Avengers imagines and preferences

his book contains Avengers preferences and imagines. It is probably a little different than what you used to read. But please enjoy.
( i have never done it before, and just coming into the fiction world so please i will love suggestions )


4. moving in


Tony: ,, why do I have to move into your room? I have my own” you ask confused over that when you get home Tony have almost emptied your room.

,,Cause we are now lovers, not boss and underling. And I like to see you when I wake up” he says and take the last box and begin to walk down to his room, you quickly follow him still confused.

,,You do, you keep waking me really early every morning. And If I sleep in your bed probably never get some sleep then.” You proclaim and look at all your stuff shattered around his bedroom not daring to look at the king size bed in the middle of the room, where plenty of women probably slept before you. ,, You got that right” he smirks and take you by the hip and pull you into him.

,,It wasn’t meant like that! I'm not that kind of girl” you mumble before he kisses you, you kiss back laying your arm around his neck, while you feel his warm hands hold you tight against him.

,, sweetheart, you don’t have to worry, this bed is brand new. I bought after you agreed to be my girl. I know how you think and you would never agree to be in a bed were other have been before you” you got that right you think happy over that he thought of you, and let him lead you over to the bed. ,, so this is our bed Y/f/n” he smirks and lay you down, you laugh softly and let him kiss you. he deepens the kiss and you  both just enjoy each other’s company until Jarvis interrupt you.

,, mister stark, Steve Rogers and Natasha is waiting in the living room”

Tony growls irritated and give you a last kiss before pulling himself of you.

,, wait here and pack you things out. I will kick them out” he leaves you and you begin to unpack red in the face over what just happened. You hear Tony yell and then fast footsteps coming towards the door. Steve and who must be Natasha burst through the door.

,, are you okay miss? Tony is not holding you against your will right?” Steve ask and look angrily at Tony that is red in the face. Before you can say anything Tony barks,, what do you think? I hold her here as a slave? Can you see any collar?”You step in front of Tony not quite understanding why Steve thinks like that, but you place a hand on Tonys arm. ,, I'm not captive. I'm here on my own free will. Why do you even think that? Do you think it some kinky play we do?” Steve turns completely red, Natasha laugh and Tony smile a goofy smile. Steve quickly apologies and take Natasha and walk out of the room. When Jarvis tells you that they are gone, Tony turns to you with a kinky smile.  ,, well shall we continue with our kinky play?”    



Steve: ,, I can't believe you talked me into move together with you” you mumble and but the last box down in what will be you and Steves bedroom.  He looks smiling at you from the window.

,,I can't believe we actually got a place in Brooklyn” after two weeks of arguing about you should live together or not you said that you would not move in with ham as long as he lived in the tower.

A week after he came and packed you stuff and told you he had found a apartment.¨

And then you were here.

 Still not completely sure this was a good idea, but when you see Steves happy face you decide not to say anything and just go with the flow to see where this is leading to.

After three hours most of the boxes are empty. You can't still not let yourself, look at the big bed you and Steve will sleep in. you love him but are still not sure that you are ready.

But you weren’t actually ready to move in together so this wouldn't probably be harder than that.  

Steve is a gentleman, he would not try anything if you don’t give him a reason.

You order some Thai food to celebrate and when it's time for bed, Steve instead of following you into the bedroom pull a blanket out and make himself ready to sleep on the couch.

,, why do you sleep there?” you ask confused?

,, I won’t sleep with you in the bed, only married couples or fiancés does that. I will just sleep at the couch, it's a sofa bed” he says smiling at you and lay down. Okay so e want to move together, but sleep together that’s only for married people. Sometimes I really don’t understand him you think confused and decide to go to sleep. You wake up screaming, Steve burst through the door with his shield. ,, were are they?!” he roar and look around, but realize that’s the screaming was because a bad dream, when he sees you crying face. He put the shield besides the bed and crawls up to you.

He hold you in a tight embrace and let you cry against he's chest.

