Power, Wealth and Social Status

This is the story of the life of Bellatrix Black; a life ruled by power, wealth and social status. Split into two parts, the story loosely follows that of the Harry Potter books along with some added twists for drama. Voldemort/Bellatrix


18. Chapter 18

Bellatrix had just finished her book, and was now sat on the sofa, bored. Voldemort was sat next to her, bent over a small table, writing away. Soon it would be time for the Death Eaters to be summoned and for the meeting to begin, and Bellatrix was filled with anticipation as Voldemort had hinted he was going to send her out on her first assignment soon, and she hoped he would give it to her tonight.


Her mind wandered as she looked over to her husband. He looked very handsome as he leant over his long piece of parchment, quill scratching away quickly though his writing was still beautiful. She thought that their children were going to be very gorgeous and she wondered at how his mother and father looked like too. She assumed that they were dead, and she didn't want to ask about them for that reason, since she had both of her parents still and didn't understand what that sort of loss felt like well enough to empathise.


As she thought of his parents, she realised something. She had no idea what his real name was. Surely, as his wife, he would be able to tell her that?


Bellatrix moved closer to her husband, putting her arms around him and resting her head on his shoulder, placing tiny kisses down his neck. Voldemort rested his head on top of hers for a moment, still writing.


"Almost finished, beautiful," he said quietly.


"Good, you know how excited meetings make me," Bellatrix replied. Voldemort smirked, but didn't speak.


As she toyed with one of his curls, Bellatrix decided that she was just going to come out with it and ask him. He was in a playful mood, and usually he was more than happy to answer her questions and wishes with just gentle teasing as a retort.


"My Lord," she began, speaking quietly, although with confidence.


"Bella," Voldemort replied, still smirking.


"What is your real name?" Bellatrix asked quickly.


Voldemort's quill froze on the parchment. He turned to face her sharply. He didn't look impressed, his smirk had vanished and so had the warmth in his eyes. He sat up, pushing Bellatrix away from him. "What do you think gives you the right to ask me that question?" he hissed at her, his eyes flashing.


As she recoiled from him, Bellatrix fell from the sofa. "I'm your wife!" she cried, struggling to stand up. Voldemort stood tall above her as she made it to her feet. "You are my husband."


Voldemort pressed his hands on her shoulders, throwing her down to the floor once more. "No!" he snarled. "I am first your Master, and then your husband, and you would do well to remember that." He raised his wand, and Bellatrix shrieked, rolling over and covering her head, knowing what was coming. "Crucio," he hissed.


Bellatrix screamed before the curse hit her, and she screamed even louder when it did. Knives pierced her entire body, she was engulfed by flames all over her, and just as soon as it came, it stopped again.


She opened her eyes, looking up at him for a second, before pulling herself to her knees in front of him, panting for breath. "My Lord," she murmured, bending forwards and kissing his feet.


Voldemort stepped backwards, turning and walking away from her. "Get up!" he ordered coldly. Bellatrix did as she was told, her entire body shaking. He had gone into the bedroom. She didn't dare to follow him, she merely waited nervously, feeling stupid. A few moments later, he emerged, his cloak now around his shoulders. He threw her cloak at her, which she hastily pulled around her shoulders, before he pulled his hood up.


The Dark Lord grabbed her wrist, leading her roughly from the room. "Do not make me doubt my decision to choose you," he told her quietly, but his voice remained icy.


Bellatrix almost started to cry right there, but she held it together knowing that he would be more impressed if she remained strong.


"You chose me for a reason, my Lord," she said, though her voice sounded weak through her own ears, compared to his.


Voldemort stopped walking, and turned to face her. "I chose you because I thought you were intelligent," he hissed, close to her face. "The fact you're gorgeous, the fact I want you, the fact I adore you means nothing, because those feelings could easily change." He pushed her away, pressing her tightly between himself and the cold wall. Bellatrix could hardly breathe. His hood fell down, and Bellatrix was afraid of his icy eyes.


"My Lord-" she said, gasping for air, trying to push him off her. Voldemort didn't move.


"Are you scared?" he asked her, staring into her eyes coldly.


