Avengers imagines and preferences

his book contains Avengers preferences and imagines. It is probably a little different than what you used to read. But please enjoy.
( i have never done it before, and just coming into the fiction world so please i will love suggestions )


2. the second meeting

Tony: you just stand there in your new room with all of your belongings, still not quite sure that there really came 4 men and packed all your stuff, while another on threw you in a limousine and drew you to stark tower.
,, welcome to Stark miss y/l/n " Jarvis says, You try to smile but it doesn't reach your eyes.
Tony comes into you room with a big smirk on his face, he looks at all of your belongings.
,, is that all?" He says surprised and open a box and take some of your underwear up and send you a kinky smile, embarrassed you snatch it from him and but it in you back pocket. ,, you didn't see nothing" you
Mumble, how embarrassing!
,, so you into lace, kinky" he laughs and give you the sexy eyes. ,, mr stark instead what type of underwear I use I would much rather talk about why you just don't set Jarvis to make it" you ask and sit on the big king sized bed that stood in the room when you came.
,, It would be better to let a girl write it. Jarvis will make it up till now but you can write about the things Jarvis don't know about.. Like sex. And I think it is a topic you need to search very closely." He says and get closer.
,, wow down boy" you laugh. You knew that he was a player, everyone knew that, but you are still surprised. ,, tony? We're are you? I need to ask you something?" You hear a voice calling from the living room, you realize you know this voice and the fan girl pops up in you. You run right past tony out to the living room where no one else than Steve Rogers stand and look confused at you. ,, um hello? Are you one of Tony's lady friends?" You blush a little but shake your head. ,, no I'm more like the kidnapped girl. Tony want me to write his biography" tony comes into the living room with a grumpy face. 
,, what does the lady mean by kidnapped tony?" Steve ask suspiciously and look at tony that just laugh ,, please like I have to kidnap any girl so she should stay with me"
He looks at Steve and snatch something from
Behind you. ,, see? I have prove that we like each other very much" you realize that's it is your underwear. You turn bright red, but not as much as Steve that just mumbles that it wasn't so important what he would talk about and runs out of the room. Tony laughs and leave you there stunned over that this just happened. ,, miss y/l/n tony want to se you in his workshop.

Steve: you stand right outside the zoo waiting for Steve. He had written yesterday and asked you to meet him at the zoo. You had knew each other for now a month. Steve had shown you all of the New York he knew and the rest you explored together. Now he wanted to show you the zoo. You stand there nervous in you y/f/c dress and look for him.
You hear a motorcycle and realize it's Steve.
You wave smiling and he drives up to you. 
,, hallo miss y/f/n" he says when he comes over to you, you sigh a little and laugh.
,, how many times do we have to go over this? You can just call me y/f/n" he takes you by the arm and walk you into the zoo.
,,just a couple more times" he laughs and drag you over to the lions. The whole day you both runs around like children looking at the different animals while eaten ice cream. 
You learn that Steve have a sweet tooth and he love vanilla. When it getting late he decides to drive your home. You sit behind him clinging to him while you drive trough the street. He stops in front of your apartment and help you get of ,, thank you so much for a wonderful time Steve. I really enjoyed it" you say and smile at him, he smiles back and bow dramatic ,, everything for you miss y/l/n"
You give him a hug before going up to you apartment. You look out the window and realize that Steve still is there with a big smile. You find yourself smile and feel a sudden warmth in your chest.

Loki: two months after the war you find yourself doing what you did before the war. Serving coffee at the caffe.
You stand at a old man pouring coffee when someone bursts in the door. You look up and see the hammer guy you now know is Thor cause of the news. He walks straight up to you. ,, my lady I need your assistance" he says and grab you by the hip and start dragging your out of the caffe before you can do anything. He then jump from the ground and once again you cling to a guy you don't know in leather. You scream horrified.
Why does this always happen to me? You think and close your eyes.
When your open your eyes you are standing in the stark tower with four guys and one girl looking at you. ,, so this is the girl you think that can help you with Loki? She's just a child" you hear Steve says, you found yourself getting angry, not only are you kidnapped but now they also assault you.
,, I'm not a child! Im y/a!"
Tony looks at you like a puppy that's barking at a must larger dog. Natasha and Clint leaves the room mumbling that this is not something they want to see. ,, why am I here?" You growl confused. The guy that must be Bruce banner says ,, Thor here believe that you can help, rehabilitate Loki. Odin send him down to earth so he can see what he's done. And Thor here says that he saw Loki save you" 
You remember the time on the roof and nods.
,, so? I probably not the only one. He talked about leaving some people he could rule"
You declare confused. ,, he would not have saved you if there not was a reason" Thor says    And look at you with he's big smile ,, can you tell us your name?" Bruce ask while Steve push You Down in a chair. Thor tells you what had happen so Loki did what the did. You feel yourself feeling sad for him. You knew how He feels, you were a foster child, and it's was clear that they loved their real girl more than they loved you. So you decide if that you can do anything to help you would. 
You all stand on the roof when Thor arrives with Loki. He sees you and look confused.
,,What are you doing here?" He ask Coldly, confused over to see you again. 
,,Apparently they think I'm the key to you redemption" you answer with a little smile not sure what you can actually do but anyway is going to try.

Bucky: bucky and you sits in you couch watching a movie. After the time with the guys Bucky came to pick you up everyday after work and walked you home, so after two weeks you become so close that you invited him up for dinner and a movie, and he smiling accepted the offer. So now you sit on the couch eating popcorn watching a old movie. Bucky keeps pushing his hair out of his eyes the entire time, so you decide to help him.
,, Bucky turn around" he looks confused at you but do as you say, you take the rubber band you have around you wrist and set his hair up.
,, now it won't irritate you" you explain smiling, 
He smiles but then something darken his face. 
,,I have to tell you something, you will probably be surprised. But I think you deserve to knew"
,, that you are James Buchanan Barnes?" You ask smiling, he looks surprised at you
,, how the hell does you know?" 
,, your kidding right? I'm a history freak, and I have seen your picture on the museum. And you have worked for hydra." You laugh, he looks surprised at you, not only do you accept who he is. But you are not afraid of who he was. ,, Bucky I don't care what you did. It's clear to me that you are not a bad person, so I don't care. New page and all that" he send you the biggest smile you have seen until now and reach out for you, you hug him back smiling.
,, now let's us watch this movie" 
The rest of the evening you and Bucky almost cuddle on the couch

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