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  • Published: 18 Jun 2016
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"Everything was slowly falling into place. Until I met Luke. He made my life a mess, a good mess, but a mess nonetheless."


This Story Contains:
Near-Death Experiences
Mentions Of Rape
Non-Graphic Rape
Use Of Deadly Weapon
Use Of Explosives


17. Chapter 16

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry this chapter took longer to post today I'm on my way to 5sos so I've been busy getting ready and stuff :):) In this chapter you'll finally get to find out why Jeremy and Arzaylea hate Luke and Michael so much. Believe me they have a right to be mad to some extent just not this much. I'll let you guys find out for yourselves why they are how they are and I hope you all like this chapter :)) I love you all have a wonderful weekend.


*Jeremy's POV*

Everything is piecing itself together quite perfectly. Luke was sent back to his home town away from Michael, just how he should be. Michael is a mess and I can't begin to tell you how many nights this fucking sissy has cried himself to sleep since Luke left. I love seeing him broken down because he can't be with his perfect little boyfriend but nothing makes me as happy as when he realizes this is all his fault. If he would have just learned not to be such a fucking fag none of this would have ever happened. You know how much shit I got in high school for being friends with a queer?

Lea (Arzaylea) understands me and how I feel. We set this whole thing up. I made sure she was chosen to be Luke's cover up for the fact that he's a gay. I was watching them and I planned for them to conveniently run into each other at 7/11. She's helped me destroy them since the beginning. When did it all begin you ask? Well, one evening I was sitting in a local Starbucks with this girl I was babysitting, just minding my own business when a familiar face walked in. It was Michael. Once he was leaving, I told my the kid I had to go outside to take a call but in reality I went outside to write down Michael's license plate. Then I began keeping tabs on him. No one understands the grudge I hold with him.

We were best friends growing up, practically brothers. Michael never liked being at his own house because he didn't really fit in with his family. They made it obvious that they favored his adopted older brother over him and of course he was quite hurt by that. At first I felt bad for him so I constantly invited him to spend the night at my house. Until my parents started favoring him over me. What made it worse was that I got held back in the 9th grade, we remained best friends but once he graduated I was left behind. Did I mention my parents went to his graduation but didn't even bother coming to mine? They even helped him pay for college for a while until they found out he was gay. One day I was speaking to my mother and we were discussing why he could have disappeared, I accidentally let it slip and said maybe he had gone to live with his boyfriend in New York. To say she was upset would be an understatement, she was furious. She said she felt like her own sons had betrayed her, Michael for being gay and me for knowing and not saying anything.

My mother never spoke to me again after that day, except on the day she died. She laid on her death bed and told me to tell Michael she regrets getting so furious over something as stupid as his sexuality. I'll never forget the last words she said to me,

"Tell Mikey I'll miss him more than anything, and that I'm sorry I won't be there to see him get married some day. More than anything tell him I said thank you for being such a wonderful son all these years and that I love him and that never changed."


*Arzaylea's POV*

Since the beginning this has all been a mess, I got arrested and Jeremy almost died. He and I, we go way back before all that high school bullshit and before he decided he didn't want me. I was three years old when he was born, our moms were best of friends so we grew up together, we were practically siblings. We went through a lot growing up, my parents got divorced and his grandmother passed away on his 9th birthday, he was bullied for dressing differently than others and I was made fun of for something different. We said we'd always be best friends and we were so delusional we both thought we'd marry each other some day. Sure life was hard but being best friends made it worth living, until he met Luke. He met him on his first day of middle school, he told me all about his new best friend Luke when he came home and from that moment on, I was forgotten. I kinda fell off the wagon at that point and started hanging out with the wrong group of people. I smoked, I drank, I did drugs, I stole, I ended up pregnant. Who was the baby daddy you ask? Michael's older brother, Aaron.

Aaron was on the basketball team and had pretty decent grades, didn't stop him from living a secret double life though. He also, smoked, drank, did drugs, and got me pregnant. I know he isn't to blame because it does take two to get pregnant but in my defense at the time, I didn't know he was Michael's brother. They looked nothing alike and I didn't know their last names so I couldn't have connected the dots. Anyway, I was in a bad place and every decision I made was usually a bad one so I feel like this was kind of inevitable even though we could have easily prevented it. That makes little to no sense just follow along.

We were at our friend Shawn's house, drinking and getting high, as usual. His parents were gone for the weekend so there was probably like 15 of us just hanging out and doing dumb teenage things as I've already mentioned. So that night we were all high and drunk and just not in the right mind, somehow that led to truth or dare which never ends well. Since we were only around 15 and 16 most of us were still virgins, you'll understand why I'm telling you this soon enough. So, once it was Aaron's turn, he picked dare like a dumbass teenager would y'know? To seem like a rebel. The cheerleader of the group, Katherine, dared him to take me into one of the rooms upstairs and be my first. Which can I just say, who the fuck comes up with a dare like that? Romantic right? Not at all. I have one more question. Why are teenagers so fucking dumb? I wish I would have known better.

After my parents got divorced, me and my mom didn't have much of a relationship since I stayed with my dad most weeks. Mostly because my mom never had time to even acknowledge me due to the fact she had a different boyfriend every day. After my dad found out about the baby he kicked me out, only until after the baby was born though. Then he personally welcomed me back home randomly one day. He later told me it was because he was embarrassed being seen with his pregnant daughter so he decided he wanted to wait until after I had the baby. My dad raised the baby, which was a boy, and told everyone he was his. His name was Myles. No one but my close friends knew he was actually mine. I had dropped out of school shortly after I had found out I was pregnant so no one from school knew much, except for maybe the people who were at the party in the first place. I'm pretty sure they were too high, drunk, and dumb, to remember or figure it out. Aaron on the other hand of course knew and wanted nothing but to pretend he never knew me after that, which was fine with me. What wasnt fine with me though was the fact that he told his little brother, who you all know very well as Michael. He was a few grades behind us and y'know how teenagers can be, they tell everything they hear even when they promise not to. It's what they do. It's like a built in specialty that comes with teenagers, they gossip about EVERYTHING. Like you may have realized, I hate teenagers.


December 3rd

*Third Person POV*

Once inside the venue he looked for Luke and stayed a fair distance away once he found him so none of the boys would spot him just yet. It had taken him a while to get inside the venue itself so by the time he had found Luke it was about half an hour til showtime. Since he was keeping his distance he was in the room next to the boys' dressing room. It sounded like Luke was on the phone with somebody and Michael and Calum were shouting over what was probably a video game. He had seen Ashton walking around the venue with some friends earlier but he had no idea where they we're now.

At this point Dave and the rest of the crew were trying to get the boys to go finish getting ready and they all listened except for Luke. He remained of the phone with someone who could have been anyone ranging from his mom to Mila Kunis or something. He didn't hang up until 25 minutes later when everyone was yelling at him that it was almost time to go on stage. Luke had to pee and of course the nearest bathroom was about a 3 minute run away so his long ass legs had to carry him all the way there and back as quick as possible.

Once he got back he got dressed as best as he could in a 60 second frame. People were pushing him towards the stage and shoving his guitar and earpiece towards him and he could barely comprehend what was going on. They were already late to stage and right as he was being pushed on stage he spotted someone. He tried to stop everyone from forcing him up the stairs so he could tell Dave that he was here but it was too late.

The countdown begins now.

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