Let's get home

Sage Wilson was a normal girl, living an ordinary life before an accident launched her into a coma. When she finally woke up, you would expect her family to be rushing to her side to see her...but that wasn't the case. Instead she was welcomed by dust and silence. She soon realized that the world she left isn't the same world she woke up to. The apocalypse hit while she was gone, leaving the whole Earth deserted. However by some luck, she finds another human who just so happens to wish their paths never crossed. Now he is stuck with a girl who has no clue how to survive and no matter what she is not leaving.


1. Chapter 1

Thank you Kathy-chan for this amazing cover.


   Even before I opened my eyes, I noticed how quiet everything around me was. It's never this quiet, regardless of where you stand, live, or traverse in. When I finally open eyes, I realize that they felt like they were glued together, it's almost like it didn't matter if I had them open or not. It's so dark that it is almost impossible to see where I am. If it wasn’t for the sun rays that sneaked in from the sealed window I wouldn't have been able to see the silhouettes of things. I tried to sit up but realize that a lot of devices are stuck onto my skin. whimpering I took the needles around the healed skin off and ripped the stickers off of my chest.
  Where the hell am I? Is this a hospital? I take the papers that were at the end of my bed and scan the notes that are scribbled down for a whole year.
   Coma? Car accident? A year?!  Looking around confused. I sneezed loudly because of all the dust that's whirling around in the room. Where is everybody?  I pull myself out of the bed and walked out into the hallway where it looks like Ragnarok took place, papers scattered all over the floor, wheelchairs kicked aside, tables flipped over and an awful rotten smell. A heavy layer of dust covered everything, however, footprints are still visible.
  What in the world has happened here? I slowly walk down the hallway, shouting out to find other people, but all I can hear is the echo of my own voice. A corpse of a young man lay in the reception, hard to tell if he was old or young, but he hasn't been dead for a long time because his body doesn't smell as much as it's supposed to, or at least that's what I think. With shaking fingers I close his eyes.
Suddenly, a rat runs right past my feet and I scream horrified and sprint through the halls trying to find an exit. At the end of another corridor, I see an exit sign and begin to run in that direction, only to find the door bolted with wooden planks.
   Have there been terrorist attacks or something? I take an IV pole that was laying beside the door and bang it against the door until the wood cracks and pulled the rest off to get out. When I roughly pushed the doors open, I almost ran inside again.
  Horrified, I look around and find no one is there, in fact, it looks like no one has been in years, no people, rusty cars, garbage,  it's dark and there is an awful smell of everything I ever have thought stank in my life, and I lived with a little boy that likes to make stink bombs with my dad.
   Where is everybody? And...Where am I?  The cold breeze pulls up in the long hospital shirt that probably has been white one day a long time ago, however, wouldn't have protected me from the wind in the first place.
I trip over a baby carriage and scraped my knee, " Bloody hell" I whisper softly and remove the small stones from the wound. I stood up and began to walk slowly away from the hospital, while in search for any sign of life. My bare feet stepped into something, but I didn't even want to know what it was. I hop over to a mailbox and pick a newspaper up and wipe whatever it is off of my feet. The dark night sky doesn't make it easier for me to find out where I am or where I'm going.
    Suddenly the faint smell of oranges is in the air. I hear a sound and hardly have the chance to turn around before something hits my legs and make me fall with a thump.
Before I can even realize what just happened, something heavy presses me to the ground and when I open my eyes to only find a guy's face, his blue eyes have more darkness in them than any pair of eyes I have ever seen before. To add to that, the guy with the ice blue eyes holds a gun against my forehead.
   "So, what are you doing? Out on a night stroll? You dead piece of meat." I look terrified at the gun, unable to move or say a word, my mind is completely blank of any words or pleads to get him not to shoot me in the head.  He pulls out a hunting knife and cut my shirt up with one swipe, I squeak and close my eyes to the final blow, but instead a short pain right above my breast comes is the only thing that happens. I open my eyes to see the small cut he made and a little drop of blood flowing down.  "Hmmm. So you are not one of them" he looks strongly at my face for a minute before he gets off me, putting the pistol and knife back in his belt and begins to go down one of the smaller streets.
When my breathing finally goes back to normal, I stand up and begin to run after him.
   He's a complete lunatic but, he's the first person I have met, and it's not likely that I will find any others around here.  I pull my shirt together and try to catch up to him.
