Avengers imagines and preferences

his book contains Avengers preferences and imagines. It is probably a little different than what you used to read. But please enjoy.
( i have never done it before, and just coming into the fiction world so please i will love suggestions )


1. how you meet.

Tony: it's was your first day in the Stark industries and you have already been called up on Starks office. You were dead afraid that on your first day you would get fired.

Miss Potts is waiting in front of Starks door with a reassuring smile on her lips.

,, don’t you worry y/l/n he can be a pain, but you just have to set him straight if he does anything” she says while pushing you through the door.

You too afraid to look up and instead you look at your feet.

,, it would be much easier to have this conversation if you would look at me y/l/n, trust me you won’t be disappointed” your hear him declare, you find your courage and look up straight into his brown eyes.

a big smile is on his face when you decide to come closer to his desk.

He points at the chair and you quickly sit down.

,, you would see me mister Stark?” you stutter with a high voice cause of the fear you have done something wrong. ,, don’t sound so scared miss y/l/n, I'm actually a very nice person” he laughs and give you a reassuring smile.

,, I have asked you to come here cause I need your expertise. I hear that you not only is a scientist but also are a writer. And I need someone that can be with me 24/7 and write my biography” he declare and sit back satisfied.

 You look confused at him. He wants me to write his biography?

, mister stark I'm honored but don’t you think there is a more qualified person you should ask? I have never published anything yet. And I'm not that smart” you blurts, he hold up his hand ,, no excuses, I have read some of the thing you wrote in college, and I must say I'm impressed, and you already work for me down in the computer room. Don’t you think you will me more of use with me?”

You don’t really know what to say so you just nod, he apparently take that as a yes cause he says ,, great, I will give you a week to pack up your belongings before I send someone down to get it” he smiles and call for miss Potts.

,, pack up my things? Why?” you whined confused over the reason there could be to you would have to move ,, what do you mean why? You will of course me staying with me in the Stark tower, you can't really be with me 24/7 if you don’t live with me” Tony declares while showing you out of the door before you can protest. He shut the door after you, and then turns to Pepper.

,, did you look at her? Not only will I be getting my biography written, but it's a hot young woman that will do it.” Pepper rolls her eyes over how enthusiastic Stark is“ Damn I can't wait to this week is over”


Steve: you are sitting in the park looking at the ducks that just have gotten ducklings, with your art book on your lab. Your are completely concentrated on drawing the ducklings that you don’t realize someone is standing behind you and looking at you drawing before they speak up. ,, it's beautiful, you have a amazing technique”

You startled drop you art book on the ground and look behind you right into two amazingly blue eyes ,, thank you” you mumble embarrassed over you didn't hear him sneak up on you.

He pick up the book and hand it to you, you take it with a smile.

He point at the spot next to you questioningly and you quickly nods and move so he can sit there.

You both just sit there while looking at the ducks before he breaks the silence.

,, my name is Steve Rogers” he told you and smile a little smile.

You smile back at him and says,, my name is y/f/n y/l/n, nice to meet you Steve. Do you also draw?” he nods and tells you about some of the things he have drawn, you sit there interested and ask into some of the things, and let him look in your art book.

You also learn that he actually were born under the World War 2 and was frozen down until some years ago. And he learns that you have just moved to New York a couple of weeks ago, he offers to sow you around and you gladly take his offer. Before you realize you have been sitting there almost 2 hours talking to a guy you have just meet.

,, I must be going Steve, I have a job interview early tomorrow and it's getting late” you say and begin to pack your stuff, looking up at the sky there is red from the sundown.

,, should I walk you home miss y/l/n? it's not safe at night” he offers you, you shake your head and tell him your place isn’t far and you will  be alright.

He doesn't look satisfied so you agree to write to him when you get home.

You wink Farwell and begin to walk out of the park not realizing Steve standing there with a goofy smile looking at you leave.


Bucky: it's dark when you goes home from work, so you try to get unnoticed trough the street as fast as you can, but some guys still spots you and deicide to follow you.

