Cinderella (english)

Ella is in Africa Working With UNICEF. When a VIP arrives, she is showing him the Camp, not knowing who he is.
Shortly after she is rippes from her save haven by a family tragedy and thrown back into the pulsing London life.
Will she be ready to reenter the Real World and Can she escape the past that made her leave in the first place ?


10. Friends ?

 She stopped in the bedroom, trying to get a hold of her breathing and her wildly beating heart, she had thought she would never see Tom again, beside in movies, and there he was stark naked just to rub it in.
 "Ella ? What on earth are you doing here ?" Toms voice sounded rigth behind her, she turned around, he only had a towel around his narrow waist a couple of water drops running down his chest.
 She breathed in deeply, having almost forgot just how perfect he looked. "Sorry my aunt owns the company you hired to clean, she said nobyde would be home before later, I didn't knew it was your house".
 "I flew in this morning instead, but what are you doing in London, I thought you planned on staying like forever". He run a hand through his wet hair.
 She bid her lip, as she could feel her body reacting to him. "My mother died, I had to go back and sort everything out, and I decided it was time to return to to world, at least for a while".
 "Oh I am so sorry to hear about you mother, it must have been hard". He took at step closer and pulled her i to a gentle hug aganist his naked chest.
 Ella tried to focus on everything boring, like equations and the recipe for pork roast, to keep her from doing something really embarrassing, as she was pressed to his nearly naked body.
 "It is okay Tom, I didn't really have a relationship with my mother anymore, but I would have liked to say goodbye". She gently freed herself from his arms.
 He caught his towel right before it slipped down, Ella getting a glimps of dark reddish curls. "Of course, but what now then ? What are you going to do ?"
 "Tom we can chit chat and all that, but could you please put on some clothes first ?" Her eyes took in his sexy body one last time.
 He look down at himself, then looked at her apologetic. "Yes of course, this might be a bit inappropriate right, I'm so sorry".
 "I'll be waiting outside". She said shaking her head, he had absolutely nothing to apologise about, she throughoutly enjoyed the sight, but she could feel her self-control wavering.
 She hurried outside the door, she was pondering just leaving, but it would be quite rude, and why shouldn't they be able to have a friendly talk, maybe even be friends ?
 Five minutes later he came out, wearing black jeans and a light grey sweater with a polo neck, it was unbuttoned and the sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, he looked like a model.
 "I know a cosy cafe rigth around the corner, care to join me for a cup of tea ?" He asked her.
 She looked at her clothes, she was wearing skinny jeans with a torn knee and an old a little to tight T-shirt. "I am not sure I'm dressed for it".
 "Oh rubbish you look absolutely scrummy darling and it is very down to earth". He grabbed her hand, pulling her with him.
 "What would you like ? Coffee or te ? Some cake ?" He had seated her at a table and was now looking at her.
 She bit her lip thinking and looked at the cake showcase. "Hmm a cup of green tea please and maybe a tiny piece of that apple pie".
 "Uhh they have a delicious apple pie, I think I will get some to". His face lighted up and he went up the order.
 She was watching him up there, as was practically every woman in the room, he just had that something that made you had to look at him.
 He came back carrying a tray sitting a cup of tea and a plate of pie in front of her. "Here's your pie".
 "Thank you, it looks really great". She said smiling, picking up her fork so she could take bite.
 He sat down, but the space under the table and he could only fit his long legs by placing them on each side of her legs, trapping her. "What were we talking about, og yeah, whatbare you gonna do now ?"
 "Honestly I have no idea, thats why I am helping my aunt, trying to figure it out, what to do with my life". She answered shrugging.
 "That sounds sensible". He took a small piece of pie on his fork and put it in his mouth, he closed his eyes and made a joyous little sound, that went right into her abdomen, then he licked some crumbs of his lips.
 Ella nearly choked on her tea, who the hell could make eating a piece of pie erotic ? That would be Tom and that without even realising it. "Just a guess, you really love pie ?"
 He looked up, grinning happily. "I guess I kind of love all sorts of sweets and puddings".
 She was clinching her thighs, getting a bit annoyed at herself and relieved that they were in a public place at she had a sudden urge to rip of his clothes.
 They talked about what they had been doing for the past couple of months, and he told that he had just returned from filming in Canada, a gothic romance horror movie by Del Toro, she had a hard time imagining it, and told him she would watch it.
 He suddenly look thoughtful and then he looked straight into her eyes. "You didn't call me when you got here, why not ?"
 "To be honest To , I threw out your number, I didn't expect to ever go back and I was embarrassed about my actions". She said apologetic.
 He nodded. "It's okay Ella, but younhave no reason to be embarrassed, it's a natural thing and you didn't domit all by yourself, maybe us meating like this again is faith".
 She felt heat rising in her cheeks. "Listen Tom, I like you, you are sweet and that night was amazing, but I just can't engange in a relationship, just so you know how it is, but we can be friends ?"
 "Oh is there someone else ?" He scratched his neck and Ella for a moment thought she saw a look of disappointment in his eyes, but she pushed it away.
 She shook her head, playing with a strain of hair. "No but I just can't deal with fame and the press, I have really bad experiences with that, and that is what you do".
 "So friends ?" He tilted his head slightly, looking at her with those eyes, eyes you felt you could jump into and get lost forever.
 She nodded and smiled at him, happy that they seemed to be on the same page. "Yeah definitely friends". 


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