Im yours

Eve Crusatto is a normal 17 year old. It's her first day at londerson high and she's both nervous and excited. But what happens when the school is nothing like she imagined? The school has a dark secret. And Eve doesn't like what it is. At. All.


1. first day

Eve's PoV:

I wake up and turn off the alarm on my phone. I then get changed into white ripped skinny jeans, a black tank top and white converse before shouting at my little brother bobbie to 'hurry up'. I brush my medium length, brown wavy hair and leave it to do its own thing before running down stairs to grab some toast.

Soon enough bobbie comes running down and grabs his own toast and we walk out the door, grabbing our bags on the way. I tell bobbie that I can't walk him to school anymore as the new school I'm going to, is one that I stay in and that I'll see him on holidays and maybe a few other days in the year. He smiles up at me and says "I'll miss you big sis" I smile back at him and kiss him on the head as he runs through the gates to his friends. I smile at him one last time and walk away towards my new school. Wow. I wonder what it'll be like?

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