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  • Published: 18 Jun 2016
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"Everything was slowly falling into place. Until I met Luke. He made my life a mess, a good mess, but a mess nonetheless."


This Story Contains:
Near-Death Experiences
Mentions Of Rape
Non-Graphic Rape
Use Of Deadly Weapon
Use Of Explosives


10. Chapter 9

A/N: Hii guys! I hope you all had a wonderful week :) I'm excited to say that this story reached 900 reads on here which made me very very happy. It is close to passing 500 on AO3 and it has just over 200 on Wattpad. My biggest wish is to get A/N: Hii guys! I hope you all had a wonderful week :) I'm excited to say that this story reached 900 reads on Movellas which made me very very happy. It is close to passing 500 on AO3 and it had just over 200 on here. My biggest wish is to get all three platforms to 1,000 reads each by my birthday, July 29. It would mean everything to me if you guys could help by retweeting my tweets on Twitter @MiaaStories and sharing with your friends :) I love you guys all so much thank you for reading and leaving such kind comments. I hope you enjoy this chapter.




July 22nd


*Michael's POV*


Luke he- Luke's in a coma.


That sentence had been the only thing running through my head for the last month and a half. It had been over a month since I've heard his beautiful voice. I hadn't even realized how much time had gone by until Calum pointed out a couple days ago that it was Luke's birthday. He'd been unconscious since June 10th.


*Flashback To July 16th*


*Calum walks in with birthday balloons*


"Calum whats with all the balloons?"


-"Well I figured since its Luke's birthd-"


"Luke's birthday? He was born in July not June dumbass."


-"Michael, today is July 16th..."


"N-no today is like June 15th or something. What the hell are you talking about?"


-"Michael when was the last time you checked your phone...?"


"I don't know... a while I guess?"


"Oh my god. He's really been out for a month?"


-"Yeah. You've only been home a couple times since... you usually just sleep in the waiting room or in here with him. Last time you left the hospital was when we dragged you to that party with us last week."






"Do you think he'll ever wake up"


-"He will. I know he will."


"I hope so."


*End of Flashback*


So here I've sat, since June 10th, holding Luke's hand. I only ever leave his side to go to the bathroom or to shower. I've drank endless amounts of coffee and I haven't eaten very much. According to the other boys I'm getting skinnier and more pale as the days go by. I think a couple days ago, maybe weeks ago, a doctor came in and wasn't sure if Luke would ever wake up. Just the thought of my baby not getting to live longer than just 19 years makes me sick. I've thrown up several times just out of nervousness that he'll never wake up. That I'll never get to see his gorgeous blue eyes and his beautiful bright smile ever again. I'll never get to hear his soft, calming voice ever again. Luke keeps me sane. I can't lose him. It's my fault he's laying here unconscious. I should have been protecting him from that dumb bitch. I should have tried harder to stop him from bleeding out so much. If I would have been there to catch him, he wouldn't have hit his head so hard. If I had protected him, he'd be smiling and laughing right now. He'd be with me. It should be me laying here and not him! Fuck it should be me lying in a hospital bed on the verge of death. Luke didn't deserve this. He never hurt anyone! I just want my baby back in my arms.


*Knocking on door*


"Mike.... how've you been? Said Cayla who had just walked in.


"Miserable. I miss Luke." I said quietly.


"I know. I can't imagine how you're feeling." She said placing her hand on my shoulder.


I smiled weakly. I'm glad she was here.


"I gathered a few people, we all wanna just get together and have fun. We want you to come, you don't have to come if you don't want to but please just think about it. We're all worried about you and Luke. Just call me if you decide you wanna go okay?"


Without thought I simply said "I'll go. What time?"


"Around 4ish maybe?" She asked.


"Okay" I said smiling.


"Alright well, see you later." She said while smiling at me.


I nodded and she left.




"Luke I really want you to wake up soon. I miss you so much. I'm going out tonight, I'm not sure where but I think I really need to get out. I love staying here with you and being by your side every minute of the day so you aren't alone but I've hardly spoke to anyone in a month and a half. I need you to wake up. I'm nothing without you here. I miss your smile and your voice. I miss cuddling with you everyday and having dance parties and making stupid puns just to hear your laugh. I miss everything about you. I miss you. I'll be back later tonight. I promise. Jack is here. He'll be here while I'm gone. He flew in last week. He's really worried about you. I have to go now but remember, I love you."




