Cinderella (english)

Ella is in Africa Working With UNICEF. When a VIP arrives, she is showing him the Camp, not knowing who he is.
Shortly after she is rippes from her save haven by a family tragedy and thrown back into the pulsing London life.
Will she be ready to reenter the Real World and Can she escape the past that made her leave in the first place ?


2. 4 years later

 Ella bended her head over the small boy, he was emaciated, but still so much better now, after only 3 days in the camp, she looked at the mom smiling. "He is going to be fine".
 The mother smiled back, and she moved on to tjeck on all the children, sleeping soundly in their beds. She sighed contently, everything was quiet, it was one of the good days.
 Ella had been working with unicef for more than 4 years now, she was in a camp in southern Sudan mainly focusing on children and she loved being there, even though it was hard especially since they couldn't save them all.
 "Ella could you come in here a moment ?" The camp administrator Dr Braastad, a Dutch pediatrician, called from his office as he heard her footsteps.
 She quickly finished up her journal, putting it in the holder on the wall, the walked into the office. "Evening doctor, what can I do for you ?"
 He looked up from his paperwork eyeing her. "We have a VIP party arriving soon, some hot shots from the organisation, a film crew and some celebrity. Could I get you to be their guide ?"
 "Yeah I guess so, but wouldn't Shaun or Kirin be a better choice ?" She didn't care much about being a glorified nanny.
 Dr Braastad lowered his gaze to his papers. "I am asking you Ella because younarebthe most qualified and has been her the longest. And usually it is not much work, they do some filming and spend the rest of the time by the pool".
 She sighed resignedly. "Okay okay I do it, but you gonna owe me so much for this".
 Ella hurried over to the canteen to get some food, she hadn't really gotten anything all day, and she needed to get some to keep up her strengt. She had actually put on nearly 20 pounds while being there, thinking she might be the only person to go to,Sudan and put on weight, but she liked it, she had been way to skinny before.
 After she had eaten she went to her small shack, taking a quick shower to wash of the grime of her. She combed her grain coloured hair, braiding it loosely. Lastly pulling on a clean unicef T-shirt and cut off jeans.
 When she heard the jeeps pull up outside, she went out to greed the party. Dr. Braastad was already there, and she stood beside him, he was a big man, and she couldn't se the people getting out of the cars.
 "And this is Ella from Denmark, she has been here for more than 4 years, and she is going to be your guide". The Doktor presented her.
 "Welcome". She said smiling. First 3 men were middleaged and dressed in grey suits, that had to be the hot shots from Unicef, looking rather misplaced. She shook their hands.
 "Hallo again Ella". It was the camera man, he was in his mid-forties, dressed in a short sleeved button down plaited shirt and hos name was Raphael, henhad visited the camp twice before.
 "Raphael, so nice to see you again". She gave him a friendly hug. She liked him and he was easy to work with.
 Raphael pointed to a very young man following him, he looked about 20 years old, wearing athletic shorts and a football jersey. "Ella, this i my nephew Fausto, he is our sound guy".
 "Welcome Fausto". She shook his hand, he shook her hand back eagerly, smiling happily at her.
 The last man stepped in front of her, and she had to look up, he was quite tall, towering at around 4 inches above her 5 ft 10 inch frame. He was lean and long limbed, clad in jeans and a unicef T-shirt.
 He extended a large hand with long fingers and she exceptet. His woice deep and rich. "Thank you Ella, for spending you precious time on us, it is such a great work you are doing here, I can't wait to see it all".
 Ella looked closer, this man actually seemed interested in their work, he smiled at her, and his smile was quite infectious, the cornes of his eye crinkling with smile lines. She found herself smiling back.
 He looked about mid-thirties, his face masculine, with high steel cut cheekbones and sandy hair curling slightly at the ends.
 His eyes caught hers, and she felt her thoughts falter for a moment, he had the most extraordinary blue eyes, pulling her in. Finally she found her voice again. "No problem, I hope you will enjoy your stay Mr..?"
 "Oh I am so sorry, how rude of me, the name is Hiddleston, Tom Hiddleston". He smiled again, and she wondered what kind of VIP he was, hencould easily be a model.
 She looked around. "Have a good night everyone, I will meet you outside the canteen tomorrow at 8 am, to show you the place".
 They all said goodnight, and she walked to her small shed, the group being showed to the big guest house.


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