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  • Published: 18 Jun 2016
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"Everything was slowly falling into place. Until I met Luke. He made my life a mess, a good mess, but a mess nonetheless."


This Story Contains:
Near-Death Experiences
Mentions Of Rape
Non-Graphic Rape
Use Of Deadly Weapon
Use Of Explosives


19. Chapter 18

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry, this chapter is up a bit late, I've been meaning to edit it for days now and this week flew by incredibly fast. By the time I realized it was almost Friday I was buried in homework and had no time to edit. I promise next week it will be up earlier for you guys to read. I do want to warn you guys about this chapter, there is a lot of death, a lot of touchy subjects, and a lot of sadness. There may be possible triggers in here and use of very homophobic slurs. Please know I don't mean to offend or upset anyone, I've added a new warning to this story so please go make sure you're okay with everything on the list in the description before reading. I love you all and I hope you enjoy this chapter.


December 3rd

*Luke's POV*

My eyes opened just the smallest bit and all I saw was a blur. There was loud painful ringing in my ears and I had no idea what was going on around me. I tried moving but I felt pain everywhere. I tried lifting my head but I couldn't feel a thing. I tried opening my mouth to call for help but before I could, I felt myself being dragged away. My hearing started to come back to me and I heard screams. My ears were so sensitive I could hardly take it. I winced at how much the noise was and my eyelids became heavy and I felt tired. Not too soon after I felt myself start to go numb. As my eyes fell closed I heard somebody whisper in my ear.

"Bye bye Lukey."

Then, I felt darkness.


*Third Person POV*

All that could be heard were the terrified screams of over 10 thousand people rushing out of the venue. You could smell the flames that had risen and grown to engulf the building. Only seconds had passed since the bombs had detonated yet thousands of people were already talking about it on social media. Everybody towards the back of the venue was able to escape fairly quickly, while people toward the middle pushed and shoved toward the exits in large groups. The venue was an indoor venue so everyone who was trapped in the crowd of thousands couldn't do anything but inhale the smoke that was viciously spreading throughout the building. Security was rushing onto the stage to help the 3 unconscious band members. They dragged Calum backstage, then Ashton was next. There were no paramedics to save them.

The rest of the team went back on stage to get Luke backstage with the other boys but he was gone. There wasn't much of a stage left so it was possible he was buried under all the wreckage and equipment but nobody could find him. One of the bodyguards stood on what was left of the stage and looked at the big space that was just moments ago filled with thousands of people. There were hundreds of bodies on the floor; bloody, hurt, unconscious. There was nobody who was allowed to help. He walked off stage and back to where Calum and Ashton had been backstage. They moved them outside so they could try to get them to the nearest hospital.


Ashton was far gone before they could get him into an ambulance. A piece of shrapnel was jammed in his throat. By the time the ambulance was able to get to him he had already bled out.

It took the ambulance 3 times longer to get Calum to the hospital because of all the traffic there was with everyone trying to get away from the venue. They lost him twice before they even got to the hospital. The first bomb had detonated between all the boys. Ashton had been playing his drums, Luke and Calum had been standing about 15 feet away from each other on stage. When the bomb went off it threw them all in opposite directions. Calum had been walking across the stage so he was closest to the blast but he was fighting to stay alive.


Once they arrived at the hospital they performed emergency surgery on Calum. He had lost most of his blood and they couldn't find enough to keep him alive. Part of his guitar had broken during the blast and gone straight through his chest and into the right side of his heart. They had tried their best not to move it but chances are if they don't take it out soon he's gonna die either way.

The doctors decided they'd try to take it out and repair all his internal injuries as quickly as they could. Since the neck of his guitar was lodged into his heart they had to be extremely careful. If they tear anymore or cause any more damage he'll die almost instantly. They prepared to remove it and worried about all the splinters that were surrounding his major wound. It was a miracle he'd survived this long but nobody expected him to hold on much longer.


