Let's get home

Sage Wilson was a normal girl, living an ordinary life before an accident launched her into a coma. When she finally woke up, you would expect her family to be rushing to her side to see her...but that wasn't the case. Instead she was welcomed by dust and silence. She soon realized that the world she left isn't the same world she woke up to. The apocalypse hit while she was gone, leaving the whole Earth deserted. However by some luck, she finds another human who just so happens to wish their paths never crossed. Now he is stuck with a girl who has no clue how to survive and no matter what she is not leaving.


2. Chapter 2

When I wake up, I am first really confused over where I am, and what in the world I am doing sleeping against a half naked guy, but I take a good look at his face and begins to remember all of the things that had happened yesterday.
So it wasn’t a dream, I'm not home in my own bed.
I try to get out of the embrace, but Kai just mumbles something and hold me closer to him, a slight panic and uncomfortable sneak in and I kick him in the stomach with my knee.
He wakes up with a scream and roll around and lands on the floor, I quickly gets to the end of the bed to see if he's okay. ,, God dammit I was right! You move a lot when you sleep! But at least it wasn’t lower down… wouldn't want to hurt the merchandise” I don't say anything and just help him get up on the bed again, he sighs and rub his stomach before he looks at his watch and sighs,, it isn't even 7! At least give me until seven o'clock when I'm finally in a bed” he mumbles and put the blanket over his head.  I don't really know what I should do and I’m is still tired from all the pressure I put on my body yesterday so I decide to just lay down at the edge of the bed so I don’t touch him. Mom would say I lack muscle mass after so long in the coma, that’s why my body is so sore, if I hadn’t been that active before I come in coma I probably wouldn't even could walk right now. ,, Can't you tell me a little about what have happened in the last 3 years?” he turn around and look me right in the eye like to see if I really can take the truth.
,, the first year, a plea or what you can call it happened in Russian and USA. Not everybody was infected but those who were become the rippers. After that all hell just broke loose, like mother nature tried to wipe us of, gas leaks, floods, fires, and the electricity was gone. This thing began to happen all around the world, like we didn’t have enough problems as it was, more and more was infected and many people died of the events of the nature.” He looks sad and sits up and rests his head against the headboard,, So they came up with a plan to gather the survivors we could find, in year 2. The military still had some energy stored so we flew all around the world and gathered the survivors and send them to a safe place we call home.  Year 3 this year, tried the military to wipe out the rippers, but there are too many, so the few survivors was send back to home or abounded” he snorted and roll over to his back and look at the ceiling.
Wow, I'm almost glad I was in a coma at the time.
,, I'm sorry you had to go through all of that, and I am very grateful that you decided to help me” I say and smile at him, he can't help but smile back. ,, I didn’t say I still don’t wanna leave you. When you give me a chance, I will do it. But until then, welcome on the team”
I smile and push his arm, I lay down next to him and try to let It all in.
So much horror. I really hope they still alive.
,, is there is a safe place, where is it? And are we going to get there?”
,, it's called Home. It's the country called Denmark. It was one of the only countries that dont have gotten any damage, and it's completely surrounded of water beside the little piece connected to Germany. So it's perfect, rippers can't swim so it's completely safe” I sit up and look at him with a serious look “ and yeah we are going to get there somehow. We have to” he boasted with a worried look. A big smile takes over my mouth and I jump of the bed and begin to take the rest of the clothes on and the boots.
,, then what are we waiting for? We have to get to Denmark.” I declare and toss the shirt he left on the floor over to him, I grab it in the air and put it on with a curious look on his face, while he tie his black military boots he ask ,, what got you so excited? Do you know this land?”
I can't help but laugh at his question but don’t answer. Instead I go down to what must have been the kitchen, now look like a war zone with one wall missing and dishes and all kind of stuff lying scattered all around the floor. I look for any can food or water bottles, in the left shelves and find some cans with soup and some dried beef, and put it in the backpack, I fill the two water bottles when Kai comes down ready to go.
We are halfway across the city when he finally stops in front of an old apartment building that’s look like it can fall apart any minute. I look confused at him but follow him inside, the paint are falling off the walls, a rotten smell fills the air and there is no furniture in the lobby.
He walks up the stairs with a determination as he has been here before.
,, what are we doing here? Shouldn’t we rather get to home then walking around?” I snarl but anyway follow him down the long hallway until we stop up in front of number 143.
When he opens the door the first thing I see is a young woman sitting in an old chair filing her nails ,, hey rat queen, where is Brian?” okay so I'm not the only one he's an ass too.
She doesn't even look up when she says,, Brian had to take a trip” she looks intense at her nails before filing them again ,, he will not be coming back” Kai doesn't look affected at all over that statement but instead go over to the corner where I first there realize sit a guy.
,, who is that Jack?” he ask and look closely at me with his big green eyes.
I look confused at him and is about to ask who Jack is when Kai answer him.
,, some girl I found wandering around screaming in inner town, she says she had just woke up from a coma” he says and take the guys head and move it around to examine it closely.
The guy pushes him away and sigh,, I'm fine Jack, it's been like 3 days since you last save me?” Kai or Jack, whatever his name is just shrug his shoulders and turn around and look at me with a wild grin and opens his arms,, this Sage is my team, before we would have been five but now we are four. The queen over there is Lucia and this one-” He point at the guy with golden hair, he winks half heartedly,, -is my buddy William.” I nod and wave my hand back still confused over what the hell it's going on. ,, so your name is actually Jack, why did you lie?”
He sits down beside the guy with golden curly locks and look at me with a smirk that’s clearly saying he's not sorry ,, I didn’t know you, and I didn’t want to know you, so why should I give my name?” he says smiling like it's nothing. ,, listen up everybody. It's getting dark, and we have to get up early tomorrow, we already lost a day because I had to babysit” I look cold at him and send him a middle finger. Lucia takes out a blanket like William that smile at me when he sees I just stand there looking around not really sure what I should do. ,, Sage you can sleep between me and Jack.” Grateful I take his offer when I realize it's even colder in the room because there are no glass in The windows.
Jack pulls the blanket over me and cuddles up to my neck, William just laugh softly when he sees my look. ,, he's a cuddler when he sleeps. It's was really a pain when we were on a mission”
You feel Jack sits up on his elbow and look over you at William.
,, so what? I'm freaking adorable, who wouldn't want to cuddle a little with me? By the way Sage is a mover. So if I was you, I would not let my jewels around her” you push your elbow into his chest but that just make him laugh. Jackass.
William and Jack quickly falls asleep both holding on to me, and the other hand around their guns ready to jump up if anything happens. My body begins to completely relax, and I realize it's because I feel safe between the guys. I begin to question my own sanity but eventually I fall asleep.

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