Power, Wealth and Social Status

This is the story of the life of Bellatrix Black; a life ruled by power, wealth and social status. Split into two parts, the story loosely follows that of the Harry Potter books along with some added twists for drama. Voldemort/Bellatrix


21. Chapter 21

"We're going out to dinner tonight," Voldemort informed her as he swept into his office. Bellatrix was already there, sat in his seat with her long legs resting on the table. The Dark Lord sat on the table, running a hand down her bare legs in approval.


Bellatrix closed the book, looking up at him. She was surprised he hadn't commented about where she was sitting, what she was reading and why she was doing so. In honesty, she'd come here to read the books he always kept closest to him. She wanted to know more about the Horcrux's, how he split his soul and how he managed to still be so utterly gorgeous even though he'd used such terrible magic.


"Where are we going?" she asked, lifting her leg and placing it on the other side of him so he could see her red panties under her short black skirt. He shifted over so he had one leg either side of his thighs, and the view straight ahead of him.


"The usual," he murmured, tilting his head to one side, his red eyes gleaming as he looked at her. He looked up to her face for a moment. "With the Malfoy's."


Bellatrix smiled happily. She hadn't seen her sister yet, and she had been back from Hogwarts for four days now. "Ah, to celebrate her completion of school?"


"Indeed," Voldemort replied, sliding off the table and kneeling in front of her, his hands pushing her thighs further apart. After a moment of running his fingers over her silk panties, he lent forwards and pressed a gentle kiss against them. Bellatrix moaned, bending her knees up slightly to give him better access. After the kiss, Voldemort pulled back from her, standing up and lightly pecking her on the cheek. She could see his eyes still glowing red with desire, sparkling with laughter as he stepped away, lifting her leg and moving towards the window.


"My Lord..." Bellatrix murmured, tilting her head to watch him.


"Are you going to explain to me why you are always in here, reading my books?" he asked her coolly, still looking out of the window. The sky was orange as the sun was going to be setting in an hour, beams of light shining through the trees and through the window in leafy patterns.


Bellatrix swallowed. So he had noticed after all. Now she wasn't sure if he actually was irritated, or if he was just playing with her, as he enjoyed to do so often.


"I..." she hesitated before answering him. She really didn't want to anger him, not tonight, now she was excited about seeing her sister. "Knowledge is power," she finally settled on.


Voldemort turned to face her, his expression impassive. She could see his wand in his hand suddenly, and she wondered if it had been there all along and she hadn't noticed, or if he had just got it out, ready to curse her.


"I don't pretend to think I should ever become as powerful as you, husband," she said, quickly thinking of the time he had told her to remind him more often that they were married. "But if I am to become the Dark Lady, your queen, I need to be above everyone except for you."


The Dark Lord nodded, moving away from the window and standing behind her, his hands settling on her shoulders. "Be careful," he murmured, kissing the top of her head. Slowly, he withdrew his hands from her shoulders, stepping around and heading towards the door. As he reached the doorway, he turned back to her. "You'll find nothing about Horcrux's, if that's what you are searching for," he said, a smirk now on his features. Bellatrix looked up at him sharply. He always knew everything. "We need to leave here in an hour, by the way," he added as he stepped out of the room and shut the door behind him.


Bellatrix slammed the book shut and ran towards the door, now panicking in earnest about not having enough time to choose a dress suitable for the Valerian.




Bellatrix entered the restaurant with one arm through Voldemort's, smirking around her. She was pleased that the place hadn't changed as it had been a while since they had last come here. It was still exclusive, heavily warded and mainly for purebloods. Since it was located very near to Knockturn Alley, it meant the blood-traitors were very unlikely to come here. It also meant that they were free to do pretty much what they wanted, which was why Voldemort's arm was now around her waist, drawing her closer to him.


Bellatrix had chosen her dress easily enough. The Dark Lord hadn't given her a choice. It was cream silk, the neckline following the curves of her breasts and plunging down where the material met in the middle. The silk clung to her body down to her hips where it fell in smooth folds to the ground, trailing behind her slightly. The silk slit high, almost to the very top of her thigh, showing off a trimming of creamy lace which covered her flesh down to the top of the knee, following the opening of the silk down to the ground.


As soon as they were spotted by one of the waitresses, they were shown to their table. Lucius and Narcissa hadn't arrived yet. They were near the back of the room, and as usual as they walked past all of the tables, they were stared at in surprise. Bellatrix assumed it was either because Voldemort had his arm around her, or because he hadn't bothered to change the colour of his eyes. She could hear murmurs of the words 'Dark Lord' and 'Black'; people were whispering her name and she loved it.


As they sat down at their wonderfully secluded table, Voldemort spoke. "The Malfoy's will joining us shortly, make sure they are seated promptly," he ordered the woman shortly. "We'll have a bottle of the finest red, and a bottle of the finest white," he continued, waving her away.


Bellatrix smiled across the table at him. He caught her gaze and held it. "Your dress is beautiful. As soon as I spotted it, I needed to see you in it. You grow more into my Dark Lady every day."


Her smile widened. "I hope so," she murmured, toying with the golden rose necklace he had given her.


