Power, Wealth and Social Status

This is the story of the life of Bellatrix Black; a life ruled by power, wealth and social status. Split into two parts, the story loosely follows that of the Harry Potter books along with some added twists for drama. Voldemort/Bellatrix


5. Chapter 5

Bellatrix and Posey were sitting by themselves in the Great Hall the next day, talking over the events of Bellatrix's Hogsmeade weekend, when her boyfriend from last year came over, and sat with her, one arm loosely around her neck.


"Hey, baby," Wilkes said, grinning. "Why haven't I had an invite to your room yet?"


Bellatrix rolled her eyes, and pushed his arm from her neck. "I've actually found my senses again," she snapped at him. "Go away, I'm trying to have a private conversation here."


Wilkes looked upset for a moment. Last year, he had been infatuated with her, constantly sending her streams of presents, jewellery, flowers, chocolates. And Bellatrix, being Bellatrix, had encouraged it, and having become bored with her present boyfriend of the time, had slept with Wilkes repeatedly just to get back at the other one. At the time, she'd almost liked Wilkes. "What's the matter with you, Bellatrix?"


"I want you to leave me alone," Bellatrix snapped at him, turning to look at him now. "What's the matter with you? Last year was nothing, nothing to me." She moved her head closer to him, and hissed venomously; "You're an insignificant little flea in my world. I have moved onto better things, and I would appreciate it if you would leave me alone before I kill you."


As Bellatrix stared at him, Wilkes turned white. He didn't appear to doubt that she would kill him. Slowly, he stood up, and began to make his way out of the room. "Don't come near me again," Bellatrix called after him. He sped up.


Posey looked at Bellatrix, shocked. "You have changed," she said in a small voice.


"I'm tired of silly little boys." Bellatrix met her friends gaze for a moment.


"I'm scared for you, Bellatrix," Posey replied, her gaze not leaving Bellatrix's for a second. Bellatrix sighed lightly, leaning forwards and placing her hand onto Posey's.


"I love you. You're my best friend. Try to understand that there is nothing to be afraid of." Bellatrix bent closer to Posey. "Perhaps if you met the Dark Lord, you'd see, he'll do anything he can to protect me, and he's a powerful wizard. He would do anything for me, just like I would do anything for him. The whole country will soon be at War, and I will be the wife of the leader of the opposition. Do you understand now?" Bellatrix spoke softly, her eyes still fixed on Posey's. "There is no hope of anyone except the Dark Lord to win. He has power, knowledge, that only few can even dream about, and he will pass that onto me. And when we do win, I shall be high at his side, and the world shall be mine."


She sat back from Posey, and took a sip of her drink. "And that is why I am different. I know what my life is going to be now. Nothing can hurt me."


"That's your choice. It's a path I can't follow you down, though."


Bellatrix nodded. "I don't want you to." She stood up, slowly, looking down the Slytherin table, her gaze meeting Narcissa's suddenly. "Excuse me, I have a letter to write." She was half way down the steps to the dungeons when she heard footsteps behind her, and Narcissa caught up with her. "What do you want?" Bellatrix snapped at her sister. "I told you not to disturb me in school."


Narcissa looked as if she was about to cry. "I'm sorry, Bellatrix, I just... I got a letter from Lucius today..."


"Good for you," Bellatrix replied coldly, reaching the door to the common room.


"He says that I won't be able to see him over Christmas because he'll be away on holiday with Marcalie Rookwood." Narcissa burst into tears, and Bellatrix hastily spoke the password, and dragged her sister towards her dormitory, glad that there were only a few people in the common room along the way.


"That little slag," Bellatrix snarled, sitting down on Narcissa's bed. Marcalie Rookwood had been in the year above Bellatrix last year, in the same year as Lucius, and there always had been rumours of them sleeping together. Now she supposed that they were true. She tilted her head, and looked at Narcissa. "Cissy, what would you like to do to her?"


"Kill her," Narcissa snapped back angrily. "I want to rip her limb from limb."


"And Lucius?"


"I want him to pay me the respect I deserve."


Bellatrix laughed softly. "You're my sister. You'll get that respect, have no doubt about it."


Narcissa looked up, a small frown lining her features. "How will you do that?"


