Cinderella (english)

Ella is in Africa Working With UNICEF. When a VIP arrives, she is showing him the Camp, not knowing who he is.
Shortly after she is rippes from her save haven by a family tragedy and thrown back into the pulsing London life.
Will she be ready to reenter the Real World and Can she escape the past that made her leave in the first place ?


26. In time ?

 Ella heard her phone buzz again and again, but it was like it was farvaway and under wather, she couldn't put up enough energy to move, she kind of hoped that if she kept still long enough her heart would just stop beating.
 She didn't know how long itbhad been, but it was getting dark outside, when there was a loud knocking on her door and she heard Toms voice. "Ella please open the door".
 She lifted her head, how had he found her ? Had he come tomtell how disappointed he was ? That he could never possible see her again ? Or would he try to be a gentleman and tell her it was okay ? But she knew it wouldn't be.
 She got up and looked out the big windows, out over the city, she slided the big window open and stepped up onto the ledge, there only was a low railing, it would be easy to step onto it and just fall, to set her broken soul free.
 She heard a crash and wood splintering, the she heard Toms voice behind her. "Ella please listen to me, could you be a sweetheart and step down from that ledge, itnis okay, it's going to be alright".
 "No Tom, they know everything, they never let me be, they are going to ruin your life and career to, I can't live with that". She was staring into the clear air, how long would it take ? Would it hurt ?
 Tom slowly edged closer to her, afraid to scare her and frightened she would slip and fall if he tried to grab her. "Darling listen to me, it means nothing, we will get through this".
 "I can't do this to you, I love younto much, this was what I feared, I should have never believed that I could be alloved happiness". She put one footbon the railing, breathing in the air.
 He no longer had a choice, he launched forward two big strides and in the moment she put her other foot on the railing, letting herself fall, his arms where around her, pulling her back on the floor in his arms.
 She didn't fight him, she didn't have the energy, Tom held her with one arm, cloosing the window with the other.
 "Oh God, Ella my love, I thought I was foing to loose you". His voice broke and he pulled her into his arm, hiding her face in her hair.
 Ella realised the he was crying, actually sobbing, a heartbreaking sound, that woke her from her stupor, she looked at him, like she only now realised he was really there. "Tom ?"
 "Yes darling, I am here, I always be here, no matter what". He looked atbher, his voice raw from crying and his face wet with tears.
 She held onto him, like she was afraid he would disappear and her tears spilled out. "Sorry Tom, I got somscared, I couldn't bear that you should know the truth about me, that you would leave me".
 "My sweetest love, I would never leave you, have a little confidence in me, I love you, nothing can change that". Henkissed her gently on the hair.
 She shook her head. "You might say that now, but you know nothing, you don't know me or what I have done, why i had to run".
 "Ella, I know, I have know it all for a long time and I don't care, it is your past, I am your present and hopefully your future". He gentlyngrabbed her chin, lifting her face to catch her eyes with his.
 She blinked and her voice was shaking. "You knew ? But you didn't say anything, why ? How long have you known ?"
 "I recognised you in Sudan darling and I checked up on you story when I came back home, so I always known and I didn't say anything because you obviously wanted to forget and it didn't matter to me". He answered.
 She had a hard time getting her head around it, he had always known her secret and still he loved her. "So you don't regret ?"
 "The onlynthing I regret is putting you through this, it is my fault for pressing you, I should had let you live a happy life without me, i am so sorry Ella". He gently stroked her chin.
 "I am actually happy you never gave up on me, and that you still don't". She kissed him lovingly.


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