Bellatrix nodded, gasping, feeling hot tears pouring down her cheeks.


"What of?" Voldemort hissed.


"Y-you-" Bellatrix choked out, shaking all over once more.


"And so you should be," Voldemort responded venomously. "We may be married, but it does not change the fact I am your Lord and Master. I allow you to be loose and familiar with me when we are alone, even in front of others. You have many privileges others could only dream of." He inhaled deeply, pressing Bellatrix harder against the wall, and she was sure she was seeing stars from the lack of oxygen she was receiving. Voldemort didn't seem to have noticed. "Crucio," he hissed.


Bellatrix couldn't move because she was pinned tightly against the wall, and she couldn't really breathe enough to scream. Her head was spinning, there were knives stabbing every tiny bit of her body and there was nothing she could do about it until the Dark Lord took pity on her. The curse lasted longer this time, and as time wore on, the pain increased. Voldemort had never kept her under it for this long before, it only lasted a few mere seconds when he was showing her how it was done.


Finally, the pain stopped, and Voldemort moved back, supporting her with his arms. His gaze was still cold, but as Bellatrix gasped for a long breath, she saw his rage had decreased. "You should not ever question me on this subject again, are we clear?" he asked her stiffly, his voice very cold still.


"C-clear, my-my L-lord," Bellatrix gasped back, tears still falling down her cheeks, her entire body cramping and shaking.


He gazed coldly towards her. "You look a mess," he told her quietly, letting go of her. Somehow, Bellatrix managed to remain standing although every muscle was screaming in protest. "This meeting will wait until tomorrow. See yourself to bed."


Abruptly, Voldemort turned on his heel, his cloak billowing out behind him. "Will you come with me?" Bellatrix called out, desperately. Last time he she angered him, he didn't sleep in their bed with her. She didn't know where he had gone either. She didn't want tonight to be the same. The feeling was terrible.


"What do you think?" Voldemort called over his shoulder, pausing for a moment to stare at her, before continuing his journey.


Bellatrix collapsed on the floor, sobbing against the wall until she ran out of tears. How could she have been so stupid? Just when things had been going right as well. She wanted strong, comforting arms around her, a soft voice in her ear telling her it would be alright.


Hearing voices ahead of her, Bellatrix quickly ran back to their rooms, pulling off her clothes and diving into bed. Shadow jumped up and curled up next to Bellatrix, who put her arm around her kitten, drawing her closer, the gentle purring soothing her tears away until she dropped into sleep.




She woke up later in the night, hearing the door opening and then closing. Shadow was gone from beside her, and she could see the cats silhouette against the curtains, as she sat looking out of the window. She felt the covers on the other side pull back, and a warm body laying down beside her.


Nervously, she turned around, seeing a glowing pair of red eyes watching her.


"My Lord," she murmured sleepily.


"Shh," he whispered, kissing her briefly. "Go back to sleep."


Slowly he turned over, away from her, not willing to put his arms around her but Bellatrix really felt that it was an improvement to him not being there at all. Not willing to push her luck, she shut her eyes and dropped back to sleep, feeling a bit more positive about things now.




Midnight was approaching rapidly. Rodolphus and Evan would soon be arriving. Bellatrix was trying to read her book to distract her, but she couldn't help but look up at the grandfather clock that stood in the corner of the meeting room every few seconds to check the time once more. She had been hoping that Voldemort would have been back from his office by now, for them to have a couple of minutes alone together before she departed.


She had been given a task. One of the Death Eaters had discovered that two Order members had taken to having secret meetings in London offices, in the middle of the night. Bellatrix, her cousin Evan Rosier, and Rodolphus were to go and kill them tonight, and though it was very exciting, she was also terrified. Voldemort was just about talking to her again, which made her even more anxious to do a good job and make him love her again.


Hearing voices outside, Bellatrix shut the book with a snap, standing up and smoothing out her robe and running her fingers through her hair, before making sure she had her wand. The door opened, and Bellatrix turned to see her cousin Evan enter, followed closely by Rodolphus.