You try to walk from them but they keeps coming closer and closer so you eventually spurts down the streets as fast as you can in high heels.

One of the guys catch up to you and grab you by the arm, he throws you into a small ally and keeps you there until the other guys joins him. ,, why Is such a pretty lady as yourself doing out on the streets at night? Haven’t you mom told you it's dangerous” one of the threatens with a growling voice. You scared takes a step back and then stand with you back preset up against the wall.

The 3 guys moves closer with almost a laughter that sounds like cackling hyenas.

,, back off I'm warning you” you scream and kick out at them, one of the guys grab your wrist forcing you down on the ground with you face plastered to the cement.

You think that tomorrow in the news there will be a short article of a young woman’s body found dead in a ally, you get ready for the worst, so you are just as surprised when you all hear a voice shout ,, gets you hands of her you filthy pigs” you all look up at the guy in the hoodie just standing there.

,, walk away boy, and you won’t get hurt” one of the men snarls and break fingers. Before your brain even realizes what's going on two of the men is laying on the ground knocked out. ,, I will not say it again, let her go” he warns and take a step closer, the guy quickly lets you go and run out of the ally leaving he's friend behind, you sit up moving your hurt arm and look grateful at the man.

,, thank you very much, I think you just saved my life there” he doesn't answer put help you op form the ground and examine you with his blue eyes.

You there realize that the hand that hold you are quite cold and you look down and see it's made of metal, when he realizes what you looking at he quickly remove his arm and take a step back ,, omg that’s so cool! Is that a new prostate?” he looks at you  confused over your not scared, you pull your right pant leg up and show him your own, ,, mine is quite old, cause I can't afford a new one with my salary” you grin and strike your leg. A little smile comes on his face when he realize you aren’t afraid of him. ,, by the way my name is y/f/n, what's yours?” you ask curious over what the man that just saved you name is.

,, Bucky, I will not sound creepy, but should I walk you home? We don’t know if that guy is lurking around somewhere” you happily take his offer. On the way home you find out that Bucky have escaped hydra and actually is a guy that lived under World War 2. While he found out you work with history and know really much about the time he was born.

When you stand outside your apartment, you exchange phone numbers, before you go in to you apartment. Bucky stands shortly outside your door happy over at have found a person he could talk to without being worried they would be scared.


Loki: you runs scared trough the streets trying to get away from the destruction of what you sooner finds out is the chitauris attack. The adrenalin make you run over the scattered glass and stones without slowing down, but as you are about to enter a café one of the chitauri lands right before you and point at you with their weapon, you close your eyes trying to make yourself ready to leave this earth. But instead you fell something grab you around your waist and pull you up in the air.

You open your eyes and realize you’re flying, you scream in fear and cling to the guy in front of you with the pointy helmet. ,, are you trying to squeeze the life out of me mortal? Loosen your grip or I will let you fall” he declare with his silvery voice, afraid he's not lying I try to loosen my grip but I still cling to him as a flea cling to a dog.

,, omg I'm going to die” I whine horrified and bury my face in his leather back.

,, yes sooner then I you will, but if you don’t squeeze my liver out of me it will not be today”

He yells over the sounds of the fight that happens around you.

He lands on a roof and pull you of him, when you stand on the ground you realize that the person that saved you was no one else put Loki the man that have caused this that saved you. ,, wh-why did you safe me?” you stutter confused. He shrugs and look at you with he's green eyes.

,, I do not know, perhaps because I need someone to rule over when this is over”

He laughs and looks at you with an interested look. ,, and you don’t seem to me to be another stupid mortal, you didn't cause attention on yourself with screaming up”

So he saved me cause I didn't scream before I was in the air you think completely confused, but before you can ask anything you hear a thundering voice scream brother and a blond guy with a hammer lands on the rooftop. Loki quickly fly’s away with the guy in the red cape after him.

And you just stand there completely confused. 

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