Bellatrix pondered for a moment, before deciding that she could trust her sister. "Remember the important man I went to stay with?" Narcissa nodded curiously. "That was the Dark Lord." Narcissa's face became a picture of shock, her mouth was shaped like a rounded 'O'. "And we're getting married." Bellatrix nearly laughed out loud when Narcissa's eyes turned the same shape as her mouth. "But that is a complete secret, and you'll be disowned if you tell anyone, and should it get out, I will see to it that Lucius is no longer yours."


Narcissa nodded her head eagerly. "I promise, Bellatrix, I really do!"


"Alright," Bellatrix replied, with a small smile. "I'll have this problem dealt with. Write back to Lucius and pretend that you are merely saddened by this, nothing more, nothing less. Be indifferent. Tell him that a boy in the year above you is coming to stay over Christmas anyway. That's the way to deal with Lucius. And then next time you see him, it is vital that you are cool, and aloof with him."


"But I want to see him!" Narcissa replied indignantly.


Bellatrix sighed lightly. "And you will. In fact, Lucius Malfoy will be at your beck and call from then on." She smiled, and patted her sister reassuringly on the back. "I shall go and write to my betrothed for now. I shall see you later. Do cheer up, sister, you will make your eyes blood shot." As she walked across the hall into her own dormitory, a small smile crossed her lips. She drew the curtains around her bed, and began to write her letter.


My Lord,


Your loyal follower Lucius Malfoy has upset my sister Narcissa greatly. I would be most grateful if you would inform him that it is your wish for him to marry Narcissa during the summer holidays of next year, so that she can return to school as the new Mrs. Malfoy. It is your wish for Narcissa to be an example of how a Pureblood lady should be, for all of Hogwarts to see. If you would also make it clear that she needs to want the marriage, she needs to be seen to be happy, and continue being happy, I will forever be in your debt. And trust me, darling, you will need that to fall back on once we are married.


Can we have a Christmas party at the Manor, with everyone invited? On Christmas Eve, with ice sculptures and snow. It would be so beautiful. And it gives me a chance to choose another dress. I need something to look forward to.


It is nice to finally end one of my letters with these words:


I love you.




As she rolled the parchment up, and gave it to her owl to deliver, Narcissa came in, holding her own piece of parchment.


"How does this sound?" she asked, in excitement. "Dear Lucius. I am, of course, saddened to hear this, but you must not worry as one of the boys in Bellatrix's year is going to come and stay with me this Christmas after all. I do have an inclination that he has a soft spot for me, he is always very kind. He even sent me some flowers and chocolates last week. You won't mind at all if I go out with him, after all, I don't mind that you're going away on holiday with a woman. I except I shall see you over the summer at the very least. Narcissa Black."


"Wonderful," Bellatrix replied. "You'll soon see. This will work."




Bellatrix's reply was on her bed the next afternoon when she'd finished her lessons. She was thankful that her owl was at least a sensible creature and knew where to leave her letters.


She opened the seal, and began to read.




Of course I have done as you asked, but you're being very mysterious. And as for the party, I had already been planning one as a surprise, but I expect this way is better. You're overly suspicious at the best of times. So far I have invited the Black's, Malfoy's, Parkinson's, Lestrange and Rookwood families, as these are very important. Every one of my followers and supporters has been invited with their partners.


I must-


The door burst open, and Narcissa ran in, excitement clear on her face. "Guess what!"


Bellatrix placed the letter face down on the bed. "Lucius?"


"Yes! He's not going any more. He says he is very angry with me to assume that I can encourage flowers and that sort of thing from another man, and that it is his wish that we should marry during the summer holidays so that I can return to school and set a good example to Hogwarts about how a Malfoy should behave! You're so amazing, Bellatrix, I'm glad you're my sister!"


Narcissa dived out of the room again, and Bellatrix felt very smug about her manipulation. Now Lucius wouldn't be such a threat to her family when he became part of it. Bellatrix returned to her letter.


I must remind you that there is now less than a month until the Christmas Holidays. I have met with your Father since Hogsmeade, he came for dinner. He says you are welcome to stay with me during the Christmas Holidays, as long as your family see you on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. I have no objections, and from what I could understand there is to be a huge New Year's celebration this year at your parents home, where I have been invited as the guest of honour. I am sure it will be a delightful evening, and I look forward to meeting new people. I expect you to be by my side for such events, as my protégé, officially, of course. My Queen must know everyone and everything.


