Power, Wealth and Social Status

This is the story of the life of Bellatrix Black; a life ruled by power, wealth and social status. Split into two parts, the story loosely follows that of the Harry Potter books along with some added twists for drama. Voldemort/Bellatrix


35. Chapter 35

Bellatrix walked into the office, noticing as soon as she walked in that the atmosphere was tense. Voldemort and Evan were having a conversation standing up, Voldemort's face was serious and Evan looked sort of nervous, in a way Bellatrix was not used to seeing. Voldemort stopped talking as soon as he saw her and immediately moved away from Evan, changing his expression straight away.

"Everything alright?" she asked coolly.

"Fine," Voldemort replied, smirking at her. "Much better now."

Bellatrix glanced over at Evan, who was grinning at her like usual. She rolled her eyes, wondering what they had been talking about. They were very obvious. "I may be the youngest here, but I was not born yesterday," she said, sitting down in Voldemort's chair.

"You are very clever," Voldemort told her smugly. "You can go, Evan."

Evan nodded and bowed, smiling at his cousin before leaving.

"Sweetheart, I need to go away again," Voldemort said when the door was shut, moving closer to her and kissing her. "For about a month."

Bellatrix nodded, she had been expecting this soon.

"I should be able to write to you, although not much." He paused, watching her carefully. "As you know, I need you to take charge here. I was just telling Evan so he can help, although I don't believe you need help."

With a smile, Bellatrix squeezed his hand. "Thank you."

"I don't want you to get too bored, so I have a little project for you," he continued, smirking again.

"Who do I get to kill?"

Voldemort chuckled. "Blood traitors, I believe it is time we taught them a lesson so I have set Yaxley to look through the marriage files at the ministry. Then I want them found and destroyed." He ran his fingers through her long hair lightly. "And as many Auror's as you can get in the process, I think they could do with a little fear too."

Bellatrix grinned; she was going to enjoy this even if her husband wasn't here with him to help. "I imagine that will take Yaxley a while so I will make a start on the Auror's first."

"Good idea," Voldemort agreed.

"When will you leave?" Bellatrix asked.

"Tomorrow," Voldemort said softly. "It won't be easy for me either, you know."

"I know," Bellatrix said, smiling at him. She stood up and put her arms around him. "Promise you will call me if you need any help… If anything happened to you…"

"I have been doing this for years," he told her. "Trust me. I know what I am doing. I will be safe."

"I know… But years ago you didn't have me to look out for you, so now you are even safer." Bellatrix smirked at him, thinking how gorgeous he was looking.

"Talking of being safe," Voldemort said, his voice changing to being much more serious. "I don't want you going out on any raids whilst I am away."

Bellatrix scowled at him. "I don't see how you're going to stop me," she retorted.

"If something happened to you… I might not be able to come and help you – save you – I might be too weak… Promise me…" Bellatrix looked into his eyes and could see how genuinely worried he was. It wasn't often she saw that look, she remembered seeing it the time she had been really sick and when Andromeda eloped. She sighed, knowing he probably wouldn't leave until she promised and in her heart knowing she didn't want him to go away this worried.

"I promise," she said finally, sighing again. "But you have to promise that you will call me if you need assistance."

Voldemort slid his arms around her, pulling her into a kiss. "I promise," he murmured, once they had separated. Bellatrix could feel her heart fluttering, being this close to him made her feel so good inside. Some days she still struggled to believe that he was her husband.

"Why is that?" he whispered in her ear, his fingers caressing her hair.

"Because you are so perfect," she responded, unable to care that he'd just dipped into her mind. "Which makes me wonder why you are married to me."

"Because," he murmured, dipping down to kiss her neck. "You are perfect too."

"Take me to bed," Bellatrix replied, pressing her hands against his firm chest.

Voldemort chuckled, grabbing her hand and leading her from the office. If anyone had seen them along the way, it would have been very obvious what was going on. Neither cared at that moment.


Voldemort had been gone for almost a week, and Bellatrix was surprised to have found that she wasn't entirely bored. She missed him a lot and wondered every day what he was doing and where he was, but she understood. He had power that she could only dream of, power she didn't even want. He had sacrificed to get it and continued to do so now. She knew the processes he put himself through were painful and she understood why he needed to do it somewhere very secret and far away from anyone who knew him.

