Power, Wealth and Social Status

This is the story of the life of Bellatrix Black; a life ruled by power, wealth and social status. Split into two parts, the story loosely follows that of the Harry Potter books along with some added twists for drama. Voldemort/Bellatrix


20. Chapter 20


Bellatrix sat in bed, staring out of the window. She was sick. Every hour, she would begin to feel sick. The feeling grew stronger until she had to run to the bathroom to vomit, where she would feel better until it began again.


Shadow slept next to her, half asleep though purring still. Every time Bellatrix rested a hand on her soft fur, the little cat would make a surprised squeaking sound, before the intensity of the purring grew louder and happier. Bellatrix was so glad had the warm cat beside her, and she suspected that although Shadow liked to spend the majority of her day alone, she was pleased to have Bellatrix there.


The door opened and Voldemort entered, looking towards her in concern. He had dragged himself away from her a few hours earlier, and Bellatrix had slept and tried to keep herself entertained with books until she had become too bored to do anything.


She smiled at him, very pleased to see him. The Dark Lord sat down next to her, causing Shadow to open her eyes and glare at him for disturbing her, before standing up and jumping off the bed, and running into the next room. Smirking, he pressed a cool hand against her forehead.


"How do you feel?" he asked her softly.


"Like death," Bellatrix mumbled. "Just threw up."


Voldemort put his arm around her, drawing them closer together. "My poor girl," he said quietly. "Do you want me to owl your mother and get her to come here?"


Bellatrix frowned at him.


"I see that's a no then," he continued, smirking at her. "I was going to be busy with Lucius this afternoon, but since Narcissa is back today we have rescheduled for tomorrow. That means I can look after you for the rest of today."


"Some company sounds good," said Bellatrix, resting her head on his shoulder.


"Rosier wanted to come and see you earlier," Voldemort said quietly, stroking her hair.


"I don't want any visitors when I look this terrible," Bellatrix said, looking across the room into the mirror. "I can't remember the last time I went a day without makeup."


"You don't need it," Voldemort told her firmly.


"Do," Bellatrix mumbled.


"What would you do if I banned you from wearing it?" Voldemort asked her.


Bellatrix tilted her head, looking into his eyes with a satisfied smirk. "I would join the order and marry Dumbledore," she responded smugly.


"Ouch," Voldemort said sarcastically, grinning at her. "Not that you would last five minutes in the order. Sometimes I think you're worse than I am."


"Not possible," said Bellatrix, laughing now. A wave of nausea hit her, and she silenced, putting one arm around her husband, who placed a hand on her tummy.


"Sure you're not pregnant?" he asked her, for the second time.


"Morning sickness means pregnancy, darling," Bellatrix responded, rolling her eyes at him.


Voldemort chuckled, but didn't reply. They sat together in comfortable silence, broken only by the cat meowing as a bird landed on the window sill, teasingly close. Bellatrix felt fingers moving gently through her hair, and she closed her eyes, relaxing into him, enjoying the sensation. The sickness worsened in her stomach once more.


"You should drink something," Voldemort murmured, reaching over for the glass of water that was on the table next to him and handing it to her.


Bellatrix accepted it, her hands shaking slightly as she took a long sip.


"I take it sex is out of the question," said Voldemort, grinning at her.


Handing him the glass back, Bellatrix shook her head. "You are so disgusting," she told him, shifting so she was laid down. She rested her head against his thigh.


"Says the girl who has just put her mouth right next to my-"


Before he could finish his sentence, Bellatrix moved over, shooting him a glare. "You have been around Evan Rosier for far too long, he has rubbed off on you."


Voldemort smirked. "Maybe I made him the way he is?" Slowly, Voldemort moved down the bed, putting his arm around her. Bellatrix shifted, closer to him, sighing lightly.


"Hope I am better for tomorrow night. Taking out order members is my new obsession."


"I hope you are too," Voldemort replied darkly. "I do not trust Lestrange to succeed any more. I don't trust him around you, either."


"Why, I would kill him if he touched me," Bellatrix said quickly. "He is not worthy to serve you if he is so easily distracted."


Voldemort chuckled, briefly kissing her shoulder. They laid in silence for a while, Bellatrix could feel her stomach churning. After a moment, she turned over, facing him. She could feel his fingers tracing circles on her thighs.


"Will you tell me some things about your time at Hogwarts?" she asked him softly.


