Betrayal - An Original Story

This is a story about a teen girl. She isn't your average everyday girl, though. She has been gifted with the ability to wield magic and become a sorcerer. Sadly though, she can only use dark magic. And as you would presume; when the people in her society found out, most people thought she was some sort of monster just based on that fact. She has been treated horribly throughout her entire life and gets taken to a place where people like her are imprisoned, and used for unspeakable things. She eventually escapes and finds that the outside is very different from what she remembers.


4. A New Place To Call Home

Erin looked around, astounded at how nice it looked. Everything was so neat and tidy, and the place felt so homely. There was a large rustic fireplace and she could see a few fish hung over the fire from a tripod along with a few loafs of bread resting on the stones that surrounded the flames. Circled around it was fur coated armchairs. There was a wooden reception desk and the floor was a soft red carpet. Hung along the walls were beautiful bunches of flowers, she had never seen so many different species. There were also one or two paintings of meadows and rivers.

There were endless words to describe what Erin felt as she stepped in. It felt so homely, it was almost impossible to not feel welcome. The warmth of the fire hit her almost instantly and she could smell the wonderful scent of freshly baked bread.
"Well make yourself at home!" Rose cooed.
"I think it's almost impossible not to feel at home" Erin replied jokingly.
"You'll start helping out tomorrow, okay?" 
"Well I'm glad to hear that! Could you stay here a moment? I'm going to prepare your room" She smiled and left without waiting for a response.
Erin was going to reply, but seeing as Rose had disappeared by then she decided against it. Instead she decided to sit by the fireplace, seeing as she had only ever seen one at her grandmother's house when she used to visit. As she watched the flames as they danced and flickered, hearing the occasional crackling now and then, she began to think. What would her life be like now? If someone found out about her curse, what then? Would she be kicked out?
"Hey I'm back, sorry for taking so long. I'll show you to your room, ok? It's just this way.." She said interrupting Erin's thoughts and smiling before gently taking Erin's hand and leading her through a hall. She stopped at a door around half way through the long corridor. "This is your room!" And handed Erin the keys.
"Oh, thank you." Erin said before she opened the door and looked in. "Ooh~.."
The room was quite big. In the corner, there was a wooden bed which looked big enough for two people, along with a window. Next to it was a large oak cabinet with three different drawers. To her right were two old bookshelves, which had quite a lot of books, so many that they were practically air tight. Rose had already left, giving Erin some time to settle in.
That night, Erin sat on her bed, gazing out the window. The moon was beautifully reflected on the flowing waters of the nearby river, the crickets were quietly chirping, and the village's only light was from the occasional firefly, and the moon. Strangely, though, Erin could not see a single star.
Eventually, she turned away from the transparent glass and picked up one of the books from the bookshelf nearest to her. She read for hours upon end, fascinated by the many stories of witchcraft and sorcery, kingdoms and castles, all written as if the stories happened not too long ago. Before she knew it, she had fallen asleep.

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