Power, Wealth and Social Status

This is the story of the life of Bellatrix Black; a life ruled by power, wealth and social status. Split into two parts, the story loosely follows that of the Harry Potter books along with some added twists for drama. Voldemort/Bellatrix


37. Chapter 37


Bellatrix was just about to beat Evan in their late night duel when Dolohov walked into the ballroom.

"Miss Black?" he called across the room. Bellatrix turned and looked, instantly noticing that the mans' eyes were fixed on Evan.

"Yes?" Bellatrix said sharply, drawing the attention back to her.

"Oh, er – The Dark Lord wishes to see you," Dolohov blurted out, realising he'd been caught.

Bellatrix sighed. "Of course he does, he's an expert at picking the wrong moment." Evan smirked across the room at her. "Where is he?" she asked Dolohov coolly.

"His office, Miss Black," he said, before bowing slightly to her and scurrying from the room.

Bellatrix turned back to Evan. "Want to come with me?"

"Nah, for all I know he wants a quick fuck," Evan replied with a grin. "Then he'll kill me for getting in the way."

"Sure," Bellatrix said with a snort. "Anyway, we spent the morning at it so I doubt that's what he wants."

Evan shook his head in disgust. "Even so, I think I'm going to meet the boys and get horrendously drunk."

Bellatrix rolled her eyes. Getting drunk was pretty much all Evan managed to do nowadays. Lucky his family were so rich. "Suit yourself, we'll finish this off tomorrow," Bellatrix told him, waving as she left the room.

She reached the office and entered, obviously without knocking. "What kept you?" A sharp voice reached her ears as soon as she crossed the threshold. She looked up and saw Voldemort staring at her, slightly irritated, and that Severus Snape was also in the room.

"Sorry," she said, keeping her voice as bland as possible. She couldn't be bothered to get into a row with him.

"Snape, this is Bellatrix Black," Voldemort said, looking back at Snape.

Snape bowed his head to her slightly. Bellatrix nodded back, unable to hide her disgusted expression at the state of his robes.

Voldemort scowled at her. "Snape has just graduated from the London Potions College, Bella. He is going to make us some, ah… Interesting potions to play with…"

"I see," Bellatrix said, stepping further into the room and sitting down opposite her husband. "How exciting." It was true, until now they had been short of a decent potions master. "Well, some veritaserum might be useful to us, much less exhausting than hours of torture."

"Of course," Snape said coolly, nodding. He was quite difficult to read, his dark black eyes seemed very empty and emotionless. Bellatrix didn't like him.

"I will naturally pay you for your time and for the ingredients," Voldemort said softly. "I am sure that a man with your talents is eagerly sought after."

"Thank you, my Lord," Snape said, bowing slightly. "You are most generous."

"Will Snape be required to attend practice?" Bellatrix asked her husband, keeping her voice slightly cool.

"No," Voldemort replied. "Severus is here simply to supply potions."

Bellatrix raised an eyebrow. "Very well," she said softly. "Was there anything else you needed me for?"

She could see Snape looking at her, slightly confused about how she was speaking to the Dark Lord.

"Yes," Voldemort replied, his eyes narrowing at her slightly. "Snape, bring me the potions when completed."

Snape stood up and bowed. "My Lord," he said, looking at Bellatrix briefly with a closed expression, before turning and leaving.

"Why do you insist upon being so disrespectful?" Voldemort asked her, sighing lightly. "You make me look weak."

"Maybe you are," Bellatrix retorted, grinning as she moved towards him. "Don't be grumpy, Tom."

"If I am, it's because of you."

He was still scowling at her but she couldn't help but laugh. "I'm not that disrespectful. I just can't always be bothered with the bowing and scraping."

Voldemort sighed again, louder now. "If anyone else spoke to me like that…"

"But I am not just anyone else," Bellatrix said, smiling at him. "I'm your wife and you love me."

"I wonder why, often," Voldemort said, but she could see he really didn't mean it. He was smiling. "Now, will you escort me to dinner and continue to be terribly disrespectful?"