We're all going to an amusement park that's about half an hour away. In the car we have Me, Cayla, Bella, Kevin, Sadie, Trevor, and Abigail. We were listening to the radio and Taylor Swift was playing. Everyone was laughing and talking but me, I was reading fans tweets about Luke. Everyone is heartbroken and worried out of their minds. I shouldn't have left him. I should be sitting in the chair next to his bed and holding his hand. I wanted to tell Cayla to take me back to the hospital so I could be with Luke but I didn't want to ruin everyone's night. We were already almost to the park anyway. I decided to text Jack just to ask him if Luke was still okay. I couldn't stop thinking about him.


"Are you okay?" Asked Sadie who was sitting next to me.


"Yeah I'm just worried about Luke."


"Luke will be okay. Just try to get your mind off him for a while and have some fun okay?" She said smiling a bit.




"GUYS LETS GO ON THAT ONE!" Said Kevin excitedly while pointing at a very large roller coaster with multiple loops.


"I don't do roller coasters that have loops. NoPE" I said slightly scared.


"CmoNNN it'll be fun!" Said Bella while dragging me toward the line.


"Cmon do it for Luke! He'd want you to face your fears and just do it." Said Trevor smiling.


"Alright alright fine." I said thinking about how Luke would never get on a ride like this himself. He hates roller coasters.


God I miss Luke.


"Mikey it's our turn let's go!" Said Abigail before grabbing my wrist and pulling me along until we got to our seats.


"Ready?" She asked from next to me.


"Am I allowed to say no?"


"Nope." Trevor said from where he was sitting in the cart behind us.


"Well alright then, let's do this."




*A Couple Hours Later*




It was now around 8pm and we were all getting something to eat. Trevor ordered a giant pizza and everyone was eating but I wasn't very hungry.


"Michael aren't you hungry?" Sadie asked me.


"Not really.."


"When was the last time you ate an actual meal?" Kevin asked sensitively.


"I ate breakfast with Calum on Tuesday I think."


"Michael.... today is Friday... you have to eat something." Bella said concerned.






*Another Timeskip*




We were all walking back towards the rides after resting for a while and letting our food settle. Today had actually been really nice and I was having real fun. I still really miss Luke but Cayla was right, I did need to get out for a while. I was zoned out and I ran right into someone and fell to the floor.


"Shit sorry I-"


"What the fuck! Watch where you're going you stupid fuck!" I heard a familiar voice say.


"Asparagus? What the fuck? I thought your sorry ass went to jail." I said angrily.


"It's Arzaylea you dumb fuck, and I did get arrested because of your stupid ass but since I'm rich, I was out before I even got to the police station." She said smiling.


"Stupid bitch if you're so damn rich why the hell don't you pay your rent?" I chuckled.


"Fucking fag." She said before stepping on my wrist and crushing it.


I managed to push her foot off my wrist and managed to get her to lose her balance and fall on her ass as well. This resulted in her punching me and me punching her. We we're practically on the floor beating the shit out of each other. I managed to get on top of her and luckily get most of my strength back so I could beat the shit out of her with the one hand I still had. I didn't even feel any pain.


"MICHAEL?!" I think I heard Bella yell.


Everyone started yelling my name after that but I just kept hitting her. She's the fucking reason my Lukey has been laying in a fucking hospital bed for the last month and a half. She's the fucking reason I may never get to hear Luke's voice again. It's all her fucking fault.


{Note: I've never fought anyone so if that fighting scene shit sucked then I'm sorry oops.}


Kevin and Bella finally managed to pull me off of her and I hadn't even noticed until now that I was crying. My hands were all bloody and my nose was bleeding. I got up and looked down at Arzaylea who now had a busted lip (again) and probably a broken nose. At one point I completely just tore out her nose piercing. From what it seemed, I think she was unconscious which I was fairly happy with.




I was now in the bathroom washing the blood off my hands and observing my now black eye.


"Michael?" I heard Trevor say as soon as he walked in.


"If you're about to tell me how much I embarrassed all of you guys out there just save it. I'll get a ride home or something you guys can go have fun." I said while drying my hands.


"No Michael that's not-"


"Trevor it's fine. I'll just go." I said while walking towards the door.


Just as I reached for the door handle my phone rang. I saw that it was Jack calling and figured he was just calling to ask when I'd be back.


"Hey Jack I was just gon-"


- "Luke's awake."



A/N: AHHH I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED THIS CHAPTER!!! Comment or tweet me what you guys thought of it! Do you guys think Luke's gonna remember Michael? Do you think he's gonna remember anyone? Next Friday is my birthday so expect a good chapter! Expect the unexpected... I love you all I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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