Power, Wealth and Social Status

This is the story of the life of Bellatrix Black; a life ruled by power, wealth and social status. Split into two parts, the story loosely follows that of the Harry Potter books along with some added twists for drama. Voldemort/Bellatrix


9. Chapter 9

My Love,


Here I am, back at Hogwarts. It isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Narcissa saw Andromeda kissing the Mudblood on the train. It gets worse, as Andromeda was in detention for sneaking into the Gryffindor common room. Its disgraceful, such a waste of pure blood. But it can't be helped; there is nothing we can do about it now. Of course I feel as if it's my fault. We all do.


I miss you terribly, but I am glad I am back at school. Narcissa and I have grown very close, which is nice I must admit. Exam preparation is beginning to get a lot more vigorous, but in all honesty I am not finding it that difficult. It's not challenging enough. I hope you will provide me a challenge... I am sure you will.


Write soon. I will be watching you.


All my love,








As, no doubt, you will know, I am in Bulgaria. Why not, I thought. It turns out I am very well known over here, already, and they have told me that they would help me out for definite. Of course, Durmstrang is in this country, a school which I would have preferred you to go to for your final year, but they are funny about having women there. I'm sure you would have had a brilliant time, constantly surrounded by men. They have such an excellent curriculum, not narrow minded like the Hogwarts one. It would have benefited you greatly.


However, my training is going to cover anything you could ever need, so it isn't too much of a concern.


I hope that your NEWT preparations are going well. If you are having difficulties with anything, write to me and I will explain.


I love you.






The weeks were passing for Bellatrix, with the occasional letter from the Dark Lord, hard study and a whole lot of pressure regarding her exams. Voldemort was a great help, offering guidance and support that no one else could offer her.


It was her night for patrol, being a Prefect, and she was just coming up the steps from the dungeons when she noticed Abraxas and Lucius in front of her. Grinning, she caught up with them, pleased to see an outside familiar face.


"What are you doing here?" she asked, once Abraxas had greeted her warmly, and Lucius looked at her coolly, and almost expectantly.


"There has just been a meeting of the Governors, and I thought Lucius should be present since he will be taking over from me very soon." Abraxas paused, glancing around him. "Have you heard from him?" he asked, softly.


Bellatrix knew instantly who 'him' was. "Of course, we write often," Bellatrix replied. "He is anxious to make sure I am fully prepared for my exams before my training."


"He has, I think, been hoping that we will see you... And assure him that you are well."


Bellatrix smiled. "Abraxas, please assure him that I am in the best of health."


Abraxas glanced towards Lucius for a moment, before looking back to Bellatrix. "And your sister?"


"Well also. I am sure she would love to see you. Will you not come to the Slytherin common room?" Bellatrix said, a knowing smile on her face. Lucius was pining for Narcissa.


Abraxas smiled and kissed Bellatrix's hand. "Of course." Bellatrix grinned, and turned around, leading them back down towards the dungeons. Speaking the password softly, the door slid open and let the trio in. The common room was quiet, but Bellatrix's girlfriends were all in there, Narcissa was close to the fire, slightly separated from them, reading a book with deep concentration. Bellatrix was aware of how beautiful Narcissa looked with the orange glow of the fire on her.


There were whispers amongst the girls when they saw the Malfoy's, they all were probably deeply in love with Lucius, and were in awe of his father.


"Narcissa," Bellatrix called, and Narcissa looked up, then her expression changed to that of surprise. Hastily rearranging her face, she stood up, and put down her book, perfectly composed.


"Lucius, Papa," she said, stepping towards them. Lucius greeted her with a kiss on the cheek, and Abraxas kissed her hand. "What do I owe for this honour?" she asked coolly. The girls behind her were craning their necks to get a good look.


"We had a meeting of Governors," Abraxas spoke. "And happened to meet with your sister in the hallway."


"You look well, Miss Black," Lucius said suddenly, and Bellatrix couldn't believe that he was still that formal with her.


