin, they can rule out stis and stds with out wasting time testing for them." Oh. I tick the box marked "full virgin" and hand the clip board back to Emma who smiles and tells me to 'have a wonderful day!' She then points me in the direction of the assembly hall, where I take a seat among the rest of the school and look up at the principal who smiles back at us and demands we all settle down. He goes through the whole 'welcome to our school we are glad to have you blah blah blah' speech before he tells us that the school is different. This part I listen to. The principal takes a deep breath and says "now, our school, is the only school in the country to run how we run. We are not a traditional boarding school. We have a very special, and unique, operating system called the ownership system. This system is used to auction off freshman and sophomore girls to junior and senior boys. If you are brought by a boy, you will live with them in their homes and they will obtain full ownership of you for the whole year. You will still have to attend school every day, and all money spent on girls, will be used to support and improve the school. Thank you, and enjoy you're time at londerson high." As the principal walked out, all the girls started talking to friends about their thoughts on the project and all the boys began to nudge eachother and point at girls they liked the look of. Everyone was then dismissed from the hall. Girls were told to go to the auditorium where the teachers would assess them and make adjustments and "improvements" before the auction. Boys were told to go to their home rooms to be registered. As I walked off with the other girls who, some where looking excited, and others scared, I thought about how much more different this school is from the way I imagined it. This is so not what I expected.

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