She'd been spending most of her time with Evan, who had been dumped once more because of his excessive drinking. She was just on her way down to the ballroom to see what he was up to, feeling rather tall in her new pair of high-heeled boots.

As she entered, a spell hit the doorframe next to her and she stopped dead, looking up. Evan was laughing loudly at her.

"Was that you, Rosier?" she asked, outraged as she walked fully into the room.

"Yeh," he said, still sniggering as he walked towards her. "Lucky for you it didn't hit you."

"Lucky for you, you mean," Bellatrix retorted, looking to see who else was with him. She spotted Barty and Wilkes first and then a couple of others she didn't really know. "Hi, Barty," she called, ignoring Wilkes. She didn't want to give him the wrong idea.

Barty moved closer to her. "Have you heard from him?" he asked.

Bellatrix nodded. "Yesterday," she responded. Barty was starting to grow on her; he was rich from his parents and so didn't need to go to work. He spent most of his time bettering his duelling abilities and was fanatical about his work for the Dark Lord. Even though they had got off to a bad start during their first meeting, Bellatrix was sure she had gained his respect during the last few days. "He will be a while yet though."

Barty nodded and turned back to Wilkes, his wand out. Bellatrix noticed that Wilkes was bleeding which clearly meant he was taking quite a battering. She smirked at that.

"Everything alright?" Evan asked her, watching her carefully.

Bellatrix sighed. "You keep on asking me that, have you been put up to it or something?" She wasn't stupid. She was willing to bet Evan was reporting to Voldemort.

Evan shrugged. "It's nice he's this worried about you."

"Did this happen the day I walked in on you both talking seriously, the day before he left?" Bellatrix asked suspiciously.

"Sort of," Evan replied, looking over at the duels taking place. "He told me if anything happened to you while he was away then… Then it wouldn't be nice."

"Nice for who?" Bellatrix asked, frowning.

"For me," Evan responded, his expression unconcerned. "So don't get into trouble, Black." He looked back to her. "Do you know his last name?"

"My last name," Bellatrix corrected. "Of course. But take it from me, you don't want to know, it wasn't pretty when I asked."

Evan smirked. "If it wasn't pretty for you of all people then I certainly won't be asking."

"Meaning what?" Bellatrix asked sharply.

"Meaning… From what I've heard and seen, he's quite obviously in love with you," Evan said quietly, looking at her now.

"Yeah, and still the Dark Lord and still with a terrible temper." Bellatrix winced at the thought of him blowing up over not very much. "Still bloody possessive."

"Bella, I don't think you realise how attractive you are," Evan said, his tone serious now. "I know we play around but you really are very beautiful, they all ask about you."

"Like who?" Bellatrix snapped, feeling a bit irritated that Evan was siding with Voldemort over this.

"Like everyone," Evan replied, looking around him. "Wilkes was asking today."

"Oh fuck," Bellatrix mumbled.

"Don't panic, I told him you live with the Dark Lord." Bellatrix rolled her eyes. "Anyway, he's got a girlfriend. He's thinking of popping the question."

"That's a relief," Bellatrix said, feeling a bit more relaxed now.

"Your husband told me he was worried that Wilkes might be another Rodolphus but I really can't see it being an issue," Evan said, as they watched Barty perform an impressive series of spells against Wilkes.

"And how is dear Rodolphus?" Bellatrix asked, realising she hadn't seen him for a while.

"Still a dick," Evan replied without missing a beat.

Bellatrix laughed. "Well, I have to speak to him really… Need to get some Auror raids started…"

"He's here, in his smoking room," Evan said, smirking.

"Send out a search party if I'm not back in half an hour," she said, moving out of the room, ducking some stray spells along the way. She really didn't fancy talking to Rodolphus right now but Voldemort always had to do it and he hated Rodolphus more than she did. Rodolphus usually sat in the waiting room by the front door during the day, smoking and drinking with his mates, just in case he was needed.

As she entered, Bellatrix could see that there were four other people in the room, including Rabastan, Dolohov and McNair. She continued into the room and sat down, smirking at them.

