Avengers imagines and preferences

his book contains Avengers preferences and imagines. It is probably a little different than what you used to read. But please enjoy.
( i have never done it before, and just coming into the fiction world so please i will love suggestions )


7. you meet him as a child ( Bucky )


I can't believe he actually forgot to pick me up again you think angry waiting for you dad outside the gym, you sit on the road picking grass out from the street trying not to call mom and tell her to pick you up. You know she will lose it if she found out he did it again.

And especially when it's already beginning to get dark.

Like seriously who the hell forgets their own child two days in a row. 

You hear someone approach you from behind but before you can act on it that person sits down beside you. ,, are you alright? You have been sitting here for a hour now” the guy ask you, you look into his brown eyes with a lifted eyebrow,, have you been watching me?”

He laughs softly,, more like hearing you, you had been sitting here swearing since I got here”

You blush over the realization over that you have been loud enough to people could hear you inside the gym. ,, omg how embarrassing” you mumble and hide your head in your hands.

God dad just come and pick me up before I dig myself a grave.

,, I believe that it is your dad you called a walking ass on two legs? Have he forgotten you?” he ask curiously and you nod, you can't exactly make a fool more out of yourself.

,, he does it all the time, and if he just would give me a car I wouldn’t be stuck all the time on the street like some hooker” you mumbles and pull a tot of grass, he looks at you from head to toe and smile ,, you don’t look like a hooker to me” ,, so you know how they look?” you can't help but reply smiling, he laughs and soon you join. Somehow you aren’t afraid of him even though you probably should. A strange man coming up to you, beginning to ask questions.

But to you he just looks like a nice guy, and it's nice with some company.

You both just sit there talking about nothing and everything.

You learn that he's name is Bucky, the name tells you something but you can't seem to remember it, the only thing that come to your mind, is that it is a name you heard about in history.

Half a hour later your dad shows up with screeching tires.

He apologies a hundred of times and you yell at him but eventually you forgive him.

As usual.

You wave goodbye to Bucky that just stand there waving back looking at your car with a serious face.


Some days later you sit in the back of your dads thanking him for getting you, you had been to a party when it suddenly got to wild and pleaded him to come and get you.

He tells you that he just glad that you contacted him and you both just have to get home and get some rest before the big day tomorrow. He had promised a month ago that he would take a week off from work and take you camping. And you have been exitet all week and now it's finally time. He drive onto the highway talking to you about this great lake he know that his dad used to take him to when something bump into the side of the car, you got cast around in the car while he try to get control of the car again.

But then something you can't believe actually is possible happens.

Someone lands on the front of your car, your scream when the man crashes trough the front glass and try to strangle your dad. He swings the car brutally trying to get him of and there you realize that you know that face, but before you can say anything   he lose control of the car  cause it has rained the day before and the road was slippery. The car skids and rolls over the highway, you lose consciousness when your head hits the window seat with a bang.


You wake up to the sound of people screaming and the sirens.

,, she’s awake! Get a paramedic over here now!” your hear someone screams near you, you try to sit up but realize you’re stuck. You open your eyes and see your leg smashed between the seat and door, your scream horrified and try to pull it out.

The stop you and try to calm your down but the only thing you think about is your leg and were you dad is when you see all the blood on the front seat.

In the end they give you something from the pain and make you completely relaxed.

You don’t even think about that they talk about that they can't save your leg to get your out.

Only a little fear strikes you when you see the razing blade they will use to cut you out.

But before you can even begin to really panic you pass out.


When you finally comes to yourself you are in a hospital bed, everything hurts so you don’t even try to get up. You hear you mother outside the door crying but before you can say anything you hear another voice. ,, She’s not only lost her leg ma’am but it appears that some of her memories were lost to cause of some damage to the head. We asked her what happened at the crime scene and she had no idea” memories lost? You think confused, but then realize that he's right, you can't remember what happened. The last thing you can remember is seeing your leg jammed. First there you realize the other thing he said. Lost my leg you think confused and force yourself up to sit, you see that you leg is gone and begin to scream.

Your mother comes running in trying to calm you down, but you can't stop starring at the stump there before was your leg. In the end they have to medicate you with something to sleep on. Later you found out that the leg wasn’t the only thing you lost that day.  

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