Cinderella (english)

Ella is in Africa Working With UNICEF. When a VIP arrives, she is showing him the Camp, not knowing who he is.
Shortly after she is rippes from her save haven by a family tragedy and thrown back into the pulsing London life.
Will she be ready to reenter the Real World and Can she escape the past that made her leave in the first place ?


3. Visiting the School

The next morning Ella sat in the cafeteria when her VIP showed up balancing a tray. "Good morning Ella, is it okay if I sit here ?"
 "Of course". She smiled at him, he genuinely seemed friendly and interested, wich wasn't the norm when talking VIPs who came to visit.
 "I am looking so much forward to see everything you do here, and I do not hope it is a burden for you". He took a sip of his tea.
 Ella pushed the food around on her plate. "I am actually relieved to hear you say that, it is nice when somebody actualle care".
 He look genuinely surpriced. "Dosn't everyone care ? But you do so much here and I hope to experience all of it".
 "You are very welcome to follow me for the entire day, most groups spend an hour or two taking pictures and filming, and spend the rest of the time in the pool". She put down her fork.
 He grabbed her hand across the table and she looked up in surprice, into his very blue eyes. "Ella, I have absolutely no plans of spending time in a pool, I want to help".
 "Lets get going then". She got to her feet, and he quickly finished his tea and toast following behind her.
 When they came outside the rest of the party came down from the big house, where they had had their breakfast, for some reason Tom had chooaen to eat in the cafeteria with the volunteers, maybe he actually was different.
 Ella chattet with Raphael while walking to the camp school, it was nice to here news from the world outside and she asked about his wife and kids.
 "And this is our school, where the children get a basic education, this is the teacher Salva Garang, he is local but educated in England". She smiled at Salva a tall african man with the looks of a model and poise like a king.
 They all shook Salvas hand, Tom was the last one and he immediately started asking questions about the school and the lessons.
 Salva sent Ella an astonished glance, she shrugged in response and smiled, she was starting to really like Tom and his enthusiasm for their work.
 They stayed for over 2 hours, because Tom had so many things he wanted no know and see, he even talked with a lot of the students with help from Ella and Salva as translaters.
 Ella noticed how the kids where drawn to Tom, and he took time to acknowledge every single one of them, it was like they could feel he really cared.
 "I think we could all use a good lunch and then some relaxation ?" One of the corporate guys said looking around, the others nodded.
 Tom stopped. "If it is okay with Ella, I would like to stay, i would like to see more of the camp".
 "It is fine with me, I have no trouble telling you if you get in the way". She said smiling.
 The suit in charge looked worried. "Are you sure it is a good idea Tom ? it is not entirely save around here".
 "Don't fret Keith, I am certain Ella will keep me out of trouble, you can go to,the pool and relax, I'll be fine". He winked at Ella.
 Raphael and Fausto also stayed, to take picktures and film some of the camp and to dokument what Tom did.
 "I have to see to some things down but the huts before it is time for lunch, is that okay ?" She knew alot of people didn't feel comfortable going down to where the refugees actually lived.
 His face light up in an handsome smile. "That sounds absolute amazing Ella, but they won't mind me intruding on their homes ?"
 "Don't worry, they wiil just be happynthatnsomeone actually care about them, they are very welcoming". She flashed him a smile back, and they started walking to the huts.


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