"How can we help you?" Rodolphus asked icily.

"You know," Bellatrix said, smiling now. "I live here… So technically I should be asking how I may help you…"

Rodolphus simply took a pull on his cigarette, staring at her.

"The Dark Lord has asked that a series of raids be conducted over the coming weeks, to ensure the Aurors are quite sure of our existence… The aim is to kill as many as possible." Bellatrix inhaled, looking at Rodolphus, whose facial expression had not changed. "I was hoping you would lead these raids."

"Why not you?" Rodolphus asked, his tone challenging.

Bellatrix scowled at him. "I don't need to answer your questions," she snapped, standing up.

"Apologies, my Lady," Rodolphus snarled at her, his face showing his anger now.

Clenching her fist, Bellatrix resisted the urge to punch him. "I can count on you?" she asked coldly.

"I will let you know how it went tomorrow," Rodolphus replied, glaring at her.

"Do that," Bellatrix hissed back, leaving the room and slamming the door behind her. Rodolphus really made her blood boil when he was in one of his moods. She wondered how much he had told his brother and friends, but then realised Rodolphus wasn't going to risk the Dark Lord's anger too much. Voldemort made his feelings clear every time he looked at Rodolphus. Bellatrix hoped that one day, she would be the one to ruin Rodolphus completely. That it mind, she headed back up to the ball room.


Bellatrix reclined back on the seat at the end of the long table – The seat usually occupied by Voldemort who had now been gone for almost three and a half weeks. It was high backed with wooded armrests, on which Bellatrix was now leaning on. Yaxley finally had a comprehensive list of the blood traitors and it was about to be revealed to everyone, so that the searching could begin. She was very excited because Voldemort was due home in a few days.

Bellatrix cleared her throat, and instantly, the attention was all on her as everyone turned to look at her. "The Dark Lord left me with orders for us to continue to look for Pureblood's that have married into circles that we do not like or approve of." She paused, looking around her, her eyes finally settling on Yaxley. "Yaxley, I believe you have been looking into this situation?"

Yaxley nodded. "I have indeed. My connections at the Ministry have given me a list of Pureblood's that have committed this crime, and will continue to do so from now on. I have a fairly extensive idea of whom we need to remove to succeed."

Bellatrix smiled at him. "And they are...?" she asked.

Yaxley reached into his robes and produced a folded up piece of parchment. "Since this is the first time that we have looked into the situation, the list is quite big. Once it is clear to the public what our intentions are, they will probably begin to take precautions against us... So we must act quickly."

"I agree," Bellatrix confirmed. She looked back down the table. "We all have to remember that members of our own family, or our old friends may be on this list. My own sister..." She paused, glancing momentarily towards Lucius, whose face was impassive and cool. "...Is sure to be on this list. We must not let that stop us. We have to continue."

There were murmured of agreement down the table. "The purest of us with the best intentions should not have to suffer for these traitors who tarnish our names," Lucius said smoothly. "I for one feel no remorse or sympathy for them."

Bellatrix turned back to Yaxley. "Will you read us the list?" she asked him.

"Of course," Yaxley smiled at Bellatrix. "There are five names that stand out the most for me, and I believe that we should definitely make sure that these are stopped. Their names..." He glanced towards Bellatrix, who beckoned for him to continue, knowing why he had stopped. "...Are... Andromeda Black..." Bellatrix's face remained expressionless. "...Who has married Ted Tonks, James Potter, now married to Lily Evans, Marlene Flint, married to Phillip McKinnon, a mudblood, and Irmina Burke married to Benjy Fenwick.."

Bellatrix nodded. "We must remove these stains without fail. Yaxley, you will copy this list so that all of these names are available for everyone." Yaxley inclined his head, and looked as if he was about to speak, when Rodolphus cut in.

"I thought you said there were five," he said.

Yaxley glanced back to the list. "Quite right, I missed off Galahad Weasley. He has married Posey Parkinson."

Bellatrix jumped. "Posey?" she said in shock.