"Good evening," Bellatrix said, with more confidence then she felt, smirking at Evan to hide her nerves.


"Cousin," Evan said, nodding his head to her. Rodolphus remained silent, staring at her as he usually did. "We should inform the Dark Lord we are leaving."


Rodolphus took a large step forward, and from the way Evan glanced at him, Bellatrix could tell there was already friction between the two men. "I have already received our orders," he said authoritatively, looking at Evan.


"Even so," Evan responded, glancing to Bellatrix nervously for a moment. "He will want to make-"


"He is only interested in the outcome of this, not the fact we are leaving," Rodolphus said coolly. "Why, Rosier, are you hoping he will have changed his mind and that you will not have to go?"


Evan scowled, drawing his wand. "No, I am hoping he will have changed his mind about making me go with you," he retorted angrily.


Rodolphus snarled angrily, pushing his arm against Evan's neck and pushing him towards the wall, lifting him up slightly and forcing Evan's head backwards, both breathing heavily into each others faces.


Bellatrix rolled her eyes, drawing her own wand. "The Dark Lord would not be impressed if he saw this," she said coldly. "We are, after all, meant to be doing this together."


Rodolphus took a step back, leaving Evan to massage his through, glaring. "He put me in charge," Rodolphus said defensively, and he sounded a little bit resentful of Bellatrix's presence.


"How nice for you," Bellatrix responded swiftly, sarcasm dripping from each word. "Now, have you two finished fighting for long enough for us to disapparate?"


Evan immediately walked towards her, standing next to her, ready to disapparate. Glaring, Rodolphus followed suite.


With a loud pop, the three Death Eater's appeared outside of several large, grey buildings, in a secluded and quiet part of the city of London.


"This way," Rodolphus said tersely, leading them down a back lane that ran down the middle of two of the buildings. The lane was dark, the only sound was dripping water and the heels of Bellatrix's shoes clicking as she walked.


"Why do you always wear those stupid shoes, Black?" Rodolphus snapped.


Bellatrix smiled, but didn't respond. Evan caught her gaze and smirked, and Bellatrix shook her head at the Rodolphus, who was in front of them both.


They emerged from the lane. More similar building loomed ahead of them. Rodolphus lead them to the right, and then stopped, looking up at one of the buildings straight ahead of them, on the other side of the road. There was a single car park outside of it. Looking up, Bellatrix noticed an immediate difference with this one, compared to all of the others. There was one light on, about ten windows up.


"It's this one," he murmured.


They crossed the road, together. Bellatrix's hands felt very clammy but she pushed her feelings of fear aside, knowing she'd had amazing training and that she had nothing to fear. Rodolphus tried the door, and found it to be locked. He pressed his wand against it, there was a flash of light before the door clicked. Rodolphus pushed it open.


The entrance hall was dark. Bellatrix held up her wand, lighting it. Rodolphus and Evan did the same. There was a desk straight ahead of them, now closed off by a rusty gate. Bellatrix turned away from the two men, seeing the beginning of a set of stairs, leading upwards.


"Where now?" Evan muttered.


"Here," Bellatrix replied, taking the lead and mounting the stairs. They were grey, made from concrete with a wooden handle of the dark walls. Looking up, Bellatrix could see many more stairs ahead of them.


They reached the eighth floor and Bellatrix paused to look out of the window. The car was still there.


As she carried on up, she heard a loud crashing sound from above. She stopped, looking upwards, then back to Rodolphus who motioned to her to continue as there were no further sounds. As they reached the ninth floor, it became clear than there was an argument happening above them. As they reached the tenth floor and opened the door leading from the staircase, they were blinded by light. Bellatrix doused her wand and stepped through the door. Rodolphus was right behind her.


"Fourth door on the right," he muttered into her ear. Bellatrix walked forwards, the shouting becoming clearer with every step they took.


"-isn't going to solve a thing!" the first male voice shouted.


Bellatrix exchanged a look with Evan as they reached the doorway.


"It's making me feel better," the second male voice retorted, and there was another loud crash.


"Dumbledore wouldn't like this," the first voice said, and there was silence in the room now. "How are we meant to work this out?" the voice continued, softer now.