"Thank you," Narcissa replied, still perfectly composed, and made Lucius's quick words look rather foolish. Bellatrix hastily hid her smirk.


"We had best depart," Abraxas said, but he also looked amused. "Bellatrix, I hope to see you soon." He reached over, and kissed her hand once more.


"You as well, Abraxas," she replied, reaching over and kissing him on the cheek. "Very soon," she added on, softly, so that only he could hear. "This wedding will happen."


Abraxas stepped back. "Glad of your assistance," he said, and then they were gone. Bellatrix turned back to Narcissa, who simply shrugged and went back to her book. She could see a pleased gleam in Narcissa's eye though. Bellatrix went and sat back down, centre of attention once more.


"You actually call him Abraxas?" said Eedie Rookwood. "I don't think I've ever heard anyone call him that before."


"Of course, he is a very close friend," Bellatrix said casually, combing her fingers through her hair. "I'm a very valued member of the Pureblood society." She glanced over at Narcissa, who was dreamily staring into the fire, her fingers on her engagement ring once more. "And you probably just haven't been to enough parties with him there to know."


Eedie looked slightly offended, but didn't dare say anything. She sat back in her seat, her arms crossed on her chest. Bellatrix smiled to herself, she was seventeen and already in control of these girls. She was born a leader.




My love,


Abraxas came to school. I know we've been parted two months already, but there is nothing to be concerned about, my love, I am in perfect health, I am not overworking myself and I am happy. Very excited, but happy. Still, if you would like to see that for yourself, I don't mind!


It's the holidays again soon, really looking forward to a quiet fortnight at home, with my books.


100 days until I graduate. 100 days until I see you.






Curled up on her bed, Bellatrix took the map out. The red dot was flashing over Greece. Smiling, she zoomed in, and noticed that he was in Athens.


She rested her head on the back of the bed. This map wasn't actually helping her, it was making her ache for him, worse than ever before. She detested that feeling. Slowly, she reached over to the pile of letters from him that were sat on the bed next to her, and took the latest one into her hand, rereading it.


Dearest beautiful Bella,


I am in Greece, and in the Capital City. It is going well, very well. I have gained so much support in these countries, I do not think I will have to travel like this again for a while.


I'm missing you so much, I can't even begin to imagine how it must be for you. I wish you were in my arms right now. I haven't ever been like this over anyone, but then I've always been able to have them whenever I've wanted.


I am sorry that this letter is short, my beloved, I have to continue. You will not leave my thoughts, I promise.




Bellatrix slid down the bed, tears forming in her eyes; tears of frustration and anger and lust. She wanted him before, but needed him now.


She fell asleep with the letter clutched to her breast, dreaming of when she would see him again.




The Easter holidays were finally upon them, and Bellatrix and Narcissa were sitting next to the swimming pool at the end of the back garden of their house, enjoying the Easter sunshine. They had cast warming charms around the pool, giving in the air of being inside, and were laid out, relaxing quietly; the only people except the house elves that were home.


"I wonder when Lucius is going to visit," Bellatrix said, sitting up and wiping her sunglasses clean. She was wearing a black bikini top and black hot pants.


"Give him a chance, Bellatrix, it is only the second day of our time off," Narcissa replied. She was silent for a minute, before speaking again. "Do you think the Dark Lord will visit?"


"Ooh, wouldn't that be nice," Bellatrix said wistfully.


"Where was he last?"


"France," Bellatrix replied.


"Not very far away," Narcissa remarked.


"No, indeed," Bellatrix responded, trying not to let herself get too hopeful about it. She sat back and shut her eyes.


There was a loud crack as one of the House Elves appeared. Bellatrix didn't bother to open her eyes. "Two guests for you, Miss Narcissa," it said.


"Very well," Narcissa replied. "Send them down." There was a crack again, and the elf was gone. "Two guests..." Narcissa observed.