Yaxley glanced back down at his list, then back up at Bellatrix, nodding in confirmation. Wide eyed, Bellatrix looked first to Lucius, then to Rodolphus, and both looked completely surprised, even Lucius had let his guard down. Taking in a deep breath, Bellatrix spoke again. "I see." She was silent for a moment, before realising she couldn't let this affect her in public. "Of course," she said, smiling slightly, but her head was whirling. Her own friend? A blood traitor? "We shall have to remove her too. It is... Very disappointing." She sat forward, trying to find the right words, but none came to her for a moment. She decided to end the meeting. "We will begin as soon as possible, tracking down these people that are on this list," she ordered. "I will speak with the Dark Lord on this matter as well; he will be very disappointed that there are so many names." She stood up, and the rest of the table stood with her. "There will be another meeting next week when the Dark Lord has returned," she said coolly. "Until then."

She nodded to everyone, and swiftly swept from the room, going straight up to the bedroom. She sat down on the bed, her mind still whirling. This meant she would have to track down and murder not only her sister, but her friend too. The thought bothered her, but she knew it was necessary and was still something she wanted to do for herself, not just for her husband.


Narcissa's face was a picture of shock as Bellatrix told her the news.

"I should have known!" Bellatrix exclaimed once more. "When I saw her that day, out at Diagon Alley, she was very evasive over the identity of the person she was seeing."

Narcissa nodded. "There was no way she would have told the wife of the Dark Lord."

Bellatrix rested her head on the table, knowing Voldemort was going to be pretty furious when he found out. Not because he cared about Posey at all, but because she was now married to a member of the Order and knew things that could damage him. "Do you think Posey would tell?"

"I don't know," Narcissa replied softly. "Posey was always very loyal."

"But is that a good thing or a bad thing? Will she be loyal to me or to her husband?" Bellatrix sighed.

"If it endangered your life..."

Bellatrix laughed coarsely. "I am in danger every time I leave the house."

Neither spoke for a while. Suddenly Bellatrix sat up. "I know where she works."

"Oh, no, Bellatrix..." Narcissa said quickly, sounding very scared and worried now.

"Nothing like that, as if I could kill her," Bellatrix said scathingly. "But someone's going to have to."

Narcissa sat back in her chair, in a most unladylike fashion. Bellatrix didn't think she'd ever seen Narcissa do that before, she was always so upright and collected. "How can you do what you do, every day? I think it's terrible."

Bellatrix glared. "Don't say things like that. Don't even think them." She stood up, pacing around the room. "You are lucky you have me, the Dark Lord would not like these thoughts..." She noticed Narcissa was shivering slightly. "Sister," she said, softer now. "It will not be like this forever. You have no idea how close we are."

Narcissa nodded slowly.

"I'm going to go to Posey and warn her."

"Won't the Dark Lord be angry?" Narcissa asked hesitantly.

Bellatrix shrugged. "Probably, but when he gets back he's going to be so horny that he won't even notice."

Narcissa flushed. "You shouldn't be so open about your private life with your husband," she muttered.

"You sound like mother," Bellatrix retorted sharply. "I can handle my husband. You know a different man to the one I know, Cissy."

"What if he gets angry though?" Narcissa repeated.

"He won't!" Bellatrix snapped. "And if he does, it won't have been the first time, I can handle it." Bellatrix paused. "Don't forget we're having the ball the night he gets back."

"I don't know if that's a good idea now," Narcissa mumbled.

"It's my party, my house and my husband's return. I need you to help me, Cissy. I need you to keep my wine glass topped up. Please don't abandon me in my hour of need." She was joking around now, but Narcissa still didn't seem sure.

"Anything for you," was all she said.

Bellatrix grinned. "See you tomorrow." She waved cheerfully to Narcissa, before disapparating from the house.

She appeared outside of the Daily Prophet's main offices, sure that the staff would be leaving soon as it was almost six o'clock. It was getting dark and raining heavily, but Bellatrix didn't notice how wet she was getting. She moved closer to the doorway, suddenly seeing her friend walking down the steps inside of the building to leave. She stopped to chat to someone briefly, before headed to the door.

Bellatrix couldn't believe her luck. She moved towards Posey. "Parkinson," she called.

Posey turned around, and Bellatrix grabbed her, pulling her into a doorway with her wand out. "Or should I say Weasley?"

Posey turned white. "Bellatrix..."