He crashed the second they moved the neck of the guitar. They tried everything they could but he was just too hurt beyond repair.


Liz (Luke's Mom) rushed to the hospital only minutes after she'd heard of the accident. She asked if Luke had been admitted yet but nobody could find his records.

Even though the venue had been evacuated almost 2 hours ago they allowed paramedics to enter and search for Luke. Nobody had any luck in finding him.

December 6th

The police had been investigating the scene for almost 3 days now. The bomb had started a fire and the fire had burnt down most of the venue, so going through the wreckage felt endless. Lots of people had been trapped and were probably still here somewhere, alive or dead. Tonight they have to tell dozens, hundreds, of families that the chances of their loved ones being found alive are close to nothing.

Miracles happen, they do, just not here, and not today.

December 3rd

*Michael's POV*

It was around 3am and I was just drifting off to sleep. It had only been about an hour and a half since I had gotten off the phone with Luke and because of time zones, it was a lot later here. I had soft music playing off my phone and I wasn't able to fall asleep because I was so excited to finally get to see Luke so soon.

While I was still just a tiny but conscious I picked up my phone and texted Luke one last time for tonight.

"Can't wait to see you tomorrow baby. I love you."

Sleep took over before I could hit send.


I was woken up only an hour later by someone banging on my front door. I was barely awake but I was conscious enough to grab something in case there was an intruder. Luke normally handles the scary noises at night thing so I'm not very good at it. I don't really have an idea of who would be at my door at 4am other than an intruder.

I got to the door and whoever was at my door was still knocking just not as loudly. It had turned into more of a weak knocking. I slowly and quietly looked through the curtains on the window. I was surprised when I saw Cayla with her face buried in her knees. I opened the door and could hear her sobbing.

"Cayla?" I said gently crouching down to where she was.

She started crying harder.

"Cayla, come inside it's okay," I told her.

She didn't move.

I slowly lifted her up and walked her inside. She was moving on her own and holding herself up but she felt like a dead body. She was freezing and shaking from being outside in 20-degree weather. I sat her down on the couch and laid a blanket over her shoulders.

I went to the kitchen to make her some hot chocolate to warm her up a little. I got the milk out of the fridge and when I turned around she was standing there silently with tears rolling down her face.

"Cayla? Are you okay? Can you hear me?" I asked looking into her eyes. They were glossed over and empty. I couldn't see a single sign of emotion other than the tears in her eyes.

"Cay-" I started.

She whispered something so quietly that I couldn't make out her words.

"Can you say that again Cayla? Please. Just a little louder."

"Calum, he's dead." She told me before falling down on her knees again.

She began sobbing into her hands.

"What..? Cayla are you sure?"

She looked up at me and nodded while wiping the tears off her face.

In a panic, I rushed to the living room to grab my laptop so I could see if there was any proof or information on what she was telling me.


I googled Calum's name which came out more like 'Caulm Hodo' since my hands were shaking so hard. The first headline I saw made my heart drop.

5 Seconds of Summer Killed In Tragic Accident

I quickly clicked on it and read through the article.

Tonight during 5 Seconds of Summers' Sydney stop on their tour multiple bombs detonated inside the venue. Drummer Ashton Irwin, 20, was confirmed dead at the scene. Bassist Calum Hood, 19, was rushed to the hospital and taken into emergency surgery. He died a short time later. Information on lead singer and guitarist Luke Hemmings, 19, has not been released to the public yet. What we do know is that there is over 100 confirmed dead and we hope there will be no more casualties to this terrible tragedy.

I sat staring at the screen in shock. This had to be a nightmare. I have to wake up. I have to see Luke again.

I hadn't even realized Cayla was now sitting next to me.

"Luke could still be alive. Don't give up on him." She said weakly while hugging me.

"Luke could be dead," I thought to myself.

I may never get to hear his voice again. I may never get to feel his warmth ever again. I need Luke. I can't live without him. If he's dead, I'm right behind him.


