Power, Wealth and Social Status

This is the story of the life of Bellatrix Black; a life ruled by power, wealth and social status. Split into two parts, the story loosely follows that of the Harry Potter books along with some added twists for drama. Voldemort/Bellatrix


17. Chapter 17

Bellatrix awoke the next morning feeling a hand on her nether regions. She opened her eyes sleepily, to see Voldemort gazing down on her in amusement, clearly wide awake. With a smile, she moved closer to him, wiggling her hips slightly. "Good morning, my Lord," she murmured, feeling his fingers moving in slow circles now. She moaned softly, her eyes moving back to his face after a moment, smiling sleepily. "Was there something you wanted?"


Voldemort moved on top of her, as quick as lightening, spreading her legs with one hand and plunging straight into her. Bellatrix gasped, her eyes flashing up to look straight into his. He didn't move, just stared down at her. "Yes, but I have it now," he responded. His hand found her hair, tugging back roughly so that she arched her back. He began to move, slowly at first and then sped up. Bellatrix's fingers were digging into his thighs, and she could hear herself moaning.


It was over fairly quickly, as it usually was early on in the day. Bellatrix never minded, Voldemort always held himself until she had received her full share of pleasure too.


"I've got to do some work, you woke up late today," Voldemort said softly, flopping down next to her, one hand playing with a breast absently.


"You tired me out last night." She sat up, and leant over him, pressing a kiss on his chest. "Anything I can help you with?"


Voldemort smiled. His wife was so willing to please him; she truly would do anything to keep him happy with her. "Yes, of course," he replied, sitting up and sliding off the bed.


Bellatrix got up, and headed towards the bathroom before coming back and getting dressed in a set of her Italian robes. She brushed her hair and applied her makeup, noticing how Voldemort was sat back on the bed, watching her through slightly narrowed eyes.


"I'm ready," she said, turning and smiling at him.


"Record time," Voldemort said, putting his arm possessively around her as they left the room together. "My little secretary."


Bellatrix giggled, tilting her head to look up at him from under her eyelashes. Voldemort looked down, catching her gaze with a smile. He stroked her hair gently. "Breakfast should be awaiting us in my study," he said quietly. Sure enough, he opened the door and there was a huge tray of various pastries and steaming hot coffee.


"You are organised today," Bellatrix said, smiling cheekily at him whilst pouring two large mugs of coffee for them both.


A soft hoot came from the corner of the room where their owls liked to perch. Bellatrix walked over to her owl, stroking her gently whilst untying the letter which was on her leg. "Thank you," she murmured. The owl hooted again before taking off and flying through the open window, probably to hunt.


The letter was in her mother's writing. Quickly she opened it, and a smile lit her face as she read.


"It is my Father's fiftieth birthday today, they are having a dinner for him tonight," she said, looking up to the Dark Lord.


"Well, reply and tell them we will be there," Voldemort replied, sipping his coffee.


Bellatrix paused, stepping towards him. "I thought that you wished to hold a meeting tonight," she murmured, moving behind his chair and putting her arms around his neck and kissing his cheek.


"I did," Voldemort responded. "It can wait," he continued indifferently. "If I hold on until tomorrow night then everyone will be more nervous, waiting for it." He smiled before turning to face her. "Sit down and reply," he ordered. Bellatrix walked around the desk to sit down, feeling his gaze on her. "And eat something."


Bellatrix shot him a grin. "You eat something."


Voldemort looked across to her, a smile reaching his face, his red eyes glittering. Bellatrix really did find him much more attractive with his new eyes, it was a very strange attraction but she was relieved that they didn't creep her out at all. "I will," he replied, leaning forwards and kissing her before looking back to his own post.


"Letter from Lucius," he said quietly, reading quickly. "He says that the Minister has decided re-elections will take place next summer." He sat back in his seat, contemplating.


"You have a candidate in mind?"


