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  • Published: 18 Jun 2016
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"Everything was slowly falling into place. Until I met Luke. He made my life a mess, a good mess, but a mess nonetheless."


This Story Contains:
Near-Death Experiences
Mentions Of Rape
Non-Graphic Rape
Use Of Deadly Weapon
Use Of Explosives


8. Chapter 7

May 17th

*Luke's POV*

It was Tuesday and Michael had to be at school by 9 today. I didn't even know why I'd woken up so much earlier than him but honestly I didn't mind being awake before him since he looks like such an angel when he's asleep. I could stare at his beauty for hours at a time. It must have been around 5AM when I woke up since the sun hadn't risen much yet.

I had a lot planned for today after Mikey gets out of school around 2. I'm going to take him on a date since we've never really been on one other than that time during my break at Starbucks. Let's not count that one.

I'm planning on taking him to dinner at a really popular restaurant in West Hollywood called The Nice Guy. [A/N: I'm aware 2014 Luke didn't go to The Nice Guy anywhere near as much as 2016 Luke does but for the sake of the story, just go with it.] A friend of mine helped me get last minute reservations there, I owe them one. After dinner I'm taking him to the Observatory to watch the sunset. He once told me that the reason he loves sunsets so much is because they calm him down and make him forget the bad in the world. They make him appreciate the good and the beautiful in life. At the end, I'm taking him on a helicopter ride over LA. Hopefully he isn't afraid of heights, I probably should have asked him before I planned this whole thing out. I don't think things through very well. I can't decide if this date is too much or too little and it's making me incredibly nervous. I just want Michael to have an amazing night. He's been so stressed with school work he just needs a night away from homework to relax.


After a while I decided to get up and make him breakfast since he'll be up by 7ish to shower then get ready. I went to the kitchen and started preparing him eggs and pancakes because I don't know how to make many other things. I tried not to make noise getting all the things I needed out of the shelves and the fridge but I think I failed pretty badly since no more than 5 minutes later a half asleep Michael stumbled into the kitchen.

"Baby did I wake you? I'm sorry." I said putting the carton of eggs back in the fridge.

"It's okay, you didn't wake me I just had a bad dream and didn't wanna go back to sleep." He told me.

"Aw I'm sorry I wasn't there when you woke up baby." I said frowning and hugging him.

"S'okay, you're here now and that's all that matters." He said.

"I'm here and I'm never leaving." I told him.

He pulled away from the hug and held my hands.

"I love you so much." He said smiling.

"I love you more baby boy." I admitted before kissing him.

Once he pulled away from the kiss he said, "what are you doing up so early anyway?"

"Well I was going to try and make you breakfast but you came and distracted me with your cuteness." I told him.

"Guilty as charged." He said.

"Go get in the shower you dork." I said walking back to the counter.

"Make me." He said crossing his arms over his chest.

"Go shower or I'm not cuddling you tonight." I said.

"I can live without cuddles for one night." He replied.

"But can you handle no cuddles for a week?" I asked him.

"No." He said quietly.

"Was that a 'yes' I heard because if so-" I started.

"NO I NEED YOUR CUDDLES I'M SORRY I'LL GO SHOWER." He said before running to go shower.

"Loser." I said even though he'd already left.

"I HEARD THAT YOU DWEEB." He shouted from down the hall.

I laughed to myself and continued preparing breakfast. I hoped Mikey didn't have any plans for tonight considering I was taking him on that date which he was clueless about. I'm just really hopeful everything goes well and we have an amazing night.


*Around 2PM*

*Michael's POV*

I walked out of school and saw a man holding a sign that read 'Mr. Clifford' in big bold letters.

I nervously walked up to him to ask about what was going on.

"Can I help you?" I asked both curious and nervous.

"Are you Mr. Michael Clifford?" He asked.

"Yeah that's me."

"Follow Me." He said walking toward the parking lot.

As sketchy as it sounded, he was dressed pretty nicely and didn't seem shady, so I followed him.

"Where are we going?" I asked starting to feel a little scared.

"I was told not to reveal that information." He said before stopping in front of a black SUV.

He opened the back door and asked me to get in.

I hesitated and was going to tell him I had to go but before I could, he spoke again.

"Would it make you a little less nervous if I told you your boyfriend has something to do with this?" He smiled.

I nodded and laughed.

Only Luke would do something like this.

I got in the car and saw a sticky note stuck to the seat next to me.



