Avengers imagines and preferences

his book contains Avengers preferences and imagines. It is probably a little different than what you used to read. But please enjoy.
( i have never done it before, and just coming into the fiction world so please i will love suggestions )


14. Trip to Alaska ( Loki )

You stand in your and Lokis now share room and pack your bags. Apparently have gods no need to do such things, so he doesn't know how, even though he won't admit it. You pack the suit down that Tony made you that looks like a swimming suit. But it does that you feel like Loki touches your skin when he touches the suit, even though he doesn't. And it will hold you warm with the heating stuff they created. Loki comes into the room and smile big when he sees you. ,, hi bunny, what are you doing?” He ask kissing you on the cheek before laying his arms around you.
,, packing, someone needs to do it” you claim smiling up at him, he looks at the bags with a frown. ,, why is it that you mortals have to do it harder than it is” he mumbles pulling you away from the bags, you look confused at him, he claps and then you see the closet open and Keith big eyes the Clothes fly over and fold itself before laying in the bag. ,, how did you do that?” You ask in awe looking at the packed clothes.
,, I'm a god, I can do thing you won't believe, and someday I will show you. Just as soon alfather stops this nonsense about me being trapped in Midgard” you look at him with a hurtful look.
,, if he hadn't decided that I would never had meet you again” you mumble looking down at your hands you hear Loki snorts. ,, you must make fun of me y/f/n. I had already claimed you as mine.

I would have come for you if you liked it or not” okay if I look past the fact he actually would kidnap me, I'm glad he would come back for me. Maybe not at first when he came for me, but it shouldn't be so hard to love him after some time. ,, good to know you would kidnap one of our girls Loki. Y/f/n I would like you to call your job and ask if you could get some day of to go with us to Alaska” Tony says as he walks in the door, Loki Grunts angry over him just walking into your room without asking but you answer,, If I still had a job i would ask. But haven't been there since Thor kidnapped me. So pretty sure I'm not an employer anymore” Loki roll with his eyes and look arrogantly at Tony for asking such a question. 

,, as my queen will be working on anything else than pleasing me” ,, wow thank you Loki, calling me queen but still make me feel like a servant” you nag with a sour face, he looks at you with a confused face until he realize what you meant.
He began to apologize not caring that Tony stands there seeing it all. And you know how prideful he is so let it go with a smile and a kiss on his cheek when you walk past him with the bags in your hands after Tony.

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