Voldemort nodded silently. "We may have to plan an assassination if the vote it doesn't go right." He folded up the letter. "Still, that is very good news. We were concerned they would leave it until the year after and we would have had to act sooner."


Bellatrix nodded silently, wondering who the candidate was. She hoped very much that it wasn't Lucius; that would really put a dampener on things.


"Bella, will you send a note to Lucius to inform him I wish to see him at his earliest convenience," Voldemort said, opening up his next letter.


Bellatrix smirked gleefully; she loved telling Lucius what to do because it annoyed him so much when he received orders through his very much disliked sister-in-law.


The Dark Lord was watching her suddenly, and Bellatrix looked up, catching his eye. "Lucius knows," was all he said, which made Bellatrix think that Lucius knew all too well that she had replaced him as the favourite.


"My Lord?" Bellatrix said softly as if asking him to elaborate.


Voldemort chuckled. "You know very well what, minx." He rested his foot against hers under the table. "You're my wife. No one can be higher than that."


"Even if I were not your wife?" Bellatrix asked, one finger toying with her lip sexily.


Voldemort's eyes darkened as he watched her, desire coursing through his veins once more. "You are, though, so it is irrelevant," he said dismissively.


Bellatrix merely shot him a smile before bending over the parchment and beginning to write. Voldemort's eyes lingered on her for a moment longer, hating yet loving her for having such power over him for a moment. She had no idea how far above everyone else she had been in his eyes since the first time he met her and he hoped that she never would know.




Bellatrix surveyed herself critically in the mirror for the last time, before turning on her heel and walking quickly from the room, wondering where the Dark Lord was. They were going to be late if he didn't hurry up. Bellatrix was particularly excited because Narcissa was coming back for the night, and what made it better was that Andromeda and Sirius weren't coming because they weren't old enough to disapparate from Hogsmeade like Narcissa could.


The house was quiet for once, Bellatrix realised as she reached the door of the study. It was half open, so she pushed it fully open and stepped inside. Voldemort was reading a thick, leather bound volume. He looked up as she entered, his eyes glittering like rubies as he saw it was her. She swallowed nervously, his face was blank and that was always unnerving.


The Dark Lord laughed, quite suddenly. He shut the book and put it on the table before standing up and moving towards her. Bellatrix was surprised to see he was already dressed in elegant dress robes.


"Getting impatient?" he asked her, his tone cool but his smirk told her he was in a better mood then she thought.


"Only to see you, my love," Bellatrix responded cautiously, leaning forwards and kissing him dutifully on the cheek.


Slightly irritated, Voldemort grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in for a deep kiss. "I wish you would learn when to relax around me," he said softly, kissing her hair and pulling her closer. "It's not hard."


"It is," Bellatrix mumbled into his chest. "You're the Dark Lord."


"And right now, your husband." He pushed her away from him, looking her up and down before a smile reached his features. "You look lovely, Bella," Voldemort said quietly, reaching out and smoothing down her silk Slytherin green gown. "You look exactly as I would expect my wife to look."


Bellatrix smiled coyly at him. "How is that, my Lord?" she asked, though she knew what he was going to say.


"Perfect," Voldemort responded lightly, taking her hand and kissing it briefly. Bellatrix felt her stomach lurch. "Shall we?" he asked, holding out his arm to her with that dazzling smile. Bellatrix rested her hand on his arm and he effortlessly disapparated them away.


They reappeared with a pop in the foyer of the Black mansion, and Bellatrix could immediately hear her sister giggling loudly in the parlour. Voldemort was smirking as he gestured to her to go and say hello. Bellatrix walked around the door, and saw Narcissa in the arms of Lucius in a very passionate embrace.


"That is disgusting," she said loudly, and Narcissa immediately pulled away and ran towards her sister, hugging her tightly.


"You're here!" Narcissa cried, pulling back. Bellatrix couldn't believe how happy she looked.


