Silent wind

"You've fallen in love with you're best friend...the person who accepts you at you're worst " .


2. Chapter two : Stolen in paradise

Flurry arched her back making a small yawn . Her tongue hung out , making her mouth widen more than it did as usual . I sat up from my bed and pet her softly with a smile . That's when I  took a look at my desktop and reached out to grab my phone . I had over 4 missed calls and 7 messages from brad And Angie ; One message made me chuckle and it was of course from Brad . 

Brad :

Hey sport ! It's 2pm and ya still ain't up??! Damn kiddo, I should head over there and fill you're whole body up with cold Alaskan water ! . Get up !! :) .

I shook my head in laughter and took off The sheets off of my lower body . It was a bit cloudy outside but the sun kind of found its way through the clouds . I didn't feel like getting up today , I felt like just laying in bed and basically do nothing and just fall asleep all over again . As you can see , I'm not always a 'get up and do stuff ' type of person...I've always loved to stay indoors and use my electronics while growing up . I think I'm like this because my parents never really made me play outside ? They would always let me decide on what I wanted to do and I kind of liked that . 

For my parents , I never really had ... 'parents ' . My real dad was always out in the streets , Looking for drugs , Wandering around through the streets and looking for stuff to steal from people . My real mom on the other hand was a bit different from him but she was sick ; She would always assume he was cheating , She would always start fights with him and the fights would soon make my dad furious and he would begin to beat her . She suffered through bipolar disorder . She still does . Saddest thing is , If my dad ever went hungry he would drink My baby milk . The only food I was only able to eat as a 3 month old baby ! . My mom feared for me so she called my Aunt and asked her if she can take me in (I was like four or three ) . My Aunt of course agreed and took me with her to Florida . Long story short , I was removed From my real parents and was Took in by My Aunt and My uncle who I call Mom And Dad now . Things have been better when I started living with them , I grew up with three brother's and three sisters . I have a real sister though but ..We never met . Our parent's kept us Apart for some reason , My mom tells me she's older than me and she has a beautiful son Who is now twelve  years old . So I'm basically an Aunt myself which makes me really happy. Growing up , I never really had friends . Some of the kids would be my 'friend ' for like a day or so and leave me in the bare cold just doubting myself all the time . To be honest , I was the type of kid who would stand in one spot and Stare at all the kids playing and laughing , Passing each other snacks and toys...I was just the loner really . The play voodoo doll. 

My phone buzzed and it was my best friend Sam , Sam and me met in high school . I of course was known as the 'sick emo Freak ' and he was 'the most ugliest Nerd ' . People always judged people by their cover or by their outstand it's seriously stupid . We met in lunch when I seen him for the first time sitting at a round table , MY round table all by himself . I was scared to Approach him because for all I know he could have planned something awful for me the next minute I sat down but No. He cried as soon as I asked what was wrong ...No one knows how much pain he's carried , he's carried more than I have and that is what got us closer . Finally I got close to my phone and answered .

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