Poems And More Poems

This is a mixture of different Poems, Including A Q&A,Haiku and much more.


2. The Q&A's

Q&A's Today


Q1:Who is your favourite serial killer?

A: Elmo!

Q2: How many stars are in the sky?


Q3:What school do you go too?


Q4: Maths is really boring eh?

A:No, But i eat cheese!

Q5: Is the grass green

A: Maybe...


Q&A 2 


Q1: Is a face a face?

The Dog said it

Q2: Do you like turtles

I Love Cows!

Q3: What do you think about toes?

 Uhh.. small?

Q4: Is Kanye West Married

Me? Pssshh

Q5: Do You love my mum?

Yes i Do!

Q6:Do you bake? 

I Like flash Houses!


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