  "H-hey you ass shit! Wait up! Where is everybody? What the hell happened?" I come up to his side, but he completely ignores me and just walks quicker. "Cut the crap, I know you can hear me, even though you're a sociopath. You are the only one I have seen since I woke up" I grab his arm and made him stop "Jackass, tell me what the hell has happened here? Terrorist? Aliens?"
He looks at me like I just told him that I have another head hiding in my armpit.
" What happened? The apocalypse happened darling." he says, I look at him,  and suddenly starts laughing at his words. He shakes my hand off him and I look at him like he's got a screw loose.
Or a couple.
   " When you say the apocalypse, do you mean-?"
   "Yeah, the whole shebang, hysteria, death, gas leaks, floods, fires, murders and the living dead." he explain before he start walking again and jumps over a car and disappears on the other side.
 I quickly follow him.
"Wait a minute, did you just say living dead?" I roll my eyes, I can believe that the apocalypse might have happened with the way the town looks, but the living dead are from bad movies and nerdy games.  I laugh and he soon follows
  "You really don't know anything, huh? You laugh because you think it is a joke. I laugh because you think I'm joking." 
 Wow, he's really is not well in that pretty head of his.
"I'm not going to get rid of you, am I?” I shake my head and follow him closely through the ruins, trying to avoid the shattered glass and other things that I don't want to step in
  "My name is Kai, see, I gave you my name, now it's your turn." He announces with his smooth voice that feels like silk is wrapping around me however I'm not gonna fall for that. I have known plenty of guys that could talk like that and still be a douchebag.
   I jump over a rusty bicycle and bump right into him, he catches me right before I fall.
"Sage, Sage Wilson," I mumble and let go of his hand. He jumps up on a dumpster and reaches after the fire ladder that comes down with a horrifyingly squeaky sound. He climbs up like a monkey to the rooftop and disappears.
   I try to follow but soon realize that much time in a coma takes its toll on your muscles but somehow I make it. He is already on the next roof when I get up there and doesn't even look behind him to see if I'm following him or not. He's trying to get rid of me!
   I run as fast as I can and jump off the edge of the roof, I land hard on the other roof but quickly begin to run again to catch up to him "So, when did this apocalypse even start? I have only been in a coma for like a year according to the papers. And this does not seem like it just happened in like 4 months or something" I claim while getting down the fire ladder right on his tail. He sighs and leaps down to the ground without even falling like it didn't bother him.
"What year did you get into this coma?"
  " 2020 and I'm not lying, I woke up when you tackled me!" 
  "Sorry to tell you this Sage but, the year is 2023...If I remember right" he says coldly and looks at me with a stone face. 2023. What about mom, dad, and Jason?!
  "Where is everybody?! You can't be the only one around here!" I snarl and kick a trashcan, frustrated over the fact that so many things have happened while I was asleep.
    He looked at me like he was sorry for me, but it vanished as quickly as it appeared.
"They are at home, look I don't have the time to babysit. If it's really true that you just woke up from a coma, that is just plain evil of the creator, because you will die before you see the light of the next day the way you look and scream. It wasn't that hard to find you when you made so much noise. So, you better face it, kid, you're dead... Good luck." and he begins to run as fast as he could to get away from me. I begin to run after him but soon realized that he's a good runner. But so am I, I wasn't the captain of the running team for nothing, even with barefoot I can easily catch up to him, but soon realize it isn't that easy to hold the same tempo when you have been in a coma for 3 years and haven't used your body. It looked like he could see my struggle and would be nicer because he slows down until we're just jogging.
  "You actually seem somehow familiar, have I threatened you before?"
  "Trust me if anybody had pulled a gun on me or a knife, I would remember it." I declare looking at him followed by rolling my eyes. "Hmm listen Sage, I don't need a little girl following me around,  it's everybody for themselves now so, shush, get lost, go die somewhere or hope you get eaten before you starve to death"
  "So you want to leave me?"
  "Just like that? Don't you even care that I have no idea of what's going on, or how to survive?"
