Avengers imagines and preferences

his book contains Avengers preferences and imagines. It is probably a little different than what you used to read. But please enjoy.
( i have never done it before, and just coming into the fiction world so please i will love suggestions )


22. The mission ( Bucky )

In Paris

The first thing that happened when we got to Paris was you getting dragged into every shop in the world country to find you a dress to the mission we should go too.
The reason that Bucky should go to was that the guy that holds the party is a old hydra agent that still sell illegal weapon.
And he know Bucky, and what he don't know is that Bucky Doesn't work for hydra any longer, or at least that's what we hope.
So Bucky shall go to the masquerade party and try to find out where he hides his weapon and then the avengers gonna take him down and we get a whole weekend in Paris. Easy enough, or that's at least what you hoped.  

You walk in there arm in arm with Bucky that have a tuxedocc  on and his old mask.
His eyes don't move from you, making you both happy and a little concerned.
Bucky insisted on you not leaving his side and just pretend to be a hydra agent to do if something happens you would be with him where he can protect you.
You look around the big room where
People of all ages walks around or dancing just having a good time. Many of the ladies can't take their eyes of Bucky when they see him come into the room with you,
Making you slightly proud over being his girlfriend.  Even tough you can't see his mouth can you still see the smile I. His eyes before they turn stern and he goes j to winter soldier mood. His metal
Arm lays around your hip while he walks you through the room over to a old man that sit between to
Beautiful girls in gorgeous dresses.
,, if it isn't James, who is the beautiful lady on your side?" The old man smirk urging us to come closer, the grip on you hip tightness but you don't see any changes other places. He told you that, that was his name when he was places like this.
,, this is angel" he says monotone and push you down in the couch beside him the side far away from the man.
,, what a beautiful name, angel. Is this you first with James? You seem rather nervous." You look at him smiling and lean over Bucky and whisper ,, mr smith it's just that we are not hear cause of the party, even tough it looks rather fun, we are here to collect " his smile grows wide while he move closer to me ,, of course angel, but I think we should enjoy the party a little before we talk business shouldn't we? Do you want to dance?" He reach out towards your hand but Bucky takes it first.
,, Mr smith, she is new. I have been told not to let her out of sight until they can be sure of her." Smith looks confused at first until his eyes grow wide and he looks at me. ,, you're one of them aren't you? Well, should have know, they way you moved over her told me you had a prostate, I worked on James in many years." He looks lovely on the hand that's the only thing visible. " I can see they can't do such a good work as I, perhaps I should help you with that when we are done? It's a good leg you have but it can become better"
Thank god Tony didn't hear this or he would have blown our cover with his outrage ,, it would be me a honor. I have seen remarkable things done with this hand, I would love to have my leg fixed too" I quite like my leg, its more like I haven't really grown into it yet you think while smiling at mr smith while with one hand squish Buckys hand that trembles.
You don't really care about the leg, It's fine for you and Tony did a amazing job. But you can clearly feel that Bucky can't seem to get into the mood cause of concern of you. But he need a partner cause he wasn't allowed in those things by himself and mr smith would realize who the others where. So you where the only option, if he knew that that's was why they allowed you with them had he never taken you with him to Paris. 
,, well such a lovely girl as yourself should still have a dance, even if it's not with me" he urge us both to dance and in the end does Bucky take you out on the dance floor where Natasha and Clint  already dance around. He put a hand on your him and twirl around on the dance floor and right there you glad that you dad used to dance with you in the living room when you where young. You dance until almost the whole night was over,  is over, and after some time you can see on Bucky he enjoys it too, he even laughed at some point. You all know you have to wait to the party is over to capture mr smith. 
And after a long joyful night you didn't know you could have you stand in a storehouse at the dock. 
Smith shows you the weapons and tell him how much he will sell them to him for.
,, that not gonna happen buddy" you turn around and see Clint and Steve comes toward you. You get a glimpse of Natasha and Thor, and know Tony is somewhere.
,, you really thought that I wouldn't know that you don't work for hydra anymore? I worked with you in over 20 years" he laughs and clap his hands, you hear crashing and look up and see people come trough the broken glass, Bucky Trow himself over you to protect you from the glass while he try to get away with you.
You hear the fighting behind you while
Running with Bucky down the hallway out into the fresh air. You feel him before you see him, when he tackle both of you too the ground ,, y/f/n get out of here!" 
You start to run without looking back sure that Bucky can take whoever it is that you can hear him fighting with. 
You feel a sharp pain on you arm and look down at the tranquilizer that sits in your arm, you begin to get drowsy and fall over some fishing net and can't get up.
You see someone stand over you and reach out thinking it is Bucky but instead you see a unfamiliar face when he comes closer. He pull you up and turn around with something pressed against your head.
,, one step closer and I will blow her brain out" you see a glimpse of Buckys metal arm and hear him say ,, don't hurt her! I will do anything!" You hear a evil chuckle near you ear and try to move out of the mans grip but without luck.
,, you can start with laying down your weapon and let my men put handcuffs on you" you try to mumble he shouldn't do it but instead it comes out as some weird sound cause you fight the urge to fall asleep, but in the end you can't keep yourself awake and hear the man says that they should come with the helicopter cause it will be a long flight

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