"Perhaps he brought Abraxas with him," Bellatrix murmured, the heat seeping into her skin and making her feel very relaxed, the gentle rippling sound of the pool washing over her. A few minutes later, there were voices coming towards them. Bellatrix knew she was going to have to move in a minute, but really didn't want to. She was hardly listening to the voices, convinced it was Lucius and Abraxas.


"Ladies," an all to familiar voice said. Bellatrix frowned. That voice belonged to...


Very quickly, Bellatrix's eyes snapped open, and she sat up. The Dark Lord was stood before her, smirking down at her. "Why, Miss Black..." he began, in his usual sarcastic drawl. "You hardly appear dressed for an important visitor."


Bellatrix grinned, trying her hardest not to get up and throw herself at him. "Well, perhaps, my Lord, if you had told me you were coming, I would have dressed appropriately."


Voldemort laughed. "Come here, sweetheart," he said softly, looking at her admiringly.


Slowly, Bellatrix stood up and walked towards him, their eyes not leaving each other's for a second. As soon as they were close together, Voldemort's hands where in her hair, and Bellatrix's arms were tight around his neck, and they were kissing each other hard. "You're so beautiful," Voldemort whispered into her ear when they finally pulled apart.


"This is such a happy moment," Bellatrix replied smiling up at him. She glanced over to Narcissa and Lucius, who were sitting opposite each other, slightly awkwardly. She realised they both probably wanted to be able to greet each other in the same way Voldemort had just greeted Bellatrix in, but so far hadn't gone any further then a cool kiss on the cheek, and neither wanted to make the first move. Looking back to Voldemort, her smile grew. "How long are you here for?"


"Tonight, until early tomorrow. I've only been in France, as I am sure you are aware." He was smirking again.


"I had no idea," Bellatrix replied, unwilling to take the bate.


Voldemort laughed once more. "I'm sure," he said, pulling her closer for another kiss. "You will join me for dinner tonight."


Bellatrix raised an eyebrow. "I might," she said coolly.


"You will," Voldemort said, his fingers momentarily tightening possessively in her hair.


"I'd much prefer to stay in with my parents," Bellatrix said, before grinning and kissing him again.


Voldemort released his hold on her, chuckling, before addressing Narcissa. "And you must come as well, Miss Black, you're very welcome in my home now you and Lucius are formally engaged."


Narcissa inclined her head towards him. "I am honoured, my Lord," she responded coolly.


"My lady," Voldemort murmured, turning back to Bellatrix and kissing her hand, his eyes not leaving her face for a moment. He drew her away from Lucius and Narcissa. "Lucius has something he wishes to speak to Narcissa about," he said softly. "Let us remove ourselves to the house."


Nodding, Bellatrix followed him to the house. "Allow me to go and dress," Bellatrix said, grabbing his hand and leading him up to her bedroom. "What did Lucius want to speak to my sister about?" she asked, hastily putting on her robes.


"No idea," Voldemort replied, but Bellatrix was convinced that he did know. She didn't comment though, Narcissa would certainly tell her later that night. Bellatrix walked towards him, and kissed him on the cheek.


"You look even more gorgeous now I haven't seen you for months," Bellatrix said softly.


Voldemort smiled. "Would you prefer to come to the manor now?"


"I think perhaps I should wait for Narcissa. Are you in any rush?"


"Not at all," Voldemort replied, sitting down on her bed. He noticed that the room had changed, the sheets were black like the ones in his bedroom, and instead of deep red, the room was now dark green. "You've changed your room."


"I am about to marry the heir of Slytherin," Bellatrix pointed out.


"Yes, the wedding isn't so far off," Voldemort replied softly. "However, you have exams first. You know I'm expecting you to perform well."


"You can see my revision timetable if you would like," Bellatrix said, walking towards her desk and picking up a piece of paper. She smiled, and handed it to him. There was a complicated looking timetable on the page, with each of her five subjects, and each module, highlighted in different colours. "You never have asked me which subjects I am taking."


