Betrayal - An Original Story

This is a story about a teen girl. She isn't your average everyday girl, though. She has been gifted with the ability to wield magic and become a sorcerer. Sadly though, she can only use dark magic. And as you would presume; when the people in her society found out, most people thought she was some sort of monster just based on that fact. She has been treated horribly throughout her entire life and gets taken to a place where people like her are imprisoned, and used for unspeakable things. She eventually escapes and finds that the outside is very different from what she remembers.


2. A New Beginning

I just lost them. Looking back I can only just make out the outline of the hell that I just escaped. I keep running. I can't lose focus. I have to get as far away as possible. I cannot afford to get caught. Not with the information I have. Once they figure out what I know about them, they won't stop until they hunt me down. They'll try to make me a part of their sick, sick plot. I am not going to fall to the darkness like the others. I swear on it. I won't let myself crumble. I'm stronger than this... 


She looked back, the building was no-where to be seen. She sighed in relief. Maybe now she could finally start fresh. Start anew. No longer having to live in the shadow of who she's supposed to be.

Or so she thought...

She walked along the dull, grey gravel path, hearing the crunch of the small stones at her feet. A few hours later, she finally saw daybreak. She hadn't ever been happier for the world to be gifted with sunlight. As she walked forward, she saw a slow change in the world around her. The dark, dead tree graveyard slowly turned into a lively forest. The path now made of neat, red bricks. She speculated as the squirrels jumped from tree to tree, as the birds flew overhead, as the frogs croaked and as the fish swam in the river not too far from the path. She even saw a few rabbits come out of small mounds in the earth. This is what she wanted. This is what she craved; life, vibrant colour! This is where she knew she belonged.


After a few more minutes of walking, she saw something in the distance; a village! Finally, civilization! This is where her new life would start.







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