"Save it," Bellatrix told her coldly. "I don't care. You didn't judge so I'm not going to either. Just be aware, people are coming for you."

"What – why?" Posey said loudly. "I don't understand." She was shaking like a leaf, all over. Bellatrix felt bad, but it had to be said.

"You are married to a blood traitor."

That was enough. Posey understood immediately. "When?"

Bellatrix shrugged. "I don't know yet, but soon."


"There's nothing I can do. It's inevitable. I'm astounded at your stupidity, marrying a Gryffindor, a Weasley at that, but I do understand." Bellatrix took a deep breath. "Have you kept my secret?"

"I would never..." Posey looked really hurt. "Galahad has no idea. I have no idea about what he is doing either, don't forget he is fighting against my family too..."

"Do your family even know?" Bellatrix asked, wondering if Posey's brother was aware of her actions, even though he was a death eater. He should have come forward immediately if he did.

"Only mother," Posey said quickly. "Father died last year, and my brother..."

Bellatrix nodded, understanding. She was relieved, but then should have known as Posey was very sensible. "Just take care." She looked around her, glad for once that it was raining heavily.

"Thank you for warning me."

The two girls stared at each other for a few moments, before Bellatrix turned and walked away. She had nothing else to say.


"And you didn't kill her?" Evan asked incredulously.

He was taking her out for dinner. Not at the Valerian, but it was still good food. She was really indulging tonight, feeling as if she deserved it.

"I told you already!" Bellatrix retorted.

Evan shook his head, digging into his burger. "You're mad."

Bellatrix grinned, chomping on her French fries. "Thanks."

"Welcome," Evan told her, not looking up. "So what's the plan for Halloween?"

"Well, a certain someone should be coming home to celebrate in style," Bellatrix said, beginning to feel excited about seeing her husband again now. "So Narcissa and I are organising a masked ball."

"What, with costumes?" Evan asked, his face very surprised and slightly disappointed. "No fun?"

"You can get drunk for free," Bellatrix told him.

Evan considered. "Very important."

"And you might even meet this model girlfriend you keep going on about."

"Oh, Cynthia?"

Bellatrix laughed. "Now you've named her?"

"Yep," Evan said, grinning. "She's called Cynthia, she's twenty two, she's blonde, green eyes, six foot tall, huge boobs and likes to wear short skirts."

"I think you're aiming too high," Bellatrix commented slyly.

"Probably." Evan shrugged. "At this rate, I'm going to end up the same way as Lestrange."

Bellatrix laughed again. "I doubt that. You're much better looking."

"Maybe my looks intimidate women."

Bellatrix continued to laugh, wondering if one of these days her cousin was going to finally meet his dream girlfriend and if he was going to settle down.


Dear Tom,

I have arranged a ball at our house at Halloween. You have to wear a mask and see how long you remain undetected for, so that I have my wonderful husband all to myself. I won't dance until you arrive.

For your information, I will be wearing black.

I hope we are never separated for this amount of time again.

I love you,

From Bella.


Dear Bella,

I will be there. I promise to dress accordingly; I would hate to disobey you. It is a good idea, everyone expects something on Halloween and this is the best way for us to spend it together, undetected as you say.

I hope we are not separated for this amount of time again, but the magic will be complete very soon. It is worth it.

I cannot believe I am about to sign a letter this way:

I love you and miss you,

From Tom.


It was finally the evening of Halloween. Voldemort would be back at any moment. She could hardly contain her glee. It had been almost a month since they had seen each other, and since any Death Eater had seen him as well. Bellatrix wondered what he was going to come wearing, and whether he would make a grand entrance, or whether he would remain undercover, watching her and testing her loyalty, invisible amongst all the other costumes.

Bellatrix was wearing a simple black gown, strapless, completely backless, which clung to her perfect figure and touched the ground, trailing a little behind her as she walked. Her hair was curled down her back, now long enough for her to sit on. Her mask too, was simple, covering only around her eyes and down to the tip of her nose and underneath it her eyelids were black as well. Her tiara was adorning her hair, and the matching choker was around her neck.

For the first time at a party such as this, her mark was uncovered, visible to all who looked. She didn't care any more – She was proud to be a servant to the Dark Lord, and as such she wanted the world to know who she belonged to.