"I am!" Bellatrix replied, hugging Narcissa again. Voldemort was watching them in amusement, Lucius was less than amused.


"We'd better go to the dining room; Daddy will be pleased to see you," Narcissa said, putting her arm around Bellatrix, who wondered if her sister was actually a bit drunk. Voldemort and Lucius were now in conversation.


"Be there in a minute," Voldemort said, winking at Bellatrix as they left the room. Half way to the dining room, Regulus appeared out of nowhere.


"Trixy!" he said loudly, picking her up and swinging her around as he usually did. Bellatrix laughed, excited to see him, hugging him tightly as he put her back down.


"Regulus, what have I told you about calling me that?" Bellatrix said, scolding.


"Have you got boring in your old age?" Regulus said with his usual laid back grin.


"Have you got yourself a job yet?" Bellatrix asked back, knowing his answer would be a definite no.


"You know how it is, Trixy... Parents pay for everything, why would I need a job?"


Voldemort and Lucius entered the foyer once more, still deep in conversation. Regulus grinned, and before Bellatrix could say a word, he had spoken, at the top of his voice.


"Have you brought another new boyfriend to meet your family?" he said, nudging her as Voldemort came to a standstill beside her. Lucius quickly put his arm around Narcissa and whisked her into the dining room, which would have made Bellatrix laugh if not for the situation developing ahead of her. Voldemort seemed to have taken it quite well; he had merely narrowed his eyes, which she noticed were suddenly spelled his natural blue for the night.


"No, Regulus," Bellatrix said firmly, stepping in between them both. "This is the Dark Lord."


Regulus's eyes went round. "Oh," he said quickly, before stepping back and bowing. "My Lord..."


"I suppose I should be flattered," Voldemort said coolly. He nodded briefly to Regulus, before looking back to Bellatrix. "So this is your favourite cousin."


"Yes," Bellatrix responded softly.


"I would be honoured to join you, my Lord," Regulus said, suddenly serious, an occurrence which Bellatrix wasn't used to.


"Of course," Voldemort said, quietly, with an incline of his head. "We will discuss this after dinner."


Regulus hastily bowed as Voldemort took Bellatrix's arm into his and led her into the dining room. "He doesn't mean any harm," Bellatrix mumbled to him.


"Don't worry, beautiful," Voldemort murmured back, pushing her forwards gently to greet her father and mother. Bellatrix didn't miss the look he shot Lucius though, and wondered what it meant.


"Daddy! Happy Birthday!" she said, hugging her father.


"Ah, Bellatrix, there you are, I thought you'd forgotten me!" Cygnus said loudly.


"Of course not," she replied, pulling away and greeting her mother, though there was no hug there. Druella wasn't very maternal at all.


"Thank you for the invite, Cygnus," Bellatrix heard Voldemort saying.


"How is my girl getting on?"


"Very well indeed..." Bellatrix heard them saying, before she moved on to say hello to the rest of the family there. It was the smallest of family events she had attended with the Dark Lord, only those that they could trust and that supported the Dark Lord. Tonight there were around twelve guests, including themselves. As she returned, she sat down next to Narcissa.


"Where is Abraxas?" she asked softly.


"In bed," Narcissa murmured. "Not well."


They couldn't say anymore because Lucius and Voldemort had joined them, one on either side, Cygnus and Druella sitting opposite them. Regulus was sat next to his mother, Bellatrix and Narcissa's aunt Walburga, his aunt and uncle Prewett next to them, and Cygnus next to their uncle Orion.


Bellatrix turned to Voldemort. "Sorry about that," she muttered.


"Shush," Voldemort said shortly and quietly, pouring her wine. "He's one of the good Black's. I will initiate him, and while he will be nothing compared to you, he will still be useful."


"I haven't had that many boyfriends either," Bellatrix added, sipping her wine.


"Now that I don't believe," Voldemort said suggestively, his hand resting on her thigh under the table. "You little minx. All practice for pleasing me, wasn't it, darling?"