Voldemort reached across the table and pulled her hand to his lips, pressing a kiss firmly on her knuckles. "Now I have almost finished teaching you officially, when I am absent you will be at the head of the table in the meeting room."


"Do you have to go away again?" Bellatrix asked hastily. As much as the idea of being left in charge thrilled her, she didn't enjoy the thought of being away from him.


"Not for a while yet, do not fear, my lovely," Voldemort responded with a warm smile. "I wanted to tell you now, so that you can prepare yourself. You must not show any weakness in front of them from now on. I trust you to continue the good work you have begun in proving yourself."


"I have one weakness," Bellatrix told him. Under the table she lifted her foot and pressed it against the inside of his thigh.


The Dark Lord smirked, and was about to reply when Lucius and Narcissa came over. Hastily, Bellatrix stood up, greeting her sister with a kiss on the cheek. Since the sister's had last seen each other, Narcissa had transformed from a Black daughter to a Malfoy wife. Her hair was pulled back in an elegant knot at the base of her neck, her posture was impeccable and her eyes were icy cold, just like Lucius's and Abraxas's always were.


Her dress was dark green silk, the collar at the back of her neck high and then it fell down in a 'V' shape, showing off her cleavage modestly. The sleeves reached her elbows, tight like a second skin, the top part of the dress wrapping around her body before it fell to the ground in long lines of chiffon. She was wearing emerald and gold drop earrings that Bellatrix remembered Lucius's mother wearing when she was still alive.


"Glad to see you," Narcissa muttered into Bellatrix's ear warmly. Bellatrix smiled, stepping back and sitting back down, her sister next to her.


Four wine glasses were brought over, along with the two bottles and the menu's. They ordered their starters and mains, and Bellatrix felt strangely turned on when Voldemort ordered for her. As Lucius and Narcissa spoke to the waitress, Bellatrix looked to her husband who was smirking at her, as if he knew she was aroused. She suddenly felt something brushing her leg, and her eyes widened when she felt his shoe-less foot resting firmly between her legs, pressing against her sensitive folds. She should have guessed he had something like this planned when he'd held his wand against her underwear when she was dressed and ready to go, dissolving the white panties from around her.


As the waitress left their table, Bellatrix forced her face into a calm expression. She didn't feel calm. Voldemort still hadn't moved his foot. She could feel him wiggling his toes against her. The dress was going to be ruined if he didn't stop soon.


"How did your exams go, Narcissa?" Voldemort inquired smoothly.


"Well, thank you," Narcissa responded, nodding her head to him with a small smile. "I am relieved to be finished. I have a husband to look after and I could hardly do it well from Hogwarts."


"Rest assured Lucius has missed you," Voldemort responded, smirking at Lucius for a moment who sighed.


"You're so kind, my Lord," Lucius said with a smile.


Voldemort looked back to his wife for a moment, winking at her once more and removing his foot. He poured her a glass of wine, before raising his own. The four tapped glasses together. "A toast to freedom," Voldemort said softly, just as their starters arrived.


Bellatrix tucked into her king-prawn cocktail, glancing up to the Dark Lord as she chewed on it with a smirk. He always knew exactly what she liked. Voldemort smiled back, knowing what she was thinking.


She turned to Narcissa. "How has Andromeda been behaving this past year, then?" she asked coolly.


Narcissa swallowed a mouthful of pâté before speaking, but her facial expression told Bellatrix enough. "She gets worse every day. I don't mind telling you that I don't think she will last the summer at home with our mother and father, especially now she is of age."


"And this boy she's been dating?" Bellatrix asked, a concerned frown on her features.


"Still dating," Narcissa replied with a nod. "She sits with the Gryffindor's in the great hall."


"We saw them together in Hogsmede, during the last weekend out," Lucius added softly. "They didn't seem to care who saw them."


"I haven't told mother or father yet. I have only seen them once since I returned. They came to visit us." Narcissa sighed, sipping her wine. Bellatrix could feel her husband's eyes fixed firmly on her face. She didn't dare look at him.


Bellatrix frowned. "They don't come and visit me," she muttered.


"You can hardly blame them for that, beautiful," Voldemort said quietly, chuckling.


"Mother is proud of Narcissa, but not of me," said Bellatrix after a moment. "The only way I shall impress her now is if I have three baby boys."


"Three?" Voldemort asked, one eyebrow raised in concern.


"She'll be dead before we come to that, I wouldn't worry," Bellatrix replied with a grin.


Narcissa gasped. "Bellatrix!"


"It's true," Bellatrix retorted, noticing that both Lucius and Voldemort were struggling not to laugh. "We have bigger concerns than babies. You don't. Give it a couple of years and you'll be surrounded by screaming kids."


"I suppose," Narcissa responded with a nod, drinking her wine as she finished her starter.


"Really?" Lucius asked, and it was his turn now to sound concerned. He looked towards Voldemort. "This is all being decided without our say, have you noticed that?"


Voldemort nodded with a grin. "We're clearly very unimportant."


"You two are extremely important," Bellatrix said with a smirk. "You're the money."


"Ah," Lucius murmured knowingly.


"We're just lucky we both fell in love with rich men," Narcissa added, smirking at her sister.


"Rich and sexy," Bellatrix continued.