"The hardest, I see," said Voldemort. "Also exactly the same ones as I took." He caught her gaze, and she smiled.


"All those years ago," she said, smirking. "And don't tell me, you got all O's?"


It was Voldemort's turn to smirk now. "Yes, of course. What do you think you are going to get?"


"O's for Potions, Defence, Charms and Transfiguration, and an E for Arithmacy." She paused. "Arithmacy is a pointless subject."


"No it is not," Voldemort replied. "And I am glad that you took it. Study often for Arithmacy and you may find yourself to be surprised."


Bellatrix sighed lightly. "I know." She put the timetable back down on her desk, which Voldemort noticed was heavily littered with papers and textbooks, and letters from him. On her pillow was a Charms textbook. She was obviously taking her Newt's very seriously, and Voldemort was pleased to see it.


There was a knock on Bellatrix's door. Flicking her wand, the door open, and Narcissa entered, though loitered near the door. "Lucius had to go," she said quietly.


"He has only a small task to complete," Voldemort said, standing up. "He will be at my manor within the hour." Narcissa smiled slightly, and Bellatrix could tell that she didn't know whether to be cool towards the Dark Lord or not.


"Then we should go there now," Bellatrix said, straightening out her robe. She saw Narcissa had dressed now as well. The only thing wrong was slightly smudged lipstick. She raised an eyebrow, but wasn't going to comment in front of Voldemort.


"Darling?" Bellatrix held out her hand to Voldemort, who took it and kissed it again. Bellatrix turned back to Narcissa. "I have got something to show you. Don't worry bringing a dress to change into."


"Bellatrix has enough make up and hair stuff to sink a ship at my manor as well," Voldemort said. "My room used to be tidy..."


"Sweetheart, no complaining, you would hate it if I was ugly," Bellatrix said, as they made it to the corridor where they could disapparate from. Voldemort laughed sarcastically, before disapparating. "He always does that when I'm winning the battle," she muttered, before putting her arm around Narcissa and disapparating them both too. Voldemort was waiting for them in the forest.


"You do have more make up then the average girl," Narcissa said, and Voldemort laughed again.


"Glad to see you on my side, Miss Black," Voldemort said, putting his arm around Bellatrix and kissing the top of her head. He pulled away slightly, and put his arm through hers, before offering his other arm to Narcissa with a charming smile, who accepted. Together they walked towards the house, and Bellatrix was so pleased to be back. The house, for once, was quiet, Bellatrix observed as they reached the grand staircase. "Ladies, I have some business to attend to, I shall meet you in my quarters later."


"You've adjusted the wards?" Bellatrix asked him, beckoning to Narcissa.


"My dear, adjust them yourself," Voldemort replied, kissing her briefly with a smirk, before turning on his heel and striding into the waiting room, where Bellatrix could hear a few voices.


"I hope he realises I have never done anything to do with a ward before," Bellatrix said softly, and Narcissa laughed.


"You're a natural at anything like that," Narcissa replied, following Bellatrix up the stairs. "You do realised I haven't been past the ball room yet, don't you?"


Bellatrix nodded. "This is going to be such a treat," she said. "But then again, you're going to be living at Malfoy Manor soon, so you better get used to it." She shot Narcissa a sideways glance as they walked up to the fourth floor, and towards the hidden doorway which led to Voldemort rooms. Gently, she rested her hand against the doorway, and it opened, slowly sliding across. She pressed her wand against the doorway, closing her eyes in concentration. She felt a slight shift in the barrier along the door, and realised, with satisfaction, that she had done it. "Come," she said to Narcissa, who looked slightly nervous, but walked through unhurt. They mounted the steps, and Bellatrix led her straight towards the next dark staircase, which led to the attic.


"What is up here?" Narcissa asked apprehensively. Bellatrix lit her wand, and pushed the door open. She flicked her wand again, and the candles around the room erupted into dancing flames. Narcissa stepped forward, her face a picture of shock.