,, what did you dream about?” he ask with a soft voice, you shake your head and mumble that you don’t want to talk about it. He brushes you over the hair while saying that nothing is going to harm you as long as he's around. ,, will you please sleep with me? I don’t want to sleep alone” you say a little scared of he may say no cause he won’t sleep with you if you not married.

,, of course.” He says and lay down holding you tight to him.

You fall asleep with your arms wrapped around him and he's calming voice telling you everything is okay.


Bucky: you look at Bucky that sit on the couch,, just curious, we are always here, where is it you live?” you ask when you sit down beside him and hand him the popcorn.

,,In a motel, my friend Steve wants me to move to the tower, but there are just too many people.” He answer and put some popcorn in his mouth without taking his eyes of the tv.

,,In a motel? You can't be serious, Bucky you are going to get your stuff and then live with me. You can't leave in a motel” you tell him dead serious, he takes his eyes of the tv and smile warmly at you.

,,I'm grateful for the offer, but I can't invade your place.” You look at him and begin to laugh, he looks questioningly at you. ,,Dude, you almost already live here, you have clothes here, and a toothbrush.” You say smiling and point at the stack of new folded clothes in the corner.


,,No buts, I know on some parts you still old fashioned but come on, we don’t have to share bed if it's that, that scare you. You can sleep on the sofa bed until I clean my office and you can get that as your room.” You smile and stand up and get out in the hall to get your shoes.

,,No! I will sleep on the sofa, you shall not clean your office for me.” He says and stop you before you get your shoes on. ,,You can also sleep with me Bucky, you know if you snore I now have a awesome leg I can kick you out of bed with.” You say with a smirk but the laughter shines in your eyes. He laughs and finally agrees to move in with you, but only if you watch the last of the movie with him.

Two days later

The doorbell rings and you open the door thinking you will find Bucky with boxes. But the only thing he have with him is the old backpack on his back.

,,It's that all?” you ask confused and look behind him thinking you just didn't see the boxes.

,,I didn't actually have much on me when I left hydra, and I don’t have much in case of have to get away quickly.” He says almost apologetically, and fidget with his hair.

,,Well, now you don’t have to move around, because you have a home now here. At least until my salary goes up and I can buy something bigger than this.” You say and let him in, he put his backpack on the chair and look seriously at you, before he put a hand on both your arms.

,,I will get a job to help you out.” He tells you, you try to tell him that it is okay but he won’t listen and keep telling you that it is a man’s job to bring in the money.

You try to tell him that it is not like that anymore but he just ignorers you and take the paper from the dinner table and flip through it to find a job. You sigh and can see that he won’t change his mind, so instead you decide to let him try and go out to make dinner.

After dinner you argue with Bucky about the bed arrangements.

,, come on you big baby, I promise I won't kick you out of bed” you say and take a hold of his arm, you pull him into the bedroom,, Bucky we are lovers aren’t we? It isn’t that odd to sleep together”

You say and begin to get ready to go to sleep, you open you bra with your bag t Bucky so you don’t see him getting red up to his ears and don’t know what to do with himself.

,, Y/f/n I really don’t think it is a good idea. You know I get these nightmares sometimes, and I don’t want to wake you” he says and begins to back towards the door.

,, I know, I heard them, and It will be easier if you are here so I can help you quicker.” You say remembering the last time he had it and he just screamed he's lungs out until you woke him and he just clung to you like his life depended on it. It calms him down every time. After a couple of minutes arguing he finally laid down beside you. You lay your head on his shoulder and wrap your leg and arm around him so he knows you are there. He put an arm around you, and holds you tight into him burring his head in your hair.  Soon you both fall asleep in each other’s arm.



Loki: ,, Let me understand this right, you are all leaving the tower, and want me to move into Lokis room?” you say confused over they even ask you that. Last time you checked it wasn’t in the job description and you are a girl. Steve looks at you with a worried look.

,, Yeah that way you can have eyes on him even at night. Jarvis will be here and help you and we are not so far away that we can't come home quickly.” Steve says comforting like he thinks Loki will harm you if they are not around.