Bellatrix, my Queen, I love and adore you more than any other.


Your soon to be husband.




P.S; I trust you like my gift.


Inside of the envelope was something heavy, Bellatrix noticed. She peered in, and noticed a pair of earrings inside, a simple tear drop shaped amethyst on each clip. There was a note with it.


Purple has long been considered a royal colour. Perhaps that is why I think it suites you so wonderfully. ~L.V.


Looking in the mirror, Bellatrix put the earrings in, and smiled. They did suit her. She decided that it was time to start wearing the colour more often so that everyone knew how much it suited her.




Bellatrix was completely relieved when she stepped off of the train. Soon she would be back in the arms of Voldemort, and that was where she was always happiest. Narcissa walked past her, and into the barrier, calling back over her shoulder.


"See you at the party, Bellatrix, have a nice time!"


Bellatrix smiled. "You too, Ciss. And remember.... Aloof." Narcissa laughed, and vanished from sight. Suddenly, a hand appeared out of nowhere, and she found herself dragged through the barrier. To shocked to scream, Bellatrix came through the barrier, and looked around her. A familiar voice hissed in her ear.


"Follow me." Relaxing now, and smiling, she did as she was told and followed him out towards the station entrance. When they were outside, she was walked towards a red car, and sat in the back seat. The other back door opened, and Voldemort became visible again.


"What is this?" Bellatrix asked, shocked.


"The best way to travel if you don't want to be discovered." He poked the back of the drivers head with his wand. "Drive, muggle!"


"Oh my goodness, I am in a muggle car with a muggle," Bellatrix murmured as they pulled away.


Voldemort chuckled. "Shut up." He pulled her close to him, and kissed her hard, their tongues fighting the usual battle for dominance, and the Dark Lord winning the competition as he usually did. As they pulled away, Bellatrix ran her hands through his soft curls, and she felt his hands caressing her sides. "The picture of radiance, as ever, Miss Black."


"My Lord is too kind." Bellatrix smirked, and kissed his lips briefly once more. "Are you going to tell me why we are in a car with a muggle?"


"They're trafficking the floo network today, I don't want anyone to see that you're coming to mine alone while you're still in school," Voldemort replied. "They will make enquiries. I expect they're watching my house, but they won't see anyone of age enter, that is for certain."


"I see." Bellatrix nodded, sitting back into her seat. "How long in the drive to yours?"


"An hour." Voldemort turned and glanced out of the back window of the car.


Bellatrix was surprised. "Muggle's take that long to travel?"


Voldemort looked back to her briefly, with a smile, before looking back out of the window. "Yes, Bella, it's slower then even broomstick. There are things called speed limits, so that people walking on the streets don't get hit by the cars."


The muggle stopped at a red traffic light. "What is this all about then?" Bellatrix asked, watching as several more muggle's walked across the road in front of the car. The light turned amber, then green, and the muggle continued to drive.


"Traffic lights. Red means stop so that people can cross over the road." Voldemort turned, and settled back comfortably in his seat, relaxing.


Bellatrix shook her head. "Weird."


"The good news is, we're not being followed. I had feared that they were trafficking floo today for a reason, but clearly not." He tilted his head and looked at Bellatrix.


"How do you know all of this?" Bellatrix questioned him quietly.


"A number of reasons," Voldemort replied. "I grew up in muggle London. I lived in muggle London for a great deal of time after I left school. I thought it important that I should know what was going on in their world as much as in my own, not to mention it is central to everything." He smiled reflectively down at her. "I'll take you out and show you around a bit. You can't defeat something you don't understand."


"That is true," Bellatrix mused. "They wear some strange clothes. They must be looking through the window and wondering what I am wearing."


Voldemort chuckled. "No, sweetheart, it's spelled. They can't see us. We're invisible to them. We could be having sex back here and they wouldn't know." Bellatrix turned her head to look at him sharply, an expression of hope crossing her face. "That wasn't an invite," Voldemort continued, looking out of the window in case he changed his mind.


"Couldn't I just please you?" Bellatrix asked him suggestively, leaning forwards and kissing down the side of his neck, feather light and soft, as she slid her hand slowly in his robes, her hand touching his smooth, warm skin just below his rib cage. Slowly, she buried her head inside of his robes, kissing over his shoulder blade. He moaned softly.