I'm sure you're very confused right now just know everything is okay and you're safe. You'll see me soon. I know you hate the word soon but just bare with me. You're going to be driven home where you're going to find something to wear. Don't worry you look cute in everything. Just dress casually, nothing too fancy. Take your time. You won't see me for another couple hours. Don't be nervous. I love you. See you soon.



I know Luke told me not to be nervous but not knowing what this boy has up his sleeve is making me nervous. I started mentally going through my closet trying to decide what to wear. Luke wasn't any help. Casual could mean a lot of things. How casual is the casual that Luke is talking about? I didn't even have time to sort through my closet in my head before we arrived at home. It sucks to live so close to school sometimes.

I hopped out of the car and thanked the driver who told me he'd still be here when I was ready for him to take me to Luke's location. I walked inside and was immediately greeted by Bo. Luke and I have practically moved into each others houses so Bo tends to tag along if I go to Luke's. We spend most of our time together here though, since the rest of the guys live with Luke. It's not as noisy, messy, and crowded here. Sorry guys.

There's 2 drawers in my room of just Luke's clothes that he's either left here or that I've stolen. I like wearing his t-shirts when I'm not with him, it makes me feel safe.

I walked into my bedroom and saw an outfit already laid out for me on my bed. A sticky note resting on the bed next to the clothes.

"I figured you'd probably rip your hair out trying to decide what to wear so I decided for you. You're welcome loser. Love you."

I laughed to myself and smiled trying to figure out how I got so lucky with such a sweetheart like Luke.

Luke must know me pretty well since what he picked is very much what I would have picked.

Good job Luke.

I changed into what Luke had laid out for me and tried to make myself look good. He had chosen a black button up shirt with white polka dots on it and black skinny jeans. After changing, I tried fixing my hair but it was an absolute mess since I just threw on a hat this morning and left for school. Next time a warning would be nice Luke.

I figured at some point it looked okay and I moved on to trying to find a pair of shoes to wear. Luke had left that decision to me and I wish he hadn't. As I was looking through my collection of shoes I spotted another sticky note under my pair of Converse.

"Just wear these you indecisive dork."

"Thanks dweeb." I said even though Luke wasn't actually there.

Once I felt ready and calmed down I prepared myself for what Luke could have planned. Right as I was about to walk out the door I spotted another sticky note stuck to the door.

"Don't forget to feed Bo :)"

"UgH." I groaned to myself.

I walked back to the kitchen and poured Bo some food and fresh water.

"See yah later bud. Wish me luck." I said while petting him on the head.

Then I walked out to the car.

Before I could get in the car, the driver stopped me.

"Mr. Hemmings insisted you wear this." He said handing me a blindfold.

'Kinky' would have been my first thought but Luke knows I don't like not being able to see whats around me.

"He left a note too." The driver added before handing me another sticky note.

"I know you hate not being able to see your surroundings but just trust me on this. You'll be okay, I promise. If you get scared just imagine me sitting right there with you."

I smiled and agreed to the blindfold. I trusted Luke.

After the driver blindfolded me, he helped me into the car. Once he got in and began driving I felt incredibly nervous. I fiddled with my fingers since I couldn't see or do anything else. I decided to just daydream the time away so my nervousness would go away. When I day-dreamed, it was always about Luke. I loved him so much it was unexplainable. Some people may think our relationship is too rushed but with the amount of time Luke and I spend together, it feels like we've known each other all our life. I want to know him all my life. I want to live with him, get married, adopt kids, grow old with him, I wanna do everything with him and nobody else. I probably sound like such an idiot I just can't help it. I love him.


Once we got to the destination, the driver helped me onto the sidewalk so I wouldn't trip and make a fool of myself. The first thing I saw when the blindfold was removed was Luke standing in front of the restaurant holding a rose. I smiled and tried not to blush but this boy makes me feel so special I can't control it.

"Hi baby." He said handing me the rose.

"Hi." I responded.

He kissed me and led me to the entrance.

"Reservation for Hemmings." He told the lady who was working at the front.

"Right this way." She said smiling.

She took us to our table which was in a less crowded area of the restaurant thankfully. I don't like eating at restaurant when there's big crowds it scares me.

"I know you don't like eating at crowded restaurants so I decided to bring you here early before the crowds come in." Luke smiled.

"Thank you." I said smiling.

