Good Girl or Bad Girl

I get straight A's and i do as told. I'm your adverage good girl or thats what you think.


1. 1) New Students

I never thought it would actually happen but we got transfer students that are super hot. Every girl but me is drooling cuz why would i? I seen better than them jerks. "Ky" my best friend Kaylie called running towards me. "Ryan, Rae, Tay and Jess are waiting for us." Kaylie says pulling me towards the benchs where we sit which is by the entrance. Kay lets go of my hand as i turn which causes me to bump into a transfer. He drops his stuff and i pick it up in a hurry. "Sorry" i tell him and he laughs. "Im such a clutz" i mumble handing him his stuff. "Its cool" He says smirking at me. He has dirty blonde hair and hazel brown/ green eyes. "Ashton" He says as i spin around to my friends. "Guys Kay is so going for one of the transfers" i says and they laugh. "Look at the nerd sluts" Elyse says from behind me and i turn. My white dress touched my knees and my black sandles made the outfit better. My blonde hair was in curls and i had on light makeup while my black cross body bag was hanging. "Nothing to say?" Cody, Elyse right hand girl says and i looked at the ground. "Leave us alone" Rae growled at them "Or what?" Elyse asked with a smirk on her face. Rae punched Elyse while Jess punched Cody. "Oh my cheesecakes" i yelled and everyone looked at me. "Sorry" i mumbled then i was grabbed and threw on the ground by Samantha or leader of these bitches. "Hey you never told me yo name" Ashton says coming over to the crowd. "You dont need to know it" i tell him getting up and walking away. I do everything for a reason and its to keep my secrets kept a secret. It's big secrets that i got and nobody here can find out or I'm gone. I actually like it here and don't want to leave. There was five transfer students and met them all a few years back. I sat in my seat. It's Ashton the leader, Trey and his twin Tay are the funny one's, Hanson is the serious one while John Is the quiet one. He's mute and I'm going to find out why but he can destroy shit with no problem. I got to keep my distance for a while. "Man didn't she look familiar?" Trey asked walking into the class. "Yea but from where?" Tay asked and they all shrugged. I kept my face in the book I had even tho I'm not reading it. All book are full of shit except the one's I got in my secret place. "Ky" Kaylie yells and I roll my eyes "Kylie" Kaylie snapped for I looked i from my book. "Yes?" The day went by and I ignored all the new boys. I get in my car and sped home.

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