Avengers imagines and preferences

his book contains Avengers preferences and imagines. It is probably a little different than what you used to read. But please enjoy.
( i have never done it before, and just coming into the fiction world so please i will love suggestions )


8. you meet him as a child ( Loki )

Loki: you go through the woods with tears running down your cheeks, when you came out this morning the neighbor boy had been standing with your new bunny in his hands smiling what you would call a evil smile. And before you could even plead him not to hurt it he had dropped it and you saw it sprint into the forest, you quickly run after it thinking that you would maybe have a chance to capture it before it got away. But here you are, an hour after, still searching.

And on top of that are you lost.

You wipe your tears away with your hand and try not to fall over the branches that are hard to see cause it begins to get dark. Everything looks the same to you so you have no idea where you came from and how to get home. You scared and cold, just wandering around hoping that you find out how to come home or someone maybe finds you.

Mom always told you that you should never wander into the woods cause you might get lost, and here you are, lost. You make a promise to yourself that you will never go into the forest again if you ever find your way home. You fall over a branch and feel the pain when you wound you knee.

Everything in you screams to just lay there screaming and crying calling for your mom.

But you know that won't help so you whimper softly when you get up and humping begins to walk again. You see some light right ahead and hope begins to grown in your stomach, you hump as fast as you can over to the light. But it isn’t a house you find, instead it is some weird guy in leather.

He stand up and look confused at you ,, what does a little girl like you so far in the woods?” he ask confused and look at you with his green eyes. You almost begin to bawl right there in front of him when he comes over to you, and perhaps he sees it cause he put a hand on your shoulder and help you over to the fire you had seen and mistaken for light of a house.

You tell him that you ran after your bunny and are now lost and don’t know where you are and how to get back. I the back of your mind you hear your mothers warning about talking to strangers but right there you couldn’t care less. And yeah he's a little weird having a campfire outside in the woods looking like someone from one of the games you have seen the older kids play a lot.

But right now he's just seems comforting.

,, hmmm, I am not very familiar with this forest either, but I think a can still help you get home Y/f/n” says the man you now know is called Loki. He look at you bruised leg and put a hand on it, before you can ask what he's doing you begin to feel a warmth there were his hands is.

When he remove it you see that the wound is now gone.

You look surprised and shocked at him. ,, how did you do that? Are you a witch?” he laughs and shake his head, he tell you that he is a god from Asgard.

He stands up and reach his hand out to you ,, shall we see if we can find you home before sunset Y/f/n?” he says smiling, you take his hand, he snaps his fingers and the fire goes out and instead is now in his other palm like a little flame.

 You try you best to keep up with him, but it's hard cause he has long legs and you have never been up this late. So you keep dozing off and trip over roots and branches until he decides to pick you up and carry you with his one arm under you till his side, you put your arms around his neck and rest your head at his shoulder.

He tells you that it's okay to fall asleep and that he will wake you when you there.

,, but you don’t know what my house looks like” you yawn trying to hold your eyes open.

,, don’t worry I will find the right one” he swore softly, in the end you can't keep yourself awake and doze off.

When you wake up you are in your backyard, confused you look around to find Loki but he's not there, and there is no sign of him.

Instead your find a little white bunny sleeping in your lap, actually like the one you thought was lost in the forest. Maybe I dreamt it all you think while you put the bunny back into it cage. You quickly run over to your mom that stand in the other end of the garden screaming your name. when she sees you she run over to you and hug you tight asking you were you have been all this time.

You tell her that you had fallen asleep outside with your bunny and she scolds you for making her worried sick.

What you didn't know was that Loki was standing right there in the shadow of the forest looking smiling at you before leaving. 

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