Let's get home

Sage Wilson was a normal girl, living an ordinary life before an accident launched her into a coma. When she finally woke up, you would expect her family to be rushing to her side to see her...but that wasn't the case. Instead she was welcomed by dust and silence. She soon realized that the world she left isn't the same world she woke up to. The apocalypse hit while she was gone, leaving the whole Earth deserted. However by some luck, she finds another human who just so happens to wish their paths never crossed. Now he is stuck with a girl who has no clue how to survive and no matter what she is not leaving.


7. Chapter 7

William and I sneak around in the shadows trying not to get seen by the rippers that have gathered here, Lucia and Jack had left us when we came to a new city to find something’s we could use, and suddenly a flock of 6 rippers showed up out of nowhere, or that’s what I believe they are.
But even if they are survivors do we have to be careful, we are outnumbered and they could try to kill us to get our stuff. William said to me that it's hard to see if they are rippers when I asked him.

The only way to be sure was to see their blood that would be black not red. The only times their eyes are black is when they are hurt, eating or attacking. And none of those 3 things is something I want to see.

I pull my hood down so it covers most of my face and right there can I see what Jack means by my hair is like a neon sign in this grey world.

William pull me through a shattered window into the shadows, holding me tight into him, while we try to hear where they are. Suddenly we hear their footsteps coming closer, and I hold my breath scared that they will find us.
His grip tightens while I look at the handgun in his hand, I reach down to get my own while I try mentally to prepare myself to kill another being.
It’s not the same learning to shoot a gun and then point it at someone and pull the trigger.

Suddenly we hear some hissing and running feet away from us like they were scared of something.
We stand there for a long time to make sure they really are gone, before William takes a peek out the window.  He makes a hand gesture for me to come closer and I look outside to, the street that before was filled with what must have been rippers are now completely abandoned again.
The only thing moving is the wind that blows dust and garbage over the streets.

,, is it me or was that strange, what were they scared of?” I question jumping out of the window with Williams help. He shrugs his shoulder still searching the area to make sure they don’t just hide somewhere. William takes his backpack of and search in many of the pockets on it until he finds what he's searching for, binoculars.
he search the area for anything suspicious, but he must haven't seen anything cause he puts it back and pull the big backpack that looks heavier than himself up and takes my hand.
,, we must go, they will come back looking for us if they got our scent”

We begin to run down the streets in the shadows trying to make ourselves so invisible as possible.
suddenly out of nowhere we hear a sound, and we hide behind a tipped car, I try to see what it is that made the sound when I suddenly hear a sound.
,, is that a cat?” I ask and stand up, I see a black cat run over the streets and hide in one of the buildings. I didn't think that animals were still alive, this is the first one I have seen beside rats.

,, surprisingly yeah, there isn't many left. Rippers eat everything alive, cats, dogs, birds and rats. Animals can't get affected luckily for us, I wouldn't want to see a ripper rat anywhere” that explain why I haven't seen any animals.
They must not be so many left, or they have left too, like the humans.

,, wow it's ages since I last saw a cat” I turn around startled while I pull my gun trying to muffle the scream that is about to come out of my throat when I see Jack stand there behind me. How the hell has he been able to sneak up on us?! I think trying to get my running heart in control. William just looks at him, not startled at all like this isn't the first time he's doing it. ,, what is wrong with you? I could have shoot you!” I say while I put my gun away.

,, but you didn't, and I would have been really piss if you had, I kind of like my body without holes”

,, but it would have make it a lot easier for me” we all turn towards the sound of a voice, I see a man sit on top of a car not far away from us with a smile that doesn't reach his black eyes.

William pulls me behind him and look at the man with concern.
,, I'm going to shoot you if you come one step closer” the man laugh and look at Jack with a big smirk on the face and stealthy walks closer to us with a hungry look in his black eyes.

,, With what?”

,, with my nostrils, what do you think dumbass?” says Jack and pull a gun up and point it at the man that finally look a little concerned over this would not be so easy a meal as he first thought.
he doesn't seem scared at all I think terrified, and I'm not the only one thinking it
.Suddenly we hear laughter coming from around us, and I realize they didn't run away, they just waited to put us in a sneak attack. I look around us into all the black eyes and the hungry smiles. William takes the safety of his shotgun, I take mine pistol out looking at them all. We can't survive this, it's impossible.

,, are you guys planning a parade? For me? how nice of you” all our heads turn towards the new voice, a guy stand not so far away from us with a big smile, but that’s not what caught my attention, it's what he have in his hand. A grenade. Who have a grenade?! And I, William and Jack aren't the only ones looking scared.
he rippers look even more terrified than we do. He begins casually walking towards us, and I see the rippers flinch and pull back from us. ,, come one guys! I just want to chat a little” he smirks waving with the grenade. Like on cue all the rippers starts to run like hell, leaving us alone with the guy.