"Are you saying you think my husband is sexy?" Narcissa asked Bellatrix quickly with a smile.


Bellatrix wrinkled her nose. "Eugh, I don't think so!"


Voldemort was laughing hard at her. Bellatrix merely licked her lips at him, and his laugher faded to a lustful stare. Bellatrix knew how to deal with her husband.




Voldemort and Bellatrix had decided to take a walk through the moonlit garden before heading back to drink some more wine in their rooms. They'd polished off the bottle of red by the end of the meal at the Valerian, and had said goodbye to Lucius and Narcissa after desert, leaving them together with a second bottle of white.


"You know, Lucius is the only man I trust to leave you alone with," Voldemort told her.


"Why, because we hate each other?"


Voldemort laughed, squeezing her hand tightly. "No, you don't hate each other, minx."


"Little bit," Bellatrix said quickly.


"I would trust Lucius to look after you if something happened to me."


"Nothing is going to happen to you," Bellatrix told him. "Besides, I don't need to be looked after."


"You may be able to fight, you may be powerful but you are still a woman, and women in wizarding society never live without their husbands or parents," Voldemort told her. "No matter what."


"Lucky for me my husband is the worlds most powerful man," Bellatrix responded with a grin, leaning over and pressing a kiss against his neck.


Voldemort stopped walking and spun her around to face him, holding her tightly in his arms. "I do not intend on going anywhere," he informed her softly, before moving forwards and crushing his lips against hers. Bellatrix smiled into the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck, unable to believe that this perfect man was all hers, forever.




Bellatrix awoke quite suddenly the next night. It was dark, and the bed was empty next to her. Somewhere, she was sure she could hear screaming. It sounded like a man. Wide awake, she slipped out of bed, pulling her robes around her hastily before stepping from the room. The sitting room was dark and silent, but as she left the room she could hear the screams much more clearly now. As she walked around the corner, the lights became much brighter and a surprising scene met her eyes.


At the top of the stairs, Voldemort was standing with his back to her above Lucius, who was on the floor, writhing and crying out for the pain to stop. Bellatrix's eyes widened, she had never seen Lucius under the cruciatus curse, and she never had expected to either. He looked as if he had been under it for a while as he seemed paler than usual, and his throat was starting to sound hoarse. Slowly, Bellatrix stepped forwards, putting her hand on Voldemort's shoulder. The Dark Lord looked down at her, and as Bellatrix looked up she could see how dark with anger his eyes were. What had Lucius done wrong?


"M- my-" Lucius began to say through his cries. Voldemort looked back, lifting his wand to end the spell. Lucius fell back to the ground, his body twitching, before attempting to pull himself to his knees.


"You have Lord Voldemort's displeasure," Voldemort hissed at him. "I asked for one thing today, one small thing, and you failed." The Dark Lord paused, walking around Lucius slowly. Bellatrix felt nervous. If this had been anyone else, with the exception of Evan or Regulus, she wouldn't have cared. She didn't even care directly about Lucius, but her concern lay with Narcissa, who would not respond well if her husband got hurt.


"Not only did you fail," Voldemort continued to hiss, ignoring Bellatrix. "You did not report to me straight after. You were scared." Voldemort stopped walking by Lucius's head, crouching down over him. "Weak."


The blond appeared to be struggling to keep his eyes open. Bellatrix knew what would happen if he was cursed any more. Voldemort appeared to be too angry to care. As he raised his wand once more, Bellatrix strode forwards hastily, resting her hand on Voldemort's ward arm as Lucius closed his eyes.


"Husband," she said gently in a soft tone, gazing into his eyes which immediately turned a lighter shade of red. "I beg you to consider what this will mean."


Voldemort narrowed his eyes at her, before grabbing her arm and slamming her angrily against the wall. Bellatrix could see Lucius watching her with curiosity, a strained expression on his face. Hands shaking, she looked back to her husband, her eyes wide.


"What do you think you are doing?" he snarled at her, pressing himself tightly against her.


Bellatrix inhaled deeply, almost feeling turned on as his red eyes stared brightly into her own and as he pinned her tightly to the wall.


"Asking you to take your anger out on me," Bellatrix responded, her chest heaving in both terror and arousal.


"Why would you do that?" Voldemort responded coolly, his grip on her tightening and Bellatrix could see his face was moving closer to her own, his head tilted to one side, his lips curved into half a sarcastic smile.


Bellatrix smiled back, though she could still feel her heart racing. It was often easy to be lured into a false sense of security by the Dark Lord, because he was so handsome and charming. "Husband," she purred, not allowing her fear to show on her face. "How am I meant to sleep so unsatisfied, when I have not had you inside of me?"


For a moment, Voldemort's face didn't change at all. Bellatrix began to feel a bit twitchy. Then, quite suddenly, he pulled back from her, turning to Lucius. "I want you here, ten o clock sharp, tomorrow," he snarled, his anger still clear in his voice. "You had better thank my wife."


Lucius bowed his head, still visibly shaking, but didn't have time to form a reply as Bellatrix reached out her hand to Voldemort, who took it, their eyes meeting as he did so. Bellatrix hoped Lucius wouldn't remember them being so intimate, in a very different way to how he had seen them before. She didn't want to have power over the Dark Lord.


