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"Everything was slowly falling into place. Until I met Luke. He made my life a mess, a good mess, but a mess nonetheless."


This Story Contains:
Near-Death Experiences
Mentions Of Rape
Non-Graphic Rape
Use Of Deadly Weapon
Use Of Explosives


6. Chapter 5

A/N: Heeeey guys I've been in LA all week it was sooo amazing and I already miss it. I met Vicki Vantoch and her two kids which was sooooo cool. (They're Misha Collins' family if you don't know.) Also last week I posted this fic on AO3 and Wattpad too if you guys would rather read it there :) Hope you guys had a great week. Enjoy the chapter :) Love you guys.

AO3 & Wattpad: @/lgbtqhood


April 10th

*Third Person POV*

It's been a week since Luke stayed over at Michael's house and since then he's stayed over almost every night. Today Calum is throwing a party to celebrate finishing their album. They finished recording a few days ago and Calum just needed an excuse to throw a party. Michael was nervous since he'd only met Calum that one time he came to buy a record and even then he didn't know who he was.


*Arriving to the Party*

*Luke's POV*

As we pulled up to the 5SOS house I became nervous. What if the boys don't like Michael? What if they accidentally bring up the wrong thing and ruin my relationship with him? What if Michael hates them? I just can't help but worry that they're all gonna hate him. As we walked to the front door I held his hand in mine and said, "I'm sure they'll love you."

Michael smiled weakly and we walked inside.

*Calum's POV*

Luke had told me that he was bringing one of his friends that he met at his job or something. I was in the livingroom on the couch when they walked in and when I looked over at them I noticed they were holding hands.

Isn't Luke already involved with someone?

I mean it's safe to assume he likes girls and boys but last I checked he was still in a relationship....

I'll have to ask him later when his friend leaves.

"Guys come meet Michael!!!" Luke said excitement clear in his voice.

I got up from the couch and Ashton walked in from the kitchen.

"This is Michael." He told us once again.

"Hey you're that guy who works at the record store." I said once actually seeing his face.

"Yeah thats me." Michael replied.

"Hi I'm Ashton, the nice one in the group." Said Ashton from where he was standing next to me.

We all laughed.

"Hi I'm Calum, you can call me Cal or C Dizzle. I'm joking please don't call me C Dizzle." I said and laughed.

Michael stood there awkwardly and nodded his head.

"Guys this place doesn't look very party ready..." Luke said looking around.

"We're working on it." Ashton and I said while returning to our spots in the kitchen and on the couch.

This should be an interesting night....


*During the Party*

*Third Person POV*

There was at least 60 people here and the music was playing so loud nobody could talk over it. Calum had basically turned their house into a nightclub. He had gone to a party store and bought several disco balls that he had placed all around the house. The party had only been going on for about half an hour and it didn't look like it was going to end any time soon. Calum was flirting with some girls in the livingroom and Ashton was still in the kitchen stuffing his face with chips and soda.


To make things even better, Calum had ordered 20 pizzas for the party. He'd probably eaten a whole one by himself already. Now Calum had moved into the gym room and was lifting weights while girls surrounded him and touched his muscles. Luke and Michael however were mixed in with the sea of people all over the house. They stayed together though, Luke didn't want Michael to get hurt it the crowd. Over half the people at this party were already drunk off their asses and everyone was acting like dumbasses.

"L-Luke can I g-go to your room?" Michael asked Luke about an hour into the party.

"Sure babe....Is everything alright?" Luke asked him worriedly.

"Y-eah it's-just all th-ese pe-people are making me n-nervous." He told Luke.

The only reason they could actually hear each other is because they were so close together and not as close to the speakers as everyone else. Luke held Michael's hand and led him upstairs to his bedroom so they could just get away from the crowd for a while.

Once in Luke's room he locked the door just so no one would bother them. They both laid down on his bed and just cuddled for a while. To make Michael feel a little better, Luke was showering him in kisses and it was actually helping a lot. They just laid there with soft, calm music playing from Luke's phone on the nightstand. Michael felt better almost instantly. Luke made him feel so comfortable and safe..


Meanwhile downstairs Calum was standing at the front door panicking, mostly because he'd just opened the door to Luke's current girlfriend, Aleisha.

"Hey Aleisha, what are you doing here...? I thought you were back in Australia celebrating your mom's birthday?" Calum managed to get out.

"Yeah I was but I decided to come back earlier than I had planned to surprise Luke." She said smiling.

Oh no.....

"He's here somewhere I don't know where but I haven't seen him in a while he might've left." He said still panicking.

