Betrayal - An Original Story

This is a story about a teen girl. She isn't your average everyday girl, though. She has been gifted with the ability to wield magic and become a sorcerer. Sadly though, she can only use dark magic. And as you would presume; when the people in her society found out, most people thought she was some sort of monster just based on that fact. She has been treated horribly throughout her entire life and gets taken to a place where people like her are imprisoned, and used for unspeakable things. She eventually escapes and finds that the outside is very different from what she remembers.


3. The Village of Springs

There it was. A distant village. With people going about their daily lives, children playing, healthy farms, rivers and forests. And it was all so peaceful. No high prison-like fences, no guards watching her every move, no imprisonment. 
She breathed in the cold, yet warm air. She continued walking along the brick path. It was wonderful, everything just felt so right. How the breeze blew ever so calmly, how the blissful sounds of the rivers filled her ears, how she could hear the gentle rustling of leaves, and the sounds of birds chirping overhead with not a care in the whole world. It was everything she had ever dreamed of. 
Eventually she reached the entrance of the village. There was a gate with a wooden signpost. There were words painted in black ink:
"The Village of Springs"
She entered, instantly smiling as she saw the old houses. They were made of old, maroon bricks and had thatched straw rooftops. They looked like they had come straight out of a Fairytale. There was a long, beautiful river flowing through the middle of the village with a cobblestone bridge arching over it. The water was crystal clear, and you could see small fish as they swam by. There were a few fruit trees scattered around the village. As she passed through the shops, she was admiring the things on sale. Surprisingly, they actually were selling magical items. Things like magic armour, spell books, enchanted weapons, scrolls. It was so different from the places she remembered when she was young.
Dull grey towering skyscrapers, cars racing by one by one, everything was bland. Nothing felt right. Even most of the books were repetitive. Only a few ever interested her. Stories that talked of magic, different worlds, unique abilities, things she never knew of until that day.

She snapped back to reality when she bumped into someone, making them drop what they were holding.
"Oh I'm sorry! I wasn't paying attention to where I was going.. Do you need a hand?" She asked, really not wanting to make a bad first impression of herself.
"N-no it's fine.. S-sorry" The girl bend down and picked up what she had dropped. "A-are you new here?" 
"Oh yes, I am actually... My name's Erin"  She replied, before swiftly adding "I ran away from home!" Great move, now she's going to think that you're some spoilt brat who ran away because she didn't get what she wanted..
"Oh, that's a real shame.. Do you have anywhere to stay?" The girl asked, with a tone she had never heard before, concern perhaps?
"Oh no I don't but I'll manage, I'm going to attempt to find some work..." Erin mumbled quietly, not really knowing what else to say.
"Would you like to stay with me? My name's Rose and I own one of the local inn's in the town. You could maybe help out, i-if you wanted.." Rose happily offered.
"Oh! T-that would be great! If it isn't too much trouble.." Erin said, trying her best to hide her excitement.
"It's fine! Come on, I'll show you!" She yelled, pulling at Erin's wrist, trying to get her to follow.

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