,, put that thing away dude, I don’t want to have to shoot you only to get blown up” Jack says not pointing his gun at the guy that put his hands up. ,, relax! This one have been used one time before, it doesn't work anymore okay? They didn't know and that’s what matters” he grins still coming towards us.
Jack still doesn't look satisfied still pointing his gun at him.

,, well that’s nice, but if you will excuse us, we have somewhere else to be” he replies beginning to walk back, William puts a hand around my arm holding me behind him still watching the guy that now stands only 3 feet away.
,, come on, you guys is the first ones that hadn’t tried to eat me in days, can't we chat a little?” he says still with a smile on his face. Jack and William don’t stop retrieving and I feel how tense they are. 
Out of nowhere I suddenly feel myself get dragged down the street while we run as fast as I can. 
I try to keep up but my lungs soon quit on me making us stop and hide inside an old bank. we stay there while I try to catch my breath, the guys sends each other glares over my head, while they walk around waiting for me to get ready again. ,, you know it isn't exactly polite to run away from someone that just saved you life” I look at the brown haired guy that stands in the door with a sad look on his face, still holding the grenade. ,, Let just chat a bit shall we?”

,, we two can chat” I see a gun get put against his head and then Lucia comes into my field of view.  He laughs like he doesn't even care that she have gun pointed at his head.

,, great! Finally someone that will talk! My name is Tyler sweetheart, who are you?” he doesn't move a muscle while she comes up on his side. ,, I'm the one that’s going to decorate the wall with what's inside your head if you don’t give me that grenade” he laughs like it is the funniest thing he ever heard put hand it over to her.
,, I really don’t want that, it’s kind of something I use” he smiles, but it doesn't reach his ice blue eyes.
Lucia pulls it out of his hand and put it in her pocket still holding the gun against his head, she looks at Jack like she's asking if she should shoot him or not. And scared I realize I kind of wish she would. 
This guy is dangerous, and what would stop him from trying to kill us if we let him go? it revolt me that I can even think the taught but we are in the middle of a apocalypse where there are rippers, floods and god know what else. We don’t need anymore dangerous things that try to kill us. It can end down in it's going to us or him. And I must say I am very selfish about that.
I need to get home, I want to see my family again if they still are alive.

no… it isn't right.. if I begin to think like that am I done, no life matters more than others, not even my own. ,, well it's been a couple of hours since I last killed something …” I look at Jack that walks towards Lucia and Tyler,, I think it's a good time changing it to zero hours” he pull out his knife and put it against Tylers chest, he still smile making me question if he's more crazy than I first taught.

Suddenly he's emotions turns and he look dark at Jack and say with a low voice,, do you really think that’s a good idea Romeo? I know you try to act tough over for your girl. But we both know I'm probably not the right one doing that with, no one have been able to kill me until now ” even I hear the treat in his voice, but I can't just see why we should be afraid of it. If Jack kills him, he's dead. It’s not like he will turn into a ripper and hunt us down.
,, well there is a first for everything” Jack suddenly put his hands over Tylers eyes and trust the knife into his chest.
I can't help but scream when I see the blood, and hear the sound when it gets pulled out. 
Jack looks down at the now dead guy cleaning his knife in his pants. ,, well that seemed to do the trick”

,, what the hell is wrong with you?!” I scream looking at the body and the now red floor.

,, Sage it was us or him. And I don’t know about you, but I intend to get William to home no matter what it takes” he growl moving away from the dead body out of the door. Lucia shortly looks at me before following him, I just stand there outraged over it actually happened.

I know I taught it myself, but it this wasn’t right. He was a human. I mumble a curse under my breath before following William trying not to look at Tyler. Jack and Lucia stands outside waiting for us, I look at the ground even though I feel Jacks eyes on me. ,, You got to accept this is your life now, everything want to kill you, and if you aren't willing to kill it. Will you die” that’s maybe I true, and I'm afraid my mind already thinks like that.

But I don’t want to get emotion cold like Jack and just kill without even blink. While we walk suddenly William begins to get unsteady almost falling. Surprised I reach out towards him to help him, but Jack gets there first putting his arm around his shoulders while whispering something to him, William just shakes his head and let Jack help him. Jack looks shortly at me and I can see the worry in his eyes, before it's gone and his eyes a like ice again, he pull his riffle of and throw it towards me,, shoot everything that’s moving Sage.” he hank up in William and look shortly at me before walking past us,, Or I will have no use of you and you will end up like that guy”

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