Bellatrix could feel herself almost melting from happiness, he was so gorgeous and she really loved him, no matter how trying life could be occasionally. She felt complete, and although he would never say it, she knew that her husband felt the same way as well.


By ten o clock the next day, Bellatrix thought she would go mad with boredom. Everyone was busy. Voldemort was with the Minister, Evan was ill, his new word for hungover, and stuck in bed, Lucius was busy at work, Barty and Rodolphus was out of bounds to talk to by a long shot. Even the cat didn't want to know. Bellatrix had no idea where Regulus was, in fact she hadn't seen him for weeks. There was no one to entertain her.

She was reaching a point when she was feeling so bored she was contemplating going to see her mother, when she noticed a group of death eaters gathering. She didn't really know any of them.

"What's the matter?" she asked someone, she thought he might be called Danes.

He sort of looked at her nervously before replying. "We've heard the order are having a meeting in Halden forest."

"A meeting in a forest?" Bellatrix asked doubtfully. It sounded pretty stupid to her. "Well, we'd best go and see."

Danes looked at her doubtfully. "Without permission?"

Bellatrix rolled her eyes. "I'm saying we should go. You do know who I am, don't you?" she asked, with great satisfaction as she said the words she knew would make Evan and the others closest to her laugh hysterically. "The Dark Lord cannot be disturbed today. You know he hates to see a chance wasted."

The man nodded. "Absolutely. Forgive my hesitation, Miss Black."

"Quite alright," Bellatrix said, fighting the urge to smile. She turned to the group. "Shall we go?" she asked brightly, before leading the apparation.

As soon as she arrived in the forest she realised it was a trap. There were at least thirty people armed and ready to fight. She cursed loudly as the others apparated with her, and then there were spells flying everywhere.

"Defend yourselves!" she screamed, using every defensive spell she knew. Then she lurched forwards, firing nasty spells at the order in a desperate attempt to kill some of them.

A blue spell cut through the bottom of her robes, she dodged to the side and away from several advancing men. Then she realised she was face-to-face with someone she knew from previous battles.

"Longbottom!" she hissed, furious that she'd walked straight into this without even thinking, and that these people were responsible for it.

"Black," Frank snapped back, his wand drawn defensively.

Bellatrix tilted her head, watching him carefully. "You trapped us."

Frank grinned at her. "Yep," he said cheerfully.

"How?" Bellatrix asked, curious about who could be double crossing them.

"I don't think so," Frank responded, still grinning. "You'll have to earn it."

Bellatrix hissed angrily, flicking her wand and casting a curse at Frank. He deflected it. Then their spells flew at each other thick and fast, she was attacking, deflecting and dodging all at once. She stumbled as someone else's spell grazed along her leg and suddenly she realised there was a spell that looked suspiciously like a stunner coming towards her.

She gasped as it hit her, and then she knew no more.


Bellatrix awoke, feeling groggy and sorry for herself before she noticed she was tied to a chair in a damp room. "Original," she muttered. She sighed, unable to believe she'd been kidnapped. If it wasn't so serious, she thought she might laugh at it. She thought Voldemort might too, once he had killed anyone who had touched her.

She could hear footsteps approaching, and then the door banged open and a man entered. Bellatrix didn't know him; it wasn't Longbottom.

"You're awake."

Bellatrix ignored him, studying the ceiling.

"So, we've worked out who you are." She could hear the smile in his voice. "We can't believe that we've managed to acquire one of our top targets. You-Know-Who's favourite." He stepped closer to her. "We were just going to finish you off, but then we realised that you must know quite a lot of stuff."

The man grabbed her hair, making her look up at him. She did so, glaring.

"I'd like to know some names… New names… People I might know, but might not fully understand their loyalties…" He bent closer. Bellatrix resisted the urge to spit in his eye. "How about…. Our dear minister, Mr. Moonler?"

Bellatrix didn't respond to him, she didn't react, but she was wondering how the order had worked that out. They'd been very careful. The man let go of her hair. "Come on, girly, tell me the dirt."

'Girly' was a term which generally irritated her, especially when it was aimed at her. She hated it. She was as strong and powerful as any man, and to be patronised like that annoyed her. She thought it was time to annoy him back. "I won't be telling you anything," Bellatrix said matter-of-factly. "You'll have to torture me."

