Cinderella (english)

Ella is in Africa Working With UNICEF. When a VIP arrives, she is showing him the Camp, not knowing who he is.
Shortly after she is rippes from her save haven by a family tragedy and thrown back into the pulsing London life.
Will she be ready to reenter the Real World and Can she escape the past that made her leave in the first place ?


25. Ellas nightmare

 When Ella woke up the next morning, she found Tom watching her, his fingers trailing up and down her arm, she looked up at him. "I thought you would be out running ?"
 "I didn't feel like leaving you, I can miss one day". He leaned in to kiss her softly.
 She chuggled. "So you decided just to lay here and stare at me, not creepy at all Tom".
 "Eh okay maybe a little when you put it like that, but you where justbso beautiful". He smiled at her lovingly and she pulled him down to kiss him.
 Tom got of the bed. "I better hit the shower, I have a lunch meating with Luke, but can I take you out for dinner tonight ?" 
 "I love to, I want to go buy the school to scedual a meeting about my opportunities". Ella smiled happily, she had finally decided that she wanted to go back to school.
 "I am so proud of you darling". He leaned down to kiss her one last time before going to the bathroom.
 When Tom came back from the bathroom, he putnon a light grey suit and smiled at her. "You can get a shower, their is food in the fridge, just make yourself at home, just slam the door locked when you leave".
 "Have a nice lunch and say hallo to Luke from me". She got up and he pulled her naked body into his arms.
 "Uhh you are bewitching my love, but Luke will kill me if I am late". His hands slid down to har ass and he kissed her longingly, before letting her go.
 Henturned around in the door, seending her a glance that told her he would rather stay. "I pick you up around 5pm if it is okay with you ?"
 "It is absolutely fine Tom, and now get going". She waved him of and went to take a nice long shower.
 After the shower, Ella put her dress back on, the she went downstairs and got a bowl of oats, she called a taxi and checked everthing was shut of and closed, before she went out and closed the door, checking it had locked.
 When she stepped outside the gate, she entered her worst nightmare, there were at least 10 men with cameraes, and they startet taking her picture yelling at her.
 She couldn't go back in, she had locked the door behind her, she had to get to the taxi, so she keept her head down, trying to push through.
 "Ella look here, are you and Tom dating ? Did you sleep here ?" She heard them ask, someone showing a camera in her face.
 She didn't answer, they had to have arrived after Tom left, he would have warned her if he knew, but they knew her name, they knew who she was, someone must have spotted them together.
 She was nearly in the taxi now, one of them pushed himself in front of her. "Ella what does Tom think of your past ? Does he know who you really are ? Did he like the pictures and waht about the movie ?"
 Oh God, she started to feel ill, this was everything she had feares, the knew everthing, they would never let it go, Tom would find out about it and he would be disgusted by her and it would hurt his career.
 She threw herselv into the taxi and asked it to drive her to a hotel, she feared they would be at her aunts house as well, she needed to go somewhere neutral.
 Ella paid the taxi and hurried into the hotel, she asked for a room, almost in a trance, and went to her room on one of the top floors, rolling up on the bed crying.
 She had just believed she was alloved to be happy, that she could really be with Tom, but of course she couldn't, she didn't deserve something as good and pure as his love.
 Ella knew she could never see Tom again, she wouldn't hurt his career, but he propably wouldn't want to see her anyway when he found out the truet.
 She no longer had anything to life for, it felt like her heart had been ripped from her chest and crushed.

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