Let's get home

Sage Wilson was a normal girl, living an ordinary life before an accident launched her into a coma. When she finally woke up, you would expect her family to be rushing to her side to see her...but that wasn't the case. Instead she was welcomed by dust and silence. She soon realized that the world she left isn't the same world she woke up to. The apocalypse hit while she was gone, leaving the whole Earth deserted. However by some luck, she finds another human who just so happens to wish their paths never crossed. Now he is stuck with a girl who has no clue how to survive and no matter what she is not leaving.


3. Chapter 3

When I wake up Lucia is gone and so are Jack, the only one in the room is the owner of the knee I'm currently sleeping on.
I quickly pull away completely red in the face, William smile at me but doesn't say anything while he clean his gun, I pull the blanket closer around me,, where are the others?” I ask confused and move slightly closer to William because of the coldness, it's still dark outside and I begin to wonder if it's possible to freeze so much that your arms will fall off. William look shortly at be before pulling me in close to him sharing his warmth with me.
I cuddle up to him not caring that I don’t know him. ,, watch out William, she's only 15” I hear a voice says from the door, I look over and see Jack, Kai or whatever his name is coming through the door with Lucia behind him. ,, wait what? Are you only 15?!” William says and look surprised down at me like he can't believe it, before I get the chance to answer Jack replies. ,, No she is probably around the 18 but she fell into a coma when she was 15 so she has a mind of a child. I know the laws don’t really work anymore but I won’t look the other way with child assault.”
,,Just because I have been in a coma and most of my muscles are gone doesn't mean I can't give you a black eye” I snarl moving away from William.
,,And I would gladly help you holding him down, to see you punch Jack in the face” Lucia grins looking at jack that looks at her with a hand to his hard.
,, and here I thought you loved me!” he cries with a hurtful look, I'm not the only one rolling my eyes over that statement. He tells me to go back to sleep that there are still some time before we leave and I need the rest, but clearly not trusting him I decide to stay awake with the others.
Lucia goes back to her filing her nails without looking at any of us, Jack sits down beside me and begin to separate his gun to clean it. I just sit there not really sure what I should do other than try not to freeze to death. Unlike the other do I not have a jacket to hold me warm.
I cuddle up in the blanket seeing my own breath in front of me and can't help to wonder how I survived in that hospital when it is so cold. But perhaps that guy that laid in the hospital maybe helped me survive? Before I can think more about it I feel something is being laid around my shoulder and the faint odor of oranges. I look surprised at the military jacket before looking at Jack.
,, thank you” I mumble pulling it closer around me, he doesn't say a word, just keep cleaning his gun. What I think is a hour after and I kind of have dozed off to someone shake me awake.
I look up into brown eyes,, wake up princess, it's time to move” Lucia mumbles before kicking Jack in the back that have also dozed off beside me. ,, wake up lover boy, or should I kick you another place?” she yell before kicking him again, he grunts before moving away from her foot.
,, such harsh words darling, why don’t you love me anymore?” he yawns before getting up, I hand him his jacket before taking my backpack ready to leave.
I follow the others down to the lobby that smell just as bad as I remember before following them outside where the sunset is just visible over the crumbling houses.
We don’t really talk, just walking down the abandoned town, all three of them carry guns and knives, but that most surprising is the two big AR-15 rifle they guys carry on their back.
William must also have been in the military since he also have one.
Jack also has a Franchi SPAS-12 Shotgun on his back. Something tells me that there maybe is something about what Jack says about danger, I think when I also realize they also carry machetes.
None is so heavily armed if there isn't a reason for that.
But I still don’t think it is zombies, like, that just to plain weird.
,, wouldn’t it be a good idea that I also get a weapon? There is clearly something that scare you all enough to carry so much armory on you.” I ask when I come up on Williams side, Jack begin to laugh and stop up and point at me,, you? get a knife or a gun? We just end up with you shooting or cutting yourself” he laughs and roll his eyes, I angry take the pistol from the holster from his leg and take a can up from the ground. I throw it up in the air and shoot.
They all look surprised at the can when it hit the ground with a big hole trough.
,, my dad have learned me to handle a gun since I was little, or a knife. I could probably shoot you before you even had the time to pull out a gun” I smirk with a hand on my hip.
Without a word he pull the holster of and hand it to me with his bracer with a knife.
,, don’t make me regret it” he says before begins to walk, I quickly put it one before running satisfied after them, thanking my dad that insisted I should learn how protect myself.
I walk behind Lucia while the guys are a couple of steps in front us of searching for any danger before we are allowed to go. You can clearly see with the way they move and communicate that they both have been in the military. Suddenly Jack put his hand back with his hand as a stop, Lucia and I quickly stop up looking at both the boys that stand tense up on the pile of rubble.
William put his hand behind his ear urging us to listen while pulling his pistol out of the holster from his leg. Then I hear it too, the faint sound of someone crying.
A child crying.
I pull myself up on the pile and look at what the boys looking at and see a little girl that sit out in the open crying, he hair is covered in dust and her clothes are torn. She cries covering her head in her arms sitting beside a corpse of a woman. I start to walk down there put Jack take a hold of my arm and shake his head ,, it's a little girl” I declare pointing at her “ she can't do much harm”
,, we don’t know if she only is a little girl” he whisper holding my arm with a tight grip.
I shake his hand of and before he can react am I running down to the little girl.
I look at the woman that must have died recently before slowly walking up to her.
,, hi sweetheart, it's okay. We will help you” I sang trying to sound calm and comforting, not wanting to scare her. She still cries and I put a hand on her shoulder, before I can say anything else she turn around so fast that I don’t even realize that I am pinned to the ground before I see her hovering over me with black eyes hissing at me.
Before I can even scream or do anything I hear a shot fired and her head explode making the blood and brain mass cover me. I keep screaming while trying to get it off me terrified over what just happened, I feel a hand on my shoulder and by instinct after what just happened I pull the knife and try to cut the other person. But he moves so fast and put me In arm lock. ,, relax Sage it's me!” I hear a familiar voice say, I look up and realize it's Jack.
,, her eyes!! There were completely  black! And-and you shoot her head off!” I whimper scared out of my mind over what just happened. He releases my arm and I fall to the ground and try to wipe it away from my face. ,, she was a ripper, I told you they existed. Do you believe me now?” he says giving me a handkerchief to wipe it away.
When I hand it back to him is it covered in brain mass and blood, Jack takes something out of my hair and I realize it is an eye. Even though I don’t have anything in my stomach does my body still try to puke. I hear footsteps and see a pair of military boots and sneakers stand in front of me.
,, is she alright?” I hear William say and then Lucia snarling,, does she look alright to you? She is covered in that girls head. If it's true about her being in a coma is this her first time seeing one and probably seeing anyone die.” Out of nowhere I feel someone pour water on my head and fingers removing something. ,, sit still! I'm trying to get it out of your hair” I sit still while Lucia carefully remove it from my hair, while she does it I close my eyes trying to grasp what just happened.
So it's true, there are zombies, that girl was one. Her eyes.
,, alright we don’t have time for this, we sit out in the open and we don’t know if there is other around here somewhere, we have to go” he starts to pull on my arm but my knees keep collapsing under me every time I try to stand up. She was a zombie. I hear a sigh before Jack ask William to hold something for him, suddenly I feel Lucias arms under my arms putting me up on Jacks back. He put his hands under my ass and tells me to hold on.
,, girl you need to eat some more” I hear Lucia mumble while Jack starts to walk, I hold on covering my head in his shoulder blades feeling tears rolling down my cheeks.

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