His fingers slowed down, but then didn't stop entirely. His face changed to an expression of thought. "What would you like to know?" he replied, moving his hand upwards and moving hair from her face.


"Anything," she whispered to him.


"Ever been to the Chamber of Secrets?" Voldemort asked her, smirking.


"A myth," Bellatrix breathed, her eyes wide as she looked at him.


"Not a myth," Voldemort replied, smiling in amusement. "Built by Salazar himself. Took me years to find... Can only be opened by Salazar's heirs, in parseltongue. I am confident you know of moaning Myrtle's bathroom at least?" At Bellatrix's nod, he continued. "That is the room in which the entrance lies."


"And the monster that lies within?" Bellatrix asked breathlessly.


"A basilisk," Voldemort responded. "A huge snake, that can kill with one look. Only answers to the true heir of Slytherin. Salazar bred it especially for the chamber; every time one of his heirs was at the school, it was their duty to reopen the chamber and set the basilisk onto all the mudblood's. It was Salazar's way of keeping the school free of unclean blood."


Bellatrix gasped. "I've heard stories before, people saying that when the school was first created, Salazar and Gryffindor had an argument over allowing mudblood's into Hogwarts. Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw sided with Gryffindor, and Salazar left."


Voldemort nodded. "Not before creating the chamber."


"How many mudbloods died when you opened it?"


"Just the one," Voldemort said, smirking again. "Many got injured before her, though."


"Myrtle?" Bellatrix asked, her jaw dropping open. How many times had she gone into that bathroom? Every time, she had been standing over the Chamber of Secrets and in the presence of a mudblood killed by Slytherin's moster.


Voldemort nodded, laughing at her reaction. "There would have been more, but they were going to shut the school down. I could not have allowed that, I needed the library. So I found someone else to blame." He paused, smiling to himself. "I used to be able to charm any teacher into signing the slip to allow me into the restricted section. I was Slughorn's favourite, especially as I became head boy in my last year. He would invite me to his office, every week without fail, telling me stories of his life and experiences. If I wanted to know anything, he would tell me." Pausing, Voldemort leant forwards and planted a kiss on her forehead.


"The professors felt sorry for me, because I was a brilliant, poor orphan to them. It didn't matter which exam I took, I was like you, I got 'outstanding' in everything."


Bellatrix didn't speak for a moment, considering what he had told her. "You once told me Slughorn taught you the greatest thing you ever learnt."


Voldemort didn't reply. He stared at her for a long moment. Bellatrix couldn't read his gaze, and she felt nervous.


"You don't have to-"


He silenced her by placing his finger against her lips.


"Do you know," he began, his voice very quiet now. "What a Horcrux is?"


Bellatrix shook her head.


"Slughorn explained to me..." He looked directly into her eyes. "I suppose you want to know."


Bellatrix reached down for his hand, pulling it to her lips and kissing it. "I only want to know if you want to tell me," she whispered.


Voldemort smiled, kissing her hand as well. "A Horcrux is has been described as the wickedest of all magical inventions... And that isn't far from the truth, since it is neither easy nor without pain. You must... Kill, as expected... Although that is far from the end. I will not go into the exact magic... But the essence is that as you kill, your soul is broken, split... And from there you extract your soul and place it into the protection of an object."


Bellatrix was watching him with wide eyes. "So part of your soul is in... An object, and because of that you cannot die?"


Smirking, Voldemort nodded. "Though, my soul is split into seven. I made six Horcrux's, and with myself, that makes seven. I cannot die unless the others are first destroyed."


"Six?" Bellatrix asked, blinking in surprise. "Isn't that incredibly dangerous?"


"Of course," Voldemort replied. "But it is necessary." He kissed her firmly on the lips. "And one day, you will do the same."


Bellatrix gazed at him, utterly speechless. Could she actually go through that pain, that agony? Yes, she realised. She would do anything to spend the rest of eternity with him, by his side, as his queen.


"I think that you would look sexy with red eyes."


As she caught his gaze, she saw he was laughing.


"I'm going to be sick," she informed him after a moment of staring at him, before diving out of bed and running for the bathroom.


When she emerged a few moments later, Voldemort was sitting on the side of the bed. "Scared?" he asked her, as she stepped forwards into his arms.


"Yes," she muttered. "It's not every day you hear that your husband doesn't have all of his soul in one piece inside of him."