As they reached the sitting room, Bellatrix spoke again. "My Lord, you must be tired."


Voldemort rounded on her, running his fingers through her hair. "Yes," he replied simply, his expression neither warm nor cold.


"Would you like me to bring you a drink in bed?" she asked him, stepping closer and pressing a soft kiss on his jaw line, which was the highest point of him she could reach without stepping up on her toes or without him stooping down to her.


Voldemort made a non committal sound, before turning on his heel and walking into the bedroom. Taking that as a yes, Bellatrix poured him a large glass of brandy, setting it down whilst she quickly removed her robes. She'd dressed in such a hurry there was nothing underneath.


When she heard him getting into bed, she picked the glass back up and entered the bedroom. He looked up, smirking at her as he saw she wasn't wearing any clothes. She handed him the drink, before sliding in next to him, wrapping one leg over his leg, resting her arms around him.


"Why did you save Malfoy?" Voldemort asked her after a moment. "Why would you risk that for him?"


"For my sister," Bellatrix said quietly. "And for you." She paused, smiling up at him. "And for me. I hate this bed without you."


"If that had been anyone else under my wand, I would not have hesitated in hurting you," Voldemort told her coldly. "Don't make that mistake again."


"I hate seeing you so angry," Bellatrix mumbled, pulling away from him. He stopped her, putting his arm around her body tightly. "If it had been anyone else, except for perhaps Regulus or Evan, I wouldn't have said a word. I would have helped you."


"You care too much," Voldemort told her, finishing his drink. "Evan has never failed me. Regulus..." The Dark Lord turned around, placing the glass on the table next to the bed. "Isn't going down well, Bella."


"How do you mean?" Bellatrix asked him sharply, pulling away harder this time so he couldn't hold her down. "Well with who?"


"Rodolphus isn't impressed with his attitude," Voldemort said after a longer pause.


Bellatrix could feel her temper flaring. It was a rare thing for it to happen around her husband, but she could feel the familiar heat rising in her cheeks. "Lestrange wouldn't be bloody impressed, would he," she snapped loudly at him. "Regulus is my cousin, Lestrange hates anything to do with me and you shouldn't listen to him."


"Don't speak to me like that," Voldemort told her quietly and calmly, but the danger was very clear in his tone.


Taking a deep breath, Bellatrix nodded, moving back towards him. She felt his arms close around her once more. "Lestrange doesn't hate you," Voldemort said, "Quite the opposite. I look into his mind at every opportunity I get. He knows I watch him and there is not one thing he can hide from me." He tilted his head closer to hers. "I punish him," he continued in a softer tone. "I show him images of us together. I show him your face as you come. He knows how it feels when I am inside of you."


Bellatrix wasn't entirely sure whether to be amused or annoyed at him. She frowned.


Voldemort laughed.


"My dearest wife, do you think he will get any pleasure from seeing that through my memories?" he asked her, squeezing her playfully. "When he has seen all of that, I put him under a body-bind and crucio him to the brink of insanity. I've watched him bite through his lip before. After all of this, he still worships the ground I walk on."


"I'm never going to upset you again," Bellatrix muttered.


"I would never hurt you like I hurt those men," Voldemort told her, pressing a kiss against her cheek and running her hands over her smooth back. "Merlin knows I try not to hurt you." He rolled her over so that he was on top of her and kissed her again, trailing more tiny kisses down her throat. "And you know how to calm me down. You're an incredible woman, you're so fearless... My beautiful warrior queen..."


Bellatrix cried out in pleasure as he unexpectedly entered her. She hadn't even noticed he was turned on, but she definitely could feel it now. She was always turned on when she was naked around him so that certainly wasn't an issue.


She moaned as he thrust into her, gasping for breath as they both began to move faster and faster.


"Master..." she hissed, clamping her legs around his thighs, urging him on. His red eyes glowed vibrantly as he looked down at her, one hand pushing her knee down so he could access her deeper, the other toying with her breast.


As his movements became more erratic, and as they stared into each other's eyes, Bellatrix put her arms tightly around his neck. He was almost over the edge and so was she. Her eyes closed firmly for a moment as she felt herself beginning to clamp around him as he moved inside of her, pulsing as pleasure took over her body.


Bellatrix screamed out in pleasure, her nails digging into his neck. "Tom!" she shouted, much to her surprise just as much as Voldemort's. Her eyes snapped open in panic, looking up at him, clapping one hand over her mouth. Voldemort looking back down at her sharply.


"Little bitch," Voldemort snarled, grabbing a handful of her hair and hitting her inside walls even harder than before. He pulled her head back into the pillows, causing her back to arch as she was forced back. She wondered if he was going to pull every hair out of her body, and for a split second, she didn't even care because the eye watering pain felt so wonderful. She felt her body convulsing once more, the pleasure was so wonderful that she could feel her feet tingling.


After a couple more thrusts, the Dark Lord spilt himself inside of her, a moment later collapsing down on top of her. He didn't let go of her hair. "What came over you?" he questioned, and Bellatrix was amazed that he didn't sound at all angry.


"I... I don't know," Bellatrix mumbled. "It won't happen again."