"And I suppose you're one of these sicko's who gets off on that sort of thing?" the man sneered at her.

Bellatrix laughed out loud, enjoying the look of confusion on his face. "Yep, coming from the man who has tied and disarmed a woman." She leant towards him with a smirk. "You're the sicko, mate."

The man scowled at her before turning away and leaving the room. As he shut the door, she noticed that he had untied the ropes. "Pathetic," she muttered, brushing them off of her and standing up to look out of the window. She hoped Voldemort found her soon, before they decided to come back and actually torture her. She was strong, but she knew how quickly even the strongest could crack under pressure. She didn't want to betray her cause, even under duress.


Voldemort was fuming. He couldn't remember feeling this angry in the longest time. Bellatrix had a way of calming him. That was, sadly, his problem. Bellatrix was not here right now. Danes had just been to visit, explaining that Bellatrix had been kidnapped by the order. There was now a dead body in his office, too.

He entered the ballroom, scowling around him as everyone immediately stopped what they were doing and bowed to him. He ignored them, scanning the room for the two most accomplished duellers that followed him.

"Lestrange, Rosier," he called, and the two men stepped towards him, bowing as they reached him. "Miss Black has been kidnapped."

"Kidnapped?" Lestrange said sharply, looking concerned.

Voldemort suppressed his usual possessive urge he always felt whenever Bellatrix and Rodolphus were put in the same sentence. Rodolphus had no need to be acting so concerned about her, why should he care?

"By who, my Lord?" Evan asked, shooting Rodolphus a glare.

"The order." Voldemort scowled again. "You know what she's like, she hears where they will be and has to go."

Evan cursed. "She would never usually go without me."

Voldemort couldn't help the glare that found its way to Evan. If there was anything he hated more than Dumbledore, it was stupid comments which wasted his time.

"She went with Danes," Voldemort said coldly. "Who had the sense to follow them, but that was where his sense finished." He inhaled sharply through his nose, still seeing red. "So if you have both finished with your ridiculous and unhelpful comments, shall we go and free her?" Both men unsurprisingly started to look even more nervous. Voldemort roughly grabbed the shoulders of each of them and disapparated them from the room.


Bellatrix could hear noises outside of the little cell. She wondered if they were finally going to try and get information from her in a more gruesome way. This was the order that had her though, not the aurors. It was well known that the aurors were becoming more and more violent towards death eaters, using unforgivable curses themselves. She wasn't entirely worried, though, thanks to her husband she was pretty tough.

A loud bang made her jump so she stood up and moved as far away from the door as was possible. There was another loud bang and the door was blown from its hinges. When the dust cleared, she could suddenly see her perfect husband standing in the doorway, his eyes smouldering angrily as he surveyed the scene. Bellatrix gasped and ran into his arms, squeezing him tightly, so pleased to see him.

"Oh, Tom," she whispered in his ear, feeling very emotional now she knew she was safe with him.

He pushed her away slightly, looking her up and down. "You are hurt?" he asked, clearly fuming.

"No, they didn't dare…" She trailed off, hugging him again. Over his shoulder she could see both Evan and Rodolphus with their wands drawn, keeping an eye out for whoever the enemy was.

"They are in a meeting down the hall. You wait with Evan." Voldemort let go of her, grabbing her hand and leading her to her cousin.

"Where are you going?" Bellatrix called after him as he stormed away from her.

He looked back over his shoulder at her. "To kill them."

Bellatrix swallowed nervously. "But there were a few of them I think," she said to Evan quietly as her husband continued away from them.

"He's brilliant, nothing to worry about," Evan said, smirking at her. "Sure you're ok?"

"I'm fine," Bellatrix told him, moving down the corridor to follow her husband.

"Bellatrix!" Evan called after her, running to catch up. "You don't have a wand, he told you to wait with me and he has Lestrange!"

"Lestrange is a moron," Bellatrix retorted, moving on ahead. The door to the meeting room was open and Bellatrix could hear quite a few screams coming from the room. "Get in there," she told Evan as he caught up.