"Death Eater's are everywhere. And most of them are stupid, it would be easy to grab one and Imperius him."


The assumption he had made about all Death Eaters being male immediately annoyed Bellatrix, she clutched her wand tighter in her hand, thinking of different things she could do to these men once they were face-to-face.


"Oh yeh, and what if he then got summoned? You-Know-Who would know right away if one of his morons got Imperiused."


There was silence once more. Rodolphus's eyes were wide, they all knew they were just meant to kill the two men that were meeting in the room but to turn up just as they were on this subject was just too good to be true.


"We should go in," Rodolphus muttered.


"Don't be daft, Lestrange," Evan responded in a whisper. "This is information our Lord would like to know."


"Shut up!" Bellatrix hissed, holding up one hand as something in the room was said but she couldn't hear what.


"It does matter, though," the first voice said. "It does, because then You-Know-Who will be on to our plan."


There was silence again, then a loud sigh.


"Are you sure this place is secure?" the second voice asked.


"Of course, do you really think any Death Eater's would come around here?"


Out of the corner of her eye, Bellatrix saw Rodolphus's nose twitch. She ignored him.


"Do you know the plan then?"




"Will you tell me?"


A long pause.


Bellatrix heard Rodolphus sniff, and when she looked at him, his eyes were wide. "What?" she mouthed at him.


"We're going to meet at-"


Rodolphus suddenly inhaled really quickly, before a loud sneeze made Bellatrix and Evan jump.


"Seriously?" Evan mouthed at Rodolphus, who was frozen to the spot.


"Did you hear that?" voice two asked quietly.


"Yes," voice one replied.


There were footsteps coming towards the door. Thinking quickly, Bellatrix pointed her wand at the lightbulb above them and smashed it. Seeing what she was doing, Evan did the same to the others down the corridor, before grabbing Rodolphus and pulling him into the darkness, Bellatrix moving to the other side of the doorway just as the door opened. A wide beam of light appeared, Bellatrix had only just avoided being caught in it.


Two men stood in the doorway. One was tall, almost as tall as the Dark Lord, with dark eyes and long hair, the other was not so tall and he too was dark though his hair was much shorter. Both men were well built.


Thinking fast, Bellatrix stepped forwards. "Hello," she said calmly, though her heart was racing. Their quick and easy plan had already failed, and it was time to improvise. The men were taken aback, both hand their wands on her but the fact she was female seemed to confuse them as Bellatrix was mostly unknown as a Death Eater to the outside world. They looked at each other, before the taller one spoke.


"Hello," he said, and Bellatrix thought he definitely sounded confused.


Still smiling, Bellatrix aimed her wand at the last lightbulb, the one from the room they had just vacated. With a bang, they were in complete darkness.


"What the-"


There was silence, and then after a moment Rodolphus spoke.


"Hello," he said smoothly.


Bellatrix lit her wand, pleased to see Rodolphus and Evan had their wands pressed into the sides of each man respectively. Rodolphus's hand was around the shorter man's throat, and Evan had a fistful of the taller man's hair.


"We are Death Eaters," Bellatrix said, smirking at the men. Short man screwed his face up.


"I knew this place wasn't secure, Hannaford," snarled the taller man.


"Shut up," Bellatrix snapped, disarming both men. She reached forward, dragging her nails down the side of the taller man's face, drawing blood. He whimpered. "So if he's Hannaford, you must be Card," she said quietly.


"Black," Rodolphus snapped at her warningly. Bellatrix knew he wanted to get the job done so that they could leave, but currently Rodolphus was in no position to be giving orders, so she ignored him.


"Black?" Card asked in surprise. Rodolphus's hand tightened around his throat.


Bellatrix raised her wand and cast the Cruciatus curse on Card, who started screaming loudly, writhing in Rodolphus's hold.


"Enough, Bellatrix!" Rodolphus snarled at her, letting go.


Bellatrix stopped the curse, looking at Rodolphus who kicked Card over and cast the killing curse without further ado. Hannaford had his eyes firmly shut, whimpering to himself, and without any other pauses, Rodolphus did the same to him.