"It is easy to get caught up in a moment like that," Voldemort told her, holding her tightly to him and rolling over so she was on top, her legs straddling his so that her upper body was pressed tightly to him. "I have done it before."


Bellatrix sighed. "Slightly different this time though."


"Don't worry," Voldemort told her softly, brushing his fingertips in circles down her spine. "I'm not angry. I just had a wonderful orgasm."


With a smile, Bellatrix relaxed into him, closing her eyes. She felt the covers being pulled around them both, and the lights in the room dimmed to darkness. As their breathing evened out, Bellatrix's mind was still doing overtime about Regulus. He was, after all, the last of the credible, male Black's. He would be the one to continue their name, since Sirius was as bad as Andromeda. That mattered a lot to Bellatrix.


"My Lord," she whispered.


Voldemort mm-ed from the back of his throat.


"About Regulus."


"What about him?" Voldemort asked softly.


"I'll speak to him."


"I don't want you involved in Death Eater politics."


Bellatrix opened her eyes, seeing only blackness around her.


"What is that?" she questioned him after a moment.


"Their petty fights," Voldemort responded quietly. "Do you honestly think I am unaware of it all?"


After a long pause, Bellatrix shook her head. "I suppose not." She sighed again. "Will you let me try and help him out?"


"Yes," Voldemort murmured, squeezing her tighter to him. "As if I could ever deny you something."


Bellatrix laughed, inhaling Voldemort's familiar scent. "How about you let me head the next meeting?"


A finger poked her in the side and she squealed with laughter. "You'll be calling me Tom in front of all of them before I know it, you naughty girl."


"No way," Bellatrix said laughing. "I'm never using it again. I expected to die."


"You will if you don't stop talking," Voldemort told her, and he sounded tired now.


Slowly, Bellatrix eased herself off of him, before snuggling her head into the side of his neck. She pressed a light kiss against the skin in front of her. "Night night, my Lord," she whispered.


"Goodnight, my lady," Voldemort replied. Bellatrix knew she was going to fall asleep with a smile tonight.




"So what did Lucius actually do last night?" Bellatrix asked, sitting up in bed and watching the Dark Lord dress. He smirked over his shoulder at her as he buttoned his robes. When he was done, he turned around and sat down on the bed behind her, running his fingers down her naked back.


"He was in a meeting with the Minister, and several heads of department yesterday morning. He was meant to put the Imperius Curse on the man who is likely to become the next Minister," Voldemort told her quietly, trailing kisses down her spine.


"Not easy," Bellatrix muttered.


"No," Voldemort agreed. "But he was too much of a coward to come to me immediately. It took him an hour to respond to my summon when he should have reported to me at leave five hours earlier." He sighed impatiently. "Lucius knows me well enough to be aware that I dislike to be kept waiting."


Bellatrix nodded. "When you have seen Lucius, will you summon Regulus?"


The kisses down her back stopped. Bellatrix turned around, wrapping herself up in the sheet. Voldemort was frowning and watching her through narrowed eyes.




"I want to help him."


There was silence at the Dark Lord stared at her for what seemed like forever, before he shrugged. "Alright." He stood up and kissed her. "You should get dressed. Come and see me when you're ready."


Bellatrix smiled at him as he left the room. She heard him mutter something that sounded suspiciously like "Bloody mortals" and couldn't help the laugh that escaped her lips.




As Bellatrix approached the office, Lucius was coming out. He looked fairly rough, he hadn't shaved or even slept by the look of it. She smirked at him and he scowled.


"Hello, Malfoy," she said, smiling widely. "And how are you today?"


"Fine," he sneered.


"You looked awful last night," Bellatrix said, smiling gleefully.


"Bella," a low voice called threateningly from inside of the office.


Lucius was scowling at her as her smile widened. "Yes, my Lord?" she responded cheerfully, turning her back to Lucius and entering the office. She leant on the door to shut it, before stepping forwards and sitting down before the desk.


The Dark Lord was caught half way between a smile and a glare.


"Give me your arm," he snapped at her.


Bellatrix sighed, leaning over his desk, placing her arm face up in front of him. Her low cut robes were showing him a lot of cleavage, very close to his face, and he always liked it when she wore short sleeves, showing off her dark mark. "You couldn't have used Malfoy's."


Voldemort raised his eyes to her face. "Malfoy is a hundred times better behaved then you are, Bella."


Bellatrix laughed quietly. "Malfoy doesn't sleep with you every night though, does he, Master," she responded, turning her lips towards his.


As Voldemort moved forwards and kissed her, he wrapped his hand tightly around her forearm, and Bellatrix felt a searing pain through her arm. He pulled away from her, smirking. "There. Go and meet him. I'm busy."


Smiling, Bellatrix pressed another kiss against his lips. "Love you too," she whispered, turning out of the office.


She was half way down the stairs when she saw Regulus hurrying towards her. "Reggie," she said, greeting him with a kiss on the cheek.


"Trixy," Regulus replied, grinning, flipping hair out of his eyes. "I've been summoned."


"Yes, I know. I wanted to speak to you," Bellatrix replied, beckoning to him to follow her. She opened the door to one of the parlours at the bottom of the stairs, pleased to see it was empty. Regulus sat, but she remained standing.


