Avengers imagines and preferences

his book contains Avengers preferences and imagines. It is probably a little different than what you used to read. But please enjoy.
( i have never done it before, and just coming into the fiction world so please i will love suggestions )


6. He gets jealous


when the meeting finally is over you stretch yourself and begin to wak over to Tony. But a man around your age stops you with a big smile.

,, I haven’t seen you before, are you one of Starks people?” he ask and reach out his hand, you take it smiling and explain that you are there to write Tonys biography.

,, I am new to New York, perhaps later you can show me around?” he says and places a hand on your arm. You quickly realize that he's flirting but don’t know the best way to say nicely that you are not interested.

But Tony doesn't have the same problem, under the whole meeting he had seen the eyes the guy had sent you and when the meeting where over tried to get over to you but got stopped by some of the others. He saw him approach you and almost lost it when he touched you. He quickly comes over lay an arm around your hips and turn your head with the other hand and kiss your right there in front of everyone.

Pepper shakes her head, and tries to think about how to get this worked out.

,, don’t touch my stuff. I don’t like to share” he scolds when he part with you.

Bright red you let Tony lead you out of the room.

,, what was that about?” you hissed embarrassed over that your your legs almost gave up under you in there when he kissed you like that.

,, like I said, no one touched my girl”



the next couple of days you and Bucky learn each other better.

He tells you all he can remember about Steve and you ask him about what is was like to live under the WW2. Steve isn’t so happy to talk about it, you believe it's because of Peggy.

When Steve shows up you are sitting on the couch in one of Buckys boxers and t-shirts with a book he found to you. When you realize Steve, you jump up and run over to him and throw yourself into his arms. ,, Steve! I have missed you so much!” you say snuggling into his chest.

He lays his arms around you and holds you tight like hen never want to let go of you again.

,, I have missed you to” he mumbles into your hair, you both hear Bucky come into the room and let go of each other, but Steve still have a arm around you waist.

,, it's good to have you back Steve” Bucky says and hug Steve, Steve hugs back but you realize that he looks concerned at both of you. not quite sure what it is you decide to leave it alone and let him tell what's nagging him when he's ready. You pull him over to the table and try to find something to eat in one of the cabinets. You stand on your toes and try to grab the box of cookies. You do not see Steve get up to help you, but Bucky come over first and reach above your head and take it down to you. You smile grateful and turn to Steve and see a look on his face you never seen before.

He's eyes goes from you to Bucky and then it hits you watch going on.

You go over to Steve, put the cookies on the table and take his head in your hands. You smile down to him and kiss him, he surprised lay his arms around you, when you part a big smile is now on his lip ,, god I love you Steve. Now shall we eat those cookies? Am starving”



you stand in the historical end of the library not realizing that Bucky have followed you and now stands a couple of meters away in a big hoodie pulled down so you can't see his face.

You walking calmly around trying to find the books you need.

You have decided to try to make some food they made under ww2 to surprise Bucky.

You feel someone behind you and turn around,, excuse me, but could you help me? You seem like someone that knows what you do” a man on your age ask, you smile and ask him what he's looking for. He asks about some books there are in the corner of the library.

You see the book on the top of the shelve and try to get it down, suddenly you feel a warm hand on your ass. You turn around to smack him and maybe kick him a little but instead you see a furious Bucky holding him up in the air in one arm.

,, and what do you think you are doing to my girl?” he growls so even you get a little scared.

The guy has panic and fear writing all over his face while he try to get free.

,, Buck it's okay, I think he have learned his lesion” you say and put a hand on his arm, trying t calm him down. He almost throws him away and the guy is quickly on his feet and running as fast as he can. Bucky take a hold of your arm and begin to walk out of the library, you can feel that it isn’t now you should say something so all the way home you don’t talk.

When he closes the door you are suddenly in a tight embrace.

,, I told you that you should be careful” he mumbles into your hair, you put your arms around him and strokes his hair trying to calm him down. ,, I was careful, if you hadn’t shown up I would have kicked his ass myself… wait why was you there?” you ask and pull yourself out of the embrace.

He almost look embarrassed,, don’t tell me you followed me?”

,, what else should I have done? All this guys trying to touch you” he almost yell completely red in the face. And you are not sure if it's because of embarrassment or anger.  

,, I can take care of myself Bucky, I did it before you showed up” you say trying to sound calm and not make him remember that one time when you couldn’t.

,, it doesn't matter, remember last week where this guy hit on you?” wait a minute, is all this cause he's jealous? ,, Bucky he couldn’t possibly know that I have a boyfriend, it's not like I walk around with a sign that says that I am already taken. And there are guys out there like that creep, but I have handled them before” you say and touches his chin trying to calm him down.

He takes your hand and kiss it.

,, I know, it's just frustrating”
,, cause you jealous”

,, yeah- wait what? No I'm not!” He says red all up to his hears.

You just smile and grin a little and walk into the living room,, I mean it, I'm not jealous” he tells you while walking after you.



In The last couple og days, you have spent a lot of time with Tony and Bruce. They worked on something big and they wanted your help.
Cause when they came back to the tower did they found out that you were actually pretty smart. Somehow had Loki turned Jarvis off.
And he was the one that run the tower so you had to get him back up. 
It took you two days with a lot of swearing and yelling. But you eventually did it.
After that you had spend most of your time in the laboratory. And when you weren't there you where mostly sleeping. So even though you didn't know Loki was about to get really mad.
And jealous. 
You stand beside Tony talking about the new suit he's about to build when Loki comes storming in. You all three look confused at him, he was never in the laboratory.
The only time you have seen him in there was the three first days you had to spend in here.
But then it got to boring and he hasn't been here since. ,, hi snowflake what is it?"
You ask and go over to him smiling, he ignores you and look at Tony, you turn around and see Tony look at Loki with a big smirk.
,, what's up ice boy? Can't you se that me and 
l/f/n are working?" He says with a voice like its somethings dirty you do. Loki takes a step towards Tony and you quickly realize what he want to do when the temperature drops in a second. ,, come here ice pick" you say and take a hold of his arm and force him out of the laboratory. He try to get free but you he don't want to hurt you so you have no problem dragging him down to the living room.
You let him go and look at him with a confused face. ,, what is going on? This is the fifth time you almost made Tony into a ice tap this week"
He won't look at you and you put a
Finger under his head and make him look at you. You hear that someone comes into
The room and before you can turn around Loki take a hold of you and kisses you passionately.
You don't really know what's going on, but you can clearly feel the desperation in the kiss, so you kiss him back and hold him tight into you.
When you separate for air you hear a voice behind you. ,, wow" you turn around and see Tony. You blush a little but realize that Loki still hold you by the waist tight into him and sending Tony evil eyes. ,, arh relax ice boy. I'm not trying to take her. I was just messing with you" Tony says and roll his eyes. So that's was all this was about. 
He was jealous.
You look up and right into Lokis eyes.
,, it's true, me and Tony worked on a suit to me. Next week we have to go to Alaska and I need something to hold me warm. He actually decided to make it to help us" Tony had come over to you and said he would make a suit that could hold you warm Even though  you were right next to Loki so it wouldn't affect you both.
Loki turns bright red when he realizes that Tony have just played him into thinking that he tried to take you. ,, you one jealous god" he Mumbles when Loki kisses you again.

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