Poems And More Poems

This is a mixture of different Poems, Including A Q&A,Haiku and much more.


7. My Family (Ode)

My Ode (Family)

My family is always there, which frees me
Of all fears and worries
Lifting the weight of life 
From my shoulders

Helping me when I am sad
Lifting me off of the ground
Lightening the problems of all
that I hold

Loving me
When no-one else does
Sustaining me
When the pressure bears too much

Time and time again
Supporting me when
They themselves need it
Loving me as always

Giving me everything
But never taking for themselves
I can never give enough
For what I receive

My family is always there for me
As I am for them
Loving helping and caring
That is what family is for.


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