Cinderella (english)

Ella is in Africa Working With UNICEF. When a VIP arrives, she is showing him the Camp, not knowing who he is.
Shortly after she is rippes from her save haven by a family tragedy and thrown back into the pulsing London life.
Will she be ready to reenter the Real World and Can she escape the past that made her leave in the first place ?


29. The call

 Tom turned on the Tv and the incidence in front of the hotel was on the screen, Tom looked almost frightening, know when Ella could see his face as he spoke.
 They returned to the studio and the news hosts supported Tom, said they were impressed at the way he had stood up for her, saying he was right, the press needed to back of.
 And that was the general image everywhere, it seemed almost everyone thought he had done the right thing and no one really dared say anything else, for fear of their own popularity.
 Toms fans in general seemed to thinks he was a hero and called it romantic how he defended her, the few negative voice was drowned out by all the love.
 "I can't guarantee that we won't see some bad press or a few negative reaktions, but I think we putna lid on this". Luke said smiling.
 Tom looked at Ella, he looked relieved. "I do anything to protect you from whatever negative that may come, but I think they will mostly leave you alone now".
 "Thank you so much Luke and thanks Tom, you two litterally saved my life today". She smiled at them og Tom pulled her to his side.
 Luke smiled and and shrugged. "Just doing my job, but it is nice for someone to notice".
 "Hey, I thank you all the time you twat". Tom said looking mockingly offended.
 Luke left shortly after, there was no reason for him to stick around, but he promised to keep an eye on the situation and contact them if there was something happening.
 Toms phone rang, he looked at it and then looked up at Ella, his eyes looking scared. "Oh shit, it's my mother, I gonna have hell to pay, I sort of haven't told her about you yet".
 Ella couldn't help giggling, so Tom was frightened that his mother would scold him. "You better pick it up then".
 "Hi mom, yeah I know, no I didn't mean for you to find out through the news, sorry. What ? Now today ? Just a moment". Tom answered his mom.
 He put his hand over the phone and looked at Ella whispering. "My mother and sister wants to come over to meet you tonight, would it be okay darling ?"
 Ella noddes, butterflies erupting in her stomach, what if they didn't like her ? "Of course, I would love to meet them".
 "Yes mom it's fine, but you can't interrogate Ella, she have had a very upsetting day, so be nice". Tom told his mother.
 Tom said goodbye and hang up, he looked at Ella excusingly with a shy smile. "My mother insisted on meeting you before I marry you".
 "It's fine Tom, I love to meet your family, I am just scared that they might not like me, or think I am not good enough for you". She looked at him nervously.
 He put his arms around he and kissed her softly. "I promise you, they are going to love you, just as I do".
 "I really hope you are right, it would mean so much to me". She couldn't bear if his family didn't approve of her.
 He gently pushed her hair behind her ear. "Just be yourself darling, no one would be able to resist you".
 She kissed him gently, he was so utterly perfect and she still didn't understand what she could have done to deserve his love and adoration.
 Elnt upstair to take a shower and change, while Tom started rummaging around the kitchen, to find out what he could cook up from what he had.
 Half an hour later she peaked into the kitchen. "Please Tom help, what am I going to wear ?"
 "Sweetie, just wear whatever you feel comfortable in, don't over think it". Tom answered calmly.
 She sighted, she just wanted to make a good first impression, without looking like she was trying to hard, but she only had a limited amount of possibilities as she only had a few items of clothes at Toms house.
 She ended putting on her skinny jeans and a pretty white blouse, it had to be good enough for dining in.
 Ella went back to the kitchen, she stopped in the door, watching Tom, he was dancing around the kitchen while cooking. "It smells amazing Tom and that apron looks sexy on you".
 "Eheheh thank you darling". He came over with some sauce on a spoon for her to taste.
 She made a little groan, looking at him surprised. "It is wonderful Tom, I didn't know you was thatbgood a chef".
 He smiled happily and returned tomthe food. "Oh I really am not, I only have a few dishes I do kind of good".
 Then the doorbell rang and Ella felt the butterflies again, she really hoped this with be a great evening.


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