Bellatrix laughed softly. "No, I was born with that particular talent."


Voldemort smirked, squeezing her thigh firmly before letting go.


The meal passed, the toasts to Cygnus were made and they were about to retire to the parlour for some more drinks while Druella tidied up the dining room with the aid of the other women and the elves. Bellatrix made to follow the men to the parlour when Druella stopped her.


"You will remain here, Bellatrix," she said crisply to her other daughter, who looked towards Voldemort pleadingly for assistance, glad that the room was empty. The Dark Lord took one step towards Bellatrix, sliding his arm around her.


"I will be in need of having Bella with me," he said quietly to Druella. "If you do not mind?"


Bellatrix knew Voldemort well enough to be quite sure it wasn't a real question, but a nicety. And he certainly wasn't expecting to get a no back.


"She should help to tidy," Druella responded, her eyes snapping to Voldemort. "It is her duty, to help us."


Voldemort tightened his grip around Bellatrix's waist, pushing her sideways slightly so he could be closer to Druella


"I am no house wife, mother," said Bellatrix quietly, hoping that Druella would just let it go.


Druella glared at her. "You had better learn. Marriages are for the production of heirs and to look after the husband, nothing more."


"Go into the parlour," Voldemort said softly to Bellatrix, kissing her hair briefly.


"Do not even think about it!" Druella said loudly as Bellatrix headed towards the door. She stopped walking, helplessly staring between her husband and her mother.


"She is my wife, under my charge," Voldemort hissed, and Bellatrix saw his eyes flash red for a moment, the magic breaking down in his rage. "Mine." He turned back to Bellatrix, pointing to the door. Pausing for only a second to look back at her mother, Bellatrix fled the room.


She hovered in the hall, half expecting to hear her mother screaming or a flash of green light to signal the end of a life, but she heard and saw nothing. A few moments later, Voldemort walked out, his eyes still red.


"I told you to go into the parlour," he snapped at her.


Bellatrix took a step towards him. "I should stay with the women," she muttered. "She's right, it is my duty."


Voldemort stared, before narrowing his eyes in contemplation. "Do you wish to be merely my wife?" he asked abruptly. "Nothing more? Neither my lieutenant nor my queen?"


Bellatrix gasped. "Of course I want to be... Of course..." She took another step towards him, reaching for his hand. To her surprise, he took it and drew her close to him.


"Then stop saying things like that," he murmured, kissing her hair.


"It what she's told all three of us, as we've been growing up," Bellatrix said. "Social status, being a good wife and mother, it's all she cares about." She sighed, burying her face in his chest. "Except she's not a good mother. She's like an old fashioned block of ice."


Voldemort's hands were in her hair. "I have explained to your mother that I am training you to become my second brain, which is why I need you at my side as often as possible. She won't bother you about being her idea of a good wife again."


Bellatrix nodded into his chest.


"And you can forget everything she's ever told you." He squeezed her tightly. "You are mine; you will do only as I say."


"I will," Bellatrix said, pulling back to look at him. Clearly his anger had melted the spell on his eyes, because they were still red. "My Lord, your eyes..."


A smile slowly crept across his face. "I wondered if that had happened," he said, closing his eyes and resting his fingers briefly on his eyelids. When he looked back at her, his gaze was blue once again. "Better?"


"That depends," Bellatrix said, as Voldemort took her arm and lead her towards the parlour. "Your red eyes are rather sexy."


Voldemort chuckled. "Let's hope no one else annoys me tonight." He opened the door, and Bellatrix actually started to feel a bit nervous. For years, she'd wanted to take part in one of these after dinner male only meetings and now she finally was going to. She stepped forwards in front of Voldemort, who rested one hand gently on her side, always possessive, even here.


Cygnus cast her a surprised glance, but didn't speak. Her uncle Orion was present, with Regulus – a nervous looking Regulus at that – and Lucius was his usual composed self, sitting with a glass in one hand.