"The Dark Lord is the heir of Slytherin, as I have told you. This is one of many things that was passed down to him. And now, these are mine."


Narcissa headed over to one of the railings. "I don't believe it, any dress you could ever want is in this room."


"And you can come here whenever you like as well," Bellatrix replied. "I want to share this with you."


Narcissa walked right to the back of the room, on the far left side, and began looking through the rails. Bellatrix started in the middle, not too sure what she wanted to wear tonight. Suddenly, Narcissa cried out. "What's the matter?" Bellatrix asked, concerned.


"I walked into the cupboard, didn't realise it was there," Narcissa replied, laughing slightly.


"There's a cupboard over there?" Bellatrix asked, walking towards her sister. Sure enough, there was, much grander then any of the others. Slowly, Bellatrix opened the door of it, her eyes widening when she saw what was in there.


A single dress, made of dark green silk. She pulled it out, awestruck. It had a full skirt, and a proper corset, covered in cream lace - it was obviously real Victorian, a true vintage gown. Bellatrix had fallen in love with it.


"I am getting married in this dress," said Bellatrix. "The Dark Lord will adore it."


Narcissa had turned back to the dresses. "It is very you," she said quietly. She had picked out a dark blue dress which Bellatrix thought would contrast nicely with her hair. Bellatrix had found a deep red dress, which she knew would be very sexy with a plunging neckline. Voldemort wouldn't chastise her for it tonight, she knew. Even with all of the Death Eaters there, this was still the only night they would have together for a good few months yet, and Voldemort, like any other man, liked sexy dresses. After grabbing some matching red shoes, she beckoned to Narcissa. "Come on, dinner is at seven, we don't have long."


Bellatrix was joyful when they reached the Master Bedroom. Narcissa seemed impressed. "Oh, it hasn't changed a bit," Bellatrix said, pulling off her robes and putting the dress on. "So, come on, what did Lucius say?"


Narcissa smiled, changing her clothes also. "Nothing," she said, still smiling to herself. Suddenly, she turned back to Bellatrix. "Alright, he told me that he thinks..." She laughed. "That I am beautiful. And then, he kissed me. Right on the lips."


"Any good?" Bellatrix asked.


"Very," Narcissa replied, smiling happily. "I think he might love me, you know."


"He does," Bellatrix confirmed.


"He's told you?" Narcissa asked sharply.


"Narcissa, its so obvious. When he stops playing games with you, you can stop playing them back."


Narcissa smiled, applying her make up now. "I'm so nervous about seeing him tonight."


"I know how you feel," Bellatrix replied, putting on her usual red lipstick.


Voldemort came back in. "Ladies," he said, bowing his head slightly. Then he looked at Bellatrix and his eyebrow raised. "Bellatrix, what have I told you?" he asked, his tone slightly cold.


"Oh, stop being so concerned," Bellatrix snapped. "Who, exactly, are you worried I am going to run off with?"


Voldemort sighed, his lustful gaze betraying his cold tone. He stepped closer to Bellatrix, his eyes meeting Bellatrix's. She coolly raised an eyebrow at him. "You look very nice," he said, begrudgingly. He glanced towards Narcissa who was trying not to watch the scene. "You as well, Narcissa." He returned his gaze to Bellatrix. "You know why I am concerned," he said softly.


"No I don't," Bellatrix replied, turning away from him and looking back into the mirror, fastening long, silver earrings, dripping with blood red jewels into her ears. "You are paranoid."


"You would do well to remember who you are talking to," Voldemort replied, his voice bordering on dangerous now.


"Fine, I will change then," Bellatrix hissed angrily, looking away from him, moving towards the wardrobe. Voldemort grabbed her swiftly, roughly pulling her into his arms. Bellatrix struggled slightly, trying to get away from him but he was too strong, and Bellatrix almost found herself getting turned on by his iron grip.


