" Finship " General Hospital FanFic Story

" Finship "
General Hospital
FanFic Story
* PartyWill *

This Fall 2016 ..
Get ready for Drama when Dr.Finn is introduced to his son Jeremy !


2. " Finship " General Hospital FanFic : Chapter 1









  " Finship " General Hospital FanFic : Chapter 1 Chapter 1_ Townies    We begin with Dr.Robin Scorpio making her rounds and checking in on the latest doctor to join the staff .   Robin : Hello Dr. Finn , I am Doctor Robin Scorpio Chief Of Staff Elizabeth Webber isn't here today to greet you herself she's dealing with an important issue at home , so she asked me to give you a tour and welcome you to General Hospital ..shall we begin ?   * Dr.Finn smiles *    Finn :  Oh my all means Robin , lead the way !   Meanwhile ..   Attorney At Law Alexis Davis is rushing to grab a order she called in to pick up before heading to the office when she meets a new stranger to town she's never met !    * Alexis smiles and introduces herself to the stranger *    Alexis : Why hello there, I am Alexis Davis and I just noticed you sitting here all alone , thought I would keep you company is this seat taken ? "    Stranger: Oh no feel free to join me .. My name is Vanessa I am here to see my beautiful son    Alexis : Aww , how sweet who is your son ?   Vanessa :  Milo !     Cast :    " Vanessa "  Milo's mom played by Kim Zimmer      
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