"No," Evan responded, grabbing her wrist and pulling her away. A spell hit the doorframe causing splinters of wood to explode into the air. "You might get away with avoiding his orders but I certainly am not going too and if anything happens to you again it's going to be me under the horrible spells."

Bellatrix rolled her eyes. "Whatever. You are such a baby sometimes."

"Yep," Evan snapped, moving back down the hall. Bellatrix noticed that there were no more screams now. She turned around and saw her husband leaving the room with Rodolphus close behind him.

"Got your wand," Voldemort said, throwing it at her.

Bellatrix caught it, looking over at him. "Are they all dead?" she asked, noticing his robes were splattered with blood.

"Yes," he told her, pulling her close to him again. "You seem worried."

"It's just I thought you were outnumbered by quite a big amount," Bellatrix told him.

Voldemort snorted. "Don't underestimate me, dearest." He looked over his shoulder to Evan and Rodolphus. "I can take it from here, you two can go home." There were two pops behind him before he turned to her fully, staring at her intently. "I don't think I want you to go out fighting any more."

"I expected you to say that," Bellatrix said, smiling up at him. "Can we talk about this later?"

Voldemort nodded, hugging her tightly to him. She felt the familiar tug of apparation and then they were back in their sitting room once more. "Would you like a drink? You are shaking."

Bellatrix looked down at her hands and noticed that she was shaking, quite violently too. She hadn't realised. "Please," she said, sitting down on the sofa. As Voldemort poured their drinks she realised that it had been a very close call and that he was probably secretly very angry with her.

He put the drink into her hands and sat down next to her. "Did they ask you anything?"

Bellatrix took a long few gulps of her drink before sitting back and looking at him. "They wanted to know names. They wanted to know if Moonler was planted by you."

Voldemort nodded, apparently unsurprised. "Anything else?"

"Don't think so," Bellatrix said softly. "You haven't asked if I told them anything."

"I don't believe for a moment that you did," Voldemort responded, smiling at her, his face finally relaxing. "I think you would go for days under torture before cracking."

"Well, luckily it didn't come to that," Bellatrix said, shifting closer to him. "They are acting under Dumbledore, not Crouch."

"I know," Voldemort replied, stroking her hair. "Who got you? I killed Danes before he got that far."

Bellatrix shrugged. "Does it matter?"

"It matters if they aren't already dead," Voldemort replied shortly. Bellatrix could hear the anger in his voice again.

"How many husbands and wives spend their evenings talking about who they are going to kill?" Bellatrix asked coolly.

"Fine," Voldemort retorted coldly, standing up and moving toward the drinks cabinet.

"I don't want to argue," Bellatrix said softly after a moment.

"We're at war, Bella," Voldemort said, turning around suddenly. "We cannot escape from that, it is our life."

"I know, Tom," Bellatrix responded. "Of course I know that, but we are also married and trying for a baby, remember? We're going to be a family, we cannot always be working."

Voldemort smiled suddenly, stepped forwards and pulled her into his arms. "Thank you for reminding me."

Bellatrix rolled her eyes. "If you must know, it was Frank Longbottom. I don't think you got him, I think he left."

"But you'll go mad if I have him killed."

"Obviously," Bellatrix replied, smirking at him. "I want to do it. I must show I am stronger than any of the others, whichever side."

"I'm not happy," Voldemort said shortly. "Not at all happy."

"You never are," Bellatrix retorted, half joking. "Shall we make a deal?"

"I'm sure I will come out the loser," Voldemort responded with a sigh.

"As soon as I get pregnant… I will never go out again. I will be a boring little housewife." She sighed back. "Happy?"

"You'll never be boring," Voldemort replied. "Not in a million years. But yes, I am happy with that, I suppose."

Bellatrix smiled, glad they could reach some sort of compromise. She knew there was no way he would let his child be put at risk, and she knew he had some say over the wellbeing of their child, even if it was inside of her. For now, as far as she knew, there was no child growing inside of her, so she needed to make it her mission to destroy the Longbottom's for good, as soon as possible.

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