Aleisha came inside and looked around for Luke for a couple minutes until she decided to make her way upstairs. As much as Calum wanted to warn Luke or try to stop her, he didn't know how.

*Third Person POV*

Luke and Michael had both fallen asleep. They didn't mean to fall asleep but cuddling and listening to soft music had made them tired. Luke had woken up because of somebody knocking on the door but figured it was just one of the boys so he tried to ignore it but it would not stop. Finally he gave in and crawled out of bed trying not to wake Michael. His attempt was unsuccessful so now Mike was also awake and annoyed. Luke rubbed his eyes as he walked over to the door and once he opened it, he probably wished this was a nightmare.

"Aleisha?" He said barely being able to hide the sad tone in his voice.

"Surprise babe! I came home early to surprise you." She said before kissing him.

Luke couldn't move. Michael had sat up when he first said Aleisha's name and everything he'd seen in those few seconds caused him more pain than he could ever imagine. Michael was about to get up and put his shoes on so he could leave but stopped when Aleisha spoke again.

"Luke who's he....?" She said borderlining anger and confusion.

"That's my uhm boyfriend....Michael." Luke said frowning.

"Luke.. who's she?" Michael barely got out.

Even though the answer was already pretty obvious Michael had to hear Luke say it.

"My girlfriend....Aleisha." Luke said with tears welling up in his eyes.

Luke knew how this was gonna end.

Michael quickly threw on his shoes and then he was gone.

"Michael wait!" Luke shouted but Michael didn't stop running.

Before Luke knew it, he'd lost him in the crowd.

Michael wasn't really sure how he was going to get home since Luke had picked him up and drove him here earlier. He could walk but for some reason, he didn't want to go home. He wanted to hide. He decided he'd call Cayla, it wasn't too late and she was always awake anyway.


Minutes later Cayla pulled up at the park down the block, the same park Michael and Bo had walked to the other day. He had just walked there because he didn't want to just stand in front of Luke's house. He still couldn't believe this was actually happening.

*Michael's POV*

The second I got into Cayla's car I broke out into tears. I didn't even care that she was sitting right next to me. I can't stop thinking about what happened back there, Luke introduced me to HIS girlfriend.

{Flashback to a Couple Days Ago}

"Hey Luke?"

"Yeah babe?"

"What are we?" I asked.

"Huh?" He said confused.

"Like are we boyfriends or just friends?" I explained my question.

"Hmmm I like the sound of you being my boyfriend...." He said smirking a little.

"I could say the same about you." I said before kissing him.

He broke away from the kiss and spoke, "wait, let me do this properly."

"Michael, will you be my boyfriend?" He asked showing that beautiful smile of his.

"Of course." I said before kissing him again.

{End of Flashback}

I just wanted to go to bed and forget all of this but Luke wasn't making that easy.

From Lukey: Mikey please come back, I can explain.

From Lukey: I'm worried about you where are you?

From Lukey: Please Michael if you let me explain you'd understand just please.

From Lukey: God I hope you're okay I feel like shit for hurting you. I swear I never meant for this to happen just please let me explain.

I didn't reply to any of his messages. Right now I don't want anything to do with him, one day I'll forgive him just not today. When we got to Cayla's house I went to the guest room and I passed out instantly.

*Third Person POV*

Luke was worried sick about Michael and he knows it was his fault this happened but he has an explanation. He just wishes Mike would let him explain. He decided to explain over text and just hope he sees it.

To Mikey: Mikey, I can't tell you how sorry I am for hurting you. Let me explain, Aleisha is my girlfriend but I don't love her, I haven't for a while now. I was trying to figure out my sexuality and feelings for her but then I met you and all my feelings for her washed away. Ever since you and me met I've been planning to break up with her but she's been in Australia for the last month and I wanted to wait ti'l she got back to do it in person. I broke up with her a couple minutes ago. I only love you Michael. I'm sorry this happened and it seems like I betrayed you, I know. I'll never be able to apologize enough. Just please, give me one more chance I promise I'll treat you right and I'll never hurt you. Just please. I've only known you for a couple weeks and you are my life. I love you so much I hope you understand.

To Mikey: I love you more than anything.


That night both boys cried themselves to sleep, one of them wishing they had never met.


A/N: So you guys finally know what Luke has been hiding. Do you think Luke did the right thing? Should he have broken up with Aleisha over the phone? Please comment or tweet me what you think of this chapter I love reading the comments :) Also for all the 5SOS fam reading this who do know who Aleisha is please know, I love her and if her character ever does anything that sounds rude just know, it's only a character. Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter :) See yah next Friday! Love you guys.

Twitter & Instagram: @/lgbtqhood


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