"What is the matter?" Regulus asked her quietly.


Bellatrix sighed. "You've pissed Rodolphus Lestrange off."


"Yeh?" Regulus said, scowling. "He pissed me off."


"You should be more careful, the Dark Lord holds him in very high esteem," Bellatrix retorted, pacing around.


"Lestrange hates you. You and Rosier. You two are never careful about what you say to him, why should I be?" Regulus asked after a moment.


"Lestrange reports to the Dark Lord about everyone he works with on the raids. Lucius reports about everyone that works undercover at the Ministry. The two of them are in charge of our main aims, you need to see this otherwise you're going to get yourself killed," Bellatrix told him, staring at him. "I don't want to see that."


"So what about you?" Regulus asked sharply, glaring at her. "What are you in charge of? What gives you the right to lecture me about this when you are ten years younger than me and female?"


Bellatrix pulled her wand out. "Don't say that."


"It's true," Regulus snapped angrily.


"Yes, it is true. Not to mention irrelevant," she retorted. "I am the highest."


"In your dreams!" Regulus shouted, drawing his own wand now.


"Not in my dreams!" Bellatrix told him, shaking in anger. "Not in my dreams at all. Does the Dark Lord come to your birthday parties and take you out for dinner every other weekend? Does he have a pet name for you?"


Regulus didn't reply, he only stared at her.


"I'm doing much better than all of you, every single one of you men. Lestrange knows that which is why he would never try and compete with me. Evan and I are duelling equals. What are you?" Bellatrix asked him, her final question very soft.


After a long silence, Regulus flopped back down into his seat. "Help me."


"I don't think so," Bellatrix snapped at him.


"Bellatrix," Regulus murmured, looking up at her. "I want to succeed. I don't expect you to put me at the top, I want you to help me get there, by myself."


Watching him carefully, Bellatrix nodded. "Alright." She sat down next to him. "This is all about flattering the right people. For you, Lestrange is the right person. Next time you see him, ask him if you can go out with him for experience."


"I don't really like torturing people," Regulus muttered.


"Do you actually want the Dark Lord to succeed?" Bellatrix asked incredulously, actually beginning to wonder.


"Of course," Regulus replied indignantly.


"Then it is necessary. It's you or them, make your choice."


"Them," Regulus muttered. "I wish I could get a job in the Ministry."


"Too late for that now. Look," she leant forward so she was closer to him, speaking softly. "The Dark Lord doesn't want you to fail. He just wants things done properly."


Regulus nodded, and Bellatrix felt satisfied he was going to try harder.


"There's probably a few in the meeting room now, practising, we should go there now."


Bellatrix stepped from the room, Regulus behind her, to just across the hallway where she could hear loud voices and bangs. She opened the door, smirking around her as she entered.


"Black!" Evan called from across the room, running towards her. Also in the room was Rodolphus Lestrange, Rabastan Lestrange, Travers, Rookwood and Selwyn. Rodolphus, Rabastan and Selwyn were fighting, and the other two were sitting down watching. Regulus walked over to them, leaving Bellatrix alone with Evan.


"Rosier," she responded with a nod.


"I was hoping to see you today, these men are a bunch of wimps compared to you," Evan said, leading her further into the room. "They're all feeling a bit nervous today, apparently Malfoy got it from the Dark Lord last night."


Bellatrix grinned. "Apparently?"


Evan grinned right back. "Knew I could trust you to confirm the rumours, cous."


"Yeh, well that didn't come from me."


"Nothing comes from you, Black," Evan responded with a smirk. "How about another one, the Dark Lord is going to come and watch our practise today?"


"News to me," Bellatrix replied, smiling at her cousin. "Hope he does, he's so lovely to look at."


"You should know," Evan said, still smirking, as Rodolphus's spell hit Selwyn, knocking him out onto the floor. There was a loud bang as Rabastan's spell hit the wall behind Rodolphus, just before the door opened.


There was silence immediately as the men realised it was the Dark Lord now standing in the doorway.


"Thought I should come down before my house got totally destroyed," he said with a sneer. "I would like to see some duelling."


All of the men bowed. Bellatrix flicked her wand at her husband, watching as he lazily deflected the spell heading his way. "Not good enough, Bella," he said, laughing at her.


"Worth a shot, my Lord."


"Was it?" Voldemort asked her coolly, stepping towards her.


"Yes," Bellatrix breathed, looking up at him. "I had been hoping to kill you and take your place."


Traver's gasped loudly. Voldemort ignored him. "Really," he said, smirking. "And then who would you sleep with?"


Bellatrix didn't reply, she merely smirked at him. He did have a point though, there was no one out there who could make her come like he did. Slowly, Voldemort turned away from her and sat down. "Sit," he told her coolly, and Bellatrix hurried towards him and sat down close to him, casting him a smile that he mostly ignored. He rested one hand on her thigh as he looked towards the men in the room. "Rosier, Travers and Rookwood against the Lestrange's, Black and Selwyn," is all he said, pressing his hand firmly into her thigh as if telling her it was Regulus he meant, not her.


As the men took their places, he tilted his head so it was closer to her ear. "Did he take the news well?"