"Bella..." Voldemort said hoarsely. As she continued, she removed her hand from his robes, and began to unbutton his fly as she felt his trousers tenting. He pushed her hand away, but a few moments later it had returned. She reached inside, and pulled out the warmth of his hardness, her kisses now stopped as the surveyed him. Now completely satisfied with her new man, she bent forwards and took him into her mouth. "Bellatrix, stop this-" he began, but cut off with a moan. His hand moved down and grabbed her hair, as if inviting her to go on.


A few minutes later, when it was all over, Bellatrix sat up, licking her lips. Voldemort tucked himself away, fuming with his lack of self restraint. "I can't believe I let you do that." He put his arm around her neck, and led her down, so that she was laid with her head on his lap. "I'm afraid to say that it was wonderful." Bellatrix laughed, and Voldemort felt shivers going up his spine.


"It really was," she replied to him, reaching up to stroke his face affectionately. He closed his eyes, and kissed the palm of her hand. "Pity you were incapable of stopping me, my Lord." She smirked.


Voldemort looked down at her, and then a moment later, took one of her fingers into his mouth and bit down gently on it. "I'll now be taking back your Christmas present."


Bellatrix faked surprise. "You mean to say that you only bought me one?"


"Yes," Voldemort answered dryly. "But it was very expensive. And I haven't finished thinking up beautiful things to buy you yet."


Bellatrix laughed, and kissed the side of his leg."Anything you get me will be too much. All I want for Christmas is you right beside me."


The Dark Lord put his fingers into her hair, gently massaging her scalp. "You shall get that, when you return from your parents."


"I'll get you all to myself once Mother has finished pawing you," Bellatrix replied, rolling her eyes.


"No, I'm not coming," Voldemort replied.


"What? Why? Of course you're coming, you cant be alone on Christmas Day for goodness sake. Mother will love it. So would Father. You could drink whiskey together all night. Doesn't that sound wonderful? A night of manly whiskey?"


"You need some time without me," Voldemort replied softly. "You'll get bored."


"Like I don't spend enough time without you at school," Bellatrix snapped, sitting up and shifting into her own seat.


Voldemort sighed. "If it means that much to you, I will come, but you better behave around me while we're there. Don't give them any reason to think anything beyond an innocent kiss on the cheek has occurred."


"I told Narcissa about us." Bellatrix turned, and laid back down on him.


"Did you?" Voldemort asked, his face indifferent but Bellatrix could tell he was concerned.


"She won't tell anyone. Not after the favour I did for her with Lucius Malfoy." Bellatrix smirked. "Thank you for that, my love. You really sorted that little problem out."


"You did a wonderful job of manipulation there, my beloved, I am proud of you."


Bellatrix sat up as the Manor came into view, the sun shining from behind it, the windows gleaming in the pale light as the leafless trees swayed in the winter breeze. Voldemort slipped his hand around her waist as she rested her head on his shoulder. "I always forget how beautiful your house is," she whispered."Our house."


Voldemort chuckled. "I'm glad you are seeing it that way, beautiful." Bellatrix suddenly felt very aware of his eyes on her, and she turned, and met his gaze. Her stomach lurched as she looked into his deep blue eyes.


"You're missing the view, my Lord," she murmured, her eyes not leaving his for a moment.


"Not at all," he replied softly, before kissed her softly and slowly on the lips. Bellatrix could feel herself melting against his body. "You're a new woman, Bella. My new woman." Voldemort's tone was empowering and strong, and Bellatrix loved the control he had over her. "I own you. Tell me."


"I am yours," Bellatrix replied, and just that alone thrilled her. "You will own me and love me and keep me and control me until we live no more. And I will love you forever, and be yours forever."


As the car stopped in the drive, Voldemort roughly pulled Bellatrix out of the car in his own blinded passion, kissing her hard, and they were still kissing when the Dark Lord set alight the car, and the man inside of it, and as they both burnt into ash, and even a thick black column of smoke and flame could not pull them apart.


Some time later, as the man was no longer living, and the car was a pile of rubble, Bellatrix and Voldemort were still clasped in each others arms.


"We should get inside. You're shivering."


Bellatrix smiled up at him, outside she was, but inside she'd never felt so hot in her life.




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