Cinderella (english)

Ella is in Africa Working With UNICEF. When a VIP arrives, she is showing him the Camp, not knowing who he is.
Shortly after she is rippes from her save haven by a family tragedy and thrown back into the pulsing London life.
Will she be ready to reenter the Real World and Can she escape the past that made her leave in the first place ?


20. Vickie

 Ella didn't hear from Tom at all before he left for Morocco, and she was thinking he neaded some space and time, he had to feel vulnerable after pouring out his soul.
 But when she didn't really hear from him for the next two months, except for a couple of short impersonal messages, she thought it might had been to much for him, and he was distancing himself.
 It made her sad, she really like having him in her life, but she also understood that it couldn't be easy for him.
 But then suddenly, when she thought she would never hear from him again, she got a message one friday evening. > Hey darling, I am at the Black Friar with some friends, why don you come by ? <
 She knew the pub. > I did even know you were back in London, but I don't think I have the energy tonight <
 His answer came in right away. > Com on darling, I have missed you, but on some gorgeous clothes and come down here now <
 She sighted, she was pretty sure he was just a little drunk from the way he was writing, did she want to go ? She kind of wanted to see him.
 After debating for a little while she wrote back. > Okay okay, I can aome by for a little while <
 He answered back while she were looking through her clothes. > Great darling, se you soon <
 She pulled of her worn out T-shirt and old panties, luckily she had had a shower befor putting on her nightwear. She didn't really know why, but she decided to amp up the sex appeal, him ignoring her hurt more than she would admit, so it might be some kind of reprisal.
 She put on a small thong and a skin tight black dress, it gave her a nice cleavage even without a bra and only reache the middle of her thighs, she paired it with black stilettoes.
 Ella got a cap to the pub, and went inside, he was hard to miss and she spotted him almost right away, as she was about to make her way toward him, a leggy blonde clang to him, and he kissed her deeply.
 She shouldn't care, she had told him to get a girlfriend, why did it feel like this then ? She didn't want to be there anymore, she just wanted to go home.
 "Ella, there you are". toms voice could be heard over the music and she saw him walking toward her, she could just walk away now.
 "Hi Tom". She said a bit strained, he pulled her into his arm hugging her tightly, he smelled like Tom and like whisky.
 He looked at her, oh yes he was a tad intoxicated. " I missed you, come say hallo".
 He pulled her over to a table. "This is Scott and this is my agent Luke, this is my friend Ella".
 Ella shook their hands and presented herself, they seemed nice enough, but she didn't like the way Scott was eyeing her.
 "Aren't you going to present me honey". The woman from before came over, putting her arms around Toms neck, she clearly measured Anna to see if she was a threat.
 Tom was actually looking a bit uncomfortable. "Of course darling, this is my girlfriend Vickie, and this is my friend Ella, I meet her in Africa".
 "Hi Vickie, nice to meet you". Ella tried to smile friendly, but she feel an instant dislike toward this woman, she looked like a model, her eyes dead and kind of vacant.
 Vickie was looking at her, like there was something she just couldt get her head around. "You don't look african, you are not black".
 "Good catch Sherlock". Ella sent Tom a 'what the fuck' look, but he was busy looking everywhere else.
 Theynall sat down, Scott got a drink for Ella, itbwas quite strong, but right now she kind of needed it, Vickie was sitting on Toms lap, her hands all over him.
 "So you two, have you known each other for long ?" Ella asked Vickie, she seriously didn't get what Tom was doing, she was so not his type.
 Vickie giggled girlish and cuddled Tom. "Oh no, we only met four days ago when Tom came back from doing his movie thing, isn't it crazy".
 "Oh yes it is so very crazy". Ella answered, she was so not doing this all evening.
 An hour and three drinks later Ella was ready to throw in the towel, Vickie was clinging to Tom like some kind of leech and Scott was drunkly hitting on her.
 When Tom grabbed Vickie, kissing her wildly inappropriate for a public place, not breaking his eye contact with Ella for a second, she had enough, she got up and went tomthe bathroom.
 She was looking in the mirror, breathing deeply, what the hell was he doing, and why did she care at all, was he teying to make her jealous ? It was kind of working.
 Not that she was about to throw away everything and jump into his arms, and she felt like such a bad person, but even though she would have him, she didn't like the thought of someone else having him.
 When she got out Tom was waiting for her in the dim hallway, they couldn't be seen from the main room.
 "I am going hom Tom, it is honestly not very nice beeing here, I am not doing this, whatever it is you are doing". She tried to walk past him, but he got in her way.
 He was looking hurt and angry. "What is your problem Ella ? You told me to get a girlfriend right ? Can you not begrudge me love ?"
 "I can Tom, but that, it has nothing to do with love, I don know what you are trying at, but that is just pathetic, and she is so not your type". Ella had had enough alcohol to give it to him straight.
 He was watching his feet, looking like she had slapped him. "At least she thing that I am good enough".
 "Oh Tom, you are good enough, you are much more that good enough, and you are way to good for that bimbo in there". She looked at him sadly.
 He reached out, stroking her cheek ever so gently. "But just never good enough for you right ? So it doesn't matter at all".
 "So if I asked you to get rid of that goose for me, you would do it ?" She wasn't playing fair at all now and she knew it, but their was something arousing about being able to wrap him around her littlefinger like that.
 He looked up, his gaze so filled with pain it physically hurt her and she regretted coming there at all. "Faster than you can imagine, she means nothing to me".
 Ella shook her head slowly, she did like seeing Tom like this and she knew she was to blame, she could she him ever again. "I am leaving now Tom, do what you think is best for you".
 She walked out, not even caring to say goodbye to the rest of them, she just had to get away from him.
 She only got about 30 feet down the street, befor Tom grabbed her from behind, pullimg her into a narrow alley beside the pub.
 "What Tom, don't you have to get back to your girlfriend, I bet she is looking for you". She snapped at him, irritated that he could just let her leave.
 He was angry know and almost scary. "She is nothing to me, I.. i just thought".
 "That what Tom ? That I would get jealous ? That it would change anything ? For Gods sake Tom, you are an intelligent man, can't you see how wrong this is ?" She tried to walk away.
 Tom grabbed her arm, he seemed desperate now. "Please don't leave Ella, I need you".
 "Stop it Tom, you are making a fool of yourself, this friend thing isn't going to work, it is better if we don't se each other again". She pulled at her arm to get free.
 Toms eyes got dark and he grabbed her shoulders, almost slamming her into the wall, she lost her breath for a secondt, and then he was on her, kissing her hard and wanting.


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