Voldemort laughed again. "My dear wife, do I look like a rotting old man to you? Does it look terrible?"


Bellatrix looked at him, and she couldn't help but admire his beauty. He was so gorgeous, still charming, still young, when he was in fact heading towards the middle of his natural life. "No," she mumbled.


"Do you think I would let anything happen to you?" he asked her, his voice warm. "I doubt myself every time I allow you to leave these walls. Your mortal body is so weak, one spell and that could be the end..."


"I don't want you to stop me from going out on assignments," Bellatrix said quickly.


"I won't," Voldemort replied soothingly. "Not until the day you tell me you don't feel safe." He shifted over, pulling her into bed next to him. "Not until the day you tell me you want to stop." Slowly, Voldemort eased himself out from under the cover. "Now, I am going to go and get a potion for the mortal," he continued, smirking now. "So that she doesn't die in the next day."


"Shut up," Bellatrix croaked at him, her throat sore from being sick. "You shouldn't tease."


Voldemort smiled, bending over her and kissing her. "I won't be long, my beautiful wife." He kissed her on the forehead once more, before disapparating from the room.


Bellatrix shut her eyes, though she knew she wasn't going to get any sleep now, just after a revelation like that.




Bellatrix was sitting down on Voldemort's chair in the office, wearing her trade mark smirk, as Evan, Wilkes, Rabastan and Selwyn walked in. Selwyn and Wilkes looked scandalised, Evan laughed and Rabastan glared. All fairly predictable reactions, Bellatrix thought smugly.


Evan's expression did change to that of surprise when he noticed Voldemort standing behind her.


"Gentlemen," Voldemort said quietly. The four men bowed. "The location has changed. My source has just been in contact."


"We are now going to the Treasury restaurant," Bellatrix continued. "The two order members will be eating there instead, and-" Pausing, she looked down at her watch. "They should be there around now."


Standing up, Bellatrix turned to Voldemort. "My Lord," she said, feeling confidant. "Should we just kill them?"


Voldemort nodded, sitting down in the vacated seat. "They are new to the order, it is doubtful they will know anything of use."


Nodding, Bellatrix smiled at him, before turning back to the men. "Evan and I will go to them first. The rest of you will be inside, and will join us when we feel it is appropriate."


Evan sniggered. "I do love a public killing," he said, clapping his hands together.


"Try to make it clean," Voldemort said coldly. "I do not wish for any more mistakes to happen."


"My Lord," Evan said, bowing once more. When he came up, Bellatrix could see his smirk. "I do not think any of us have colds tonight."


Bellatrix had to bite her lip in order not to laugh. Rabastan looked unimpressed, but he merely looked to the floor, not willing to defend his brother when he could see the Dark Lord was definitely amused at Evan.


"I am sure that will be a great asset," Voldemort replied coolly after a moment. "Well, report to me when you are back, Bella."


"I will, my Lord," Bellatrix responded, moving so she was stood at the front of the group, facing Voldemort still. She winked at him, before disapparating.


As Evan apparated behind her, Bellatrix could see they were stood directly outside of the restaurant. Three more pops sounded behind her. "Come inside when you see people beginning to leave," Bellatrix told Rabastan, Wilkes and Selwyn quickly.


"Ready, cous?" Evan asked her.


"Ready," Bellatrix replied as they entered. "Do you know what these guys look like?" she asked after a moment. The place seemed to be packed, it seemed very popular. Light sided though, she realised. It definitely wasn't somewhere Voldemort would ever have taken her.


"All these order men look the same," Evan responded with a smirk. They pushed past a flustered looking waitress who didn't even appear to have noticed them. "Ah, over there." Evan gestured to the back of the room. There was a tanned man sitting with a blond man.


"You're right, they do all look the same," Bellatrix replied with a grin.


"Vanderslew is the blond," Evan said quickly. "And look, they even saved us seats!"


The two men looked up as Evan spoke. They were sat on a four person table, which meant there were seats next to each man for Bellatrix and Evan to sit on.


Bellatrix sat down in the empty seat next to Vanderslew, Evan sat in the one next to Slocombe.


Resting one her chin on one hand, Bellatrix smiled at Vanderslew. "Hello," she said cheerfully.


The two men glanced at each other nervously. Slocombe put down his knife and fork.


