Cinderella (english)

Ella is in Africa Working With UNICEF. When a VIP arrives, she is showing him the Camp, not knowing who he is.
Shortly after she is rippes from her save haven by a family tragedy and thrown back into the pulsing London life.
Will she be ready to reenter the Real World and Can she escape the past that made her leave in the first place ?


11. "How fast Can you get here ?"

 "Did you get it all done Ella ?" She had just walked into the kitchen after saying goodbye to Tom and now her aunt look at her questioning.
 Ella nodded, she felt really agitated. "But he was there, I guess I kind of surpriced him, you should have told me who lived there".
 "I don't se that that should be relevant, and most our clients prefer tombe as anonymous". Her aunt was looking at her strictly.
 Ella shrugged annoyed. "It's okay, I kind of know him, he is an unicef ambassador, and he visited the camp right before I left and I showed him around".
 "But what is the problem the sweetie, it sounds nice for you to meet again then, he is such a gentleman that one". Her auntnlooked up from the pot smiling.
 Ella sighed, what was her problem, beside the fact that she wanted to rip of his clothes. "If I had known it was his house, I would have asked you to send someone else".
 "Ella what happened in Sudan ? What did you do ?" The last question her aunt shouted, as Ella was walking to her room.
 She turned around when she reach the door and yelled back. "I fucked him okay, and it was amazing, but don't worry, I told him we can only be friends".
 She didn't hear what her aunt shouted back, she had already closed the door, but she had an idea.
 Ella didn't know why she had yelled that, she could just have said that she didn't like him or that his fame made her shy, but she was still very much on the edge from their meeting and her aunt had just rubbed her the wrong way.
 She threw herself on the bed, staring at the ceiling, right now she actually regretted not acting on her desires as she had the change, she was pretty sure he wouldn't have rejected her.
 The memory of him in the shower naked, the water running down his body, his gorgeous backside and those long strong legs, made her breath shallow and a sweet pain spread in her abdomen.
 She grabbed her phone, annoyed with herself and found Toms number, he had entered it in her phonebook, saying that now she couldn't throw it out.
 Ella was looking at the phone, pondering as to put it down again, but then she rembered the way he had enjoyed his pie and she started typing. > Hi Tom, what are you doing ? <
 It didn't take long for him to answer. > Hi Ella, just got home. I didn't expected to hear from you so soon <
 She breathed in deeply, why not ? She thought and answered honestly. > Just lying here, regretting not jumping your bones when I had the chance, what do you say, can I come over ? <
 Ella rolled onto her stomach, she would have like to see his face when he gotnher message, would it shock him ? He was always so proper and well behaved.
 His answer came faster than she expected and send little thrills of delight through her body. > How fast can you be here ? <
 She jumped of the bed, changing out of her working clothes, stopping to answer. > 20 minutes tops <
 Ella pulled on a short summer dress and a skimpy thong and nothng else, she grapped her phone, wallet and keys and stepped into her sandals on her way out her room.
 She checked her phone, his last message made her smile, it seemed he had a quity naughty side and that exited her. > Can't wait to make you scream my name <
 "Where are you going ? Dinner is almost ready". Her aunt looked up at her as she walked through the kitchen towards the door.
 Ella giggled, oh she so want to tell the truth, but she refrained from it saying. "Just going to a friends, don't wait up, it might get late".
 She hurried out onto the street, hailing a cab, she gave the driver the address. She had a hard time sitting still, she noticed the driver glanzing at her, but she didn't care.
 She paid, got out the cab and took a deep breath smoothing her dress, then she walked slowlyntomthe door, ringing the doorbell, it only took a couple of seconds befor Tom practically threw open the door.
 "Hi". He sounded a little unsure, but his gaze was dark and heavy and she knew he was fully with her. She pushed him inside and closed thendoor behind her.
 Her eyes took him in, it was ridiculous how sexy he was, she smiled at him inviting and it was like he snapped on, he grabbed her rather hard and kissed her totally unrestrained.
 Ellas nails scratched his neck, her hands pulling at his hair, her mounth nibbled at his throat, he groaned deeply, his hands under her dress.
 He grabbed her ass, lifting her, she folded her legs around his slender hips, he back against the wall, his one hand holding her, the other sliding in between her thighs, she realised her thong was gone and she groaned against his shoulder.
 She was sucking his earlope, she heard him open his belt and pants and a moment later he penetrated her in one hard smooth trust, she gasped, digging her nails into his shoulders.
 He took her hard and fast pressed against the wall, his mouth caressing her shoulders, neck and mouth, she felt dizzy and it wasn't long before she granted his wish and screamed his name, when the orgasm rolles over her.
 And that was his undoing, pushing him of the edge, the sound he made almost primal.
 He kissed her deeply, and Ella knew he was no where near done with her, when he sweept her into his arms, carring her upstairs to his bedroom.


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