Cinderella (english)

Ella is in Africa Working With UNICEF. When a VIP arrives, she is showing him the Camp, not knowing who he is.
Shortly after she is rippes from her save haven by a family tragedy and thrown back into the pulsing London life.
Will she be ready to reenter the Real World and Can she escape the past that made her leave in the first place ?


13. A friendly lunch

 Ella had kind of expected that Tom wouldn't contact her again, she would understand, she felt like she had exploited him, but two days later rigth before midday she got a text.
 > Hallo Ella, are you busy ? If you are free, I would love to take you out for luch ? Love Tom <
 She was actually just lying on her bed being bored and a lunch couldn't hurt, it would be public and she should be able to spend an hour with him on friendly terms without it ending with sex.
 I could not end with sex, she was determined about that, it wasn't fair to him, because it could never be anything more.
 She answered him. > Hi Tom. Just lying here doing nothing, lunch sounds great. Where do we meet up ? <
 His answer came within seconds. > Right outside, I'll be there to pick you up in two minutes <
 She jumped of the bed, where did he get her address ? And how could he be there so fast ? He must have been close by already.
 Ella looked at herself, her clothes would have to do, there was no need to doll up for lunch with a friend, she had on black leggings and a white shirt dress, she pulled her hair up into a messy bun.
 She hurried out, quite happy her aunt was out on a job, she didn't feel like explaining.
 She walked out to the sidewalk, a sleek dark jaguar pullede up to the curb and Tom jumped out, hugging her. "Hallo darling, I am so happy you were free".
 "Of course Tom, nice car is it yours ?" She looked at the car, it was a perfect match for him, stylish, hot, slim lined, powerful and english.
 He smiled and opened the passenger door. "Right now it is, the company has lent it to me after I did a commercial".
 Ella slided i, and Tim closed the door, he walked around the car with long strides. She watched him through the window, his long legs clad ind black dress pants and worn out cowboy boots.
 He had on a mottled blue button down shirt, his sleeves rolled up and he had on black rimmed glasses, she hadn't seen him wear glasses before but they suited him.
 She couldn't pin point what it was about him, it was something about the way he carried himself, about the way he radiated warmth, confidence and sex.
 Tom opened the door, sliding in elegantly, he really could make anything look sexy she thought, but stopped herself, she had to keep a tap on her thoughts and her desires.
 But it wasn't easy, when he started the car, she could feel the purr of engine through her body, it was going to be a long lunch.
 He parked in front of an smal exclusive restaurant and opened the door to her, he offered his hand, helping her out. He offered his arm and she accepted.
 In the restaurent the got a small table in the back, where they could sit in peace, Tom held out her chair and she began to feel that is was more like a date than a lunch between friends.
 He sat down across from her, his long legs once again a problem in the small space, he had to trap her legs between his to fit in, and she had to sit very still or her knees would rest on his upper tights.
 The waiter came over and they ordered their food, Ella was watching Tom across the table. "I wasn't sure I would ever hear from you again".
 "Why not ? We agreed to be friends right ?" He was watching her questioning.
 She shrugged, why would he want anything more than friendship ? "I honestly don't know, but I a happy you did write".
 The food arrived and they talked while they ate, Ella said that she was thinking about going back to school and Tom told about his years at Eton and Cambridge.
 Tom confided that there was a mini series he would love to get the leading role in, because it would let him show a wider range of skills to a broader audience, but he couldn't say much as they were still undecided.
 Ella tried to move a little, her legs where getting stiff from holding them in the same position, as she tried not to touch his amble thighs, instead she put her knee right in his crotch.
 "Oh shit, I'm so sorry". Her head snapped up, watching him, afraid she had hurt him.
 He closed his eyes shortly and swallowed, then he looked at her reassuring. "It's okay Ella, no harm done".
 When they were finished Tom payed the bill, she had offered to split it, but he insisted as he had invited her.
 When they walked tomhis car, he opened the door for her and waited fortoget in before closing it, walking back around the car, and she thought how effortless it seemed for him to be the perfeckt gentleman.
 "I am sorry that I don not have more time, but I have an important meating in an hour". He said regret in his voice.
 She smiled at him, actually happy to be able to end it now and get home, her self-control was starting to waiver, as she could so easily small him in the inclosed space of the car. "It is fine Tom, you can always write when you are free".
 "I can do one better, what about friday night, my house, pizza, beer and a movie ? Just friends hanging out". He glanzed at her.
 That sounded like something friends would do, she thought, so why not. "Sounds great and Imgot no plans".
 "Okay then, shall we say 8 pm ? I am looking forward to it". He smiled happily and Ella thought that she should be able to do that.
 He parked outside her auntsnhouse, and she suddenly remembered something. "Where did you get my address from ?"
 "It was on my bill from the cleaning company". He said camly and got out the car to open her door.
 "Oh well of course". She said mostly to herself. Tom opened the door and offered her his hand.
 He pulled her into a friendly hug and kissed her cheek. "See you friday Ella, to an friendly evening".
 "See you Tom". The feel and smell of him when they hugged where nearlynher undoing, she almostnasked him to go with her to her room or rather her bed, but she managed to stop herself.
 She vawed as he drove off, proud that she had done it, they had had lunch and she had only been a little tempted by him and she had refrained from acting on the urge.


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