Cinderella (english)

Ella is in Africa Working With UNICEF. When a VIP arrives, she is showing him the Camp, not knowing who he is.
Shortly after she is rippes from her save haven by a family tragedy and thrown back into the pulsing London life.
Will she be ready to reenter the Real World and Can she escape the past that made her leave in the first place ?


24. Pure happiness

 The next couple of days were the happiest in Ellas life, she spend every waken moment with Tom.
 He was even sweeter and more attentive know when he could openly show his affections and she regretted again and again that it had taken her so long to tear down the wall she had build around her heart.
 They went for long walks, when out to eat or just stayed in, cuddling on his couch watching a movie or talking, he didn't try to take it farther than kissing and cuddling.
 Ella knew he wanted to make sure that she was okay and let her decide when she was ready to go further, and until know, she had gone home to her own bed every night.
 It was a Thursday evening, and they were laying on the couch watching an action movie, to Ella nothing could top laying like this, Tom leaned against the armrest, and her lying on her side between his legs, her head resting on his chest.
 Her hand slid under his T-shirt, drawing little circles with her fingers around his belly button, he looked at her, sighting content.
 His muscles tightened a bit, when she let her fingers travel up his stomach to his chest, he really did have the most amazing body she thought.
 She looked up at him, he was watching her and she bid her lip, thinking it was about time to take their relationship to the next level.
 Ella stretched to kiss him warmly, his hand gently grabbed her neck holding her there, his tongue caressing her lips asking for permission and she opened her mouth.
 She let her lips trail down his jaw line making him moan, then she whispered softly next to his ear. "Is it okay with you if I spend the night here ?"
 "Of course, more than okay, if you really want to". He looked at her and she new what he was really asking, as he tucked a loose strain of hair behind her ear.
 "There is nothing I want more right now Tom". She caught his lips with her own and kissed him in a way that left no doubt that she wanted him.
 Tom sweeped her up into his arms, stood up, turned of the tv and carried her upstairs to his bedroom, without breaking their kiss for even a moment.
 He laid her gently on the bed, then lighted 3 big candles on the nightstand and turned of the light. She smiled teasingly. "Can I assume you expected me to stay ?"
 "I was hoping you would". He answered with an innocent grin, crawling up beside her on the bed.
 He pulled of his T-shirt and threw it on the floor, Ella happily noted that his shoulder were lookin alot better, only a slight bluish yellow colour to it.
 Then he slowly unbuttoned her shirt dress, one buttom at a time, letting his fingers caress her exposed skin.
 When he had opened it all the way, he let his hand glide up her shulders, pulling the dress back of her arms, the pulling it from under her, letting it fall to the floor.
 His eyes were talking her in, she was wearing a new set of black lace lingerie. "I see, guess I wasn't the only one planning for you to stay, you look absolutely sexy darling".
 "Well a woman has to be prepared". She shrugged and smiled at him teasingly.
 He left a trail of kisses up her stomach and between her breasts, his lips gently nibbling along her collarbone, his tongue sliding teasingly up her neck before kissing her deeply. 
 Ella could already feel her breathing getting faster and the warmth spreading through her body, she really had missed him, missed his soft but wanting caresses.
 His hands opened and removed her bra, then gliding up to cup her breast, caressing them, she moaned letting her finger run over his strong back.
 Her nipples were strutting with anticipation and his mouth found one of them, sucking it in between his lips, making her trust her pelvis against him.
 Toms hands glided down her body pulling of her panties on the way, then run back up her tights gently spreading her legs, his fingers ran affectionated over her most intimate place making her wring, the muscles in her thighs contorting.
 "You are so unbelievable beautiful". He whispered hoarsely, his breathing heavy as his fingers caressed her clitoris with a feather light touch.
 Her hands grabbed the sheet and she closed her eyes moaning when his fingers found their way to her warm and wet inside, he moved them slowly and she could feel him stroking the right spots, the pleasur building in her.
 Her pelvis pushed against his hand and when his thum started stroking her clitoris she unravelled, arching her back as her i sides cramped around his fingers.
 Tom was watching her, he relished watching her face, the pleasure he gave her and how openly she gave into it.
 She opened her eyes, looking at him in adoration, he kissed her deeply and she pushed him onto his back, straddling him, kissing down his chest and stomach.
 She let her tongue run teasingly through the hair below his navel, then she grabbed the edge of his low hanging sweat pants pullimg them of with his boxers.
 Ella grabbed him, letting herself slowly slide onto his full length, he moaned deeply, holding onto her hips, she smiled satisfied, she had missed the feel of him.
 Her hips started moving slowly, her eyes catching his, she could disappear into those eyes.
 Ella felt how the ecstasy started to build inside her again, and she started moving faster, Tom lifted his body, his mouth finding her breasts.
 He was kissing, teasing and sucking on her nipples, she gasped and knew she was getting close, her hands entwining themselves in his hair as if she could hold herself together that way.
 She pressed herself down on him, wanting all of him, then the orgasm rolled over her and she gasped loudly, he grabbed her hips, thrusting deeply up in her, before he climaxed, moaning her name into her shoulder, holding her as close as possible.



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