"What did you do that for?" Evan snapped, his voice betraying surprise. "We could have extracted the information we almost overheard before we killed them."


Bellatrix wasn't impressed either, but she merely glared at Rodolphus.


"Don't issue me orders, Rosier," Rodolphus hissed back.


"I think you lost the privilege of issuing orders tonight," Evan replied coldly, looking at Bellatrix, who merely shrugged and disapparated.


She was halfway up the stairs to the office when she heard two more pops, and then heard Rodolphus and Evan following her noisily up the stairs. She opened the door to the office, and found Voldemort sitting in his throne like armchair by the window, a book open in his lap.


He stood, looking at her expectantly as she walked confidently towards him and knelt at his feet. As he offered her his hand to kiss, the men entered the room bickering with each other, silencing as they saw the scene before them. Evan dropped to his knees first, followed closely by Rodolphus as Bellatrix pressed a kiss onto her husbands hand.


"Lestrange, why do you allow Bellatrix to come before me first, when you were the leader of this task?" Voldemort asked coldly.


Rodolphus was silent, Bellatrix knew he was trying to find the right words to describe the reasons for this.


Voldemort sighed impatiently, motioning to Bellatrix to turn around. "Rosier, perhaps you might be able to answer me since Lestrange appears to have swallowed his tongue?"


Evan didn't look up. "We started off lucky, Master. As we approached the room, Hannaford and Card were having a discussion of a certain plan. We were about to overhear the finer details of it when Rodolphus..." Evan paused, looking up slightly. "When Rodolphus sneezed, my Lord."


Voldemort didn't react. "I see," was all he said. "So I assume that Hannaford and Card are still alive."


Bellatrix tilted her head, looking up at him. The Dark Lord looked down, before smiling. "Ah, I assume wrong, do I, Bella?"


Evan spoke, quietly now. "Bellatrix ensured our success, my Lord."


Voldemort nodded, his eyes not leaving his wife's for a second.


"And so, you also uncovered their plan?" Voldemort asked Bellatrix, who found herself unable to look away from his dancing red eyes.


"I wish we had," she murmured, feeling utterly relieved that Voldemort seemed to have forgiven her for the other night.


Frowning, Voldemort ripped his gaze away from Bellatrix's, looking across the room. "Lestrange?"


Rodolphus finally looked up. "Our orders, my Lord," he began, and Bellatrix was pleased that his voice was shaking. "Were to kill the two men."


The Dark Lord walked past Bellatrix, standing over Rodolphus. "What were your thoughts, Rosier?"


"Rodolphus acted quickly, my Lord, I don't believe I had time to think, let alone form any words of protest."


Voldemort nodded. "You may leave, Evan. Report here tomorrow."


Evan stood up and bowed deeply, backing out of the room and shutting the door behind him.


"My Lord, you should know that Bellatrix acted out of turn and put the cruciatus curse on one of the men," Rodolphus said quickly.


"In the circumstances, I think Bella acted perfectly within reason," Voldemort replied coldly, crouching down in front of Rodolphus. He placed two fingers under the man's chin, lifting his gaze so he could look into his eyes. After a long moment of silence, Voldemort began to laugh.


He stood up, still laughing coldly. Rodolphus's gaze had returned to the floor.


"My dear Bella," Voldemort said, smirking. "Your colleague here was desperate to impress me tonight, since he had a burning question he wanted to ask me."


"My Lord?" Bellatrix asked, curious of what had amused the Dark Lord so much.


"He was going to ask me if he could marry you," Voldemort said mockingly.


Bellatrix snorted with laughter.


"He doesn't think," Voldemort continued, "That a woman should be allowed to show him up in front of his Master or his colleagues. He feels that marriage would allow him to tame you, to mould you into what he wants." He paused, inhaling. "But Bella, there is a slight flaw with that idea, is there not?"


Smiling widely, Bellatrix nodded. "Absolutely, my Lord."


"Would you be so kind as to explain to Lestrange what the problem is?"


Bellatrix stood up. "Lestrange," she said. Rodolphus looked up at her, his expression carefully guarded. "I am already married."