Also present was Regulus's uncle Ignatius Prewett. Bellatrix had fond memories of visiting them with Regulus and her sisters for a couple of weeks over the summer holidays when she had been younger. It was Ignatius who had showed her how to duel for the first time when she was eleven, and Lucretia, his wife, who bought Bellatrix her first pair of high heels, when she was thirteen. They both supported the Dark Lord, and Bellatrix knew that was why they had been invited tonight.


Voldemort sat down next to Cygnus, leaving Bellatrix to pour them both a drink. As she walked past Lucius, she could see how unimpressed he was that Bellatrix was in the room with the men. She smiled, this was unprecedented, but she was a death eater, and absolutely had the right to be here.


She poured her husband a glass of whiskey and for herself a glass of red wine, her favourite. Turning back into the room now, she handed Voldemort his drink, before sitting down next to him, a small smirk on her features.


"Your wife is a woman who certainly knows what she wants," Voldemort commented to Cygnus lightly.


"Ah," Cygnus said, and then took a long sip of his drink. "I will speak with her."


"How is marriage for you, Lucius?" Ignatius asked.


Lucius smirked. "Wonderful, she spends most of her time at school."


The three older men chuckled, and Bellatrix rolled her eyes, glad Narcissa couldn't hear him talking like that.


"Well, my advice is to enjoy it while you can," Ignatius replied. "When she finds her feet in her new home, there will be no peace."


"I can see why this room is usually exclusive only to men," Bellatrix said quietly.


Orion looked at her, smiling. "No marriage on the cards for you yet, Bellatrix?" he asked. "You are the eldest daughter."


Bellatrix laughed. "My dear uncle, I am a career girl, not a housewife." She smiled, looking at Voldemort for a second. He winked at her.


"And she's doing very well for herself at the moment," Voldemort added. "So well, I often contemplate turning my army into a woman's only group."


Bellatrix smiled triumphantly at Lucius, who glared at her as he took a sip of his drink.


"Sounds good to me," Regulus said, grinning.


"Regulus Black, you are the biggest flirt I've ever met," Bellatrix cried, laughing. She turned to Voldemort. "Don't let him join, he'll be your demise!"


Voldemort chuckled. "I think that is you, Bella," he said.


"In a good way?" Bellatrix asked.


"I haven't decided yet," Voldemort responded. He turned to Regulus. "So I hear it is your wish to join my service?"


Regulus nodded. "Absolutely, my Lord. I have been waiting years to be introduced to you and I feel we have met at the right time."


Voldemort inclined his head. "Bella informs me you will not require any training since you are skilled in duelling already."


"My cousin is always very kind about me," Regulus replied.


"Bellatrix is always honest, never kind," Voldemort responded, a small smile on his lips. "Well, report to me tomorrow and we will see what can be done."


"I will," Regulus said hastily, nodding to Bellatrix as well.


The rest of the evening went by quickly, with lots of talk about the future with the Dark Lord as their leader. Bellatrix was on her third glass of wine when Voldemort decided it was time to go home.


Bellatrix quickly went to the sitting room to say goodbye to her sister and her aunts and mother, receiving warm smiles from everyone except Druella who shot her a glare, and said "You're drunk."


Bellatrix flashed her a smile. "Yes, I am, perhaps you should try it occasionally." Without a pause, she turned to Narcissa. "See you during the holidays," she added, smiling still. She turned around and left the room.


Voldemort was alone in the foyer, and he watched her lustfully as she approached. "I've just been accused of being drunk," she told him softly.


"You are, beloved," he responded with a smirk. "I can always tell when you've had enough."


"How?" Bellatrix asked, as he put his arm around her and apparated them back home to their rooms. He moved straight to the bar and poured them both another glass of wine.


"Your cheeks go red," Voldemort responded, leaning in to inspect them. "Not quite there yet, here you go," he continued as he handed her the glass.


