Avengers imagines and preferences

his book contains Avengers preferences and imagines. It is probably a little different than what you used to read. But please enjoy.
( i have never done it before, and just coming into the fiction world so please i will love suggestions )


10. The Party ( Tony )



Tony has decided to throw a party to show you to the rest of the world as he's new girl. And you isn’t so sure of about how you feel about it. It will be nice to let all the women’s that want him that he is already taken, especially when he's such a flirter.

But it also feels like you just another woman.

But you decide not to say anything and just go with the flow.

All day Tony is pulling you from one shop to another trying to find the perfect dress to the occasions. And in the end, you both find one you like. The dress is a short y/f/c dress with a wide fall from the waist and small glittering pearls forming the heart shaped top.

Before the party you take a long shower in the big bathtub in Tonys bathroom just enjoying the feel of the water surround you making you relaxed and comfortable.

Half a hour later you stand in front of the mirror in your dress putting your y/h/c hair up in a knot.

You see Tony in the mirror leaning up against the door with a goofy smile on his face.

You can't help but smile and wink at him, he comes over and put his arms around you and kiss your shoulder softly before resting his chin looking into the mirror.

,, we are a beautiful couple if I must say it myself” he claim and laugh a soft while holding you gaze in the mirror. You rest your head against his smiling, I can't believe that he's actually mine you think happy over that he hasn’t grown tired of you and still look at you with the same loving eyes as he did in front of the restaurant where he confessed.

He pulls away and takes your hand, he look into your eyes and pull you hand up and kiss it. ,, shall we go down my lady?”  You nod smiling and let him lead you down to the party that’s already going on. The jazz music is playing softly in the background of the people chattering, but it all stops when you walk into the room.

You move uncomfortable when you realize that everyone in the room, is looking at you, but Tony just ignore it and lead you into the room with he's calming smile, so soon you start to relax enough to look back at some of them and smile.

He lead you over to the other avengers that sits on the couches smiling at you.

Even Steve smiles at you now that he know that Tony is serious about you, and you smile back at him when you sit down beside him. Tony turns to the room with his big smile and say ,, welcome everyone, as you all know I have gathered you all today to show you my new lover. This is Y/f/n Y/l/n” he points at you and you wave awkward not really sure what to do ,, I know you will all love her as much as I do when you get to know her. But remember it will be me that she will lay with tonight so no funny ideas” you get bright red but everyone in the room just giggles before getting back to chattering with one another. Tony sits down next to you with a smug smile snatching two champagne glass from a waiter that passed by.

He gives you the one and you drink it all in one mouthful trying to calm your cheeks that still bright red. ,, I love a woman that can hold her liquor “ He grin and kiss your cheeks.

You can't help but feel nervous under the others gaze, especially Bruces, you know that you will see a lot to him in the future because they work together a lot.  But you realize that just like the others they just checking you out to see who you are. ,, so you are Tonys new girl, you are one of the prettier ones” you hear Clint say, you smile at him not really sure how to react, but apparently Tony doesn't feel the same way cause he replies.

,, no no no Clint, she’s not one of the prettier, she is the loveliest one”  You smile at him and intertwine you fingers with his.

Thor ask you how you meet and you tell him that Tony want you to write his biography and somehow he feel in love with you. you didn't realize that Tony had left you in the middle of the conversation with Thor before you turn to ask him something and see he's not there.

You look confused around and see him at the bar surrounded by women that all trying to get his attention. And of course he's standing there with his smirk loving every minute of it.

You feel the jealousy get the best of you and stand up.

Tony looks up when he realize that you have joined his little fan group, he smile at you like nothing is going on, and you smile before leaning in and place a deep kiss. You feel his arm around you holding you tight. You let yourself disappear in the kiss, so you don’t realize all the evil glares you get from all the women’s before the leave you two to yourself.

When you part he's looks smiling at you still with a tight grip around your lower back.

,, what was that about?” he smiles and kiss your forehead. 

,, you aren’t the only one that can get jealous stark” you mumble and rest your head at his shoulder, you more feel the laughter than hear it before he giggles,, you have nothing to be jealous of cherry, I only have eyes for you” you can't help but smile and turn you head up for another kiss when you hear someone clear their throat behind you. You both look and see no other than Steve looking real flustered at you both,, I'm  sorry I didn't mean to interrupt.” He mumbles and quickly runs of, you look blushing around the room and see multiple eyes looking back.

For a split second you had forgotten where you where.

You pull away from Tonys wandering hands to red to look him in the eyes.

oh god i totally acted like some jealous teen you think and are ready to dig yourself a hole next time you get the chance. The stereo begins to play I found by Amber Run, Tony looks smiling at you and take your hand leading you out to the dance floor.

the rest of the night you enjoy Tonys company and the avengers, until everyone is gone home and you found yourself in Tonys arm in the bed.

Smiling you kiss his cheek before cuddling up to him, sleepy he puts an arm around you and you never felt safer or more loved in you entire life. 

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