Cinderella (english)

Ella is in Africa Working With UNICEF. When a VIP arrives, she is showing him the Camp, not knowing who he is.
Shortly after she is rippes from her save haven by a family tragedy and thrown back into the pulsing London life.
Will she be ready to reenter the Real World and Can she escape the past that made her leave in the first place ?


9. Ella in London

 Ella sighed and locked herself into the house, the owner wouldn't be home before much later, and she like having peace and quiet. She putnon her earphones and started cleaning.
 Itbhad been 3 months since she had returned from South Sudan and her auntbhad asked her to do this cleaningnjob dormher company today because they had alot of sickness in the staff.
 She hadn't returned by choise, but only a week after Tom left, her aunt had called again, to tell her that her mother passed away and she had to return to go home to take care of everything.
 After thinking hard about it for some days she had accepted that she had to be there, and she wanted to, it was time for her to return to the outside world.
 Her choice actually was partly because of Tom, he had awakened in her a desire to live a life of her own again, to experience new things and go places, and thats why she did regret their little escapade.
 It had been hard to go back to a world she had once left behind and then the funeral on top of it, even though she hadn't had a good relationship with her mother it hurt, especially not saying goodbye.
 She started vacuuming the living-room, she hadn't been in that house before, but it seemed real cosy, a mixture of new and old, and bookcase upon bookcase filled with all kinds of books.
 After the funeral in Denmark, she hadn't known what tomso, and her aunt had suggested she came with them to London until she found out whatbshe wanted.
 So less than a month after she threw away Toms number, never expecting to go to London, that was ironically exactly were she found herself.
 In the beginning she thought she might run into him one day, not that she in any way expected them to revive what they started in Sudan, it had been a volatile meeting and nothing else, but it would have been fun to see him again.
 But then one evening as she was watching tv with her aunt and family, the Avangers came on, and she almost fell of the couch when she saw his name on the screen. He was almost unrecognisable as Loki.
 After the movie she couldn't help herself, but borrowed her aunts computer and googled him, immediately regretting it, it appeared he had a very large and dedicated fan base, an army, he was way more famous than she had expected.
 She was done with the cleaning downstairs, and grabbed her bucket and sponges, going upstairs to do the bathroom.
 So after she found out who he was, she felt even more embarrassed about the way she had just jumped him, never thinking he might turn her down, and she had accepted she would never see him again.
 She had happily found out that she hadn't needed tomfearbreturning, it seemed that everyone had forgotten her, and as of now no one had recognised her.
 She opened the door to the bedroom and walked ind whistling lowly, the first thing she noticed were a pair of long muscular legs, fuck nobodynwas supposed to be here, but someone was clearly in the shower and she stopped shocked.
 Her eyes involuntary travelled up the legs, reaching an amazingly well shaped backside, an backside she instantly remembered, and she didn't think to stop herself before his name flew out her mouth. "Tom ?"
 He turned around looking very surprised, the rest of his body just as she remembered as well, long, slim and sculpted, and she was watching him just a little to long before spinning around and leaving with a. "Sorry".


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