Bellatrix had spent the first few hours of the party, circulating, welcoming everyone with drinks and food, complimenting costumes and making small talk. Her wine glass had not left her hand, and Narcissa had been most wonderful in making sure that it was never empty for long.

Now she had spoken with everyone, and also had plenty of wine, Bellatrix was feeling very relaxed. As Lucius came over, and his presence distracted her sister, Bellatrix's mind wandered. Where was the Dark Lord?

Feeling eyes on her, she tilted her head to look. Across the room from her, a man was staring. Bellatrix forgot that there were other people in the room for a moment; the rest of the party became a blur as she stared back. His outfit matched hers, simple black, and his mask was almost identical too, the only variation was the shape. Behind the mask, she saw dancing blue eyes, and knew it was him. From the smirk on his lips, he knew he had been discovered, and that fact pleased him.

Now isolated from the conversation, Bellatrix took a step forwards staring at him. The man strode towards her, reaching for her hand and kissing it, lingering as if he couldn't savor her skin enough, when he was stood beside her.

"Miss Black," he murmured, his eyes still not leaving hers for a moment.

"The Dark Lord wouldn't like to see you kissing my hand in such a way," she purred, smirking at him.

"The Dark Lord isn't here," he responded playfully, grinning now.

Suddenly, he grabbed her hand and dragged her into the adjoining room, and Bellatrix was sure someone must have noticed them. Probably someone irritating, like Rodolphus as well.

Bellatrix found herself slammed against the wall, his lips crushing into hers with such power, much more than usual. She wondered for a second what he had been doing to himself whilst he was away, but that thought left her mind went she felt her dress being lifted and a hand found its way to her now very damp folds.

The man pulled away, gasping for breath. "No underwear?" he asked, cocking his head to one side. "Were you expecting someone?"

Pressing her hand against his crotch, Bellatrix laughed. "Yes," she murmured. "I've been alone for almost a month."

A moan escaped the man's lips, and he pressed himself against her, kissing her with that same force again, slipping a finger inside of her. "Merlin, I can't wait," the man breathed, as he pulled his lips away from her. Without a pause, he put his arms around her, lifting her up, pressing her harder against the wall. Bellatrix felt something hard pressing against her, before it slid easily inside of her. A spark of pleasure spread through her as he slammed himself in and out of her, his lips playing against her neck, one hand reaching up behind her to tug at her hair, pulling her head back and exposing more of her white neck to him.

Bellatrix gasped, before feeling the familiar pulsing sensation of a heavy orgasm hitting her. Moaning loudly, Bellatrix squeezed her nails into his back, her legs tightening around him. After a couple more seconds, the man's moans got louder and Bellatrix felt his release inside of her. A moment later, his movements stopped and he pulled back, lifting her up slightly before putting her back down on the ground.

The man's eyes had turned ruby red.

With a smirk, Bellatrix kissed him once more. "Angry or passionate," she said, running her fingers down the side of his face. "Enough to melt a spell."

Voldemort laughed. "I've missed you, Bella."

"Words cannot describe how much I have missed you, Tom," Bellatrix responded, kissing him again. Her entire body was tingling pleasantly.

The Dark Lord reached for her hand, turning it around so her palm was facing upwards. He surveyed her dark mark tattoo, before bringing it to his lips and kissing it. Bellatrix shuddered, his lips on her mark made the magic within her sing with pleasure.

Smiling at him, Bellatrix turned to the mirror and tidied her hair. "I'm being a terrible hostess right now."

Voldemort smiled, moving so he was behind her and so that he could look at her in the mirror. Bellatrix looked at him when she was completely satisfied with her appearance, and then frowned. "You look pale, is everything alright?"

"I'm fine," he said quietly, watching her. "We should return."

"Is the Dark Lord back yet?" she asked him.

"Not yet," Voldemort replied, closing his eyes and touching his fingers to his eyelids and straightening his mask. His gaze was blue once more when he looked back to her.

Bellatrix sighed. "Wish he was," she said, her eyes wandering down to his lips.

"You know I'm going to get mobbed once they realise I'm back for good," he said, smoothing down her hair. "I want to enjoy the night with my lovely wife."