  "Did I stutter?"  He states and looks at me shortly before he pulls out a flashlight, it is now so dark that I can hardly see him , even though he's right in front of me.  "Du er et røvhul" I mumble and make him stop and look at me confused  "What did you just say?" I shrug my shoulders and give him the angel face I always used on my father, when I knew I had done something bad. I don't think it's necessary for him to know I also called him an asshole, jackass should be enough "How can you even be alive? If it's true the apocalypse started 3 years ago, shouldn't you be dead, or at least look a little like you need food?" I ask and look at his athletic body that doesn't really look like it is starving of any kind, a little tin maybe but not dangerously tin. "I have been in the army for over 5 years, we learn how to survive, no matter where we are. And I was a boy scout when I was little, that helps too," he says proudly and gives me a smirk like he's the most badass person that still lives on earth, and I can't help but roll my eyes but Still being a little impressed.
   The sound of running feet suddenly surrounded us in the dark ally.
Kai quickly turns the flashlight off and pushes me into the wall and covers my mouth, his body is so close to mine that the smell of oranges is almost sickening, it's like his scent had just gotten stronger when we heard the sound. A black figure runs right past us and soon another one follows, only the moon's faint light makes it possible for me to see that the figures that ran past us we're two men.  Kai pushes himself closer to me and my heart begins to beat faster. But I'm not sure if it’s because he's so close, or if it's the fact that he looks concerned about the fact that we can still hear their footsteps.
     He slowly begins to walk backwards with me still pressed to his chest.
"We have to get out of here," he whispers in my ear and slowly begins to run, it's like he can see in the dark, while I almost trip over everything and nothing "- and you don't understand why I would leave  you behind," he sighs deeply and before I can do anything, he picks me up bridal style and runs down the alley, surprisingly fast when you have another person In your arms.
     "Put me down I can run by myself! And they were human, you wanted to get rid of me and there was the chance, maybe they would have helped me!" I whisper angrily and try to get down, but he ignores my weak attempt and runs into one of the houses that hasn't completely fallen apart. "Those were not humans, they were rippers. And girl, you should eat some more, I know it's the apocalypse and food is a luxury but, you don't weigh a thing! How the hell can you even still walk around?" he mutters and walks up the stairs and into one of the rooms that still has the roof and luckily a bed. He dumps me on the bed and walks out of the room and  I just lay there enjoying that my muscles can finally relax again, I hear him come back in and suddenly something blocks my view.
I sit up and see it is clothes.
    "I don't know about you, but I like to wear underwear and clothes when I'm with people"
I stand up and look at the long  black pants and the green hood, I give him the look and tells him to turn around, he rolls his eyes but does it anyway "It's not like I have taken my clothes off, this is what I was wearing when I woke up" I quickly take the shirt off and put the underwear and pants on, they are loose but luckily don't fall off, and when I have the hood half over my head he turns around.
"Hey! Don't look!"
"It's not like I didn't already see them, and I have seen bigger"
"Well excuse me that my breasts didn't grow, while I was in a coma!" I groan and pull it down while sending him an evil glare. I roll up the pants that are way too long for me, while he ignores me and jumps onto the bed with a sigh, just laying there with closed eyes and a satisfied smile. I decided to look around the house. He wouldn't have saved me just to leave me here. He's not just a bad guy.
     I begin to look for a bathroom, but instead, find a bedroom which belonged to a girl around the age I must be now. I find some black boots under the bed, which happily Fit my feet before I begin to throw clothes in a backpack with some hair products and other girl stuff. I try not to look at the faded pictures on the walls and think of what happened to the family that lived here. One of the doors lead to a bathroom and I found a new toothbrush in the closet and some toothpaste.
But when I close the door I see two green eyes look back at me. Surprised, I stop and look up at my reflection.
So that's how I look now.
   A marked face looks back at me with a fine small nose and full lips. But it is clear that I have not gotten food properly for a long time, with the sunken cheeks and pale skin full of freckles.
My filthy red hair sits in tangled mess around my face and looks like something that has never seen a hairbrush in its life. I go over to the bathtub and cross my fingers when I turn on the water
"Yes!" I yell and pump my fist in the air when the water begins to fill the bathtub, I begin to take the clothes off and find some old shampoo and hop in the bathtub and finally let myself relax completely. A sigh burst out of me, and I enjoy to finally being completely relaxed, while I close my eyes and just let the feeling of water surround me.