,, But I believe that we don’t need to sleep together.” You say and try not to sound like a little girl. You like Loki, a lot but you don’t think the best solution is to be forced to sleep together.

,, And here I thought you two would have a chance to get over the awkwardness that have been between you since the confession” Tony says and push you arm and make sexy eyes to you.

,, what confession” Thor ask confused and look between you and Tony.

,, How do you know?!” you almost scream making the others more confused and curious.

Natasha and Clint smile to each other like they already know, not that that would surprise you.

,,I have cameras everywhere darling, so I saw it all.” Tony laughs and makes you blush even more than you already do, omg how embarrassing! You think and cover you head in your hands.

Before they can ask more into what you two are talking about have Tony already pushed them out of them room leaving you standing there with red cheeks.

After a while you decide to find Loki and tell him, that you will be roomies for a couple of days.

You catch Loki freezing the entire swimming pool to ice.

,, Loki! They haven’t even been gone an hour!” you whine angry and send him a hateful look.

You both haven’t really spoke to one another after the time on the roof and now you stand there looking angry at him and even have to tell him you have to kidnap his bed.

That’s just great.

,,I my defense I was left unsupervised” he smirks not even looking like he's sorry at all.

You make him defreeze the pool and tell him with red cheeks what you have to do.

The color Loki turns would almost have make you concerned if it wasn’t because he wasn’t mortal but as usual he try to act like he doesn't care.

,, as long as you don’t take my bed I don’t care where you sleep” he says and take a glass of water, you raise a eyebrow and look at him, then Satan takes over you and you smile and say. ,, oh that’s great, cause I sleep nude” he almost choke on the water and look after you when you leave the kitchen.

An hour later you have moved your pillow and thousand of blankets and make yourself what you would call a nest.

He come into his room and look surprised at you.

,, what's all this?”

,,  you said yourself that you didn't care where I sleeps as long it isn’t you bed” you say smiling and sit in the nest looking at him with a satisfied face. Heh you got him. he calmly comes over to you, and somehow you begin to be afraid that you stroke a nerve or something but instead he pick you up and dump you in the bed. ,, no real man would let a woman sleep on the floor” he says and lay himself on all the blankets with his back to you.

A hour later.

You can't sleep, you can't stop thinking over Loki that is laying on the floor beside the bed.

You smell in the pillow and Lokis scent hit you nose. For some reason he smells like peppermint.

,, are you awake?”

,, hmmm” he answer without looking at you, you find the courage to ask him.

,, would you like to sleep in the bed to? I feel really bad over kicking you out of you own bed” you ask dead afraid that he would be angry. But he doesn’t say a thing. You begin to think that he just ignore you, but he suddenly stands up and look at you before coming under the blanket.

He lays on the edge of the bed, afraid he will fall of you grab him and pull him closer into the bed.

,, I'm cold, you shouldn’t get so to near me” he mumbles careful not to touch you.

Somehow some courage finds its way to you and you snuggle up to him.

,, it's really hot today, so it's fine by me” you mumble and try to prepare yourself for when he pulls back. But instead he lays carefully is arms around you. You can't help but smile and lay your arm around him to hugging him like your life depended on it.

,, you are doing it on purpose” he mumbles in your hear. You ask what he means by that.

,, you have completely ignored me after I told you I loved you and now you lay in my bed” you look up right into his green eyes and try to find a way to tell him what you don’t even know yourself. ,, I love you to Loki. But I have never been in love before, and you startled me. I dint think you liked me” you explain, he looks at you with the tenderest eyes you have ever seen.

,, I have never been in love before either. And I didn't really handle it well, instead of telling you I bullied you like some kid. But that’s what I do, I don’t know how else to do it. I didn't think anyone could love a monster like me” he mumbles and kiss you head, before I can pull back you kiss him on the lip. He looks surprised at you, but then kisses you back. When you finally have to pull away for air you say. ,, you are no monster to me. But I would like you to show you love in another way. Someday you will give me a heart attack with you pranks” he laughs and kisses you again.

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