Bellatrix merely cast him a look in response.


"Ah, I assume not then," he murmured as the spells began to fly around the room.


Rodolphus kept looking at them. Bellatrix could see Evan half laughing as he fought off Rabastan and Selwyn at the same time. Voldemort's expression was blank, but Bellatrix could see he was carefully studying each man individually.


For Bellatrix, it was interesting to be able to watch her fellow Death Eaters duelling in a safe environment, where she wasn't actually partaking. The best by far was Evan, matched only by Rodolphus. The difference was, Evan made it look effortless where as Rodolphus looked as if he was working hard to succeed.


Regulus was doing well. He still hadn't managed to hit Evan, but he'd got the other two men more than once. Rodolphus hadn't even been able to hit Evan, just as no one had hit Rodolphus. Bellatrix felt sure that she would be able to beat Rodolphus, she'd come close enough to beating the Dark Lord a few times.


Rodolphus's curse hit Rookwood in the arm, causing a lot of heavy bleeding, enough for Rookwood to have to bow out. Smirking, Rodolphus turned to Travers and began to fire spells at him, just as Evan's stunning spell hit Rabastan square in the chest. He let out a loud cheer, and Bellatrix couldn't help the gleeful laugh that escaped her lips.


Immediately, Rodolphus's smirk vanished and he scowled angrily over at Bellatrix, who could see Evan raising his wand and flicking it towards Rodolphus. He turned around, walking into the spell, stumbling as a long cut made it's way down across his shoulder.


"Concentrate, Lestrange!" Voldemort shouted across the room. "Your bloody death glares at Bellatrix aren't going to make you win!"


Rodolphus winced, flicking his wand violently at Evan and missing by a mile. The spell hit the wall with a loud bang. Evan was laughing again, this time directly at Rodolphus. Voldemort sighed, his face now very irritated


While this was going on, Regulus had decided to take on Travers now Evan was duelling Rodolphus and Selwyn. They duelled intensely for a few solid minutes, Bellatrix could see that Regulus was gaining the upper hand, and it wasn't long before Travers was down. A few seconds later, Evan had put Selwyn out as well.


Bellatrix could see Rodolphus shaking in anger at being defeated like this, at being shouted at by the Dark Lord in public, and probably about his weakness for Bellatrix too. His final spell was so off-target, it hit the wall right next to Voldemort's head.


"Enough!" said Voldemort loudly, standing up and walking towards the three men that were still standing. "Rosier, excellent as normal."


Evan grinned and bowed his head slightly, before turning to Bellatrix and winking at her.


"Black, that was good, we'll be seeing more of you I think," Voldemort continued, watching as Regulus bowed to him before stepping out of his way. "You and Rosier make sure that the others get back home."


Voldemort watched for a moment as Regulus and Evan moved around the room, waking up the unconscious men and telling them to disapparate home.


When he was finished, Regulus shot Bellatrix a look of gratitude, before disapparating, and Evan came over to her for his usual high five. "Lestrange's in for it," he whispered to her.


"Hope so," Bellatrix whispered back, stifling her laughter down.


"See you later, cous," Evan said, glancing around uneasily to the Dark Lord, who had his arms folded in impatience, as he waited for Evan to leave. Hastily, Evan bowed, and disapparated too.


"Bella," the Dark Lord called softly. Bellatrix turned to look at him, smiling as she saw how he was looking at her, with love in his eyes. She moved towards him, taking his outstretched hand. "Do you trust me?" he asked her quietly.


"Of course," she responded in surprise.


"You would do anything for me, even if it was something you didn't like?"


Bellatrix frowned. "You don't need to ask me that."


Voldemort smiled at her for a moment, before turning back to Rodolphus. His face was like ice in a second. He guided Bellatrix's hand forwards, showing her fingers to Rodolphus.


"Do you see that ring?" Voldemort asked him coldly.


"Yes, my Lord," Rodolphus responded, his tone slightly defiant.


"What sort of a ring is it?" Voldemort inquired sharply.


"Silver, my Lord," Rodolphus said, his voice toneless.


Voldemort's wand was out immediately. "Don't," he hissed at Rodolphus. "Be impertinent."


There was silence for a while, until Rodolphus finally spoke again. "It's a wedding ring, my Lord."


"Correct," Voldemort responded, his wand lowering. Slowly, he released his hold on Bellatrix's hand, and pushed her forwards. "Kiss my wife."


Rodolphus looked as shocked as she felt. "My Lord?" he asked with a frown.


Bellatrix turned around to glare at him, but she found she was too surprised to do so.


"Do not question me, either of you," Voldemort snarled. "Kiss her, Lestrange."


Slowly, Bellatrix turned around to face Rodolphus, who was staring at her. As he moved towards her, Bellatrix could see he thought this was some sort of cruel trick that was being played on him. Bellatrix looked up at him. He was breathing heavily as he tilted his face down to hers, Bellatrix wanted to run as far away as she could, but she forced herself to stay put. Her husband had his reasons for this.


Rodolphus pressed his lips on hers. Bellatrix hoped he would have pulled away instantly, but he didn't, his kiss lingered for a moment. When he finally moved back, Bellatrix could see desire written all over his face, and she hadn't even kissed him back.


