Please, Nobody read this

Thoughts of a journal, i don't even know...


3. Blown Cover...

Him, He is like a brother

Leave anything with him

It stays there


My cousin, I wish he was my brother. No im not just saying that either. If he reads this than he will understand. Im ushall lonely, Yes this sounds like im depressed, But im not xD. Everything is all good. But with him, we act crazy around eachother. We use to, we are both more mature now, it seems. The funny thing is that he never got me back for that one thing, how about we keep that to ourselfs now shall we? It was old times so it probably doesn't even matter to him anymore. He knows what i am talking about if i brought up Cape May. That's all i am going to say. That is it, iv'e said too much.... Way too much to blow my cover.

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