"What do you want?" he asked her quietly. The people sitting around them were staring, not quite sure what was going on.


"That's not very nice," Evan said sarcastically, grinning at Slocombe.


Bellatrix shifted closer to Vanderslew. He glanced down, noticing how short her skirt was underneath her robes. His jaw dropped a little bit. Bellatrix laughed, before pressing her nails under his chin, forcing him to look up at her. "That is not yours to look at," she told him quietly, smirking.


Bellatrix noticed the people sat at the table across from them hurriedly standing up and leaving a stack of gold on the table, before walking out as soon as they could.


"Who's is it to look at then?" Vanderslew asked, staring at her. "Who are you?"


"How rude of us, cous," Bellatrix said to Evan, before turning back to Vanderslew. "I am Bellatrix Black, this is Evan Rosier."


Vanderslew's eyes were wide after he had heard their names. "Ah, so you have heard of me!" Bellatrix said, delighted. She did enjoy being known.


"I've heard of you as the bitch with the really long hair," Slocombe said after a moment. "You-Know-Who's bitch."


Bellatrix laughed. "Don't think he's ever called me that before," she replied lightly, smirking. She pulled out her wand.


She noticed that the tables around them were looking a little bit thin on the ground for people now. She smirked as she saw Rabastan coming over out of the corner of her eye.


"You know," Slocombe said, and Bellatrix felt slightly nervous to see that he was grinning. "We aren't here alone either. The order has ways to communicate as well."


Bellatrix giggled, biting her lip as she saw Vanderslew watching her with interest once more. "Goodie," she said, laughing. "More for us to kill."


Raising her wand, she performed a silent killing curse on Slocombe before anyone else could move. Ahead of her, she could see wands being pulled out and four more men coming towards them. A spell sailed past her ear, and as she looked she could see another one coming. "Move, Rosier!" she hissed, ducking down and narrowly avoiding the spell.


She grabbed Vanderslew's arm, gripping him tightly and digging her nails into him. She slammed him against the wall, before pressing her wand into his neck. Evan, Rabastan, Wilkes and Selwyn each had their wands pointed at a member of the order, or whatever they were. Bellatrix wasn't sure if they were aurors. She could see that the restaurant was empty now.


"Drop your wands!" she called out. The order members looked up at her. "You see, it only takes one weak member of your team for the whole operation to go up in smoke," she continued, grinning from ear to ear as she watched the men fighting with themselves not to drop their wands. "And Mr Vanderslew here," she turned back to the man, scraping her nails down his face, drawing blood. "Is a weak man, distracted by the beauty of a female warrior."


Five men glared at her. Rabastan was one of them.


Evan looked towards his man. He was watching Bellatrix. Shrugging, Evan flicked his wand. The man dropped dead as soon as the spell hit. The other three remaining men quickly began firing spells at the Death Eaters.


Bellatrix shook her head, looking at Vanderslew in consideration. "Such a shame," she said.


"What is?" Vanderslew asked her, visibly shaking.


Without replying, Bellatrix cast a cutting charm, and since her wand was still against his neck, his head was cut off. His body showering her with blood, Bellatrix quickly let go of him, before casting another killing curse at the man Evan was duelling.


"Aw, Black!" he shouted at her. "I was winning!"


Bellatrix laughed, running towards him. "Kill Wilkes's then," she said, smirking.


"Not the same though, is it," Evan gumbled, aiming at the man Wilkes's was duelling and casting the spell. Finally, only one man remained. Seeing his companions were dead, he chucked his wand to the floor, holding his hands up in defeat. Rabastan had his wand trained firmly to the man's head.


"Uh, Black," Selwyn suddenly said, pointing down to the glass windows of the restaurant. Outside Bellatrix could see at least twenty armed men, wearing auror uniforms, coming towards them. Clearly the alarm had been raised and now they were in for it.


"We may be good," Bellatrix said softly. "But we can't take on five men, maybe more, each," she continued. "Lestrange, kill him, and let's get out of here."


Rabastan did as he was told, quickly, because he looked nervous.


"How are we going to get out of here?" Selwyn asked, his voice slightly more high pitched than normal. "We can't apparate-"


"If you're not going to say anything useful," Evan snarled. "Don't speak."


"This way!" Bellatrix cried, grabbing Evan's hand and dragging him towards the door leading to the kitchens. As they reached the door, the glass windows shattered. Bellatrix glanced over her shoulder, seeing the auror's charging towards them, spells already flying.