"That's mine," Voldemort told Rodolphus. "Remember it. Now get out."


Rodolphus did as he was told, as soon as he had bowed. Bellatrix was relieved when the room was their own. She turned around to the Dark Lord, disbelief etched across her face.


"You had no right to do that," she told him angrily. "Without asking me first?"


Voldemort merely smiled at her, he didn't bother to reply. He turned away, pressing his wand against the wall to repair the damage the spells had caused it. The paper on the wall began to merge back together, and Voldemort turned back to face her. She was irritated to see he was still smiling.


"Stop it," she hissed at him.


The Dark Lord turned on her immediately. He reached forwards, grabbing her face in a rough hold, his expression cold. "You will not speak to me like that," he told her softly. "Do you understand?"


Breathing heavily, Bellatrix nodded her head slowly at him, her eyes not leaving his.


He smiled at her again, before releasing his hold on her. "I thought so." He ran fingertips down her face, patting her cheek briefly. "Rodolphus needs to learn that I am in control here, that you are mine. Not to mention how humiliated he was by doing that." Pulling her closer, he pressed a kiss against the top of her head. "You have a lot of power over him."


"I need to rinse my mouth out," Bellatrix muttered.


Voldemort chuckled, pressing his lips to her cheek. "We will go upstairs and drink wine." He turned around and began to walk towards the door, but Bellatrix ran after him and seized his hand, stopping him from walking.


"My Lord," she murmured, pushing herself into him and holding him tightly. "I am sorry for my rudeness."


Running his fingers through her hair, he pulled her back so he could look at her face. "Shh," he told her. "I am not angry. You are my wife, Bella. I have explained to you before that I do not wish for you to be terrified of me. Just remember not to push me too hard." He kissed her lips. "And remember that old habits die hard... You are the only person ever to speak to me in the way you do. Previous women... Girlfriends..." He smirked. "Were taken out, and taken to bed, but they knew never to mention anything serious. There were limits on things they could say to me before I killed them."


"And just how many did you kill?" Bellatrix asked, squeezing him tightly to her and resting her head against his firm chest.


"No idea," Voldemort told her, laughing. "All I know, is that I am not going to kill one again."


Bellatrix smiled, kissing his robes a few times before he spoke again.


"Those other girls were all I ever expected to have. I never felt anything for them. Never felt anything for anyone." The Dark Lord tilted her head back with one finger. "Your magic strengthens every day. You're almost nineteen, and your magic is as strong as Evan's, who is in his thirties." A smile spread across his lips as he stared into her eyes. "Your magical pattern is so much like my own, perhaps that is why we are so perfect together."


"We look good together," Bellatrix told him, smirking. "We are a gorgeous couple."


"We are," Voldemort agreed, smoothing her cheek gently with one finger. "Bella, I didn't intend on you making your first Horcrux for at least another ten years, when you are developed magically, but I am really starting to think it only needs to be a couple more years." Before she could reply, he pressed his finger against her lips. "And," he continued. "As soon as you are invincible, I will make you my Dark Lady. We will win this war, together, side by side."


Bellatrix grinned, throwing her arms around his neck and hugging him tightly to her. "I love you," she told him quietly. "I couldn't live without you." She pulled back, looking into his face, before standing on her toes whilst grabbing his hair, pulling him forwards into a passionate kiss.


Their lips still locked, Voldemort moved her backwards, and continued to keep her walking until she smashed into the wall. She moaned on the impact, her eyes snapping open. Voldemort's opened a moment later, ruby red and glittering in amusement and arousal. She felt his hands reaching for hers, pinning them against the wall above her. He continued to kiss her, delving deep into her mouth with his tongue, dominating her in every way. His knee slid between her legs, Bellatrix found herself bucking her hips in an effort to gain more friction.


"My Lord..." she groaned into their kiss.


Voldemort kissed her harder to silence her. Teasing her was one of his favourite past times.


Staring into his eyes as they kissed, Bellatrix could sense how aroused he was. She smirked, breaking the kiss, knowing that there was one word that really wound him up.


"Master," she whispered, hoping that he would end his teasing now.


He slammed her back against the wall. "Slut!" he snarled, opening her robes so quickly her buttons flew across the floor. Pressing his body against hers, one hand holding her wrists against the wall, Voldemort undid his robes and trousers, exposing his hardness. He pulled up her skirt whilst he released her hands, lifting one leg around himself, pushing her underwear aside and slamming into her.


Bellatrix cried out in relief. She put her arms around his neck, hanging on for dear life as he thrust roughly in and out of her. She came, after only a few more seconds. She definitely liked sex against a wall, especially if it was hard and fast like this. Until now, Bellatrix hadn't realised that a relationship could actually be perfect.


After another orgasm for Bellatrix, Voldemort came as well, leaning forwards with a hand on the wall either side of her and panting.


"Only a slut for you," she told him softly.


Voldemort smiled. "I hope so. I don't share."


"There is no one else I could think of sleeping with anyway," Bellatrix told him with a giggle.


Voldemort laughed, kissing her and holding her close. "Good girl," he told her, and Bellatrix felt herself getting wet again already. He had a very surprising effect on her sometimes.

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