December 7th

*Luke's POV*

I slowly opened my eyes for what felt like the first time in years. Even though I knew for sure that my eyes were open, all I saw was darkness. I could hear voices not too far away that sounded all too familiar.

"Jeremy, what are we gonna do with him? You killed him and now we're stuck with a worthless dead body. I should never have helped you with this, you were so stupid to think-"

*gunshots sounding*

"Jesus finally some peace and quiet," I heard Jeremy say.

"Am I dead?" I thought to myself.

I can't be dead. I was supposed to go home and be with Michael for the rest of my life. Oh my God, Michael. He's probably freaking out right now. I need to get out of here. I need everyone to know I'm okay.

I tried moving my arms but I felt so weak I could hardly move them. I got myself to move them probably an inch before I heard chains rattle and felt cold metal against my wrists.

I hoped Jeremy didn't hear the chains rattling. I was sure he'd kill me.

Before I could hope anymore I felt a bag being taken off my head.

The light from the building was painfully blinding but I could see Jeremy standing over me with the evilest grin I'd ever seen.

"Morning sleeping beauty," He told me smiling.

"Shut the hell up," I told him.

He stepped on my ankle, shattering it completely.

I screamed in pain.

I looked down at my ankle and realized my right leg wasn't there. Jeremy must have seen me looking because he commented a second later.

"About that... After the accident, we had to cut off your leg because it was in such bad shape. You'll probably never walk again but oh well." He said.

"F*ck you," I told him trying to hold back tears.

"Stop ruining my f*cking life haven't you done enough?" I added.

He shook his head.

I heard faint crying and when I looked up, I saw a live-feed of Michael at home. He was sitting on our bed looking through pictures of us together. I was so focused on him and wishing he could know I'm okay. I realized there was a time frame and date in the corner of the screen. It read 'December 7th, 2014', I'd been out since the night of the 3rd. Michael thinks I'm really dead. I'm not dead but are Calum and Ashton? They weren't here with me which I was thankful for since Jeremy is probably planning on killing me but were they even alive?

The feed of Michael cut off and a news broadcast appeared on the screen. The news reporter said all of us were killed in the accident along with over 180 other people. Everybody thought I was dead.

"Looks like you're causing a lot of people pain Lukey." He said tugging at the chains that were keeping me from moving.

"Then let me go so they can know I'm okay," I told him.

"I'll wait til after your funeral to do that," He said.

"I'm not going to have a funeral. They know I'm alive, they can't give up on me."

"We'll see about that." He said before wrapping his hands around my neck.

"Jeremy plea-" I tried to say before he tightened his grip on my throat.

I tried my best to fight back but it was useless.

I'm going to die. I'm never going to have a chance to propose to Michael. I'm never going to have a chance to wake up next to him again and see his smile and hear his raspy voice.

I'm already dead to him.

This is all my fault.


December 13th

*Third Person POV*

"We are gathered here today to celebrate the lives of Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, and Luke Hemmings. We all tragically lost someone we deeply loved. They wouldn't want us to hurt, they would want us to keep their legacy alive. They would want us to remember them as the happy, music loving boys they were."


"There are a couple people who would like to say a few words about their loved ones."

A girl walked to the front of the room where 3 caskets laid peacefully. One completely empty, that will still be buried so that Luke can rest in peace. They may never find him but he'll always have a place in everyone's heart.

"Hello everyone, I'm Mali and firstly thank you all so much for coming, it means a lot to me, my family, and the families of Ashton and Luke. I remember the day Calum came home from school ecstatic because they had come up with a name for the band. He locked himself in his room and played his guitar for the rest of the day. He dedicated his life to this band and I knew one day they'd make it to playing venues to thousands of people. I watched them play at the Annandale Hotel back in 2011. There may have only been 11 people in that crowd but from what I saw, they were all having an amazing time. They all enjoyed it so much. I talked to a couple of them after the show and we all knew the same thing, these guys were gonna make it as a band. We could all feel it."