"So you're not going away again?" Bellatrix asked, her eyes lighting up. She turned to face him, hugging him close to her.

"I am all finished now," Voldemort told her. "Now come on, I want to dance with you."

"Lestrange hasn't stopped hinting at dances all day," Bellatrix said, smiling coyly at him.

It was Voldemort's turn to sigh. "Am I going to have to punish him, again?" he asked incredulously.

"Yes, please," Bellatrix breathed, pressing a kiss into his chest, which miraculously felt firmer than ever.

The Dark Lord chuckled, then took his wife's hand and led her back to the ballroom. As soon as the door was shut behind them, Voldemort let go of her, straightened his mask, and with a wink at Bellatrix, walked towards the bar. Narcissa was beside her almost instantly.

"Where have you been?" she whispered, pulling Bellatrix back towards Lucius.

"With my husband," Bellatrix responded smugly.

Lucius paled. "Shit," he said quietly.

"Lucius, language!" said Narcissa, slapping his arm.

"Indeed," a voice behind Bellatrix said. She turned around, and her heart fluttered as she saw her husband had brought her a drink. "Sweetheart," Voldemort said, handing her the glass. It was full of red wine and it definitely tasted all the better now he was here. Voldemort looked back to Lucius, who bowed his head. "Don't worry," Voldemort continued softly, looking to Lucius. "I shall be busy tonight, after."

Malfoy looked up, before smiling coolly. "Thank you," he murmured.

Voldemort smirked. "You should thank my wife for being so irresistible."

Bellatrix laughed.

Lucius remained silent, merely bowing his head once more in response.

"Come," Voldemort murmured into Bellatrix's ear. He beckoned her towards the dance floor, which was rapidly thinning out as the party neared its end and people were returning to their homes. He placed one hand on the small of her back, holding her hand with his free hand, moving slowly to the music with her.

"Have there been any problems?" Voldemort asked her quietly, as the moved together.

"No," Bellatrix responded. "We've done very well without you here. Maybe I've replaced you." She pulled back, smiling cheekily up at him.

Voldemort snorted lightly, spinning her around. "No one can replace me," he said, smirking. "You know that."

"Merlin, I know it best," Bellatrix replied, laughing softly.

"Have you caught any of the blood traitors yet?" Voldemort asked her.

Bellatrix stiffened in his arms, pulling away slightly. Voldemort's grip on her hands tightened as he pulled her back towards him. "Not yet," she muttered, her gaze fearful as she looked at him. His expression didn't change. "Though we get closer on a daily basis."

Voldemort merely nodded. "And how about our little auror project?" he continued, his tone business like. Bellatrix wondered if their husband and wife time was over already, so soon in the night.

"That is going well," Bellatrix said, relaxing now they were on a better subject. "We've managed around sixteen deaths whilst you have been away, my Lord."

"Around?" Voldemort snapped suddenly, and Bellatrix regretted relaxing so soon. "Did I not teach you always to be precise?"

He spun her around, faster then ever, before pulling her back into his arms.

"You did, my Lord," said Bellatrix nervously. "I just meant that some of them had life threatening injuries, and we aren't sure if they actually did die."

Voldemort was silent, gazing at her. Bellatrix was very relieved that the eyes were still blue. As suddenly as he snapped, he laughed at her. "Relax, you've done well," he said, smirking at her.

"I hate it when you do that," Bellatrix muttered into his neck. He ran his arms soothingly down her spine.

"Merlin, I love your skin," Voldemort murmured into the top of her head, ignoring her comment.

Bellatrix suddenly felt eyes on them. Voldemort felt it too, as he looked over Bellatrix's shoulder sharply. "What is it?" Bellatrix asked cautiously.

"Lestrange," Voldemort muttered, turning Bellatrix away from him. "He's coming over. I'm afraid I may have to blow my cover."

The room was empty now, except for a few higher Death Eaters, Lucius and Narcissa, and unfortunately, Rodolphus Lestrange.

Bellatrix felt a hand on her shoulder. "Bellatrix, may I have the last dance?" she heard Rodolphus ask her.

"No, Lestrange," she said softly, fully aware of Voldemort's irritation.

"Come on, we don't get to have these parties so often..."