They ran through the kitchen, which was also empty, although also on fire as one of the grills had been left on, charging through the door that led to the back of the street. Bellatrix tried to disapparate as soon as they reached the fresh air, but she felt a hit of pain and heard a loud pop, followed by several others as the apparation failed. She could hear feet running, and she knew the auror's were also coming around the back of the restaurant.


"They've put up wards," Wilkes panted.


"This way," Bellatrix cried, running across the road as fast as her legs would carry her. She could sense Evan running close to her, grabbing her wrist tightly.


"Come on, Black," he said, drawing her down the next street. Bellatrix looked over her shoulder, the other three were following, and in the distance she could also see more men running behind them.


"Fucking – Auror's!" Rabastan shouted through his pants. "I hate running!"


Bellatrix laughed, adrenaline coursing through her veins as they continued to run. After a couple of moments, Bellatrix decided to try and disapparate again. "Meet me at the manor for damage assessment!" she called, before vanishing.


Smiling as she reappeared outside of the office, she bent over, trying to catch her breath. The four men appeared behind her, each doing the same.


"That was fun," Evan said, straightening up. "Didn't think we were going to make it for a minute there." He frowned at her. "Melin, Black, you're covered in blood!"


"Did you not notice me cutting Vanderslew's head off then?" she asked him, smirking.


"Nah," Evan replied, breathing heavily. "I was a bit preoccupied actually."


Laughing at him, Bellatrix looked over to the others. Wilkes's arm was bleeding heavily, and Selwyn appeared to have broken his wrist.


"The Mrs is good at mending things," Rabastan said slowly. Bellatrix noticed a long cut on his cheek and his robes were badly ripped by his leg, which Bellatrix assumed meant he had hurt his leg too. "That's about all she's good at, mind."


Bellatrix rolled her eyes in irritation. "You lot crawl off back to Lestrange's then," she said. "Me and Rosier will see the Dark Lord."


Beckoning to Evan, Bellatrix pushed the door to the office open, hearing the sound of disapparation behind her.


"You're back."


Closing the door with a gentle thud, Bellatrix turned to her husband, who's eyes widened at her appearance. Evan was kneeling.


"...And apparently bleeding quite sufficiently?"


Bellatrix smirked. "Not bleeding, my Lord, I just got bored with killing the conventional way." She raised her wand, performing a cleaning charm on herself.


Voldemort chuckled. "Stand up, Rosier." Evan did as he was told. "Where are the others?" Voldemort asked her after a moment.


"Gone to heal themselves," Bellatrix responded quietly. "We have killed six members of the order of the phoenix, my Lord," she continued. "And then ran for our lives as half of the auror population ascended on us."


Smiling, Voldemort turned to Evan. "Was she a good leader?"


"The best, my Lord," Evan responded, grinning.


"Excellent," Voldemort said, his eyes now on Bellatrix. "Rosier, I will not keep you any longer... I am sure you have someone lovely awaiting you in your bed."


"My Lord," Evan said, smirking now. "You know me so well."


Bellatrix grinned at her cousin, high fiving him. "We make an awesome team, cous," Bellatrix told him.


"We should train together more often, Black, we will be sweet," Evan said, before bowing to Voldemort and departing from the room.


Bellatrix turned to Voldemort, launching herself into his arms. "That was so much fun," she told him, hugging him tightly. She felt his hands on her bum.


"How are you feeling?" he asked her after moment.


"Good," Bellatrix replied. "That potion was great."


"Thank Merlin," Voldemort replied, bending her over the desk and pulling her robes up, revealing her short skirt and part of her arse. His fingers slid under her skirt, causing her to gasp in surprise. "I cannot go another moment without being inside of you."


Bellatrix simply adored her husband's rewards.




Bellatrix awoke the next morning, a searing pain coming from her dark mark. Rolling over, grabbing it tightly to her body, she realised that Voldemort was still in bed next to her, and appeared to have just woken up also.


"Ugh?" was the only sound she managed to say as he sat up, resting a hand on the spot on his forearm that his dark mark lay. Voldemort's only showed up on his skin as it burnt, Bellatrix had only seen it a couple of times since they'd been together as it was rare for the Dark Lord to be summoned. She remained glad that hers was always on show, she loved it when people stared at it in awe – or fright, depending...