Rodolphus's eyes widened as Voldemort stepped behind Bellatrix and wrapped his arms around her, turning her head so that he could kiss her. Pulling away from Bellatrix for one moment, Voldemort flicked his wand, and Rodolphus started screaming and writhing, falling over and rolling in an effort to escape the pain now racking his body.


No relief came to him, as Voldemort turned Bellatrix fully around to face him before kissing her hard. "Bella," Voldemort murmured when they finally parted. "I saw what you did." He pressed another kiss on her lips. "Brilliant."


Bellatrix smiled, nodding. "Thank you, my love," she said, taking his hand in hers and drawing it up to her face. Voldemort leant forwards and kissed her knuckles as she kissed his.


"You will be trained before I know it," Voldemort murmured as Rodolphus continued to scream behind them. Staring at her hungrily, Voldemort pulled back. "Go and bathe, I will be along shortly."


With a mischievous smile, Bellatrix pressed one last kiss against his cheek. "Should I bother to dress again?"


"Don't be silly," Voldemort said, grinning. Bellatrix turned, stepped over Rodolphus and left the room, hearing a final blood-curdling scream before there was silence once more.


Bellatrix was very excited about Voldemort's return to their rooms, where she could greet him in nothing but a pair of sytherin-green stilettos and with a glass of his favourite wine in her hand to give to him.


When she was showered, she slipped her feet into the shoes and went to pour him a glass of the wine. As she set the bottle back down on the bar, the door behind her opened. She turned around, her long curls covering her breasts, and Voldemort nodded in approval at her appearance. Smirking, she walked slowly towards him, handing him the wine and taking his hand, leading him towards his armchair. As he sank down in the seat, Bellatrix knelt in front of him, facing him.


Without pausing, she reached up and parted his robes and opened his trousers, pulling him free. He was already half hard from the sight of her. Eyes not leaving his, Bellatrix bent forwards, opening her mouth and taking him in.


The Dark Lord smirked and sat back, taking a sip of his wine and resting his free hand on the back of her head, urging her on by tugging at her hair. Bellatrix could feel him hardening in her mouth. Slowly, she swirled her tongue around him, sucking as hard as she could. The grip on her hair tightened and he forced her head backwards and forwards. "Perfect," she heard him mutter, relaxing his grip on her and drinking some more of his wine as she worked her magic on him. "How many men have a wife that greet them like this when they return from work?" Bellatrix looked up at him through her eyelashes before going back to her task, absolutely enjoying herself.


"Rodolphus is so right to want you for his own," Voldemort murmured after a couple of minutes.


Bellatrix made a sound of agreement, which caused a vibration in her mouth. Voldemort sat forwards now, his hand back in her hair, pulling her head forwards and holding her in place as he came down her throat, moaning loudly. He let go, and flopped back in his seat, drinking his wine. Bellatrix pulled back, licking him clean before closing his trousers once again. She leant the side of her head against his knee as he absently stroked her hair, completely blissful, but also quite tired. She was content for the moment though.


"Though I think I've put him off you for the moment," the Dark Lord said quietly.


Bellatrix laughed, tilting her head back and looking up at him. "I hope so." She paused. "I hope I am forgiven, my Lord." Voldemort was silent. She looked towards the ground. "I have learnt my lesson."


"So I see," Voldemort responded, and he resumed the petting of her hair after a moment. They sat together for a few minutes, Bellatrix was just happy things were sorted.


"You are tired," Voldemort murmured after she yawned. "Why don't you go to bed. I have a number of things to think on."


Bellatrix hesitated. "I don't want to leave you," she said quietly.


Voldemort smiled down at her, before reached out and lifting her into his arms, cradling her in his lap. He quickly pulled off her shoes as Bellatrix curled up, her head resting on his shoulder. He raised a hand, dimming the lights and summoning the comforter from their bed and tucking it around her.


"Sleep now, beloved," he murmured, stroking her hair.


Bellatrix shut her eyes, a blissful sigh leaving her lips, finding it only too easy to succumb to sleep whilst she was this content with life.

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