Cinderella (english)

Ella is in Africa Working With UNICEF. When a VIP arrives, she is showing him the Camp, not knowing who he is.
Shortly after she is rippes from her save haven by a family tragedy and thrown back into the pulsing London life.
Will she be ready to reenter the Real World and Can she escape the past that made her leave in the first place ?


4. Football by the huts

 Tom was talking the entire time they were walking, asking about the camp, how many people was living there and how many was able tomreturn to their homes and so on.
 Ella was still trying to figure him out, he had a distinguished english accent, a bit on the posh side, but it seemed to come from intellect rather than snobbery.
 She couldn't help but asking. "I don not hope I sound like a total idiot, but what do you do at home to be here as a VIP ?"
 "You are not an idiot, actually it is quite liberating to meet someone who don not think they already know everything about med, I am an actor". He said it like it was no big deal.
 She smiled, she could definitely relate to that. "We don't really watch tv or movies here and I don't use any of the social medias, have you been in something big ?"
 He looked like he was unsurten what to say. "Nothing really big, a couple of movies and some theatre, I am not a super star by any means".
 She could feel it made him a little uncomfortable tomtalk about himself, and she knew the feeling, so she decided to let it go, to her his fame was indifferent anyway.
 She glanced at him while walking, he was an actor then, she didn't have the best memories of actors from living in LA, but he seemed different and she would bet he had a lot of female fans.
 They reached the huts where she had to do some follow ups on patients, Tom was curious to follow her, greeting everyone politely and friendly.
 It didn't take long before a couple of boys was pulling at Toms hands, wanting him to follow them, he looked at her questioningly and she nodded. "They want to show you something, just go with them".
 She wrapped up the things she needed to so and then she went out to find Tom, she found him playing football in an open space between the huts with a bunch of kids.
 She sat down on a bench watching, Tom looked like he was having a great time even though the kids out played him constantly, she guessed football wasn't one of his talents.
 He kicked at the ball, but one of the kids snatched it up and he kicked the air instead, losing his balance and landing on smack on his ass, he was laughing and so was Ella and the kids.
 Tom got up and came over to throw himself down on the bench next to her, he was a little out of breath. "They are way to good for me those kids".
 "Most of them hope to get a contract in Europe and get out of here, they are practising all the time". She answered, they kids were still playing.
 He wiped his forehead. "I really hope they get the change to make a better future, as a footballer or as something else".
 He was looking out at the huts and the kids playing, right now everything was at peace and quiet except for the kids laughter, the the camp contained a lot of fear, pain and disease.
 She could help but watching him again, he was without any doubt a very attractive man, both in the obvious way but also his warmt and his passionated personality.
 He had really expressive hand and they were constantly moving around, he was sitting with his long lega wide apart, like he wasn't really sure what to do with them.
 She realised that the old Ella probably wouldn't have found him attractive, but a bit dull and to grown up, she was happy that that Ella was long gone.
 "We should get back and get some lunch, you got to be hungry by now ?" She stood up.
 He got up to, stretching his long body like a cat in the sun. "That sounds great actually".
 "If you go up to the main building, the chef will make what you want, within reason". She said casually and started to walk.
 He adjusted his pace to fit hers. "If it is okay with you, i would actually prefer to eat in the cafeteria with the volunteers".
 "You are welcome to, but the selection will be sparse and the food a bit exotic". She said winking at him.
 She saw Raphael and Fausto coming to join them, they had been of on their own to get some pictures of life in the camp, she really hoped they had gotten some snaps of Tom playing football.
 They walked back together through the camp in the flashing heat of the early afternoon, most of the inhabitantswas resting in the shadows. Tom for once didn't talk, but he looked very deep in thoughts.


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