Bellatrix sat down on the sofa, looking up at him. "You're a terrible influence."


Voldemort sat down next to her closely. "I sincerely hope so," he said, grinning. He pulled her forwards and planted a long kiss on her lips. "I wanted to kiss you all night, such a shame half the people there have no idea about our marriage."


"Hurry up and take over the world then, so everyone can know," Bellatrix replied with a lazy grin, drinking her wine. It was much tastier then the wine her parents always kept, and it was going down rather quickly.


The Dark Lord laughed. "You're brutally honest when you're drunk."


Bellatrix rested her head on his shoulder. "Do you still love me though?"


"Absolutely," Voldemort murmured, kissing her once more. He sipped his wine. "I liked Regulus."


"He can be quite lazy, he's a bit like his brother in some respects." Bellatrix finished her drink, and stood to pour herself another, the room was spinning around her but the wine was so nice, it didn't seem to matter to her. "Regulus can't be bothered to turn away from his family, he knows he'd have to get a job then."


"You have always spoken highly of him, Bella, you surprise me," Voldemort said, watching her thoughtfully.


Bellatrix turned to face him. "He's still my cousin. I still want what's best for him. When he's marked, he will understand we are right."


"I hope so," Voldemort replied, sitting back and watching her. He laughed suddenly. "You look very drunk."


"I really am," Bellatrix murmured, taking three long gulps of her wine. She swayed, and stumbled towards him, before flopping down onto the sofa.


"Enough," Voldemort said, removing her glass from her hand and drinking it himself. When he looked up again, Bellatrix had turned white.


"I think," she said, standing up. "I'm going to be sick." She turned and ran into the bathroom, and Voldemort heard the sound of retching before the door slammed shut. With a sigh, he stood up and followed her, knowing he only had himself to blame for the entire indecent.


He tapped on the bathroom door. "Bella...?"


The door opened and Bellatrix came back out of the bathroom, and rested her head against his chest. "Can we go to bed please?" she muttered.


"Yes," Voldemort said, trying to hide his laughter from her. He steered her to the bedroom, and carefully unzipped her dress, helping her out of it.


"I'll never drink again," Bellatrix declared, leaning against him still.


"We will see," Voldemort responded, draping her dress over the back of the chair and pushing her towards the bed. She slowly sat down, easing her legs under the covers and pulling them up to her chin. "Don't move," Voldemort ordered, as he undressed himself. He threw his robe on top of Bellatrix's dress before sliding into bed behind her and cuddling her in tightly to him.


"Can't believe I was sick," Bellatrix murmured. "Merlin, don't tell Malfoy."


"Your secret is safe with me," Voldemort replied, smirking.


"You had to be mad, getting married to me," Bellatrix continued, as if he hadn't spoken. "My family is crazy. Bloody crazy, disowning everyone left, right and centre. Bet I'll get disowned for tonight. Bet 'Cissa will get disowned if she fails her NEWTs. Andromeda can just go ahead and get disowned though, because she's a fake Slytherin."


"You can forget them all then, Bella, you're not a Black any more," said Voldemort. "You're part of the Slytherin family now."


Bellatrix turned over, snuggling into his chest, linking her feet with his. "You're lucky they're all dead," she whispered into his skin. "Otherwise you might have ended up being married to someone horrific, like my mother."


"Let's just hope you don't turn into her when you're fifty then, because we'll be getting divorced."


Bellatrix pouted. "No no no, I'm aaalllll yours," she said in a sing-song voice. "Aaallll yours, forever and ever and ever and ever. I'm going to be queen Bellatrix."


Voldemort laughed. "Alright then, your Majesty, we'll see soon enough."


"The queen wants to sleep now."


"So does the king," Voldemort responded.


"I won't ever stop loving you," Bellatrix said suddenly, before her breathing evened out and she dropped off to sleep.

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