Nobody has ever tried so hard to make a date go this well. Luke putting so much effort into this makes me realize how special he is. I appreciate him so much. He's so kind and generous and he always tries to make everybody happy. He's amazing.


After we ate I assumed we were going home since Luke hadn't brought up going anywhere else but when we walked out of the restaurant the driver was still there.

"Luke?" I said.

"Right I forgot to mention this date isn't over yet. Dinner was only the start." He said before I could even ask a question.

"Where are we going now?" I asked curiously.

"It's a surprise. Put this on? Please?" He said holding out the blindfold again.

"Okay. Just for you." I told him before letting him tie it around my head.

He helped me into the car and got in after me. Once we began driving he held my hand and rested his head on my shoulder.

"Are you having fun?" He asked me.

"Of course I'm having fun. I'm always having fun when I'm with you." I said smiling.

If felt so weird not being able to see anything but I wasn't going to complain.


Before I knew it we had arrived at our next location. Luke helped me out of the car and led me to wherever we were going. He made me walk up like 2 flights of stairs. Walking up and down stairs is dangerous when blind folded. If Luke hadn't been there to guide me up the stairs I most likely would have embarrassed myself tremendously and like fallen on my face or something. Once we got to what i assumed was the top, Luke took off my blindfold. In front of me I saw the most beautiful sunset I'd ever seen. There was just a couple clouds in the sky that was beautifully colored orange, yellow, pink, and blue. All the lights from the city just made it that much more beautiful.

I turned to Luke amazed, "you remembered."

"I did." He said smiling and holding my hand.

Back when we started dating we were talking about things we like to do and I had told him I love watching sunsets. They calm me down and make me forget the bad in the world. They make me appreciate the good and the beautiful in life. Luke is the good and the beautiful in life. He's more than just good. He doesn't deserve that word, he deserves something more. He deserves the world.

He's my world.


Once the sun set completely we stayed for a while to look at the stars and just have fun. We went inside and looked around for a bit until Luke said we had to go. We walked back to the car and set off to our next location.


Luke didn't make me wear the blindfold this time around. He said it wouldn't be any use since I'd be able to hear what was around us. When we arrived I realized he was right. We had driven to a spot where a helicopter was picking us up. We got in to the helicopter and the pilot instructed us to put headphones on. It was so loud you couldn't hear a thing. After a couple minutes we finally took off and it was terrifying. I don't mind flying but being able to look down and see how high I am is what gets me. Luke had sat next to the window and I was between him and the pilot but it didn't really help the fact that we were hundreds of feet in the air.

I felt my breathing start to speed up and my vision started to blur.

"Luke-" I started.

"It's okay. You're okay. I'm here. You're safe. Nothing is gonna happen to you I'm not gonna let anything happen to you." He said while holding my hand.

His voice immediately made me calm down. I felt safe when I could hear his voice.

"I love you." He said after a couple seconds.

"I love you more. Thank you for tonight." I said.

"You're welcome baby." He said before kissing me.

"So how's the uh married life?" The pilot chimed in with a smile.

"Oh we arent-" I started.

"Not yet at least." Luke said.

"Oh." Said both me and the pilot.

Luke turned red and covered his face with his hands.

After that, the rest of the ride was silent.


*Luke's POV*

I'd fucked up, big time. I told the pilot earlier that me and Michael weren't married yet. What if I scared Michael away because we've only been dating for around a month and I'm already talking about marriage? God I fucking hate myself if I would have just kept my mouth shut everything would have gone perfectly.


As me and Mikey walked up to his house I expected him to tell me to leave. We hadn't spoken since the helicopter and I didn't expect us to anytime soon. We walked inside and he went straight to the shower. I sat down on the couch in the living room and cried. I'd just lost the most important person in my life right now.

Once he got out of the shower and came to the kitchen, I approached him.

"Michael? Can we please talk?" I asked him.

"Don't you hate me or something?" He asked.

"Hate you? Why would I hate you?" I asked confused.

"Back in the helicopter you talked about us not being married yet and I didn't so I thought you'd hate me for not having said the same thing you did." He said sitting down at the dining table.

"Baby I don't hate you it's okay if you aren't ready to talk about that kinda stuff its understandable." I said holding his hand that was on the table.

"No I am ready to talk about that stuff I just didn't know if you were and when you said that earlier it kinda took me by surprise I guess." He told me.

"So you don't hate me?" I asked him.

"I could never hate you. I love you and I'll always love you." He said with a big smile on his face.

"I love you too."



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