She stopped speaking and turned around toward the caskets for a couple seconds. You could hear her quiet sniffles, trying to hide the fact that she was crying. She wanted to stay strong for Calum and if she started to cry she wouldn't be able to stop.

She turned back around and continued speaking.

"Calum, Ashton, Luke, you made it. You played shows to thousands of people and put your heart into every show you've ever performed. We're all so proud of you. Thank you for bringing so much light and happiness into our lives. We'll always remember and miss you guys. We love you."

She walked off the stage, mouthing "thank you" to some people who stopped her on her way back to her seat.

Next to speak was Ashton's mother.

She walked to the front of the room, cheeks puffy from crying. Nobody could figure out how she was holding it together long enough to speak in front of everyone.

"Thank you all for coming, I know these boys are very grateful that all of you came here today. I remember the day Ashton was born like it was yesterday. All three of these boys deserved much more time than what was given to them. I know that they're up in the sky playing shows to everyone who's listening. I think it brings peace to all of us knowing they went together and will stay together forever. Ashton always did so much for me and I never had the chance to repay him for being such an amazing son. I'm sorry Ash. I miss you. I-I'm sorry."

She covered her eyes and cried loudly. Her young daughter Lauren walked up on stage and hugged her. There was so much pain in the room it was almost unbearable. Lauren slowly guided her back to her spot in the crowd where she took some tissues from her purse that she'd put there to give to anyone who needed them.

About a minute later, Michael walked to the front of the room. He was shaking and you could see every emotion he was feeling on his face. There was sadness, guilt, nervousness, anger. He was feeling everything. He had been the most affected throughout this whole situation, it may seem rude to say but imagine knowing your boyfriend is dead because of somebody you knew and made angry in the first place. Everybody blamed him, it wasn't just himself it was everybody. The fans were sending him so much hate and so many death threats that he had to be escorted everywhere by police. He was even escorted here today because they were afraid a crazed angry fan would find out where the funeral was and try to hurt him. It was getting out of control.

"Uh hi, I'm Michael, I'm glad I could be here today to celebrate the lives of these really amazing guys. I got to hang out with Calum and Ashton a couple times and they were honestly some of the nicest guys I'd ever met. I'd known Luke for a while before I met Calum and Ashton. Luke and I met because I was low on money for a long time so I was going to hitch-hike to Michigan to stay with some of my relatives there. Before I could, one of my friends told me about a job opening at a record store she shopped at frequently. I got the job and decided to stay in Los Angeles, I'd built a home for myself there. Then one day after work I decided to go to Starbucks on my way home and there, I met Luke. He was probably the sweetest barista I'd ever met. After that, we became incredibly close and I loved him like family. He was so supportive, kind, friendly, generous, and positive. No matter what was going on he'd be able to cheer me up in seconds. Even today, I try to stay positive for him, I know that's what he would have wanted for all of us. He loved seeing people happy as much as we all loved seeing him happy. We'll never forget how his smile or laugh was so contagious. We'll never forget everything he did for us. We love you, Luke."

"Rest in Peace baby." He whispered as he rested his hand on Luke's coffin.

Right as he was about to walk off the stage, Luke's father stood up. He pointed at Michael angrily and yelled.

"You f*cking f*ggot! You killed my son. This is all your fault. All these people are dead because you couldn't keep your f*cking legs closed! Get the hell out of my sight. I never want to see you again." He said grabbing Michael from the collar of his suit.

Once he let him go, Michael quietly walked out of the building and sat outside on the steps. He buried his face in his hands and cried. He'd started wishing that he could die and be with Luke because all he wanted was to be with Luke. He just couldn't decide how he wanted to die, that's all he needed to decide before he would be able to be with Luke and be happy again.

"Michael?" He heard Luke say softly.

But when he looked up, nobody was there.

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