     "Great! The water works here! Move over!" I open my eyes to see Kai beginning to take his clothes off. "Hey get out!" I scream and cover myself up with my hands. "Are you kidding me? Running water is a must these days. It's been days since I last got a bath. And who knows how much water there is?" he claims and jumps into the bathtub stark naked. He sits in the other end and closes his eyes with a sigh. I quickly grab a towel and put it on myself. No way in hell he can get me to get up. I can't help but look at his muscular body that is littered with scars from hunting, a living tapestry of near-misses and fights. His long legs are laid on each side of me, so I pushed them away from me and made him open his eyes. He sighed when he saw my glare. "Please, like I care about your body, kid, you are around 18 right? That means you were like 15 when you got in a coma. I don't have a thing for children, I'm not desperate. And you're a not my type" He snorts and reached for the shampoo. I pushed it out of his reach. He looks at me and tries again, causing me to push it out of his reach again    "Come on, Sage!" he hisses and scowls at me.
   "Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot that I'm a kid and shouldn't fuck with the elderly!"
   "Don't be mad at me, I'm just stating the obvious!" He rolls his eyes and as quick as a snake takes the bottle before I can push it away again, he looked at me with a satisfied smirk and begins to wash his long black hair.
I take the bottle and begin to try to get the dirt and other things I don't want to think about out of my hair.
   "That's just sad to look at, turn around and let me help you," he says and takes the brush from the backpack and wave me over, I look suspiciously at him "Come on kid, like I said I'm not interested in children. I'm just trying to help, because that just looks painful.”
"You know what? Go fuck yourself!"
  "Argh, I wish I could." He replies and takes a hold of my arm and takes me into his chest, before I can protest he turns me around so I sit between his legs and pours almost the whole bottle of shampoo into my hair and begins to untangle it with his smooth long fingers, I almost expect to lose some hair but to my surprise, he is very careful and does his best not to make it hurt more than it has to. He can be kind  I think and try to not think of what my father would think of this situation, and what he would do to Kai...if he's still alive.
   "Wow, you're a full blooded ginger girl! That's some red hair you got there!" he said and begins to wash the soap out off my hair, I close my eyes and imagine it's my mother instead that brushes my hair, she always did that after training, she would come in to shower and I would tell her about what have happened at training. Kate always told me that I am a mama's girl, but I always did it for mom, cause that's where the only time we could be alone without a 7-year-old little BROTHER. There wasn't as much time as there used to be. "All done sunshine. Now you look like a girl again and not some troll that hid in a hole for hundreds of years"
"Wow thanks, you really know what to say to a girl to make her feel better about herself" He laughs and helps me out of the tub "What can I say? I'm a lady's man," he turns around and lets me get a top and some shorts on, when I turn around I see him walk completely naked out of the door, the shock of seeing him like that, I can only stand there and look like a fool with big eyes and an opened mouth.
  That guy is too full of himself! Who does that to a girl they just meet?
I dry my hair with the towel and put it up in a ponytail, giving him plenty of time to get some clothes on before I go back to the bedroom that probably was the parents. When I walk in he just lies there in some black yoga pants with a book "It's been so long since I've actually seen a book, this must be one of the families that were removed in the first couple of days, they left everything behind,"  I see it is the Anne Frank diary and somehow feel relaxed to see something that makes me remember home.
I sit on the edge of the bed and look very intense at him.
  "You will not leave me while I sleep right?"
  "If you toss around too much, I might," he says without even looking up from the book.
  "What do you mean by that?" I say and look confused at him.
  "Oh my god, let me guess, you are one of those people that toss and turn in their sleep?" he says looking up from the book, I look slightly embarrassed at my hands, how did he know?
  "I swear, if you toss me out of bed, I will leave you behind, it's not everyday you find a bed that's not that rotten and you can sleep on it"
  "What do you mean? Toss you out of bed? I will of course sleep in the other bed," he begins to laugh and toss the book to the floor, while he grabs his backpack and pulls out a blanket.
  "Eh no, you are not, I only have one blanket, and it's freaking cold at night, I will not let you have it. So you are going to sleep here with me as a good little girl. Without kicking me off the bed or squishing me. I'm not that friendly if I haven't slept well"
Are you ever friendly?
    He ignores my protests and pushes me down and put an arm around my waist to keep me in place and pulls the blanket over us. "Goodnight, pumpkin, try to get some sleep, If you are gonna come with me, you will need it," he whispers in my ear and snuggles up to me. Very quickly I hear his heavy breathing and realize before I could do anything that he has fallen asleep. I try to get out of the grip but that’s only making him hold me tighter.
You say this is to keep us warm, but somehow I feel colder than if I had slept alone, God this is going to be a long night.

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