"Stop," Voldemort whispered into her ear, kissing her hair. "You look so beautiful, it makes me want you so badly."


Thankfully, Narcissa was staring out of the window at this point, looking out for Lucius, and couldn't hear them. Bellatrix relaxed, and half smiled up at him. "My love, I just want to make you happy tonight," she said, kissing the bottom of his jaw affectionately. "No body would dare come on to me, you know that," she continued, glad when he reached down and kissed her full on the lips.


"I know that." He kissed her hand briefly. "I just wish..." He trailed off, kissing her on the lips. "You know what I wish. You know how I feel, how much I want you..."


Bellatrix stepped closer to him, and put her arms around his neck. "And I want you at least a million times more, it kills me, waking up besides you every morning, knowing that your body is ready for me and knowing that mine is ready for you..."


Voldemort let out a very soft moan, before grabbing her hair and kissing her roughly. "Enough," he growled into her ear. Pulling away, from her, he spoke louder. "Come, Ladies, we do not want to let those poor Death Eaters starve."


With a final needy glance at Bellatrix, they walked down the stairs together, and waiting at the bottom of the steps on the third floor was Lucius. He bowed slightly to Voldemort, who nodded in reply, before stepping towards Narcissa and kissing her gently on the lips. Smiling warmly at him, Narcissa put her hand on his arm, and allowed herself to be led into the dining room.


"Good evening," Voldemort said to everyone in the room, who hastily silenced themselves and stood up. "As you are probably aware," he said, as he reached his seat at the head of the table. The spaces to his right and to his left were, as usual, for Bellatrix and Lucius, and the seat to his left and down one was for Narcissa. "There are some new faces amongst us tonight." He beckoned down the table. "Mr Yaxley," he nodded to a young man Bellatrix recognised from Lucius's year, "And Mr Franklyn, both have been initiated tonight. Also," he beckoned to Narcissa. "This is Miss Black, sister to Bellatrix, engaged to Lucius." Bellatrix winked at Narcissa knowingly.


The meal was served, and Bellatrix could see how good Lucius and Narcissa were going to be together. They were both acting cold, but Bellatrix could see how much they liked each other from the way that they looked at each other. She couldn't stop watching them, it was such a strange thing to witness.


Voldemort leant towards Bellatrix. "Stop staring," he muttered. Bellatrix smirked at him.


"Lucius kissed her," she said softly.


"I don't care what my followers get up to in their spare time, nor do I wish to," Voldemort said in response. "Unless it is you. Then I care."


Bellatrix laughed, and Narcissa glanced over, rolling her eyes. Bellatrix laughed harder. "Well, I care," she replied to Voldemort.


"I'll train that out of you," Voldemort said, grinning. Bellatrix suppressed the urge to reach over and kiss him.


"Is that possible?" she asked him.


"With my ways, anything is possible," Voldemort replied with a smirk. Bellatrix giggled, and she could feel envious gazes of the other Death Eaters on her, wishing they could be at Voldemort's right hand, laughing and flirting and getting away with it.


"What ways are those, my Lord," she said, leaning forwards, the swell of her breasts close to him. It took all of the Dark Lord's self control not to reach out and touch them, or even to look properly at them. Coolly, he raised an eyebrow at her, but Bellatrix knew he was far from cool and probably very worked up.


"So, Bellatrix," called Lucius across the table, sensing it was time to step in now. "How go the NEWT's?"


"Slowly," Bellatrix replied, taking a sip of her wine. She noticed that Narcissa still looked slightly nervous. Narcissa probably was never going to be close to the Dark Lord, she simply wasn't interested in politics, only her marriage, and her future children.


"It'll be over soon," Voldemort said to her, taking a sip from his glass of wine. The rest of the meal passed, and soon it was time to go home again. Bellatrix clung to Voldemort as he walked both of the Black girls to the apparation point at the end of the grounds.