He winced, still rubbing it with his other hand. "Malfoy," he said tersely, throwing the covers from himself and sliding to the edge of the bed, sitting still for a moment.


"Does it hurt you as well?" Bellatrix asked, getting hastily out of bed and throwing a set of robes over her head.


"Of course," he muttered, rubbing his eyes. Bellatrix threw a set of robes over to him. "Thanks."


Smirking, Bellatrix grabbed her mascara, quickly applying it to her already lengthy eyelashes. "Didn't think Death Eaters could summon each other."


"If I get summoned, so do you, something about our wedding bond," Voldemort responded, standing up and stretching. Bellatrix couldn't help but stare at his perfectly defined stomach as he did.


"He could have just owled," Bellatrix mumbled, irritated suddenly at the thought of no morning sex. That probably had something to do with the Dark Lord's lovely abs, now being hidden by his robes.


"Must be serious," Voldemort responded, kissing her briefly. "As soon as it is dealt with, we are coming back here."


"Why?" Bellatrix asked, running her fingers through his hair in an attempt to tidy it slightly.


"Because I have spent the night in bed with a very beautiful young lady, and now I am in need of sex or a cold shower," Voldemort replied, kissing her again. "Now get off me, and find me some coffee."


Bellatrix laughed, pulling back from him and heading to the office with him. Lucius was waiting outside, his expression tense.


"My Lord," he said bowing, following the Dark Lord and Bellatrix into the office. Hastily, Bellatrix began to make the coffee, knowing it would need to be pressed into Voldemort's hands as soon as she could.


"This better be good," Voldemort growled at Lucius as he sat down.


Lucius moved closer to Voldemort. "My Lord," he said hastily, as Bellatrix handed her husband the mug, before sitting down next to him. "There has been a retaliation, by the order."


"Who is dead?" Voldemort snapped, sipping the coffee in clear irritation.


"Not dead," Lucius responded. "They have taken him. Hitchens."


"What did he know?" Bellatrix asked sharply. "No doubt they'll torture him for information."


"He knows names," Voldemort snapped at her. He looked back to Lucius. "Send Rodolphus Lestrange out as soon as possible, assemble him a team."


Bellatrix looked towards Voldemort. "My Lord-" she began.


"No," Voldemort told her, only looking at her for a second before looking back to Lucius. "Where is he?"


"I can find out, my Lord," Lucius responded.


"Do that. Report to me with Lestrange, before they go." Glancing towards Bellatrix once more, Voldemort spoke again. "Find me in my private rooms."


Lucius bowed, and hastened from the room.


"Why can I not go?" Bellatrix asked Voldemort, standing up as soon as the room was empty.


"I refuse to risk you on something like this," Voldemort retorted, standing up as well. He towered over her, and Bellatrix immediately nodded, not wishing to irritate him further. "Besides, I need you here."


Before Bellatrix could question him any more, he had pulled her into his arms and disapparated them both back to the bedroom. Roughly, he pushed her down onto the bed, and Bellatrix laughed out loud as she hit the mattress.


The Dark Lord didn't want her to go out with Lestrange and his group because he was horny.




Rodolphus returned with Hitchins in tow after lunch, smirking smugly at Bellatrix as Voldemort congratulated him. Rolling her eyes, Bellatrix draped her arm around her husband, pressing tiny kisses against his neck. She knew she would get away with it, since the Dark Lord was in a very... Playful mood, today.


He turned to her, fully aware of why she was doing it. "Bella," he said softly, smirking at her. He looked back to Rodolphus.


"Lestrange, I want you on standby for tonight. I suspect that Bellatrix did some damage to their side last night, I think that there will be more retaliation, especially now we have beaten them again," Voldemort said smoothly. "And Bellatrix is definitely going to be busy tonight."


Giggling, Bellatrix put her arms around his neck, kissing him on the cheek.


"My Lord." Rodolphus bowed, shooting Bellatrix a filthy look as he left the room. Bellatrix didn't really notice, though, as Voldemort threw her backwards onto the sofa, pinning her arms down over her head.


"You are very naughty," he told her as the door closed.


"Punish me," Bellatrix responded, laughing hard.


"I absolutely intend to," Voldemort replied, waving his hand and vanishing her clothes.


Bellatrix continued to laugh, until the only sound she was capable of making was a soft moan...



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