"The lady said no," said Voldemort, his voice dark. Bellatrix shuddered.

"I didn't ask you," Rodolphus said, his eyes not leaving Bellatrix, who was staring at the ground, eyes wide. When Lestrange finally looked up, the other man's eyes were a dazzling shade of red. Rodolphus panicked. "My Lord!" he said, stepping backwards hastily.

"Get out!" Voldemort hissed at him. "See me tomorrow!" The Dark Lord turned back to Bellatrix, who stared into his red eyes, a grin playing on her lips.

"Definitely angry," she whispered at him. A smile appeared on his lips for a moment, before he looked back up and the smile was wiped in an instant. Bellatrix turned around just in time to see Lucius patting Rodolphus on the shoulder as he left the room.

As the door slammed shut, Voldemort walked towards Lucius, who was now looking back to Narcissa with a smile. Bellatrix followed hastily, grabbing her sisters' arm and pulling her out the way as Voldemort slammed Lucius against the wall, in a strangely similar way to how he had slammed her against the wall.

"Are you fucking with me, Malfoy?" Voldemort asked him loudly. Bellatrix jumped, Voldemort never swore. Bellatrix wasn't sure why he was so bothered; she was not interested in any other man than her husband. Still, she considered him to be a very possessive man and couldn't allow herself to be too surprised about it.

"N-no-" Lucius stuttered. Bellatrix had only seen her brother-in-law like this once, and she certainly was enjoying it for the second time. Narcissa was trying to escape Bellatrix's grasp to go and save her husband from the Dark Lord, but Bellatrix knew better. Narcissa was innocent to the brutal world of the Death Eaters, which including a wide variety of nasty punishments that Bellatrix hoped her sister would never know about.

After a long moment, Voldemort let go of Lucius. "Ball is over," he snapped over his shoulder. "Get out, all of you."

Hastily, the men in the room, and Narcissa, made for the exit. When the room was empty, Bellatrix walked towards her husband.

"Tom," she murmured, pressing her hands against his back, resting her head against his soft robes. "I only want you."

Voldemort turned around, planting a kiss on her forehead, but otherwise remained silent.

"You scared the life out of Lucius," Bellatrix said, laughing as she wrapped her arms around him.

The Dark Lord cracked a smile. "I'm good at that."

Bellatrix reached up, and pulled off his mask, throwing it on the floor. "You swore."

Voldemort laughed out loud, doing the same thing to Bellatrix's mask. "My poor Bella, your innocent ears must be burning," he said mockingly.

"They are," Bellatrix responded. "Why did you get so angry at Lucius?" she asked, after a moment of consideration. She was unsure whether he was likely to turn on her, and she definitely didn't want that to happen.

Voldemort rested his chin on the top of her head. "Bella," he murmured. "Rodolphus has made it plain to Lucius that he still wants you."

"Even though he knows I am married to you?" Bellatrix said sharply. "Even though he knows I hate his guts?"

"Indeed," Voldemort replied quietly. "A wife, to the Lestrange's, isn't about love. It's about power and making heirs. Rodolphus's brother, Rabastan, boasts about how he beats his wife on a daily basis. You've probably seen her, here, with bruises on her face because Rabastan doesn't allow her to cover them. He makes her go out in public looking like that, so everyone knows. For Rodolphus, you would be a game, he would enjoy to watch you fall." The Dark Lord paused. "Do you know why your engagement to him was canceled?"

Bellatrix shook her head numbly.

"Your father heard about how Rabastan was with his wife, and didn't like the thought of forcing that on you." Voldemort smoothed down her hair, kissing her briefly. "Lucius knows all of this, not to mention about the fact you are already married, and he shouldn't be giving Rodolphus sympathy like that." He paused, contemplating, looking around him thoughtfully before turning his attention back to Bellatrix. He lifted her up in his usual effortless way, so he could kiss her on the lips. "You are not leaving my sight for at least a week, I cannot believe I went without you for a month."

Bellatrix giggled, squeezing him tightly to herself. "I'm so glad it's over, Tom," she told him. "Let's go to bed."

Voldemort lifted her effortlessly into his arms and carried her upstairs, definitely not caring right now if anyone saw them.


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