"I don't want to go," Bellatrix said, burying her head into his robes.


"I have to go soon," Voldemort said, kissing her hair tenderly. "I love you."


Bellatrix pulled back from him, and kissed him gently on the lips, unwilling to kiss him passionately because she knew the consequences of doing so. "I love you too," she whispered, before putting her arm around Narcissa to disapparate them both. Voldemort blew her a kiss, and Bellatrix smiled, and finally disapparated back home.




Bellatrix looked at herself in the mirror. She was tired, and looked it. She was studying hard for her exams, which would be over in less than a week. She was bored, horribly bored, and couldn't wait for a change.


She examined her complexion carefully, pleased to see it was still flawless. She was still thin, her cheek bones more pronounced then ever, and she knew if she ever lost weight they would be too prominent.


Still, she still felt as if she needed something to be different about her, from every other girl. Her eyes settled on her hair. A lot of girls had hair the same colour as her. Slowly, she removed her wand from her pocket, and pointed it at herself, with a quick spell. Black spread from the roots of her hair, down to the ends.


Bellatrix smiled. It suited her very well. Voldemort, she knew, would like it. It went with her dark brown eyes, black clothes and eye make up. In a week, they would be together again, and this time they wouldn't be separated for a long time.




Bellatrix rested her head against the window of the train. Exams were finally over, she had never worked so hard for anything in her life and was hoping to get a lot of O's. Even though it made no difference to her future, she wanted to please Voldemort.


Posey nudged her. "We're nearly in London," she said quietly. Bellatrix turned around. The girls in the carriage were all gossiping and giggling, excited to be home, Narcissa was in the centre of them, joining in with their conversations coolly.


"I know," she responded, grinning at Posey. "I cannot believe this moment is finally here. It's been such a long year for me."


"I know, Bellatrix," Posey replied softly, smiling. "I am so happy for you."


Bellatrix looked back out of the window, the train was beginning to slow down now as they got into the outskirts of the station. "Oh my goodness," she said, her stomach churning nervously. "This is very frightening."


"It's amazing," said Posey, smirking. "Stop being dramatic."


Bellatrix smiled at her friend. "Posey, I am going to miss you."


"Don't, you've got such a good life to look forward to." The train came to a halt. Their eyes met. "I will see you soon, Bellatrix." Posey stood up, and picked up her bag.


"Very soon, Narcissa's wedding."


Posey nodded, and waved, and a few moments later Bellatrix saw her get off of the train and disapparate. Narcissa was the only one left in the cabin with her.


"Come on!" Narcissa said, excitedly, grabbing her bag. Bellatrix followed her.


She stepped off the train, excitement coursing through her veins. The first person she saw was her father, busy greeting Narcissa. Bellatrix looked around her, suddenly slightly nervous. Where was the Dark Lord?


"Ah, Bellatrix," her father called.


Bellatrix walked towards him. Druella was now fussing mercilessly over Narcissa, who was looking around for Lucius. "Where is he?" Bellatrix asked impatiently.


"He asked me to give you this," Cygnus replied, with a smile, and Bellatrix noticed a small, white folded piece of paper with the Dark Lord's wax seal holding it closed.


Turning her back to him, Bellatrix snapped the seal in half, her hands shaking in excitement as she opened the note. The script looked as if it has been written in great haste.




Apologies for not being there to meet you. Apparate straight to the manor, I shall be in the meeting room.




Bellatrix looked back up to her father. "I have to go," she murmured.


"I know," he replied, and he was still smiling proudly at his eldest daughter. "Write to us if you need anything."


Bellatrix smiled back. "I don't think I will," she said, happily.


"Well, write when you get your NEWT results," said Cygnus. "And make sure you visit us occasionally."


Bellatrix laughed. "I shall," she said, and kissed Cygnus on one cheek, before taking two steps back and disapparating – away to her new life.




So, Bellatrix has finished Hogwarts! Now the fun begins!



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